On Healing fr/Jennifer Hoffman

The Many Paths of Healing

a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman
Monday, 11 July, 2011  (posted 14 September, 2011)

Each of you knows someone who appears to go effortlessly through life. They do not appear to have lessons to learn or have any major life issues. Their lives are not filled with worries and everything seems to be effortless for them. And they may not appear to have any spiritual connections, are not focused on their spiritual journey and yet seem to enjoy a life that you would like to create for yourself. Why, you may ask, do you have to be on a healing journey and not them? Why do you have to heal and they do not? Are they special or know something that you do not?

Each soul chooses its healing journey according to what it needs to experience in a lifetime. Each journey is unique, reflecting that soul’s lessons and learning, wounds and need for healing. And each one can choose to experience a healing path or ignore it call, as well as choosing how that path will unfold and who will be involved. From your viewpoint another’s may appear to be so much easier than yours. But you are not aware of their soul’s healing commitment in this lifetime or what they have experience in other lifetimes. These details are hidden from you, as are the details of your soul’s healing journey hidden from others. Each healing journey is a process of learning, growth, transformation and ascension and while each is different, the purpose is the same, to help each one overcome fear, find and reclaim their power and to arrive at a greater spiritual understanding.

You heal because it is what your soul is called to do. This can be a difficult and painful process or it can be easy and painless. All of its aspects are optional and of your choosing, consciously or unconsciously. You do not have to experience pain in order to heal. The person who appears to be experience a life without lessons could actually have made the choice to experience their healing journey without pain and chaos. Since you believe that healing is accompanied by pain, you choose that form of healing. You can choose other ways to heal that are far less painful and disruptive once you align your mind and spirit and make those choices.

Your healing journey also benefits everyone in your soul group. Each healing experience that you complete benefits you as well as all of those involved. Together, you have all chosen a particular healing journey. But how you experience the healing is up to you. When you choose to heal without pain, you grant the same choice to everyone in your soul group. As you learn to appreciate your lessons you can find the beauty in the healing process and you will know that you heal because it is the gift of the soul, an opportunity for you and all of humanity to learn to heal without pain, to live without fear and to move forward along your collective spiritual path. You heal because you have come to change the world and heal its emotional and spiritual wounds, which are a mirror of your own wounds. Each of you has the power to heal yourself, your soul group and the world. And you can do so without pain, gracefully, and move the world into alignment with its highest vibrations, align humanity with spirit, move into higher dimensions of being and ascend with grace and ease.

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