Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Some Considerations

Covering Up The Causes of Breast Cancer Since 1985: AstraZeneca’s BCAM

Covering Up The Causes of Breast Cancer Since 1985: AstraZeneca's BCAM

Did you know that AstraZeneca, manufacturer of two blockbuster breast cancer drugs (one of which is classified as a known human carcinogen), is behind Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Why is it, do you think, that during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) you never hear the word “carcinogen” mentioned, but are barraged a million times over by the word “cure”?

Truth be told, BCAM should be renamed Breast Cancer Un-Awareness Month, as it has nothing to do with generating awareness about the true causes and solutions for the breast cancer epidemic and everything to do with making the public focus on a presumably not-yet-existent “cure” to be produced through the pharmaceutical pipeline somewhere off in the future only after enough money is raised.

Instead of identifying and addressing the known causes of cancer, like the many mammary carcinogens now identified in body care products, GMO and processed foods, and our polluted environment, the mission of BCAM is to make people think that the best way to prevent breast cancer is to “detect it early.”

And how?

By subjecting their breasts to radiation-based diagnostic screening that we now know actually causes breast cancer, and which has lead to over one million cases of falsely diagnosed and unnecessarily treated breast cancers in the past 30 years in U.S. women alone. One recent review on the topic of mammography concluded that they are harmful and should be avoided, and yet you will hear countless messages this month that breast screenings are safe and effective for reducing breast cancer mortality — technically, a lie.

This viral meme describes the underlying agenda succinctly:

Back in 2012, when we first wrote “The Dark Side of Breast Cancer [Un]Awareness Month,” in order to shed light on this travesty, the real history of Breast Cancer Awareness Month’s origins was still relatively unknown despite the fact that it was a matter of the public record. According to the Wikipedia page on the topic:

“NBCAM was founded in 1985 as a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries (now part of AstraZeneca, maker of several anti-breast cancer drugs). The aim of the NBCAM from the start has been to promote mammography as the most effective weapon in the fight against breast cancer.”

The reference link listed on Wikipedia for the paragraph above comes from the BCAM website, but is now dead. For reasons that remain a mystery, the BCAM website was taken offline by AstraZeneca in the intervening years. Despite this, the BCAM domain name — — still links directly to AtraZeneca’s HealthCare Foundation page; astounding evidence that AstraZeneca owned and controlled BCAM and still does. You can still view the WayBackMachine’s archived NBCAM website here if you are curious.

And so why is this connection so important? 

What is so disturbing about AstraZeneca’s founding role in BCAM is that it “just happens” to make two blockbuster breast cancer drugs, Tamoxifen and Arimidex — a conflict of interest so flagrant, its hard to ignore. Even more disturbing is that Tamoxifen is actually classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a known human carcinogen! A carcinogenic “treatment” for breast cancer?  No wonder BCAM won’t allow the word “carcinogen” mentioned in any of its campaigns. 


Back when AstraZeneca kept the BCAM website functioning, it was easy to prove how BCAM and AstraZeneca had pinkwashed the concept of the true causes of cancer (carcinogens) from the public mind. You used to be able to plop the word “carcinogen” into the site’s search engine feature and you would retrieve the following highly suspect results:

Your search – carcinogen – did not match any documents. No pages were found containing “carcinogen”.

Likewise, back in 2012, on Susan G. Komen’s website, the term “carcinogen” only emerged twice, and both in the context of denying the likelihood of there being a connection between smoking and breast cancer. If you search the site today, the term has been further scrubbed, with no informative results retrieved with the term.


Clearly this is strategic. There are literally thousands of possible and known carcinogens identified in various public databases, such as Roundup herbicide, for instance, was recently reclassified as a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization. If the goal is really to protect women and reduce breast cancer morbidity and mortality, shouldn’t Breast Cancer Awareness Month focus on identifying and reducing exposure to probable and/or known carcinogens?  Failing to do so is equivalent to deceit, if not malfeasance, is it not?

This all makes greater sense when you understand the history behind BCAM’s founder AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca was formed through the merger of Astra AB and Zeneca Group (a pharmaceutical subsidiary of Imperial Chemical Industries) in 1999. Imperial Chemical Industries, a multinational corporation responsible for producing breast cancer causing petrochemical derivatives such as vinyl chloride and pesticides, founded National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 1985, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, in order to promote the widespread adoption of x-ray mammography, whose failings if not horrors we have documented extensively elsewhere.

This means the very corporation that contributed significantly to accelerating the breast cancer epidemic also profited and still profits from new diagnoses of breast cancer and their treatment.

fracking for the cure

Sadly, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a time of increasing awareness not of the preventable causes of breast cancer, but of the breast cancer industry’s insatiable need to both raise money for research into a would-be “pharmaceutical cure,” and to promote its primary means of “prevention”: early detection via x-ray mammography.’It’s also a cause-marketing feeding frenzy with a disturbingly vast array of carcinogen-containing products sporting Susan G. Komen’s pink ribbon, presumably “in support” of raising awareness, including the hot pink fracking drill bit pictured above.

Please, before you consider going on a march, donating to the “cause,” or buying a pink-ribbon-bedecked product this month, consider the true origins of the year’s most widespread brainwashing event. For real information on the real causes and solutions for cancer watch the upcoming Truth about Cancer documentary series, of which I will be a part. It promises to be the much needed antidote to the propaganda that has spread as viciously as cancer itself. You can also use our Cancer Research database with thousands of articles and study abstracts on treating cancer naturally.

Finally, please share the meme below (save to desktop and re-upload to Facebook and other social media platforms), with the link to this article:


Heidi Kole On The Jolie Mastectomy

Women: Take Back Your Power And Thrive!

by Heidi Kole

NYC busker & author of ‘The Subway Diaries

Boobs, or as the fledgling Illuminati might call them: “Yet another chance at a mass Blue Pill moment”.

First off let me say, I’m not a Doctor; I’m a singer and stunt person – and this is, as with my commentary last week on the healing power of plants, purely my opinion.

There are so many factors wrapped up in movie star / sex icon Angelina Jolie’s recent announcement to dismember herself by prophylactically removing her, currently perfectly healthy breasts, that I won’t be able to cover all the dark layers of this recent Illuminati creation, but I’ll try my best to touch on a few of the pertinent ones.

First of all, let me say this trend of mutilating women is nothing new in America and the planet as a whole. It would be interesting to know what percentage of women reading this right now have had Women: Take Back Your Power And Thrive!the ‘H’ word, i.e. hysterectomy, thrown at them at least once in their lifetime. As for years now, hysterectomies have been the ‘cure of choice’ offered by mainstream medicine for symptoms ranging from excessive menstrual bleeding to fibroids to endometriosis to even sadness. I, myself, was offered this ‘easy breezy panacea’ over 5 times in my life and had to search high and low for my own way out. I had to create my own balance and health to avoid the mutilation option that was being sold to me with the zeal and fervor of a door-to-door salesman.

So this ‘just cut it off tactic’ is nothing new. What is new is using a movie star/sex icon with such global reach in the digital age to ‘sell’ the completely warped concept to women all over the world that this is the only option one has to not be killed by your breasts, your ovaries or uterus.  The message: “Just remove body parts and all will be fine.”

All is not fine – let me say this very clearly to anyone who has up to this point bought the whole Jolie double mastectomy story: Cancer is not a breast problem. It is an environment problem and by that I mean it’s the environment you create for yourself –i.e. What you take in in the form of nutrition, supplements, air, food, water, physical activity, life purpose, the people you choose to surround yourself with, the stress you allow yourself to put up with and the amount of joy you allow in. The phrase ‘Epigenetics’ is often used to encompass many of these factors

It’s not just absurd, it’s downright dangerous what’s being sold to women via this latest media / Big Pharma move. To mis-direct women even farther away than they’ve already been led…farther away from taking true care of, honoring and loving their bodies and keeping them healthy and vital for life (which by the way is possible…) is vastly unhealthy.

Instead women are being fed the message that:
* Everything is out of your control
* You have no power
* Your breast, your uterus, your ovaries, essentially everything that makes you a woman is dangerous and can and will kill you so your best bet…rip it all out and cut it all off.

This dangerous message, this lie, in my humble opinion, is bordering on abuse of women on a mass scale.

Curious, as I write this that the same ‘hard sell’ has not been pushed on the males of the world. I’ve not heard one male superstar or actor or celebrity yet announce that all young men should have their testicles removed. If it’s really a game changer to remove body parts prophylactically to prevent death (which by the way is going to happen with or without breasts, testicles or any other organ you remove to quote ‘save your life’) – shouldn’t it apply to men as well? But we’ve never heard Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt jumping on the mass media bandwagon saying “I’ve decided to remove my testicles as they have proven to be a health hazard” thereby encouraging young men all over the world to follow suit. No, we have yet to hear that announcement …

Finally, we all probably know by now know of the blatant ties of this latest move to Corporate Profits as we watched the stock prices of Myriad Genetics, the company who developed the $3,000 BRAC Analysis test that Jolie referred to in her Times piece soar since her announcement. In addition, it’s now known that a whopping 20% of women’s genes are currently owned by private corporations/monopolies, poised to farm their future billions off you. Yes, that’s right, a Corporation owns your genes women. Not only that, every cancer patient diagnosed and put through ‘the system’ yields $1million in profits for Big Phrama and the medical money machine. Are you now connecting the dots?

I’d like to conclude by saying to women everywhere: You are not powerless. You are not wrong. Your body is not wrong. Your body is not bad or evil or dangerous. Your body is not in need of changing or mutilation to live. Your body is your best friend, an amazing creation and will never steer you wrong if you speak to it, develop an intimate relationship with it, and listen to it.

So, do your homework, take responsibility for your own state of mind, body and happiness and don’t willingly give it away to someone else to decide for you. If, after doing your research you decided that mastectomy or hysterectomy or another removal of a body part is best then it will serve you. But you’ll have come to that conclusion on your own not by following someone else’s directives.

You have so much knowledge and power and wisdom within that the world is hungry for. Go within and seek that wisdom and knowing. You owe it to yourself . Women, this is your time. Take back your power, protect your joy and thrive.

~ Namaste


On Mammograms

Some interesting studies are coming out on all levels and in all areas.   It is time to think twice about certain things, but do the research.

30 Years of Breast Screening: 1.3 Million Wrongly Treated

2nd December 2012

By Sayer Ji

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

The breast cancer industry’s holy grail (that mammography is the primary weapon in the war against breast cancer) has been disproved. In fact, mammography appears to have CREATED 1.3 million cases of breast cancer in the U.S. population that were not there.

A disturbing new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine is bringing mainstream attention to the possibility that mammography has caused far more harm than good in the millions of women who have employed it over the past 30 years as their primary strategy in the fight against breast cancer.[i]

Titled “Effect of Three Decades of Screening Mammography on Breast-Cancer Incidence,” researchers estimated that among women younger than 40 years of age, breast cancer was overdiagnosed, i.e. “tumors were detected on screening that would never have led to clinical symptoms,” in 1.3 million U.S. women over the past 30 years. In 2008, alone, “breast cancer was overdiagnosed in more than 70,000 women; this accounted for 31% of all breast cancers diagnosed

As we revealed in a previous article,[ii] the primary form of mammography-detected breast cancer is ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), also known as ‘stage zero’ or ‘non-invasive breast cancer.’ Unlike truly invasive cancer, which expands outward like the crab after which it was named (Greek:  Cancer = Crab), ductal carcinoma is in situ, i.e. situated, non-moving – an obvious contradiction in terms.

Also, DCIS presents without symptoms in the majority of women within which it is detected, and if left untreated will (usually) not progress to cause harm to women. Indeed, without x-ray diagnostic technologies, many if not most of the women diagnosed with it would never have known they had it in the first place. The journal Lancet Oncology, in fact, published a cohort study last year finding that even clinically verified “invasive” cancers appear to regress with time if left untreated:

[We] believe many invasive breast cancers detected by repeated mammography screening do not persist to be detected by screening at the end of 6 years, suggesting that the natural course of many of the screen-detected invasive breast cancers is to spontaneously regress.[iii]

The new study authors point out “The introduction of screening mammography in the United States has been associated with a doubling in the number of cases of early-stage breast cancer that are detected each year.” And yet, they noted, only 6.5% of these early-stage breast cancer cases were expected to progress to advanced disease. DCIS and related ‘abnormal breast findings,’ in other words, may represent natural, benign variations in breast morphology. Preemptive treatment strategies, however, are still employed today as the standard of care, with mastectomy rates actually increasing since 2004.[iv]

The adverse health effects associated with overdiagnosis and overtreatment with lumpectomy, radiation, chemotherapy and hormone-suppressive treatments cannot be underestimated, especially when one considers the profound psychological trauma that follows each stage of diagnosis and treatment, and the additional physiological burdens such psychic injuries lead to, including up-regulation of multidrug resistance genes within cancer as a result of the increased adrenaline associated with the ‘flight-or-fight’ stress response.[v]

Also, it is now coming to light that chemotherapy and radiation actually increase the proportion of the highly malignant cancer stem cells to the relatively non-malignant daughter cells within the tumor colony. Much in the same way that conventional antibiotic agents will drive multidrug resistance within the subpopulation of surviving post-antibiotic bacteria, ensuring recurrence, conventional treatments also drive the surviving stem-cell enriched tumor populations into greater resistance and metastatic potential when it does inevitably recur. Or worse, radiation therapy may actually increase the ‘stemness’ of breast cancer cells making them 30 times more malignant (capable of forming new tumors).

If it is indeed true that DCIS, other abnormal breast findings, as well as clinically confirmed invasive breast cancer, either remain benign or regress when left untreated, the entire breast cancer industry, which is already deeply mired in cause-marketing conflicts of interest, must radically reform itself, or face massive financial and ethical liabilities vis-à-vis outdated and no longer “evidence-based” practices.

Another serious problem with mammography (and there are dozens of them) not addressed in this latest research finding concerns the unique carcinogenicity of the x-rays the technology employs. We now know that the 30 kVp radiation, colloquially known as “low energy” x-rays, are between 300-400% more carcinogenic than the “higher energy” radiation given off by atomic bomb blasts (200 kVp or higher).[vi] Present day radiation risk models used to assess the known breast cancer risk associated with mammography against the purported benefits do not take into this profound discrepancy. In fact, these models were developed before DNA was even discovered.

Also, considering that breast cancer susceptibility genes, BRCA1/BRCA2, interfere with the DNA self-repair mechanisms needed to reduce the carcinogenicity associated with radiation exposure within those who carry these genetic variations, the harms associated with mammography may be exponentially higher than the conventional medical community presently understands and communicates to their patients.  Indeed, it is likely that x-ray based mammography screenings have been planting the seeds of future radiation-induced breast cancer within exposed populations.

With top-tier biomedical journals now publishing research diametrically opposed to the policies and recommendations of both governmental, non-governmental and industry-sponsored health organizations, the time is ripe for us to critically evaluate conventional medicine’s conventional standard of care and to educate ourselves further to the true causes of cancer, and how to go about preventing and/or removing them.