Are You Listening?

You Are Always Connected But…

The first thing to understand is, even though you may not feel connected, you are always connected to your higher self, spirit guides, and spiritual family — you are never alone.  They are always listening and always answering you and sending you messages.  It’s just a matter of whether you are receiving the messages or not, whether you are hearing the information being communicated.

The communication mode can vary.  Some people can literally HEAR the messages — they hear the sounds of words (this is called clairaudience).  But this is not the case for most of us, at least not yet.  For most people the communication and guidance coming from their higher self and guides comes in the form of intuition — thoughts that come to your mind, ideas that pop into your head, and associated feelings.  What some have called “the little voice in their head.”

Keep in mind that spirit usually communicates to us in a whisper — gentle whispers in our head and our heart, it will almost never shout.  Because the messages are so subtle, it is very easy not to hear them, or to dismiss them as your imagination.

Many people are so busy, and their analytical minds are chattering away so loudly, that they don’t notice or hear the subtle messages coming from spirit.  If they do notice their rational minds are likely to reject or ignore them.

Hence, it feels like there’s no connection! And indeed there is no FUNCTIONAL connection — but only because you are failing to receive the messages.

Another way that spirit can communicate with you is through signs and symbols delivered to you via the outer world.  Often this mode of communication is more concrete and unambiguous than the messages coming through your intuition and spirit uses it as an auxiliary communication channel as appropriate.  As usual, you need to be paying attention and trusting what you see and feel for this channel to be effective.

More on this later in the article but first let’s explore the reasons why you are not receiving your intuitive messages and what you can do about it.

The Top 3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Receiving Messages

The top three reasons why you aren’t receiving the messages being sent to you are; (1) You’re not noticing them because you are too busy and distracted, (2) you’re not hearing them because they are getting drowned out by too much mental noise, or (3) You’re not trusting them and simply ignoring or rejecting them.

Let’s dive into each of these in more detail and explore solutions.

#1 – Busyness and Distraction

People often DON’T NOTICE the intuitive messages coming from spirit because they’re so busy — and DISTRACTED — by their hectic day to day lives.  They’re immersed in dealing with issues and chores; interacting with friends, family, coworkers; and dealing with any manner of things and are simply not paying attention for messages from spirit.  And these messages are generally very subtle, so you really have to be paying attention to recognize them.

We all have busy lives to some extent or another, and we can get very busy for periods of time, and that is to be expected.  But if you want to have a good connection with spirit you need to set aside some quiet and alone time, preferably every day.  A spell of time where you slow down and relax and allow yourself the opportunity to hear and feel your connection and the messages coming through it.

This could be some form of daily meditation if that resonates with you.  But any kind of quiet time will work; solo walks in nature, trail running, gardening, whatever.  Anything that you enjoy doing that relaxes you and that is relatively mindless will allow the relatively subtle thoughts and feelings of your intuition to be heard.  If you can’t manage to get some quiet time on a daily basis, don’t worry — semi-regularly is just fine.

In my personal case, I do not do well with sitting still and quiet, so meditation is out for me.  I prefer to take solo walks in nature and in the hills.  I don’t do these every day but quite frequently.  Getting exercise and being in nature seems to reenergize me and some of my best insights, inspirations, and obvious messages come to me before, during, and after these.

What works best for you?  Please share in the comments section below the article because it might help others with ideas.

#2 – Mental Noise

People often CAN’T HEAR the messages from spirit because their minds are so busy churning away coping with the problems of everyday life.  If you are not hearing the voice of your higher self and your guides it may be that you are never quieting your mind enough to hear it.  The constant chatter of our analytical and egoic mind is mental noise that can drown out the incoming messages that are being delivered through our intuition.  The messages from spirit are like whispers and can be easily be overpowered by our other thoughts, fears, and worries.

One must make time on a regular basis to quiet the mind so you can hear the guidance and information coming through from your higher self and guides.  Any kind of quiet time will work but the less physical sensory stimuli, the better.

Of course, meditation can serve this purpose very well if it resonates with you.  It turns down the volume on the mind and reduces worry, stress, and anxiety which are the major sources of noise that interferes with us hearing our divine messages.  In meditation you tune out the external world and go inside, which is your portal to the field of consciousness, making it easier to hear the messages from spirit. The eternal essence of all beings is pure consciousness and we are all parts of the one field of consciousness, that’s why going within is your connection point.

If meditation doesn’t work for you then anything that allows you to relax and lets your mind get quieter is good — absolute Zen-like clear mind is not required.  Often any repetitive relatively easy mindless task that you enjoy can serve this purpose.  Quieting your mind by whatever means on a regular basis it the best first step.  This will allow those relatively subtle thoughts and feelings of your intuition to be heard.

#3 – Not Trusting Your Intuition

Perhaps the biggest problem in receiving the messages from spirit is that we will notice an incoming message but our rational minds will reject or ignore them.  We won’t trust that they are meant for us and are meaningful.

This is one of the main reasons that people don’t FEEL like they have a connection to spirit.  They are NOTICING the messages but are promptly ignoring or rejecting them because their rational mind doesn’t understand and trust intuitive communication or deems the thoughts and feelings as impractical, unrealistic, silly, or whatever.

Developing Trust In Your Intuition

To establish a functional communication channel with spirit you must learn how to trust your intuition.  This is very challenging for many because of the very rational approach that our culture ingrains in us.  You can’t expect the communication process with spirit to follow rational rules — the rational model of the world was devised from our study of the material world and we are not dealing with the material world here.  Try to keep an open mind and pay more attention to your thoughts and feelings as well as things that you see and hear around you.

Firstly, It really helps to know that your higher self and guides are always with you (in fact, within you) and that their primary mode of communication with you is through your intuition.  You must trust that you are being listened to and answered.  And you must trust that you are able to know the answers.

Don’t expect this trust to develop overnight.  It could, but it might require a little time.  If you set the intention to achieve a better connection, it will come.  Go ahead and tell your higher self, guides, and spiritual family (out loud or in your mind) that you want to establish a good connection with them.  Then all you need to do is start paying attention to your thoughts and feelings and things happening outside.

Most likely it will start with small coincidences and synchronicities.  Make a habit of looking for these and to make note of them.  Also, begin to make a habit of asking for what you need.  Start with small things that you want to happen that day.  The goal is to experience small successes that build your confidence that your communication channel with spirit is open and working.

After asking for help with something pay attention to what shows up.  Sometimes the answer arrives as the thing you needed, other times a helpful person will show up, or you might stumble upon some relevant or useful information.  Often you will be answered by receiving an inspired idea or thought.  Sometimes it will be blatantly obvious that the idea must have come from spirit because the idea had absolutely no precedent in your prior thinking — it just came out of the blue.  Trust that these are truly messages intended for you from spirit and let yourself gain confidence and experience in how communication with spirit works.

Ask For A Sign of Their Presence

One way to build your confidence and trust is to simply ask them for a sign of their presence.  They will deliver a sign to you that they know is the best way to convince you — and it might be something very personal — since they know you better than you know yourself.

Some traditional signs that are offered by your angelic guides, as silly as they seem, are putting a coin or feathers in your path, perhaps repeatedly.  But honestly, it could be anything so keep an open mind and pay attention.

Another way they may indicate their presence to you is through repeating numbers.  If you are seeing numbers like 11:11, 444, or any other number that is showing up repeatedly and more often or in quick succession in ways that seem improbable this is very likely a high five from the other side.

Repeating numbers are how my guides got my attention initially.  After they knew I had noticed the frequent and improbable repeating numbers, then they nudged me to stumble across the book Angel Numbers 101 which explains what they mean.  I only had to read the first paragraph of that book, and I realized that this must be what was happening to me.  As the book points out, not only will your guides get your attention with the repeating numbers but they can then be used as message codes and allow for an alternate channel of communication that complements and is a fallback to your intuition.

Asking for a sign of presence isn’t something that you only do when you are initially trying to establish a connection.  You can do this whenever you’re feeling of connection is waning or when doubt is creeping in, and you need reassurance of their presence.  They will be very happy to give you a sign of their presence any time you need reassurance.  They want you to trust their messages, and they know how important it is for you to trust their presence.

I’ve done this numerous times myself.  I occasionally get busy or stressed out and distracted by my work and the world and I feel like I’m disconnected. When I get in that state I just say out loud… “you know you guys (that’s how I refer to my guides.. as you guys) I’m feeling really disconnected and it would be very reassuring to get a sign of your presence.”  A sign always comes and sometimes in the most amazing and delightful ways!

That wraps it up for how to master your primary channel of communication to spirit — your intuitive communication channel.  But there is an alternate communication channel that you should be aware of.

Alternate Channel of Communication — External Signs and Symbols

Another way that messages can be delivered to you is via signs and symbols in the outer world.  Your guides frequently use this mechanism by presenting to you a picture or symbol, a word or phrase, a song, meaningful numbers, or anything else that serves as a symbolic message.  These may appear on license plates, road signs, music playing on the radio, and the like.  Unfortunately, most of the time people are not even paying attention to things like this.  If they do happen to notice something they’ll usually just write it off as a meaningless coincidence.

Start paying more attention to the symbols in the outside world and your first impressions of what they might mean.  With practice you may perfect recognizing them and begin to trust this symbolic communication channel.

Start asking questions and pay attention to what form the answer comes in — it may show up through your intuition as a hunch or inspired idea, but it might come as a sign or symbol.  For example, you might see a license plate with some pertinent and meaningful words on it that feels like your answer — trust your feelings and the message.

Solidifying Your Connection

With trust, patience, and practice using the techniques described you will firmly establish your communication channel to the Divine as many thousands and thousands have already done. And many more are coming online every day, one of which will be you.

Spirit is delighted when each of us becomes aware of, and then firmly establishes a connection.  It allows them to start guiding us more effectively — and this is what they signed up for, and agreed to do for us when we decided to dive into an incarnation in the Earth game.  So they finally get to execute their purpose fully, which is very rewarding and satisfying for them!


Is It a SIgn?

5 Signs You’re Getting a Sign

a message from Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, 7 April, 2014  (posted 19 May, 2014)

It is not a sign (I’m going to be using that word a lot in this article) of doubt or lack of faith for us to ask for signs or confirmation of the best next steps, choices on our path, or that we are choosing our most powerful potential or possibility. Especially if we think we have made a lot of powerless decisions or choices that represent our less or non-empowered self in the past, we want to be shown that we can get different results this time.

So we ask for a sign, and then we usually miss the sign because we think it’s going to be something magnificent, grand, divine, and obvious. And it is usually something like losing our car keys, or dropping eggs on the floor, or we receive an unexpected gift, we win the lottery, someone from our past reconnects with us (that represents either joyful or painful memories), or we get a flat tire.

What’s the message of these signs? It depends on the question we are asking.

One of my favorite signs happened to me a few years ago, when I was thinking about partnering with someone in a business venture. The partnership wasn’t going well, there were a lot of problems, the person I was working with was challenging, and I was beginning to wonder whether I should back out of the venture. One day, I put some eggs to boil because I was going to have hard boiled eggs for lunch, and went back to my office to work for a few more minutes while they were cooking. It didn’t feel like a lot of time had gone by but I smelled the odor of burning eggs just as I heard a large bang. I ran to the kitchen which was now filled with a cloud of black, smelly smoke, and heard several more bangs as the lid of the pan started bouncing up. I turned off the gas and said a prayer of thanks that I had covered the pan because my eggs had boiled dry and were now exploding in the pan. It took a while to prepare another batch of eggs and scour the pan,and this time I stayed in the kitchen while they were cooking. I got my sign and ended the partnership.

How do you know you’re getting a sign?

Start by asking the right kinds of questions, like:

Will this create the outcome I desire (you should already have a desired outcome in mind)?

How does this serve me? You really want to know if it serves your joy or does it make your life harder.

Is this the path I want to follow if I want to evolve and expand on my path? Are you limiting your options by being too specific, scared, or doubting yourself or your results?

Is there something I am not seeing that I should be aware of? Our vision is limited to what we know is possible, based on our past experience. Is there something else we have not considered yet?

Is this a powerful choice for me or am I harboring a secret fear? Energy flows in the direction of our most powerful emotions and if that is fear, that is what we will create from.

Do I really want this outcome or is there something else available for me? Sometimes we ask for what we think we can get, rather than what we really want. If we can have the courage to dream what we think is impossible, new life paths become a possibility.

Here are 5 ways to know you may be getting a sign, which is an answer to your question:

  1. Is something happening in your life that is unusual or out of the ordinary? Sometimes you will find money, pennies, or feathers, or you can see repeated patterns of numbers or letters. Pennies and feathers are often the way angels will connect with us.
  2. Do you see the same kinds of messages on billboards, on license plates, from songs you hear on the radio, that all reference the issue you are asking about? If you are asking about a choice and you keep seeing and hearing ‘no’ or ‘yes’ everywhere you look, that’s a sign.
  3. Are you getting similar messages from people, who all seem to say the same thing or talk about your question (that you have not shared with them) and they may be complete strangers or completely unaware of the issues you’re thinking about? If you wonder whether you have a health issue and everyone around you begins to talk about that issue, even people you don’t know, you should probably go and have it checked out, these are signs that are answering your question.
  4. Are you receiving unexpected blessings from others, or are you dropping or breaking things, which is not your usual habit? One client was having doubts about a new relationship and suddenly everything the man she was with started breaking things in her house (not on purpose). He picked up the tea kettle and the handle came off, he opened the cabinet door and the knob feel off, he broke her kitchen faucet, and a plate she had for a decade jumped out of his hand and crashed to the floor. After several similar incidents, she got the message and ended the relationship.

5. Do you have a nagging feeling that something isn’t right about the situation? Are you having strange dreams about it or is worrying about it keeping you up at night? Our own intuition is our strongest guide and it will give us internal signs that we need to pay attention to. If you have a pleasant or an unpleasant recurring dream about a situation, that’s your intuition guiding you about your choice. Listen to it, because its purpose is to help you connect with your highest path and outcome you can achieve, and that is sometimes hidden from you, but it is not hidden from your soul and inner guidance.

It would be nice if our signs were hand delivered from heaven, on angel’s wings, tied with shiny ribbon, and sprinkled with fairy dust. Usually, though, they come in the form of everyday life situations and while the messages are clear, if we’re looking for angel wings and fairy dust, we may miss them. So ask powerful questions, ask for signs, and then watch for them. They will be there for you and will give you the answer you need, which may not always be the answer you want to hear, but that’s another matter. Stay tuned in and focused because the answer is usually right in front of you, in the form of a sign sent especially for your benefit, that will show you what you are aligned with and how to create the perfect solution in that moment, for that situation.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.  You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to


Fear Busting

8 Ways Overcoming Fear Can Improve Your Health

facing_fears17th August 2013

By Lissa Rankin MD

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

You already know how fear can paralyze you personally and professionally, rob you of your joy, and keep you from going after your dreams. But did you know it can also make you sick? Whenever your mind feels fear, it triggers the “fight-or-flight” stress response in your body, which disables your body’s natural self-repair mechanisms and makes you more susceptible to illness. But never fear (no pun intended). Here are a few tips for living a healthier, happier life by overcoming fear.

Understand that fear is primal.

It originates from the lizard brain of your amygdala and exists as an adaptive mechanism meant to save your life. But in modern society, fear is a warning signal gone haywire. Most of what you fear – losing a loved one, money, or a relationship, for example – isn’t actually threatening your life, though it may be threatening your sense of security.  You may not be able to ditch the emotion of fear, but you can make the choice not to let it run the show anymore.

Assess your fears to determine whether they’re helpful or harmful

If you’re afraid of crashing on the rocks when you consider jumping off a cliff, your fear is probably valid. But if you’re afraid to write the book you dream of writing because you’re afraid of failure, fear is only getting the way.  Sometimes fear shows up as a valuable intuition, but often, it’s just an agent of self-sabotage. Learning to tell the difference can make all the difference.

Recognize that fear often masquerades as protection

Consider how many times you make decisions because of the “just in case.” Remember that “just in case” is fear masquerading as self-preservation. But it’s still fear, and it’s still harmful to your health.

Consciously dissociate from fear

Once you realize that fear often hurts you more than it protects you, and once you realize that fear is a primal emotion originating from your lizard brain, it’s easier to notice your fear from a distance, rather than letting it have its way with you and dictate your decisions.  Try giving your fear a name. (I call mine “The Gremlin”  and Martha Beck calls it her “Inner Lizard.”) Visualize it as a beast separate from you. Then pat it on the head and reassure it that you’ve assessed the situation, all is well, and there’s no need to be frightened.

Identify the voice of your faith

Then invite your faith to beat the crap out of your fearOnce you can identify the voice of your fear, see if you can tap into the voice of your faith. (I call it your “Inner Pilot Light” , that always radiant, perpetually sparkly, totally authentic voice that’s always inside of you.)

Trust that, no matter what happens, you can handle it

Susan Jeffers, author of Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway, says that beneath all our other fears lies one root fear – “I can’t handle it.” But deep down, you know you can. Trust that deep knowing.

Ask for guidance

If you can’t identify who should win – your Gremlin or your Inner Pilot Light, seek Divine guidance. Ask for Signs from the Universe and learn to interpret the answers.

Surround yourself with courageous people

When you surround yourself with fearful people, they can’t help projecting their fears onto you, and you can get dragged down into the muck unwittingly. But when brave people who take risks surround you, you’ll feel inspired to be more brave yourself.

When you tap into your faith and find your courage, you’re likely to still feel fear, but you’ll no longer be ruled by it. When you tap into your faith and learn to overcome your fears, your brain halts the stress response and triggers the relaxation response. When the relaxation response is activated, the body can once again heal itself.

Are You Ready To Be Brave?

What fear is holding you back? What courageous action can you take today to show your fear to the door?


Signs and Omens in 2012 — Video

2012 The first three months: Signs in the sun and the moon and the stars


We weren’t sure where to post this until we watched the whole thing and realized how great it would be if everyone had a chance to see it. In a little over 24 minutes the following video delivers a chronological peek at some of the signs and portents that have come to pass since the New Year began. It is one thing to know what’s going on close to home  but it is something else to understand that the entire fabric of our reality is reeling in response to forces and energies that are impacting us all. You will find a taste of fire and brimstone underlying all of the factual information in this documentary. Take the apocalyptic overtones for what they are worth. The bulk of what is recorded here is being presented to give you a sense of just how much life on this planet is changing and to remind you that there is no better time than now to slow down and reconnect with the heart beat of Mother Earth.