Are You Listening?

You Are Always Connected But…

The first thing to understand is, even though you may not feel connected, you are always connected to your higher self, spirit guides, and spiritual family — you are never alone.  They are always listening and always answering you and sending you messages.  It’s just a matter of whether you are receiving the messages or not, whether you are hearing the information being communicated.

The communication mode can vary.  Some people can literally HEAR the messages — they hear the sounds of words (this is called clairaudience).  But this is not the case for most of us, at least not yet.  For most people the communication and guidance coming from their higher self and guides comes in the form of intuition — thoughts that come to your mind, ideas that pop into your head, and associated feelings.  What some have called “the little voice in their head.”

Keep in mind that spirit usually communicates to us in a whisper — gentle whispers in our head and our heart, it will almost never shout.  Because the messages are so subtle, it is very easy not to hear them, or to dismiss them as your imagination.

Many people are so busy, and their analytical minds are chattering away so loudly, that they don’t notice or hear the subtle messages coming from spirit.  If they do notice their rational minds are likely to reject or ignore them.

Hence, it feels like there’s no connection! And indeed there is no FUNCTIONAL connection — but only because you are failing to receive the messages.

Another way that spirit can communicate with you is through signs and symbols delivered to you via the outer world.  Often this mode of communication is more concrete and unambiguous than the messages coming through your intuition and spirit uses it as an auxiliary communication channel as appropriate.  As usual, you need to be paying attention and trusting what you see and feel for this channel to be effective.

More on this later in the article but first let’s explore the reasons why you are not receiving your intuitive messages and what you can do about it.

The Top 3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Receiving Messages

The top three reasons why you aren’t receiving the messages being sent to you are; (1) You’re not noticing them because you are too busy and distracted, (2) you’re not hearing them because they are getting drowned out by too much mental noise, or (3) You’re not trusting them and simply ignoring or rejecting them.

Let’s dive into each of these in more detail and explore solutions.

#1 – Busyness and Distraction

People often DON’T NOTICE the intuitive messages coming from spirit because they’re so busy — and DISTRACTED — by their hectic day to day lives.  They’re immersed in dealing with issues and chores; interacting with friends, family, coworkers; and dealing with any manner of things and are simply not paying attention for messages from spirit.  And these messages are generally very subtle, so you really have to be paying attention to recognize them.

We all have busy lives to some extent or another, and we can get very busy for periods of time, and that is to be expected.  But if you want to have a good connection with spirit you need to set aside some quiet and alone time, preferably every day.  A spell of time where you slow down and relax and allow yourself the opportunity to hear and feel your connection and the messages coming through it.

This could be some form of daily meditation if that resonates with you.  But any kind of quiet time will work; solo walks in nature, trail running, gardening, whatever.  Anything that you enjoy doing that relaxes you and that is relatively mindless will allow the relatively subtle thoughts and feelings of your intuition to be heard.  If you can’t manage to get some quiet time on a daily basis, don’t worry — semi-regularly is just fine.

In my personal case, I do not do well with sitting still and quiet, so meditation is out for me.  I prefer to take solo walks in nature and in the hills.  I don’t do these every day but quite frequently.  Getting exercise and being in nature seems to reenergize me and some of my best insights, inspirations, and obvious messages come to me before, during, and after these.

What works best for you?  Please share in the comments section below the article because it might help others with ideas.

#2 – Mental Noise

People often CAN’T HEAR the messages from spirit because their minds are so busy churning away coping with the problems of everyday life.  If you are not hearing the voice of your higher self and your guides it may be that you are never quieting your mind enough to hear it.  The constant chatter of our analytical and egoic mind is mental noise that can drown out the incoming messages that are being delivered through our intuition.  The messages from spirit are like whispers and can be easily be overpowered by our other thoughts, fears, and worries.

One must make time on a regular basis to quiet the mind so you can hear the guidance and information coming through from your higher self and guides.  Any kind of quiet time will work but the less physical sensory stimuli, the better.

Of course, meditation can serve this purpose very well if it resonates with you.  It turns down the volume on the mind and reduces worry, stress, and anxiety which are the major sources of noise that interferes with us hearing our divine messages.  In meditation you tune out the external world and go inside, which is your portal to the field of consciousness, making it easier to hear the messages from spirit. The eternal essence of all beings is pure consciousness and we are all parts of the one field of consciousness, that’s why going within is your connection point.

If meditation doesn’t work for you then anything that allows you to relax and lets your mind get quieter is good — absolute Zen-like clear mind is not required.  Often any repetitive relatively easy mindless task that you enjoy can serve this purpose.  Quieting your mind by whatever means on a regular basis it the best first step.  This will allow those relatively subtle thoughts and feelings of your intuition to be heard.

#3 – Not Trusting Your Intuition

Perhaps the biggest problem in receiving the messages from spirit is that we will notice an incoming message but our rational minds will reject or ignore them.  We won’t trust that they are meant for us and are meaningful.

This is one of the main reasons that people don’t FEEL like they have a connection to spirit.  They are NOTICING the messages but are promptly ignoring or rejecting them because their rational mind doesn’t understand and trust intuitive communication or deems the thoughts and feelings as impractical, unrealistic, silly, or whatever.

Developing Trust In Your Intuition

To establish a functional communication channel with spirit you must learn how to trust your intuition.  This is very challenging for many because of the very rational approach that our culture ingrains in us.  You can’t expect the communication process with spirit to follow rational rules — the rational model of the world was devised from our study of the material world and we are not dealing with the material world here.  Try to keep an open mind and pay more attention to your thoughts and feelings as well as things that you see and hear around you.

Firstly, It really helps to know that your higher self and guides are always with you (in fact, within you) and that their primary mode of communication with you is through your intuition.  You must trust that you are being listened to and answered.  And you must trust that you are able to know the answers.

Don’t expect this trust to develop overnight.  It could, but it might require a little time.  If you set the intention to achieve a better connection, it will come.  Go ahead and tell your higher self, guides, and spiritual family (out loud or in your mind) that you want to establish a good connection with them.  Then all you need to do is start paying attention to your thoughts and feelings and things happening outside.

Most likely it will start with small coincidences and synchronicities.  Make a habit of looking for these and to make note of them.  Also, begin to make a habit of asking for what you need.  Start with small things that you want to happen that day.  The goal is to experience small successes that build your confidence that your communication channel with spirit is open and working.

After asking for help with something pay attention to what shows up.  Sometimes the answer arrives as the thing you needed, other times a helpful person will show up, or you might stumble upon some relevant or useful information.  Often you will be answered by receiving an inspired idea or thought.  Sometimes it will be blatantly obvious that the idea must have come from spirit because the idea had absolutely no precedent in your prior thinking — it just came out of the blue.  Trust that these are truly messages intended for you from spirit and let yourself gain confidence and experience in how communication with spirit works.

Ask For A Sign of Their Presence

One way to build your confidence and trust is to simply ask them for a sign of their presence.  They will deliver a sign to you that they know is the best way to convince you — and it might be something very personal — since they know you better than you know yourself.

Some traditional signs that are offered by your angelic guides, as silly as they seem, are putting a coin or feathers in your path, perhaps repeatedly.  But honestly, it could be anything so keep an open mind and pay attention.

Another way they may indicate their presence to you is through repeating numbers.  If you are seeing numbers like 11:11, 444, or any other number that is showing up repeatedly and more often or in quick succession in ways that seem improbable this is very likely a high five from the other side.

Repeating numbers are how my guides got my attention initially.  After they knew I had noticed the frequent and improbable repeating numbers, then they nudged me to stumble across the book Angel Numbers 101 which explains what they mean.  I only had to read the first paragraph of that book, and I realized that this must be what was happening to me.  As the book points out, not only will your guides get your attention with the repeating numbers but they can then be used as message codes and allow for an alternate channel of communication that complements and is a fallback to your intuition.

Asking for a sign of presence isn’t something that you only do when you are initially trying to establish a connection.  You can do this whenever you’re feeling of connection is waning or when doubt is creeping in, and you need reassurance of their presence.  They will be very happy to give you a sign of their presence any time you need reassurance.  They want you to trust their messages, and they know how important it is for you to trust their presence.

I’ve done this numerous times myself.  I occasionally get busy or stressed out and distracted by my work and the world and I feel like I’m disconnected. When I get in that state I just say out loud… “you know you guys (that’s how I refer to my guides.. as you guys) I’m feeling really disconnected and it would be very reassuring to get a sign of your presence.”  A sign always comes and sometimes in the most amazing and delightful ways!

That wraps it up for how to master your primary channel of communication to spirit — your intuitive communication channel.  But there is an alternate communication channel that you should be aware of.

Alternate Channel of Communication — External Signs and Symbols

Another way that messages can be delivered to you is via signs and symbols in the outer world.  Your guides frequently use this mechanism by presenting to you a picture or symbol, a word or phrase, a song, meaningful numbers, or anything else that serves as a symbolic message.  These may appear on license plates, road signs, music playing on the radio, and the like.  Unfortunately, most of the time people are not even paying attention to things like this.  If they do happen to notice something they’ll usually just write it off as a meaningless coincidence.

Start paying more attention to the symbols in the outside world and your first impressions of what they might mean.  With practice you may perfect recognizing them and begin to trust this symbolic communication channel.

Start asking questions and pay attention to what form the answer comes in — it may show up through your intuition as a hunch or inspired idea, but it might come as a sign or symbol.  For example, you might see a license plate with some pertinent and meaningful words on it that feels like your answer — trust your feelings and the message.

Solidifying Your Connection

With trust, patience, and practice using the techniques described you will firmly establish your communication channel to the Divine as many thousands and thousands have already done. And many more are coming online every day, one of which will be you.

Spirit is delighted when each of us becomes aware of, and then firmly establishes a connection.  It allows them to start guiding us more effectively — and this is what they signed up for, and agreed to do for us when we decided to dive into an incarnation in the Earth game.  So they finally get to execute their purpose fully, which is very rewarding and satisfying for them!


Numbers and You

Beyond 11:11 – The Significance of Repeating Number Patterns

November 18th, 2019

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

Numbers are everywhere, all around us, especially in this modern digital age. From your smartphone to your smart fridge, electronic devices often tell us the time, and we may also notice numbers in car registrations, addresses, phone numbers and other data chunks. So, what does it mean if you keep seeing the same pattern of repeating numbers?

You’re probably aware of the 11:11 phenomenon – increasing numbers of people who believe they are seeing the number pattern 11:11 (as a time) or 1111 cropping up in daily life. In numerology, 11 is a master number, and is believed to signify a strong spirituality. Many people therefore consider 11:11 to be a sign of a spiritual awakening, and that if you are seeing this number repeatedly, you are being called to a spiritual pathway as a lightworker.

But 11:11 is not the only significant number pattern. Any sequence of three or four repeated numbers has numerological significance. People probably see 11:11 more than the others because 11:11 is the only four-digit sequence which can appear on our clocks, but 222 or 2222, 333 or 3333 and so on are also deeply meaningful.

If you think you’re starting to see number patterns regularly, you’ll find it helpful to keep a log or a diary recording when and where you see them. Of course, confirmation bias plays a part here, and a sceptic would suggest that you’re not seeing these patterns any more often than any other random pattern of numbers, but you’re just subconsciously choosing to notice the one you want to notice. We don’t remember the dozens of times a day we glance at a clock and it says some other time, but we do remember if it says 11:11. While there’s undoubtedly something in that concept, it doesn’t negate that the number patterns you choose to pay attention to may well have some significant symbolic message for you.

111, 1111, 1:11 or 1.11

As you might expect, the number one connects in numerology with the concept of a beginning. If you are repeatedly seeing a 1-based number pattern, it could be a sign from the universal consciousness that the time is right to make a fresh start. A new cycle is yours for the taking, but action on your part is needed to kick it off. Whether it’s a new business you want to launch, or a new relationship you’re seeking, pay attention to these cosmic nudges and take positive steps to get something new off the ground.

222, 2222, 2:22 or 2.22

Two is feminine energy which speaks of harmony, love and balance. If you’re repeatedly seeing a 2-based number pattern, ask yourself if everything in your life is as balanced as it should be. This may be your prompt to adjust your work-life balance for example, or to balance your responsibilities against some me time. The number two is also about feelings and emotions, especially in love and interpersonal relationships. If you’re looking for love, the cosmos may be telling you that a soul mate is on the way.

333, 3333, 3:33 or 3.33

The energy of the number three is all about self-expression and creativity. If you’re repeatedly seeing a 3-based number of patterns, you’re being prompted to step into your full power as a manifestor and co-creator of your life. Set your imagination free and know that your thoughts create your reality. Perhaps it’s time for you to express who you really are instead of fitting into someone else’s boxes. Speak up, create, express yourself and don’t hold back.

444, 4444, 4:44 or 4.44

Four in numerology is about stability – think of the stability of a solid square. The energy of this number manifests itself in matters to do with our home life – our own source of stability – and issues around security, both physical and emotional. If you’re seeing a 4-based number pattern on a regular basis, the cosmos may be urging you to stay put or to have patience. Wait a while before making dramatic changes. While you’re waiting, work on nurturing yourself so that you feel safe and in control.

555, 5555, 5:55 or 5.55

If the energy of four is stable, the energy of the number five is unstable, inviting – if not demanding – change. Change can be daunting at the best of times, but if you’re repeatedly seeing a 5-based number pattern, it’s heading your way, like it or not. Prepare for this change in the first instance by embracing it. The number five asks that you surrender or let go of all that no longer serves you. This may feel like a big ask, and a risk, but this is a necessary step before a new cycle can begin.

666, 6666, or 6.66

The energy of the number six is all about duty, responsibility and service. If you are repeatedly seeing a 6-based number pattern, ask yourself whether you’re truly living up to your responsibilities – or perhaps at the other end of the scale whether your responsibilities are drowning you. The number six can bring worry and feelings of fear or angst, so seeing this pattern may be a nudge from the cosmos that you need to take better care of yourself. You can’t care for others unless you are well yourself. If you’re seeing this pattern regularly, get health niggles checked out.

777, 7777 or 7.77

The energy of number seven is about intuition and instinct. Christians believe that number seven is a lucky number, because it was on this day during creation that god rested. In Chinese numerology, however, number seven, like number four, is intensely unlucky. Forget notions of either luck or bad luck and instead understand that you make your own luck, based in large part on whether or not you listen to your instincts. If you’re seeing a 7-based number pattern regularly, the cosmos wants you to listen to your gut. Trust yourself and don’t be deceived by what others tell you.

888, 8888 or 8.88

Eight is a powerful number which tends to bring transformation and growth. It looks similar to the symbol for infinity and it is a reminder that however bad things have been, and however long the journey, you have it within your power to direct your own life. If you’re repeatedly seeing an 8-based number pattern, you have probably been through a tough time recently. This pattern is the universal consciousness telling you that you will emerge into better times if – and it’s a big if – you can trust the process.

999, 9999 or 9.99

Here in the UK, we are conditioned to associate the sequence 999 with an emergency or crisis, since it’s the number we use to call the emergency services. However, in numerology, the number nine is associated with wisdom, completion and a universal compassion for our fellow earth-dwellers. If you’re repeatedly seeing a 9-based number pattern, you may be drawing close to the end of one particular growth cycle – but fear not, because every ending leads to another beginning. A nine sequence may also be your prompt to get involved with humanitarian causes, or to share the wisdom you have learned thus far. When you see repeated nines, start to clear the decks – and your clutter – so that when this cycle is ended, you can face the future with confidence.

About the author:

Nikki Harper is a spiritualist writer, astrologer, and editor for Wake Up World.


The Mysterious Picatrix

The Picatrix: An Ancient Manuscript That Teaches How To Obtain Energy From The Cosmos

The-Picatrix.jpgThrough this ancient manuscript…the reader could attract and channel the energy of the cosmos so that a certain event develops according to the will of the practitioner, zodiacal magic; which is said to help master and dominate with accuracy—through the force of the universe—nature and its surroundings.”

Picatrix explains not only how to create and ensoul magical statues and talismans, but even speaks of whole cities constructed using the principles of astrological magic.

The Pixatrix—as it’s called today—is an ancient, 400-page magical grimoire of originally written in Arabic under the title غاية الحكيم Ghāyat al-Ḥakīm.THe Picatrix

Experts believe it was composed in the 11th century although some argue it was created in the first half of the 10th century. The work is divided into four books, which exhibit a marked absence of systematic exposition.

In the thirteenth century, the king of Castile Alfonso X (also known as Alfonso “The Wise”) ordered the translation of the ancient text to Spanish.

The translation into Latin gained a notable popularity in Europe between the XV and XVIII centuries.

Although the Castilian version is said to be lost, the Latin translation(Liber Picatrix) spread throughout the West and reached a notable success between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries.

The Picatrix is believed to have been written by Abū- Maslama Muhammad ibn Ibrahim ibn ‘Abd al-da’im al-Majrīt, an astronomer, mathematician, and alchemist of Al-Andalus who wanted to gather all the knowledge of the Middle East from the 8th and 9th centuries.

Arab historian, Ibn Khaldun, ascribed authorship of Picatrix (referring to the original Arabic version, under the title Ġāyat al-Ḥakīm) to the mathematician, al-Majriti, who died between 1005CE and 1008CE.

Although there are those who disagree with such authorship and attribute thismagical grimoire to an unknown apprentice of a mysterious Middle Eastern magic school—mostly due to the style in which the work is presented which looks like a kind of notebook—the enigmatic grimoire was extremely popular and promised to teach its reader, among other things, how to obtain energy from the planets of the cosmos. Many authors summarize the work as being “the most thorough exposition of celestial magic in Arabic”.

The contents of this ancient magical grimoire are fascinating and in it, we find reference to talismanic magic and astrological references to animals, plants, metals, stones, etc.

Through them, the reader could attract and channel the energy of the planets so that a certain event develops according to the will of the practitioner, zodiacal magic which is said to help master and dominate with accuracy—through the force of the universe— even nature and the surroundings.

The ancient magical grimoire also gives insight into numerology and lunar calendars that supposedly would help plan rituals considering the most propitious moment so that the energy of the universe favored the result.

However, there’s more to this mysterious magical grimoire than numerology and astrology. This ancient text includes different bizarre recipes for countless spells that had to be composed using ingredients as dangerous as hashish, opium and other psychoactive plants that were used in large quantities to induce altered states of consciousness and astral journeys.

If on the other hand, the intention was to contact the spirits and master the forces of the spirits, then the ingredients that had to be used were different: blood, sperm, urine, earwax, tears, and saliva were all mixed together specifically to obtain the best results and master the world we cannot see on a daily basis.

Interestingly, Picatrix explains not only how to create and ensoul magical statues and talismans, but even speaks of whole cities constructed using the principles of astrological magic.

Source: ancient-code


Tasks for Moving Forward

A Spiritual To Do List While You’re Still Here

Updated November 1, 2014 by in5d Alternative News

by Moac Mikaela
guest writer for

Another portal has opened and another eclipse has passed. Some of us have moved on, some of us are still here. What happened during the eclipse was, of course and again, very much in our hearts with manifestation just beginning for some of us. We put a lot of expectations on our five senses. This is the moment when our 6th and beyond senses can be expected. Can you feel the love yet?

The Numbers

This eclipse of transformation occurred on 10/23/2014
1+0+2+3+2+0+1+4= 13

The Number 4 by Joanne Walmsley

Positively, 4 is the ‘stabilizer’ and can undertake difficult or unpleasant tasks, faithful friend, capacity for focused will and self-sacrifice, aware and accepting. Negatively, 4 relates to a lack of convention and conviction, the inability to adapt, clumsiness, laziness and dullness. 4 is the number of fate, so it must be remembered that there will be many things that happen over which you have no control. Hard work is the experience of the 4 vibration, as ideas are manifested into practical reality. 4 maintains order, system and routine to make their dreams a reality. This vibration is to do with energy, harmony and co-operation and it is the ‘door to illumination’ or ‘initiation’.

These are the very attributes that embody the solar eclipse we just came through. So it was appropriate that the eclipse be on this day of the Gregorian calendar.

Another portal has opened and another eclipse has passed. Some of us have moved on, some of us are still here. What happened during the eclipse was, of course and again, very much in our hearts with manifestation just beginning for some of us. We put a lot of expectations on our five senses. This is the moment when our 6th and beyond senses can be expected. Can you feel the love yet?

We are still here. Why?

So you’ve raised your vibration, meditated and prayed. You’ve done everything in your power to hold your light high and bright. You’ve even had a few spiritual encounters that filled you with joy and yearning for that familiar feeling of “home.” You’ve stayed positive, transmuted dark energy, invoked the violet flame, spoken your truth without judgment, respected the paths and personal free will of everyone you’ve encountered. You’ve done it all and you still haven’t been taken up on a ship, haven’t ascended to another planet, haven’t SEEN a disclosure with your eyes. Your guides are telling you to wait for that moment that is “not so far from your shores”. You’ve done the spiritual work and you even feel and live differently. But you are still here with one question that often rings: “Why, after all this work put in, are we still here with war energy surrounding us?

It can be one of three things:

1. You still have karma to transmute

You may still have some clearing to do. With this ascension process it is sometimes challenging to know when you have reached a point where you are no longer driven by your ego. We sometimes gain a piece of enlightening information and feel the need to run and try to warn the world. Or sometimes, we want to say things like, “ I don’t have an ego” and “Well, my vibration is higher than yours” or “No, you are wrong because…”  If you find yourself saying things like this, you may still have some clearing and soul integration to do.

This doesn’t mean you need to catch up with anyone or that you are behind in some kind of race. To understand Oneness, you understand that ultimately, we are all on the same level. We all have fragmented pieces that need to be put back together before we are ready for the blast that full consciousness will provide.

There is a point in the awakening experience when you realize that everyone is on their own path and you don’t necessarily have to save them from themselves, government, religion, subservience etc.  It is important to use discernment for situations like these. Accessing your guides, or even the Universal mind is the easiest way for you to find out when you should relay information to others. Your guides are available to let you know when to shine some light on another soul. Gaining access to the Universal mind is just one way to view your Akashic records.

If you need to know how to get in touch with this innate part of yourself, there are many articles here on In5D that have helped many and can help you, too.  As mentioned in many previous articles on In5D, it is of the utmost importance to keep your light high and brightly shining. Now, it is very important to be listening to everything and everyone around you because you will be receiving information about what next step to take in your life by way of signs, symbols, and synchronicities tailored to your experience. So, if this is where you are, don’t fret. The clearing process is an intricate one but just know that you will rise to the proper vibration according to your soul’s plan in perfect timing.

2. You are not ascending in this lifetime

Those who are not ascending in this lifetime are not damned. This category most likely includes people who aren’t reading articles such as these. But maybe you are wondering why your brother or sister or mother or father are no longer matching your particular vibration; why new things may be resonating with you but not with a family member or friend. They are either not at that point in their awakening yet or they are simply not ascending to higher vibrations in this particular paradigm. If you encounter a loved one who is not accepting of the information that you want to give them, let them be; especially if they have an adverse reaction to what you are saying. Leave them knowing that one day they will understand what you mean, and keep them in your heart.

3. You are part of the ground crew to be way showers for the newly awakened after the grand event

Those of you who fall into this category, congratulations on the integration of your energies! We are the ones who will be guiding the rest of humanity into the new age upon Terra after the grand event and whatever remaining cleansing she must go through in order to fully integrate her new form. On a soul level, we all figured that we would be able to handle being in this dense paradigm with our vibrations so high. Do not feel bad if it seems too much to handle.

By now, you may have be conversing with your guides on a daily basis. They are available to help ease the pains and tensions of the vast amounts of cleansing and renewing energies coming through the atmosphere. These energies may leave you feeling tired, drained, sometimes hopeless, depressed and alone. Know that of course you are never alone. There is a now moment where the likes of this category come together on a grand scale in order to fully integrate the energies. This work is being done, as we speak, in our hearts, while we sleep and sometimes during daydreaming and meditation. Beyond that, there will be a time where we will be able to all come together on a physical level to shine as One for a certain occasion. Please use discernment and stay in touch with your Higher Self in order to know what your next step is. This is especially true if you feel like you’ve been at a stand still waiting for something to come into your awareness so you can finally move forward out of the rut that you have been in. Keep shining. I know you keep hearing this but seriously, keep shining. In the face of low vibration send love. Maybe you can’t see anything happening but again, use discernment and ask your guides to reassure you of the spiritual progress you are making in your personal life, in the life of humanity, and within and upon the face of Terra.

This work is being done, as we speak, in our hearts, while we sleep and sometimes during daydreaming and meditation. Beyond that, there will be a time where we will be able to all come together on a physical level to shine as One for a certain occasion. Please use discernment and stay in touch with your Higher Self in order to know what your next step is. This is especially true if you feel like you’ve been at a stand still waiting for something to come into your awareness so you can finally move forward out of the rut that you have been in. Keep shining. I know you keep hearing this but seriously, keep shining. In the face of low vibration send love. Maybe you can’t see anything happening but again, use discernment and ask your guides to reassure you of the spiritual progress you are making in your personal life, in the life of humanity, and within and upon the face of Terra.

Where our Spiritual Masters have left us

Some Spiritual Masters are beginning to make their exit. Dolores Cannon, Masaru Emoto, Steve Nelson are a few who have recently passed. The passing of these people leave a door open for more humans to speak out about what resonates with them. Where it took the Masters decades to reach their level, with the influx of energies upon the planet at present, we are now able to gain higher levels at a quicker rate than ever before. This is because the old cycle has ended which, joined together with the paradigm of time slipping away quickly and surely, means things are happening and appearing in a multi-dimensional manner which we can not fully comprehend right now until the moment we become fully conscious of our full and true potential. This is the now moment to take what these Masters have taught us and expand the scope of our knowledge and understanding. These who have passed on are comparable to Jesus. They came, lived and learned, did their work with humble reverence and ascended through the process of death. This is to show that yes we all can be like Jesus. He is neither above nor below us.  This is something he was trying to show the world by his life experience on this planet. He is in essence as always, our brother.

A new paradigm has appeared

This awareness is here to offer another beginning to integrating these new energies that have recently washed upon our 4D planet during last week’s eclipse. It may seem as if there is a time limit to get everything done spiritually but there is not. Something that should be understood about the Creator is that it does not operate solely on a time schedule and it does not judge itself even when it is appearing to judge itself and others while in human form. The Creator, the Universe, our Source would not let any part of itself blow up, disintegrate into the vacuum of space, or be left behind. Is this not true for you as well? Would you leave your child in a burning building just because he has misbehaved a few times? Having to clear karma is not a punishment therefore reincarnating is not a punishment. It is just another cycle of clearing for whatever level that soul happens to vibrate with.

Suggestive To Do List

Live Unlimited

To view the Creator as only wrathful, or as holier than thou, as one who doesn’t condone sexual freedom, as one who only wants you to do things one religious way is to view it from a limited scope of perception. You are not limited to what you have learned here in this particular paradigm. Most of what you have learned in school unfortunately has been created by beings that were simply part of the Divine Grand Plan. These beings are known as archons, malevolent Anunnakis, reptilians, greys, members of the Illuminati, among a whole host of other names.

Yes. These groups have performed acts that have appeared less than loving in the eyes of the awakened and awakening, although many of us on this planet have in some way or another  been hurt by these forces. In this now moment it should be known that these are not our enemies at all. If those bad things hadn’t happened in your life, you may not have been woken up to realize your true self. These things will be confirmed at the moment full consciousness is finally established. ALL THINGS COME TO THE LIGHT EVENTUALLY. Even souls that live lives of darkness come to the light because they originally came from the light. Those beings that have been malevolent are moving forward in their own evolution. They and their minions will be energetically transported to another planet comparable to Earth to finish out their karmic cycle. Terra now continues to shake off the remnants of that old cycle. Use discernment. All can be confirmed with the one you believe in; the one that is guiding you. You all have the ability to tap into the Akashic records because they are very much in your DNA. When you live unlimited, you may find life a little easier to bear and more full of surprises than you’ve ever seen.

PLAY with your gifts

The recent energies that entered our atmosphere have activated deep within our DNA many inherent spiritual gifts that we all have. Things such as mental telepathy, discernment, teleportation, aura reading, omniscience, omnipresence, interdimensional travel, time traveling, and transmutation among others, are available now to play with and enhance within our beings. It is very important to play (sounds a little silly huh?). The more we play the easier the energies flow in our favor and the more we have a good time and don’t focus on the heaviness of still being here. This is a time for inner and outer listening. Our attention is needed at this time because a lot of things we’ve been intending are beginning to manifest before our eyes. Also we are being given answers by the quiet still voice (which we all have) that is pointing us in the direction of what we have been asking for in our lives.

Know that all is Light

In this new paradigm, good and bad is not defined. This is not to say we can do what we want without consequences. We can do what we want as long as it does not interfere with Universal Law. That being said, there is no difference between good and bad because what is perceived as bad is that which shakes us up and in turn pushes us toward the Light. Everything comes from the Light and to the Light everything always returns.

Talk to strangers!

We are taught as children to not talk to strangers. If we shouldn’t talk to strangers, how can we make friends? Of course again discernment is always necessary when choosing who and who not to talk to. At this moment a lot of people are needing healing through physical contact; whether that be with words, a hug, a smile, or a note that says “Everything is perfectly well”. When you see someone in need of Light and Love, even if you do it in your heart, give them the Light and Love you would want someone to give you if you were feeling down. And technically, no one is a stranger because we are part of a Universal Oneness that can never be truly disconnected.

Question everything

As Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling have said in previous articles, QUESTION EVERYTHING. Some readers may wonder why these Teachers sometimes focus on reptilians and black magic. They are shining Light on an aspect of our evolution (darkness) that many are too scared to touch on. Something admirable about the Teachers is that they question everything and consider all angles of creation. That being said, question everything! Question your religion that you were raised under. Question this article! Question what  you see on the news and what your friends tell you. Question science, question government, question your professors, question questions! We no longer have to fear what we don’t understand. Instead try something new and question what you don’t understand.

Accept and respect

This is the now moment for integration of our beliefs. No one belief is fully correct nor fully incorrect. Therefore, it is wise to accept and integrate any beliefs/religions that come across your path. For example, if you identify with Christianity, and a Muslim or Buddhist comes to you in a peaceful manner speaking about their beliefs, even if you don’t agree, it is best to just listen and take the meat and throw away the bones however it resonates with you. Often, if you give someone that respect, you will most likely be given the same respect if you choose to speak to them about your beliefs.

This solar eclipse caused a great surge of energy to enter the atmosphere. It caused the deepest, oldest, most buried issues to make their way to the surface for more healing. Though it may not seem like it, this is just the beginning of the fabulous life you’ve been attracting to you. Keep your Light high and bright. Meditate (there are so many ways to do this), speak your truth,  Love as you would like to be Loved and Celebrate! This is a learning and growing experience for you and Source because you ARE Source. This means you are multi-dimensional and Lovingly unlimited. And so it is because we are One. Namaste 😉


On the Number 5

The Number Five

31st May 2012

By Jelle U. Hielkema

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

‘Penta’ = 5/23 = ‘Nature’

In Music, to which’ condition all Life aspires as the Universe is a musical symphony, the so-called ‘Perfect Fifth’ is the most consonant (stable) musical interval within tone ladder. Both the names ‘perfect’ and ‘fifth’ have the same ‘26’ “Partnerships” vibration of also the name ‘Pythagoras’ so little wonder that He came up with this first ‘String Theory’! And, ‘A Perfect Fifth’ is a ‘17’ “The Magic Star of Venus” like the word ‘Music’ itself as well as ‘Logic’. What’s more, “Music’-‘Logic’- ‘Life” = ‘33’ = ‘Aspiration’!


It is to be recalled that Baruch de Spinoza, renowned Dutch-Portuguese philosopher of the 17th Century, with great foresight ‘formulated’ the nature of the Cosmos in three words: MODES, a 5/23; SUBSTANCE, a 5/32 and ATTRIBUTES, also a 5/32 as well. These are all Mercury vibrations, the planet closest to the Sun and first recipient of its ‘information’! As to the obvious question why all of this comes out of the woodwork right now, as you probably know, all of us are about to leave the ‘Age of Pisces’ and on 23 January 1999 we  have  arrived on the threshold of the much sung-about  astronomical ‘Age of Aquarius’.  A Kabbalah numerological analysis of this and related facts yields the following rather circumstantial evidence in connection with the above, to start with a selection of the 5/23 vibration:


Followed by these clearly connected 5/32’s which carry the name “Communication”:


Take that in on 31 May 2012, by the digits of the date a ‘14’ like the ‘365’ of ‘SUN!

About the Author

Jelle U. Hielkeman is of Dutch/Frisian farmer’s origin (1947) and has lived in Rome since 1975, where he has been working for the United Nations for thirty years in the field of Earth Observation from space in the context of global Food Security. His frequent travels across the globe spanning five continents, coupled with a keen interest in the interaction among philosophy, science, religion, and politics, enabled him to make a wide range of observations on the relationship among names, language, and numbers with rather amazing findings.
More about these Thoughts and what to possibly do with them can be found on


11:11:11 — It’s Synchronicity

11/11/11: How Friday Is Tied to the Mayan Apocalypse

Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer
Date: 10 November 2011 Time: 02:30 PM ET
the mayan long-count calendar
Some believe the end of the Mayan calendar, Dec. 21, 2012, will usher in a new spiritual era or even a doomsday. And it so happens the timing of next year’s winter solstice may have led to a link between 11/11/11 and this Mayan apocalypse.
CREDITMorphart | Shutterstock

Friday’s numerical date is written out as 11/11/11. And for some people, that number sequence is more than a coincidence or inevitability — it’s a spiritual signal linked to 2012 Mayan prophecies of both doom and spiritual renewal.

Nov. 11, 2011 mythologies are pervasive on New Age corners of the Internet, with believers suggesting that 11/11 numerical sequences are signals from angels or numbers with hidden meanings. Even people who think little of numerology are finding meaning in the day: The Orlando Sentinel reports that Walt Disney World will host 11 weddings on 11/11/11.

But perhaps the most intriguing 11/11/11 mythology to pop up is the number’s link with the supposed 2012 Mayan Apocalypse. The ancient Mayan long-count calendar ends on Dec. 21, 2012, and some people believe that this date will usher in a new spiritual era, or even doomsday. Nov. 11, 2011 most likely became linked with Dec. 21, 2012 when believers noticed that the U.S. Naval Observatory had set the exact time of the 2012 winter solstice for 11:11 Universal Time on Dec. 21, according to John Hoopes, a scholar of Maya history at the University of Kansas.

It’s essentially based on the notion of synchronicities,” Hoopes told LiveScience. Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences, he said. And while everyone has a psychological tendency to find minding in random patterns the subcultures that believe in 2012 mythology tend to be those that dabble in psychedelics and cannabis, drugs that increase feelings of synchronicity.

“If it seems like the 2012 mythology was thought up by people on drugs, it’s because it was,” Hoopes said.

The meaning of 11

Indeed, the U.S. Naval Observatory now lists the official time of the 2012 winter solstice, when Earth’s tilt is angled as far away as possible from the sun, at 11:12 Universal Time on Dec. 21. This has not stopped 2012 believers from focusing on the 11:11 time.

In part, this is because 11:11 mythology has been floating around online for some time. The website holds that noticing a clock when the time is 11:11 is a signal from “1,111 fun-loving Spirit Guardians, or Angels.” Other times, such as 12:12, 10:10 or 12:34 are messages, too, according to the site.

These numbers may seem special to people because they stick in our minds, Hoopes said. No one remembers looking at the clock when the numbers don’t make a pattern.

“People are more likely to remember 11:11 than they are, say, 4:29 or 6:53 or 3:17 or something like that,” Hoopes said.

Psychologists call the temptation to find patterns in random data pareidolia. This phenomenon is also responsible for visions of the Virgin Mary in toast or other objects.

Once you accept 11 as a meaningful number — whether because it looks so symmetrical or because you keep seeing it on your digital watch — it’s easy to find the number everywhere. One article on the website ties together the Mayan calendar, the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the average length of polarity reversals of the sun’s magnetic field, and the author making post number 1111 on a 2012 message board.

“The sun having an 11.11 year cycle, the winter solstice of 2012 falling at 11:11 and people all over the world finding themselves bombarded with 11’s [sic] just as science is predicting some kind of majestic solar event at the peak of this current cycle seems more than coincidence,” the author writes.

(Solar activity does indeed peak about every 11 years, potentially disrupting satellite communications, but according to NASA, there is no special risk associated with 2012 and the peaks are not expected to be different than previous historical peaks.)

11/11/11 Predictions

With all these 11s to pluck from, 11/11/11 predictions are flowing fast. New Age adherents have predicted everything from end-of-world scenarios to the ushering in of a new spiritual era.

“The buzz on the net and on Twitter and elsewhere is that 11/11/11 is the unofficial start of the 2012 metaphysical year,” Hoopes said.

Even moviemakers are cashing in on the action, with a horror/thriller movie titled “11-11-11” set for release on the date. The plot of the movie centers on a scary, mysterious force that will enter the Earthly realm at 11:11 on 11/11/11.

Non-commercial predictions tend to be more positive than doom-centered, however. The number 11 is seen as a signal that all people are one, for example, and the date is more likely to be seen as an end to greed and disconnection than as an end to humanity. That puts 11/11/11 prophets in a different class than those such as Harold Camping, who predicted a Biblical doomsday in late October.

What the Mayas would say

to read more, go to:

More On 11/11/11

What’s So Special About the Date 11/11/11?

Natalie Wolchover, Life’s Little Mysteries Staff Writer
Date: 07 November 2011 Time: 01:38 PM ET

In medieval times, numerologists — those who searched for the mystical significance of numbers — believed all numbers had both positive and negative aspects … except for 11. In the words of the 16th century scholar Petrus Bungus, 11 “has no connection with divine things, no ladder reaching up to things above, nor any merit.” Stuck between the divine numbers 10 and 12, 11 was pure evil, and represented sinners.

That doesn’t bode well for Nov. 11, 2011, the date when three 11s will align for the first time in a century. A new horror film, “11/11/11,” has even been made for the occasion, and it plays on (or perhaps plays up) people’s fear of coincidences surrounding the number. Film characters experience the so-called “11:11 phenomenon,” a tendency to look at the clock more often at 11:11 than at other times of the day. In the film, this is a warning of what’s to come: “On the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the eleventh year, a gateway will open … and on this day, innocent blood will spill,” says a voiceover in the trailer

Indeed, the 11:11 phenomenon is widely reported in real life, with entire online discussion forums dedicated to figuring out what the number means. People say they feel haunted by 11s, which appear to them eerily often. To them, the impending date is bound to seem ominous.

On the flip side, some modern-day numerologists have deemed 11/11/11 auspicious, and according to local news sources around the country, an unusual number of couples have planned to marry on the day. The number 11 is also a favorite of gamblers — particularly blackjack and Keno players. So, amid all these alternative perspectives, what’s the real deal about repeating 11s? Is there anything special about the numbers lining up?

No. With regards to the 11:11 phenomenon, rather than being a supernatural warning sign, psychologists say it is a classic case of “apophenia,” or the human tendency to find meaning or patterns in randomly occurring data. This condition feeds on itself, because the more conscious you are of something — such as repeating 11s — the more often you’ll notice it in the world around you, and thus the more certain you’ll become that the pattern is real.

In online forums about the 11:11 phenomenon, people often say they didn’t notice how many 11s appeared to them until hearing about the phenomenon from someone else. This is a tell-tale sign of apophenia: When they found out about the phenomenon, they subconsciously started keeping track of all the 11s they saw, with each new sighting seeming more significant than the last.

Just as there is nothing to fear about 11/11/11, there is no reason to be optimistic about the date, either.

According to Alan Lenzi, professor of religious studies at University of the Pacific who studiesbiblical numerology, seeking meaning in numbers is a natural human tendency. “Cognitive scientists have demonstrated that the human brain is hard-wired to look for meaningful patterns in the sensory data it collects from the world,” Lenzi told Life’s Little Mysteries.

In most situations, this cognitive wiring helps us: It enables us to pick important information out of a background of random noise. But sometimes we overdo it by finding patterns where they aren’t — from faces seen in the clouds to numerical coincidences. Once found, these patterns “are easily imbued with imaginative meaning,” he said.

There is nothing unusual about the time 11:11 or the date 11/11/11, but our brains can’t help noticing the repeating digits, and seeing them as meaningful. “Numbers that are already significant to us, such as calendar dates that also coincidentally fall into an obvious pattern, become doubly significant,” Lenzi said. “11/11/11 is another example of people doing what people are cognitively prone to do: find significance.”


11/02/2011 Palindrome

Rare Date: Today Is Once-in-10,000-Years Palindrome

by Bjorn Carey
Date: 02 November 2011 Time: 01:57 PM ET

Today might not seem any more special than yesterday or the day before, but it is a once-in-10,000-years event. Nov. 2, 2011, written out numerically, is 11/02/2011, which on its own makes it a very rare eight-digit palindrome date, meaning that it can be read the same way frontward and backward.

But, as one scientist has found, there’s much more to this date that makes it truly one of a kind.

This century features a relative wealth of eight-digit palindrome dates; today is the third date so far, and there will be nine more. In fact, we live in a relative golden age of palindrome dates: Before 10/02/2001, the last eight-digit palindrome date was Aug. 31, 1380 (08/31/1380)

“Eight-digit palindrome dates are very rare, and are clustered in the first three or so centuries at the beginning of a millennial, and then don’t show up for 600 to 700 years, until they appear as a cluster in the next millennium,” said Aziz Inan, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Portland who crunches palindrome dates in his spare time.

The reason these dates are so rare is that the day number can’t exceed 31. Consider, for example, a date in the year 1401. When you flip around that year, you get 1041, which is problematic because the day number, 41, exceeds the number of days in a month. That pattern carries on for the next several centuries, and is why a similar drought of eight-digit palindrome dates will set in after the year 2380. [Is Pi ‘Wrong’? Mathematicians Say ‘Yes’]

And while eight-digit palindrome days are rare,  Inan said that no date this century, or even until the year A.D. 10,000, will be quite as special as today.

“If you look at the date as a number, 11022011, it has very special properties,” Inan explained. “It is the product of 7 squared times 11 cubed times 13 squared. That is impressive because those are three consecutive prime numbers. No other palindrome date, up to A.D. 10,000, is like that.

“Not only that, if you write it out  as 72 x 113 x 132, you’ll notice that even the superscript power numbers – 232 – are a palindrome.”

Inan also charts seven-digit palindrome dates, which aren’t quite as rare: 26 of these fall within this century. Some people think this is cheating, he said, because it allows eight-digit, non-palindrome dates such as Feb. 10, 2012 (02/10/2012) to count as a seven-digit palindrome (2/10/2012).

“I thought the same way at first, but then I came to think that it should count because it’s still a full date number that corresponds to a single day in the calendar system,” Inan said. “People get excited when they show up, so to me, I say the more the better.”