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An Important Question About the Coronavirus, Plus Immune-Support Tips

Could This Outbreak Be Connected to 5G?

By Tom Cowan, M.D.

Because news outlets are blanketing us with updates on the coronavirus and the CDC’s prediction that a major epidemic is inevitable, I am getting a lot of questions about my understanding of this situation.  Before I share my thoughts, I want to emphasize that this is an immense, controversial and emotionally charged subject, one that demands careful thought, research and action.  I have no special insight into the genesis of this situation, besides the research I can do on my own.  I also want to emphasize that anyone who doesn’t take the time and effort to look into this article by Martin Pall, PhD, and the book “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg will most likely not have the full picture.*

This article is only a brief look at what these two pioneers are telling us.

First, as I have previously explained, every instance of “influenza” epidemic in our modern era was associated with a radical change in the electrification of the earth immediately before the outbreak. One of the most studied of these pandemics was the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, which killed millions of people around the globe. The Spanish influenza pandemic actually started not in Spain but in the U.S. in early 1918.  It was particularly associated with Naval bases and installations that were the first to install high-intensity radar.   The use of worldwide radar signals grew exponentially, and along with this expansion, the pandemic spread rapidly around the world, even appearing in places that had no contact with infected travelers.  In other words, it appeared on naval ships and ports at identical times, essentially proving that an infectious or contagious etiology was impossible.

Also, paradoxically, the doctors at the time reported that their patients were not dying from respiratory complications, as one would expect from an infection with a respiratory virus; rather, as two physicians at the time stated:

“We have yet to receive a report of a case in which the time of coagulation was not prolonged.”

Their patients were dying of internal hemorrhaging, bleeding into the brain and complications of the failure of the coagulation of the blood.  This was a known side effect of the exposure of human blood to intense electrical exposures since at least 1779, when primitive electrical devices were first used on human subjects.

The 1956 flu pandemic directly followed the introduction of high-intensity radar installations off the coast of Alaska, Cape Cod and New York Harbor.  For the first time, the entire globe was subjected to a level of radar waves never before experienced on earth.  Within months of these installations going on line, the 1956 pandemic began.

In 1968 the “Hong Kong flu” pandemic swept the globe.   This followed about eight months after the first satellites in the earth’s Van Allen radiation belt became operational.  Again, doctors noticed their patients dying of acute hemorrhages rather than the respiratory complications one would expect from complications of the flu.  The Van Allen belts are the protective electrical shield around the earth.  Never before had humankind been so unwise as to put radiation-emitting electrical devices directly into orbit around the earth.

It seems that whenever there is a quantum leap in the intensity of electrical exposure, many people and many other living beings die.  They die quickly and they die from the well-documented changes in their blood.   This pattern has repeated itself over and over again.

This brings us to the coronavirus outbreak.   As Dr. Pall has made perfectly clear, Wuhan City in China, where the outbreak started, was the initial site of the most intense rollout of 5G wireless technology on the planet.  The rollout of 5G in our cities and towns across the globe also is coincident in time with the placement of thousands of radiation-emitting satellites in the ionosphere and magnetosphere.  Although I’m not aware that hemorrhagic events are occurring during the current coronavirus outbreak, Dr. Pall summarizes a number of studies in which EMF radiation is a co-factor in either suppressing our immune response to viral infections, or itself makes viral infections more lethal.  In either case, we are likely not dealing with a simple viral infection as much as the consequences of the intersection of a dramatic increase in our global EMF exposure, as well as a possible viral co-factor.

If a virus is involved,  then the afflicted people have sufficiently weakened immune systems that offer little defense against this virus.   This is a tragic situation, one that calls us to quickly wake up to the dangers of the further intensification of the electrification of the planet.  This is a planetary emergency.

People, legitimately, are asking what they can do to help protect themselves and their families at this time. I haven’t dealt with any patients with this situation, so my answers are conjecture.   But, the first thing I would do is eliminate every source of EMFs you can from your life.  Some might want to contact a building biologist and shield their home or their bedroom; others might decide that keeping their devices on airplane mode when not in use might be the best they can do.   Please, though, educate yourself about this topic.

In no particular order, here are the things I do to help protect myself and my wife during this time.

  1. Whenever possible, we get outside, walk barefoot on the beach and play in our garden.
  2. We eat a high-fat, Nourishing Traditions diet with only fresh, non-chemically treated foods.
  3. We take liposomal vitamin C, 2,000-5,000 mg a day, when well, and 1,000-2,000 mg every hour while awake at the first sign of any sickness.
  4. We drink the best-quality water we have access to, which I will discuss more thoroughly in the coming weeks.
  5. We take our mushroom formula, Immunity Matrix, 1 teaspoon in hot water twice a day.
  6. We take strophanthus, one capsule once or twice a day, to maintain the health of our cellular water.  EMFs “de-structure” the water in our cells and in our blood.  “Unstructured” blood is another way of describing blood that will fail to coagulate.     Besides consuming clean water and exposing oneself to the sun and the earth, probably the most potent medicine I know to maintain cellular and blood health is the strophanthus-seed preparations.
  7. Finally, after dark, we use red lights as our main source of light and warmth.  The research on these lights suggests that they restore the health of our intracellular gels, making us more resistant to the effects of non-native EMFs or viral infections.

As always, your feedback is crucial to us and our mission.

*Dr. Pall’s article is technical. His main message is that all non-native EMFs interfere with the crucially important gating mechanism for calcium in our cells.  This interference results in the accumulation of calcium in the cells, which sets off a huge destructive chain of events, in particular, a decrease in the free calcium levels in the blood.  As the blood calcium is crucial for the coagulation pathways, the result is cellular destruction alongside the tendency to hemorrhage.  Again, this is exactly what was observed in all previous major “influenza” pandemics.   5G millimeter waves are particularly noxious because the calcium channels are even more affected by the kind of pulsed waves employed by the 5G signal as opposed to the “normal” EMFs we have grown somewhat accustomed to. 

from:    https://fourfoldhealing.com/blogs/news/an-important-question-about-the-coronavirus-plus-immune-support-tips

About 5G


Makia Freeman, Contributor
Waking Times

5G (5th Generation) is now being actively rolled out in many cities around the world. Simultaneously, as awareness over its horrific health and privacy impacts is rising, many places are issuing moratoriums on it or banning it, such as the entire nation of Belgium, the city of Vaud (Switzerland) and San Francisco (USA). Radiofrequency radiation (RF or RFR) and electromagnetic fields (EMF) are being increasingly recognized as new types of pollution – environmental pollution. Here are 13 reasons exposing the 5G danger, which could turn into an unmitigated health and privacy catastrophe if enough people don’t rise up to stop it

At What Cost – Wireless Tech?

Energy Healing and Science

Scientific Support for Energy Medicine

Healing_Touchbiglarge.jpgThe following is excerpted from Healing Touch: Essential Energy Medicine for Yourself and Othersavailable from Sounds True.


“Happiness is what we feel when our biochemicals of emotion, the neuropeptides and their receptors, are open and flowing freely. . . . It is a scientific fact that we can feel what others feel.The oneness of all life is based on this simple reality. Our molecules of emotion are all vibrating together.” –research biologist Candace Pert, author of the bestselling bookMolecules of Emotion.


Because we human beings are so interrelated from an energetic perspec­tive, there is a refreshing optimism in energy-medicine approaches and in the practice of Healing Touch. In essence, the presence of a focused, intentional practitioner facilitates healing and movement toward well-being for someone who is in distress. The work offers a beacon of hope in relieving physical and/or emotional pain. It serves as a fine complement to conventional medical interventions and is an essential component for preventive and integrative healing practices.

Current science does not yet fully understand all the dynamics involved in achieving the effects noted in energy medicine, but relief from human suffering abounds in the clinical reports of HT practitioners. Even though the exact mechanisms are not yet fully known, use of this well-recognized practice is sought out and welcomed.

Take, for example, people who are very anxious about diagnostic tests or specific medical procedures. It’s common knowledge that anxiety and worry by themselves can increase pain symptoms and block the flow of biochemicals essential for a procedure to be effective. Psychological concerns and expec­tations, either positive or negative, decidedly help to shape outcomes. The presence of a caring HT practitioner can help promote much-needed relaxation as patients think of new ways to anticipate a procedure and focus on positive outcomes.

In this chapter, we’ll consider the growing scientific evidence for seeing the human body as a series of vibrating electromagnetic fields that can be positively influenced without the invasion of foreign substances such as chemicals or drugs. We begin with the realities of current medical practices that point to the vibrational nature of the body for diagnosis and treatment. We’ll continue with a brief discussion of modern physics with its views toward unlimited, open-ended possibilities as opposed to ideas of direct cause and effect. Emerging concepts in neurosciences such as neuroplasticity will be explored with an eye to the vast capabilities of the human mind to influence health and wholeness. And, perhaps most exciting of all, we’ll look at the new biology that demonstrates the direct effect of thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors on cellular messaging and expression of genetic material.

Scientists describe their understanding of the world through theoretical models. The concept of human energies as a vibratory matrix of nonmaterial structures, such as those described in the previous chapter, gives a useful starting place. These vibratory structures seem to interact with identified physical structures such as cells, fluids, and organs to facilitate the flow of information throughout the body. We might think of this informational system as a flowing river that can be impeded where there are blocks to its flow pathways. Such impeded areas can cause disturbance, congestion, and subsequent illness in our bodies. The concept of energy-flow patterns is thus a useful model for understanding human illness and how we might alleviate further suffering. For example, determining how energy flows in a given part of the body is already a part of conventional medical diagnostics. As we shall learn, medicine is becom­ing more and more energetic in practice, even though the mechanisms for its effects are not yet fully explainable. Other more effective models, theories, and inferences will undoubtedly emerge as science evolves.


Vibrational Medicine

Practitoners of Western medicine are becoming more interested in understanding how energy moves in the body as medical science considers the electrical and magnetic qualities of the human organism. For diagnosis, a variety of non­invasive scanners can now give feedback about molecular exchanges within soft tissue. Sophisticated scans such as CT (computerized tomography), PET (positron emission tomography), and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), show areas of constriction or obstruction that interfere with healthy flow patterns within cells and organ tissue.

The EKG (electrocardiogram) and the EEG (electroencephalogram) measure the electrical outputs of the heart and brain and then compare those outputs to normal electrical outputs in healthy persons. Newer tools, such as the EMC (electromagnetic cardiogram) and EMEG (electromagnetic encephalogram), additionally measure the magnetic outputs of heart and brain, which give even more accurate details of deviations from normal function in these vital organs. Technology using SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device) allows scientists to measure the human biofield and evaluate relative bodily strengths.

Medical treatments are also becoming less invasive as comprehension of the electromagnetic nature of the body increases. Orthopedic surgeon Robert O. Becker began to explore the electrical circuitry of the human body to treat complex bone fractures that did not heal with known methods in the late 1960s. He identified numerous direct currents of electricity that flowed throughout the body and found they reversed their flow pattern or direction at the site of an injury. When this “current of injury” was supported with a small amount of electrical stimulation, bone healing occurred.

Over the next several decades, Dr. Becker mapped out the energetic grids of the body and surmised that the energy system paralleled the nervous system in providing the communication of information to all parts of the organism.  Unlike the nervous system, however, this system is nonmaterial and electro­magnetic in nature. Thus, humans and higher life forms have dual information systems: 1) the nervous system with its many physical components such as nerve cells, dendrites, axons, and the spinal cord, and 2) the subtle energies that are electromagnetic in form, which I like to call the human vibrational matrix. These dual systems seem to augment each other to ensure optimal functioning. If a part of the body is diseased or surgically removed, other cells learn to take over missing functions as much as possible through our energetic information networks.

Almost every day, new concepts for stimulating electromagnetic areas within the body are being developed to treat illness. Current energy-related treatments include high-frequency sound waves to break up kidney stones, electricity to relieve pain and shrink tumors, focused radiation to pinpoint and destroy specific cancers, electromagnetic fields to accelerate bone healing, laser surgeries to minimize tissue damage, and magnetic fields to alleviate inflammation associated with arthritis. Further explorations in modern medicine continue to study the presence of differing electromagnetic frequencies within the body to find new and more effective treatments.

The energy resources of the body can also bring about balance within body and mind to prevent illness or further disability. Working with HT is known to bring about relaxation, relief from anxiety, a sense of well-being, and enhanced wound healing and immune system function. (These effects are confirmed by ongoing and extensive research cited in the next chapter.) Because of these effects, many physicians are now encouraging their patients to explore energy therapies as part of treatment planning.


Quantum Interrelationships

to read more, go to:   http://www.realitysandwich.com/scientific_support_energy_medicine

EMF and Your Health

Worse than Cigarettes? The Silent Enemy Harming Your Health Today…

Vickie Warren is a former Executive Director of the Bau-Biologie Group for the United States. She now heads up the non-profit organization Wings of Eagle Healthy Living, dedicated to grassroots education. Here, she discusses the detrimental health effects of electromagnetic fields, and what you can do to protect yourself and your family from excessive EMF exposure.

Five Primary Sources of Electromagnetic Field Exposure

As Vickie Warren explains in this interview, there are basically five primary sources of dangerous EMF that surround you on a daily basis:

  1. Electric fields: These are the fields that emanate from anything that has voltage; basically anything electric, such as lamps, electrical wiring, outlets, extension cords, electrical appliances, and power outlets.

  2. Magnetic fields: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has labeled magnetic fields a class 3 carcinogen. These fields can occur when there is an imbalance in the electrical wiring, and around electrical motors such as the motor in your refrigerator.
  3. Power lines, whether above- or underground.
  4. Metal plumbing: Yes, older metal plumbing done frequently carry a current.
  5. Wireless communications:

to read more and see the videos, go to:    http://emf.mercola.com/sites/emf/archive/2011/07/09/vickie-warren-on-effects-of-electromagnetic-fields.aspx