Your Color Vibe for Thursday, May 21

Thursday, May 21:   Storm Cloud White

There is much to be learned by watching how a thunderstorm comes in, bellows, and leaves. There is much to be learned by watching how people around you are acting today. Their bellowing is a reflection of what they really are feeling right now, so you can except to encounter a number of Freudian slips. These are clues to what is actually going on, so it would behoove you to take note and do a bit of sleuthing to find out what is really being said. The person behind the mask is very active today as people are finding that their levels of frustration are growing, and they are feeling powerless to do anything about it. You must, therefore, be aware that there will be anger about today and take a moment to ground, center , and protect so that in your encounters you are dealing always with the deepest wisdom of your True Heart’s knowing.