Signs and Omens in 2012 — Video

2012 The first three months: Signs in the sun and the moon and the stars


We weren’t sure where to post this until we watched the whole thing and realized how great it would be if everyone had a chance to see it. In a little over 24 minutes the following video delivers a chronological peek at some of the signs and portents that have come to pass since the New Year began. It is one thing to know what’s going on close to home  but it is something else to understand that the entire fabric of our reality is reeling in response to forces and energies that are impacting us all. You will find a taste of fire and brimstone underlying all of the factual information in this documentary. Take the apocalyptic overtones for what they are worth. The bulk of what is recorded here is being presented to give you a sense of just how much life on this planet is changing and to remind you that there is no better time than now to slow down and reconnect with the heart beat of Mother Earth.