Is It a SIgn?

5 Signs You’re Getting a Sign

a message from Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, 7 April, 2014  (posted 19 May, 2014)

It is not a sign (I’m going to be using that word a lot in this article) of doubt or lack of faith for us to ask for signs or confirmation of the best next steps, choices on our path, or that we are choosing our most powerful potential or possibility. Especially if we think we have made a lot of powerless decisions or choices that represent our less or non-empowered self in the past, we want to be shown that we can get different results this time.

So we ask for a sign, and then we usually miss the sign because we think it’s going to be something magnificent, grand, divine, and obvious. And it is usually something like losing our car keys, or dropping eggs on the floor, or we receive an unexpected gift, we win the lottery, someone from our past reconnects with us (that represents either joyful or painful memories), or we get a flat tire.

What’s the message of these signs? It depends on the question we are asking.

One of my favorite signs happened to me a few years ago, when I was thinking about partnering with someone in a business venture. The partnership wasn’t going well, there were a lot of problems, the person I was working with was challenging, and I was beginning to wonder whether I should back out of the venture. One day, I put some eggs to boil because I was going to have hard boiled eggs for lunch, and went back to my office to work for a few more minutes while they were cooking. It didn’t feel like a lot of time had gone by but I smelled the odor of burning eggs just as I heard a large bang. I ran to the kitchen which was now filled with a cloud of black, smelly smoke, and heard several more bangs as the lid of the pan started bouncing up. I turned off the gas and said a prayer of thanks that I had covered the pan because my eggs had boiled dry and were now exploding in the pan. It took a while to prepare another batch of eggs and scour the pan,and this time I stayed in the kitchen while they were cooking. I got my sign and ended the partnership.

How do you know you’re getting a sign?

Start by asking the right kinds of questions, like:

Will this create the outcome I desire (you should already have a desired outcome in mind)?

How does this serve me? You really want to know if it serves your joy or does it make your life harder.

Is this the path I want to follow if I want to evolve and expand on my path? Are you limiting your options by being too specific, scared, or doubting yourself or your results?

Is there something I am not seeing that I should be aware of? Our vision is limited to what we know is possible, based on our past experience. Is there something else we have not considered yet?

Is this a powerful choice for me or am I harboring a secret fear? Energy flows in the direction of our most powerful emotions and if that is fear, that is what we will create from.

Do I really want this outcome or is there something else available for me? Sometimes we ask for what we think we can get, rather than what we really want. If we can have the courage to dream what we think is impossible, new life paths become a possibility.

Here are 5 ways to know you may be getting a sign, which is an answer to your question:

  1. Is something happening in your life that is unusual or out of the ordinary? Sometimes you will find money, pennies, or feathers, or you can see repeated patterns of numbers or letters. Pennies and feathers are often the way angels will connect with us.
  2. Do you see the same kinds of messages on billboards, on license plates, from songs you hear on the radio, that all reference the issue you are asking about? If you are asking about a choice and you keep seeing and hearing ‘no’ or ‘yes’ everywhere you look, that’s a sign.
  3. Are you getting similar messages from people, who all seem to say the same thing or talk about your question (that you have not shared with them) and they may be complete strangers or completely unaware of the issues you’re thinking about? If you wonder whether you have a health issue and everyone around you begins to talk about that issue, even people you don’t know, you should probably go and have it checked out, these are signs that are answering your question.
  4. Are you receiving unexpected blessings from others, or are you dropping or breaking things, which is not your usual habit? One client was having doubts about a new relationship and suddenly everything the man she was with started breaking things in her house (not on purpose). He picked up the tea kettle and the handle came off, he opened the cabinet door and the knob feel off, he broke her kitchen faucet, and a plate she had for a decade jumped out of his hand and crashed to the floor. After several similar incidents, she got the message and ended the relationship.

5. Do you have a nagging feeling that something isn’t right about the situation? Are you having strange dreams about it or is worrying about it keeping you up at night? Our own intuition is our strongest guide and it will give us internal signs that we need to pay attention to. If you have a pleasant or an unpleasant recurring dream about a situation, that’s your intuition guiding you about your choice. Listen to it, because its purpose is to help you connect with your highest path and outcome you can achieve, and that is sometimes hidden from you, but it is not hidden from your soul and inner guidance.

It would be nice if our signs were hand delivered from heaven, on angel’s wings, tied with shiny ribbon, and sprinkled with fairy dust. Usually, though, they come in the form of everyday life situations and while the messages are clear, if we’re looking for angel wings and fairy dust, we may miss them. So ask powerful questions, ask for signs, and then watch for them. They will be there for you and will give you the answer you need, which may not always be the answer you want to hear, but that’s another matter. Stay tuned in and focused because the answer is usually right in front of you, in the form of a sign sent especially for your benefit, that will show you what you are aligned with and how to create the perfect solution in that moment, for that situation.

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On Healing fr/Jennifer Hoffman

The Many Paths of Healing

a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman
Monday, 11 July, 2011  (posted 14 September, 2011)

Each of you knows someone who appears to go effortlessly through life. They do not appear to have lessons to learn or have any major life issues. Their lives are not filled with worries and everything seems to be effortless for them. And they may not appear to have any spiritual connections, are not focused on their spiritual journey and yet seem to enjoy a life that you would like to create for yourself. Why, you may ask, do you have to be on a healing journey and not them? Why do you have to heal and they do not? Are they special or know something that you do not?

Each soul chooses its healing journey according to what it needs to experience in a lifetime. Each journey is unique, reflecting that soul’s lessons and learning, wounds and need for healing. And each one can choose to experience a healing path or ignore it call, as well as choosing how that path will unfold and who will be involved. From your viewpoint another’s may appear to be so much easier than yours. But you are not aware of their soul’s healing commitment in this lifetime or what they have experience in other lifetimes. These details are hidden from you, as are the details of your soul’s healing journey hidden from others. Each healing journey is a process of learning, growth, transformation and ascension and while each is different, the purpose is the same, to help each one overcome fear, find and reclaim their power and to arrive at a greater spiritual understanding.

You heal because it is what your soul is called to do. This can be a difficult and painful process or it can be easy and painless. All of its aspects are optional and of your choosing, consciously or unconsciously. You do not have to experience pain in order to heal. The person who appears to be experience a life without lessons could actually have made the choice to experience their healing journey without pain and chaos. Since you believe that healing is accompanied by pain, you choose that form of healing. You can choose other ways to heal that are far less painful and disruptive once you align your mind and spirit and make those choices.

Your healing journey also benefits everyone in your soul group. Each healing experience that you complete benefits you as well as all of those involved. Together, you have all chosen a particular healing journey. But how you experience the healing is up to you. When you choose to heal without pain, you grant the same choice to everyone in your soul group. As you learn to appreciate your lessons you can find the beauty in the healing process and you will know that you heal because it is the gift of the soul, an opportunity for you and all of humanity to learn to heal without pain, to live without fear and to move forward along your collective spiritual path. You heal because you have come to change the world and heal its emotional and spiritual wounds, which are a mirror of your own wounds. Each of you has the power to heal yourself, your soul group and the world. And you can do so without pain, gracefully, and move the world into alignment with its highest vibrations, align humanity with spirit, move into higher dimensions of being and ascend with grace and ease.

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