July 9 Color VIbe

Tuesday, July 9:    Light Peach

Just a note:  this morning around 3:00 AM, there was a huge surge of new energy onto the scene.  It has a clash with some of the older stuff hanging around, so you may have found your sleep disrupted or perhaps some very odd dreams.  There will be more of this happening.  It is a good time to journal your dreams.  That will assist in seeing how the pattern is merging.

This is a day for synchronicity, and if you are open to it, many things can become much clearer to you.  This will happen through the symbols and signs associated with the synchronistic event/s.  Things are happening on many, many levels now and while they can be read one way from a certain point of view, from another perspective there is a much deeper realm of meaning.  You will understand what this means as the day goes forward.  This is a day for being ready for whatever comes your way.  This is not a time to react without first grounding and centering.  It is important to have perspective today in order to see things as they are, beyond the illusion.


Latest Info fr/The Group via Steve Rother

November Harvest ~ Re-seeding Planet Earth

Steve Rother
a message from Steve Rother

Wednesday, 15 May, 2013

Greetings from Home.

Dear ones, it is such an honor to be in the essence once again of what Steve calls the collective of the group. But do you know who you are? We know who we are; it is no problem for us. We know exactly where we are going and what we are doing. The challenge is that most of you need to put some sort of label on us,  so that you can bring us into your world. The name he gave us was the group. Where did he get that name? What a strange name. We never introduced ourselves and said, “Welcome. We are the group.” What group? Whose group? What a name. Where did it come from? What does it mean? We wish to tell you much of it this day, for we will share a lot of the important pieces of what is ahead for all of you. There is so much that is taking place and it is rather interesting. But let us take you back to last month when the Time Keeper opened up a whole series of interesting pieces that we are going to bring in wherever we can. We will speak of this today so that you can understand from a larger perspective of what is taking place.

Are you aware that every human that has ever been on earth has looked for something outside of themselves to reflect them? All races throughout Earth have come up with a god, a deity, a master being that they have looked up to. Some of the races have drawn them into great edifices or made them into a master story that they have passed down from generation to generation. Humans would reflect their power in this way, which was actually much needed on planet Earth. All of you are creators; for the most part all of you are unconscious creators just awakening from the dream to understand what your real power is on planet Earth. Now you are starting to grasp that and own it, and there are some things that are taking place because your reflection in the world has changed. That was the message that we brought in through the Time Keeper last month, but let me explain a bit further so I can branch this out for you to grasp it in your world.

All of you have something special that means a lot to you. Whether it is a deity that reflects your own creation, a belief system, a lucky pen, a lucky coin that you carry in your pocket, whatever it is. Whether you get up in the morning and read your astrology forecast, or you tune in to your own energies to find out where you are going to be that day. All of these are reflections of your power and all of them have just moved; they have released you. All of the powers that you have been seeing in these energies have now let go and moved further back. This is absolutely incredible, because it means that all of you can start to see more of your power in who you truly are on this planet for perhaps the first time. It is very difficult because you are carrying egos. We do not have to deal with those at Home. You need a sense of self so, therefore, you must be constantly balancing your ego. What is mine? What is theirs? Who is this? Where am I supposed to be? Well, we tell you that your heart knows the answer to those questions. That is why we are going to send you in this direction today, because you have been given the path; you have been given the road map way ahead of time just to see what has happened.

Last month we told you there has been a release of all these energies. Please do not think they are gone forever because most of you love those reflections. So you will bring them back into your life, but you may have to adjust them ever so slightly to make them really work like they did even a short time ago. The adjustment is to reflect your power, more of who you are so you can start to see yourself everywhere you look throughout the world. That is very difficult when you are carrying an ego. You have a tendency to puff up the ego to the point at which it can actually cut you off from your source, but we tell you that the opposite is also true. Because if you do not have enough ego to stand up and carry our message, you are robbing the world and yourself of your own energies that are coming through.

We told you a very long time ago that all beings on Earth have always channeled. It is such a strange and mysterious thing to so many of you on planet Earth, and yet it is not mysterious at all. You all have guidance that you listen to regularly and the more you learn to listen to it as you grow up, the easier life becomes so we ask you to find those reflections in your life. Find those belief systems and look at them carefully to adjust them to make sure that you can see your reflection in the magic that is in front of you. We also spoke last month about the release of the energy which has allowed the comets to come into your planet. You have no idea how much there is a celebration on this side of the veil over what is taking place on planet Earth. We will speak more clearly so you can hear it in a different way. This is the reason that we wanted to come back as a collective in this particular session and speak to all of you without the rhythms, accents,  and the other challenges that sometimes cause resistance. The Time Keeper will be back; he is certainly still here. He will never go away, even if we asked him to. His part of the energy and all of that love is reflected here for you.

Three Sisters: Venus, Earth and Mars

Earth has been on a gradual decline as all things ebb and flow.  We find it rather fascinating that humans are studying Mars right now, because the Earth was about to be the same as Mars by losing its magnetic field. Therefore, the solar winds would have turned it into grains of sand and erased most of the beauty and the life forms that are naturally abundant here. We think it is interesting that you are studying Mars because what we have told you is that you will find that there was life on Mars. And eventually you will find out that it was you; the planet was originally one of the areas that you came from, and we will speak more of this as we go forward.

There were some rather catalytic events that were happening, which allowed Mars to share its envelope of carbon dioxide with planet Earth that was needed at one point so that the life that was forming could shift to a new growing ground. It has been very successful. Your sciences are on target and when they finally go to Venus, they will find that there were three sisters in unison that have worked together to form the life that we are speaking to at this moment. You will find out more of all of this because all of these energies have been here on planet Earth, but have been largely misunderstood and misinterpreted because of the larger belief systems that circulated throughout humanity. When you open your eyes and look at something, you only see what you expect to see. That is exactly the way creators work, so what we are doing is allowing you to see some other pieces that you normally would not be able to envision. When you feel this release, it is scary to some of you. Many of you have based your lives on this reflection; you honored it, prayed to it sometimes, and have given it your power. To find out that it is only a reflection of your energy sometimes deflates your ego rather quickly.

There could be no greater reflection in the universe than yours. Does that surprise you? You are carrying some of the greatest information from Home within your being right now, walking around on Earth and most of you are not even aware that it is there. Trust us when we say there is an absolute test to find out whether you are finished on Earth or not, because there is no room for planet Earth for stragglers or those that just want to hang around and watch the game. All of you are carrying something important. The test? That is easy. Find a little mirror and stick it under your nose, and if it fogs up then you are not done. It is real simple. You are not finished yet; there is more to do.

The BIG Mirror

Now let us speak about the release of this information, and the release about your attachment to your reflections. Is it not interesting that many organized religions are experiencing major challenges right now? They are reforming so people can reflect the energy of empowered humans.  It is more than just organized religions, dear ones. It is every form of human collective, for it is your expectation that has formed all of this. You are the creator even if your egos cannot handle that; you have created everything in front of you every part of the way. So, let us speak of the larger picture. This release of information and of the attachments has opened the door, because planet Earth has been on a slow cycle of degradation. She has been losing species on a regular basis and slowly dying over the last 150 years, as your sciences will prove. Most of your biologists and botanists are quite concerned about this, because they see the planet dying and do not know what to do about it. It has already changed and they will see evidence of this soon. All of humanity has turned a corner, and in doing so your attachments to those things that reflected your power has been quietly released.

Many of you have seen the remnants of those who put the protective shields in place originally to protect Earth.  This is when you talk about who built the pyramids. Much of the unexplainable becomes explained when you see from where humanity is now. Many of the artifacts of Earth still have no traditional explanation about where they came from or what they are doing on Earth. These shadow memories have been intentionally blocked from you by your own design.  The pyramids have always formed a protective shield around Earth, even though they have been covered and forgotten in many places on Earth. These are not all pyramids because some are manmade pyramids that have copied the original designs with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Pyramid Power

The network of pyramids on Earth have formed a protective shield around the planet, which has kept specific meteors and comets from hitting it. That has been released and for a very specific reason. You have heard about the two big meteors that have come in and made the front pages of your newspapers, but you are not aware of all the small ones that are coming in now. Because  this protective shield  that was in place from almost the beginning of Earth has been released, you will receive a planting of these comets in November of this year toward the end of the month. You will have a comet that will come by and sprinkle life on Earth. We tell you that specifically, because all life was planted originally from comets. Your scientists do not agree with us on this point, but we will tell you, you are not from Earth nor is anyone. You have been very carefully placed here by yourselves.

Now you are going through an evolution. It was always necessary for you to die and leave the physical body, then go Home to recycle and reincarnate to come back and do it again. This is the first time that humans walked through the gate without going Home, without dying. You are walking in an ascension process right now and every step of the way you are higher than you were yesterday; all of this is a beauty that you hold in front of you. All of you have control of this. Do not fear these comets, as they are bringing a new form of life for they are sprinkling life forms. You have been losing life forms on planet Earth for a very long time and now it is being re-seeded in a new way so watch and celebrate the November comet.

You have already given it a name, but I will hold off on telling you because my names are not the same as yours. Your scientists know of this comet that is coming and it is sprinkling dust along the way. It is basically disintegrating every time it passes and when it does, it will sprinkle cosmic dust on planet Earth. In fact, your scientists are now trying to calculate to see if you will actually be able to see the dust falling. That is how much dust they are expecting from this November comet. In fact, the comet would have never hit Earth except that you went through the portal and released every part of it. It is not going to hit Earth; it is going far away from it and hooking around the sun, but it will sprinkle all these beautiful seeds of life on planet Earth.

You are here, dear ones, at an incredibly beautiful, critical time in all of humanity and all the timelines of Earth herself, the entire energies of Earth are being re-energized—even the ley lines, the magnetic ley lines that form the magnetic grid that carries your Earth are reducing. Your magnetic structures on planet Earth have reduced 12% over the last 100 years. That is also leading to your awakening from the dream. Very beautiful. You have done well; you have carried it here and you are here. You made it. Not only did you make it, but you are sitting here asking what can you do next? You are in the perfect position to be conscious creators of planet Earth and we hope that you enjoy this journey, dear ones, for you have signed up and waited an eternity for the opportunities that now lie in front of each of you. You know the way Home and if you will stop thinking with the brain and start feeling with the heart, it will lead you Home. You know the way and we will greet you with the most incredible open arms and welcome you Home when you finally do decide to shed those bodies to re-turn. Dear ones, even now you are the greatest angels that have ever lived and we mean that in all sincerity. We have never seen what has happened on Earth and we are so proud of you. You have created magic with your eyes wide open.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another and hold those doors open every chance you get and play well together.


The group

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April 21-27

The theme this week is the old versus the new.  There can be things remembered, perhaps things regretted, all to be offset by things that are there in potential.  You will be becoming more aware of the patterns around you and what fits (the new) and what will need to be jettisoned (the old).

Color of the Week:    Natural Beige

This is a week when a lot of things will be coming out for you.  You are going to see, and perhaps be surprised by, some of the revelations that people will be making to you.  The energies that are entering into the grid this week are such that people are finding themselves off-center.  In an attempt to gain some sort of equilibrium, they are bringing out things in their pasts that they may have kept hidden or left unsaid.  It is as though the secrets of the past are establishing the foundation, the point of stability for dealing with what is going on.   It is important this week to be centered and grounded in all you do.  The current energies are very supportive of core work.  Take advantage of this.  There are going to be some moments of déjà vu as elements from your past lives cause reverberations in the current energy fabric.  These can leave you feeling unsettled, dizzy, unsure of your own sanity.  But that is okay.  The shake-up often precedes the establishment of a stronger basis.  There are some revelations that will be coming your way this week.  Be open to them and accepting.  They are lessons and assists on your path as you move forward in this energy.  Listen to your intuition, especially as your body does whacky stuff.  This is a week to get through, and when you have done so, if you stay within your heart center and open to receive, you will find yourself stronger in WHO you are and more aware of the process, the Shift, that is happening around you and of which you have chosen to be a part.

On the larger scale, there is the potential for the tops to be blown off of things in all areas.  The shells are being broken, and out of them can come all sorts of unexpected actions, responses, emotions, disasters, joys, etc.  This means that this week will bring a lot of activity in all areas, especially the political as there will be some Earth related events that will lead to large challenges for the leaders of the countries in which they occur.  There is also a conspiracy that is coming to the surface in one country that will cause a great deal of turmoil and spill into other areas, particularly as the year goes on.  The Earth is moving in new ways, almost as though there is a contrary spin beginning to develop beneath the surface.  This will lead to odd and unexpected Earth tremors, movements, geysers, even volcanoes.  Additionally, it can cause problems with magnetic movements, even affecting the electro-magnetism of human bodies.  This also is something that is beginning now and will continue to grow in intensity.  The Sun is throwing off a new kind of radiant energy.  This is not well understood, however there will be some mention made in the news media, merely as a curiosity.  The stock market will be shivering and shaking as more and more people turn their focus from that towards other ways of prosperity.  The coming eclipse is going to bring a lot of things out of the shadow, moreover it has the potential to change the foci for many.  There is a new health issue that can affect the globe.  It is being incubated in an area around India.  There will also be mention made of the odd things being done by birds and animals.  They are letting us know that there is something shifting in Nature herself.  This week will bring many signs and symbols of what is to come.  Depending upon how you relate to these, this can either be a nothing week or a most enlightening one.


Sunday, April 21:    Amber Yellow

There are questions in the air today as you are feeling yourself somewhat put upon as though things are focusing on you just when you want some private and away-from-it-all time.  When you find yourself feeling this way, it is an opportunity to remove yourself from the outside influences and go within.  Take a moment to breathe and center.  Listen to the flow of your blood and the beat of your heart.  There is that inner knowing then that can come to the surface.  Moreover you can find the sense of peace in the midst of chaos that will be your best refuge as the times go on.  Mark that place and that feeling.  There is much in the air today on many different levels.  You can choose the level you wish to acknowledge, but know that choices you make now are beginning to be somewhat critical in terms of your development as we move further in the second quarter of the year.

Monday, April 22:    Chocolate

So, take advantage of the deliciousness of today.  It is time to know what it is that truly pleases you, that makes you feel whole, that brings you a sense of peace, that lets you know what community means to you.  This is a day for finding in your joy just how things have shifted for you, how your perspective has changed, and how you have grown through all of this.  It is all good.  Celebrate yourself and your union with Nature, with Gaia.  Take time to honor her and acknowledge your desire to be part of her in this crazy time.  Take some time to meditate, create, whatever brings you in touch with your core.  The energy is open for bringing you the knowing of your oneness with the Universal Consciousness.

Tuesday, April 23:    Orange

There is something that you have left undone and you are going to be bothered by this today.  It can color all of your actions, hence it is well to take care in all that you do.  You can find yourself distracted from what is going on around you, so if there are times today when you need to be 100%, it is a good idea to prepare for these, take notes, and refer to them often.  Also, do your grounding ritual this morning and connect with the All.  This is important as you will need your cheering section around you today and your connection is what lets you know on an instant by instant basis of your power and the love that surrounds you in all you do.  There is, in the evening, some sadness, some darkness on the horizon.  Let it be what it is and stay always within your heart center.

Sunspot Alert

DOUBLE-BARRELED SUNSPOTS: Earth is staring down a double-barreled threat for solar flares–that is, sunspots AR1718 and AR1719. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory photographed the pair during the early hours of April 10th:

Each of these sunspots has a ‘beta-gamma’ magnetic field that harbors energy for M-class flares. Of the two, AR1718 appears more likely to erupt. It is growing rapidly and is already crackling with lesser C-class flares. Any explosions today will be Earth-directed.


Kryon on the Tools for the Old Soul

The 2013 Old-Soul Toolkit

Lee Carroll
a message from Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll
Sunday, 13 January, 2013  at Boulder, CO  (posted 6 February, 2013)

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. As many times as we do this, there are those who would wonder, “Is the man still in his body?” [speaking of Lee] Of course he is, but his consciousness is split. Now, some would say, “I knew it! This makes him a candidate for a psychologist.” [Laughter] But it is not that kind of split. Each of you has the ability to do what you see here, but it does not have to be in this form. There is a new energy beginning to form on the planet and we are starting to discuss it gradually. If you have arrived on this page, it would be good for you to review the last channelling [Phoenix]. There is information there that ties into this message.

One week ago, we gave you information regarding what to expect in this new era. Some weeks before that, we told you some of the inventions to look forward to. But in the process of Human evolvement, it is inevitable that some of you will channel. This kind of channelling does not have to be in public or in front of other Human Beings. It can be done only for yourself. It can be what some have previously called “automatic writing,” but different. By the way, there’s nothing automatic about it. It’s not something that just happens. It is you stepping aside, and in the privacy of your own existence, finding the sacred part of you and being able to channel that which is inside you. Some of you will not find an entity with a name at all, but rather you will start channelling pieces and parts of your own divinity. You will call it channelling but it’s really communications to the Higher-Self. It’s you getting in touch with the core soul that is also you. But it will look like channelling and it will be.

The next step in Human evolution is inward, not outward, for the evolvement of the Human species will be concerning what the brain is able then to do collectively with all of the DNA in the body. Within your own bodies, there’s more than a hundred trillion pieces of DNA, and they’re all identical and unique with your imprint. They’re all bonded or entangled as one. They all present one common field together, as the soul that you are [your Merkabah].


You are finished with the old energy and everything is recalibrating. We told you last week what to expect right now. But there is a release going on and you’re starting to feel it. This release will have some anomalies to it and you’re going to start to see it soon. We have told you that among the anomalies of the release are the darker energies of the earth realizing they’re losing the battle. It’s a last gasp, if you wish, to some older energy processes that will raise their heads and pretend they’re in charge, but they won’t be. You will watch them be dismissed through population non-support, probably for the first time in Human history.

The Toolkit for the Old Soul – 2013

Today we’re going to give you potentials and we’re going to tell you some things that we see on the horizon. In addition, we are going to point out some potentials that are not necessarily the strongest, but which are indeed there. This is new, for it shows you what is “cooking” in the background that might or might not influence humanity at this moment. By doing this, you can see free choice in action.

I would like to start by echoing and continuing last week’s channelling. Today we would like to give you a five-point 2013 Old Soul Toolkit. That is to say, we will give you five points to look at. These will be things that some of you will need and others will not. We also know that we have more listening and reading than there are in the room before us. So we have said this many times: If you tuned into this, it doesn’t matter what your clock says or your calendar says, we know who you are. We know the potentials of your evolved soul listening to this message and that that potential is right in front of us. We are in contact with your Higher-Self and we know your plan. We are in contact with that which you would think is a predisposed attitude you might or might not do something. We know that, too. So if you’re listening to this message, or you’re reading it, you’re right where you belong.

Clearing The Way

There are many things scheduled to happen that have always been scheduled to happen as soon as the marker was passed [2012]. The 2012 energy contained a great deal of fear and this has now passed. So there is a clearing, you might say, of the playing field of energies. When you take a look at those things, some of which may be esoteric to you, certain attributes of the shift are being honored. Right now that would be the precession of the equinoxes and the midpoint. So you are actually now in the middle of the transition, and so we present five items that you need for your toolkit, as you experience the transition to this new energy.


Number one is tolerance. Now, I’m going to talk to old souls, and when I talk about tolerance, I’m talking to old souls specifically. Old soul, you have been very tolerant for a long time. You’ve been tolerant of the old energy and have had to co-exist with many things that you have nothing in common with. Now I’m going to ask you to be tolerant of one another because some of you are not going to like what takes place next. Some of you are going to depart from tradition and irritate the others.

The best way to explain this is to give an example: Let’s say, for instance, that you have been a healer for thirty years, and you have a process that works. You have energies you’ve dealt with, and you know what you’re doing. Suddenly the very attributes of the energy around you starts to rewrite itself. Some of the things that are the core essence of what you’ve been doing and what you’ve been taught, are beginning to change.

But you’re going to disagree that they are changing, since certain things have worked for you for years! You won’t want to believe there are any changes for something so correct and comfortable. The bias that you are going to have as an old soul will be obvious. You will say, “No, that cannot be right. You always have to do this or that. I’ve been doing it this way for years, and Spirit has always honored me in the way these things work.”

So how do you know? What is it that will show you that there are shifts? The first thing is to have tolerance in all things you used to believe were a certain way, for these are the things that are changing first. The next is to turn to new, intuitive powers.

The intuitive signals that you receive in your spiritual work that tell you what to do in a process and that you have been working with for years continue to be the signals that you should depend on. Even the channeller may have new paradigms before him that he must work with. For with new energy, the relationship between the Human corporeal body and that which you call the intelligent body and the Higher-Self body will start to shift [a recalibration of how these communicate with each other]. But many won’t listen to anything new. They will still go to what worked before and not “tune in” to anything that might be different.

Pathways that you may call neural will start to be built that are quantum between the corporeal self and the intelligent self. That is to say, some of you are starting to get a concept of being able to talk to your own cellular structure and get good feedback. For instance, there might be those who are invested in kinesiology who would say, “No, no. You have to do it a certain way. We’ve done this for decades. This is how it’s done.” A younger Lightworker may say, “Well, I can do it different, and without any process you have done in the past.” So some of you are going to have to be more tolerant and open-minded toward new processes or ones that rewrite the old processes that you have survived by. If you don’t, it’s going to slow down the evolution of planet Earth, for then there may even be a split in the old souls and what they believe… into “old and new” metaphysics.

So for those who are part of processes, procedures, learnings and systems that you have used for years, we ask you for tolerance. Before you would judge or speak in a critical way about what you believe is your truth, look at the beauty of an evolving Earth. Look at the beauty of an old soul, who can now start to claim the things we always said you would be able to do. For 23 years, my partner has been telling you what might be possible. Now you stand at the cusp of actually doing it. That was number one.


We’re going to state it again just as we did last week: Patience. The attributes that we speak of are going to take awhile. Last week, we gave you the story of the amateur farmer who plants the seeds of his crops and runs outside the next morning to watch them grow, only to discover that growth is too slow to be seen. That is the way it’s going to appear – too slow. You’ll watch your news, you’ll watch your government, you’ll watch the Earth, and some of you will say, “Well, I don’t really see much that’s different.” It’s just like the seeds, and you can’t really see it. Instead, there’s a slow, methodical, consistent change in consciousness. Some of it cannot be obtained until older energies die. Some of it will not be realized until some of those in charge of old energies are no longer in charge of them. Some of them will not reveal themselves until youth takes the position of leadership, and right now some of you are saying, “That’s just too long, Kryon.”

What we need you to do, dear one, with your toolkit is to understand that your being here as an old soul is the food and light for the plants to grow. You can’t just check out and say, “I’ve waited long enough and I don’t want to go through another 18 years.” Picture it like this, dear ones: You now have the water can for the seeds, yet before 2012, there were no seeds! The older energies are diminishing, and not only do you now have the seeds, you now have the water can! So every morning you wake up and water, and water.

Listen: Those who come after you will begin to see full crops. This is the next thing in your toolkit – understanding and tolerance for things you don’t understand. In a new paradigm, there are going to be things you didn’t expect, and you may look at them and say, “No way,” not understanding this was the way of it all along.

Attitude Adjustment

Let me talk about number three, attitude adjustment. Some of you are starting to put together some things that Kryon has said in the past. Years ago, I channelled information that has now come to fruition and now you can begin to understand it, but then, you did not. We gave you this phrase: “When everyone can talk to everyone, there can be no secrets.” In your current Earth society, this has now become something called social networking. Even before this term existed, I told you about it. There would be a time on the planet when all could talk to all, instantly. Can you see how that would disarm old paradigms of communication? Do you see how that might disarm information that was incorrect? Do you see how that might disarm drama and untruth? When everyone can talk to everyone – this is what is happening!

So, technology has given you the beginning of something that some of you, especially the older ones, look at and don’t want anything to do with. You say, “It’s a fad of the young people.” I want you to adjust your attitudes toward this. Let a young person show you what they can do and how many friends that they can talk to all at once, instantly. Let them show you what happens when they want to communicate something so they put it in a certain place and, suddenly, hundreds know instantly. It is a new paradigm of the way Human Beings are going to communicate.

I wish to tell you where that’s going to eventually lead, for social networking has no borders. What happens when a young Israeli is talking to a young Iranian or a Palestinian about something they saw on their networking devices? The ideas fly across the borders in a way that they never could before. What happens to the intermingling of friends in a technical paradigm where hundreds talk to each other instantly, perhaps in a land where they never did before? The result? It will continue to create understanding about those they only have heard about or have been told about. Now they can see and hear them, and will know they all want the same thing! This is a new paradigm of communication, but more than that, it becomes the way of the future, where everyone can know everything accurately and almost instantly. It will be one of the catalysts for peace on the planet.

There is more here than meets the eye, dear ones, and your attitude is everything. For if you look at all this and say, “Well, this is a fad, and is just for the young,” if this is you, then you’re missing it totally. Let a young person explain what they can do and let the light bulb go on in your mind, for the evolution of the Human species is here and this is never going away. If you don’t like all this, then social networking is only going to get worse for you! We say that in a humorous and facetious way.

There will come a day when this will be the way of it in all things. It will be impossible to be a hermit. You’ll always have more friends than you thought possible. These are the things we are asking you to look forward to, but it’s going to require you to look at them differently and adjust. That was number three.

The Physical Body

Number four is your physical body, for in this new energy, it has to recalibrate. So it’s going to do so no matter what you want. You gave intent to stay, dear one. So you have given permission for physical chemistry changes to occur in you. For some of you, that’s called illness, but it isn’t. It’s simply temporary imbalance of chemistry. So what we’re going to say next is that some of you will go through what you would think are physical trials. There are some of you hearing and reading who are already going through this. So if that’s you, now you understand what it’s about.

This is going to be a faster evolution in certain ways than you think. For it’s going to affect the ones who have chosen to stay and move into this next paradigm. Moving into this new energy is difficult. It may actually put stress on the chemistry of the body as it recalibrates. So when this takes place, you’ll know what I’m talking about, and when it takes place, do not fear it. So we give you a challenge: Celebrate imbalance! Whether it’s in your muscle structure or in your intestine or any of those places where you don’t know where it came from, I challenge you to say, “Thank you, God, that I’m recalibrating, for I’m evolving and I know why.” You’re supposed to stay, dear ones, and water the plants. You’ll see what I mean, for there will be some unexpected things soon.

The Change in the Way Things Work

Now I’m going to be very cautious with number five, and I’m going to change a paradigm of the way we channel. For 23 years, we have given you information in the soup of potentials that we read around you as the highest probable potential that exists. These things eventually become your reality because they are your free choice, and we know what you’re thinking. We know what the potentials are because we know what the biases are, and we see all of humanity as a whole. Potentials are energy, and it gives us the ability to project your future based on how you are working these potentials. We have done this for a long time. Twenty-three years ago, we told you about many things that were potentially going to happen, and now they are your reality.

But now I’m going to depart from that scenario and I’m going to give you a potential on Earth that is not the strongest. I am going to tell you about a Human Being who has a choice. This potential is only about 50 percent. But I’m going to “read a potential” to you that you didn’t expect. It’s about a paradigm that is starting to shift.

Let’s talk about North Korea. There’s a young, new leader there. The potential is that he will never, ever hear this channel, so I can talk freely about him. He is facing a dilemma, for he is young and he knows about the differences in the energy in his land. He feels it. The lineage of his departed father lies upon him and all that is around him expects him to be a clone of this lineage. He is expected to continue the things that he has been taught and make North Korea great.

But he’s starting to rethink them. Indeed, he wants to be a great leader, and to be heard and seen, and to make his mark on North Korea’s history. His father showed him that this was very important. So he ponders a question: What makes a world leader great?

Let’s ask that question to someone in an older earth paradigm from not that long ago. He will be an expert and a successful one. So this is a valid exercise, asking someone from the past who knows. We will ask that question to a man who you know and whose name is Napoleon. For us, this was yesterday and some of you were there.

If you asked Napoleon, “What makes a world leader great?”, he will say, “the size of the army, how much area can be efficiently conquered with a given amount of resources and men, how important the leader appears will then be based upon how many citizens call him emperor or king, the taxes he can impose, and how many fear him.” Not only was that Napoleon’s reality, but he was right for the energy he was part of at the time. So Napoleon went back and forth between world leader, general and prisoner. He accomplished almost everything he set out to do. His expertise was obvious, and you remember his name to this day. He was famous.

What makes a world leader great? What I am showing you is the difference in thinking between then and now. There are some choices that this evolving young Human Being has that could change everything on the planet if he wanted. His father would tell this boy that what makes a world leader great is the potential of his missile power, or how close he can get to having a nuclear weapon, or how he stands up against the power of the West, or how he continues to aggravate and stir drama as a small country – getting noticed and being feared. His father would tell him that this is his lineage and that is what he’s been told all his life. His father did it well and surrounded himself with advisors who he then passed on to his son.

Now, there’s a 50 percent chance of something happening here, but this is not a strong potential, dear ones. I’m bringing this forward so you can watch it work one way or the other. For if the son continues in his father’s footsteps, he is doomed to failure. The energy on the earth will see it as old and he will be seen as a fool. If, however, he figures it out, he could be the most famous man on the planet… which is really what his father wanted.

If Kryon were to advise this man, here’s what I would tell him. He could be the greatest known leader the current world has ever known, for what he does now will be something the world will see as a demarcation point from the old ways. Not only that, but what he does now will be in the history books forever, and because of his youth, he has the potential to outlive every other leader on the planet! So he’s going to have longer fame than anyone ever has.

I would tell him this: Tell the border guards to go home. Greet the south and begin to unify North and South Korea in a way that no past prophet ever said could happen. Allow the two countries to be separate, but have them as two parts of a larger Korean family with free trade and travel. Start alliances with the West and show them that you mean it. Drop the missile programs because you will never need them!

This will bring abundance to the North Korean people that they never expected! They will have great economic sustenance, schools, hospitals and more respect than ever for their amazing leader. The result would be fame and glory for the son, which the father had never achieved, something that the world would talk about for hundreds of years. It would cause a United Nations to stand and applaud as the son walked into the Grand Assembly. I would ask him, “Wouldn’t you like that?”

Doesn’t this seem obvious to most of you? He could achieve instant fame and be seen as the one who made the difference and started something amazing. But watch him. He has a choice, but it’s not simple. He still has his father’s advisors, but one of which he’s already dismissed. He may get it, or he may not. There is a 50 percent chance. But I’ll tell you that if he doesn’t do it, the one after him will. Because it is so obvious.

We show you this to tell you that this is the evolvement of the Human species. It is the slow realization that putting things together is the answer to all things, instead of separating them or conquering them. Those who start promoting compromise and begin to create these energies that never were here before will be the ones you’re going to remember. Dear ones, it’s going to happen in leadership and politics and in business. It’s a new paradigm.

And so that particular tool is this: the realization that the reality you think works may not anymore. You don’t know what you don’t know. But you can still plan for things that are coming that you don’t know if you know what the energy shift is.

It’s like driving on a road that you’ve been told is going to widen up and the traffic is going to flow soon. You believe it and you know it and you prepare for it. You don’t know when it’s coming, and you don’t know how it’s going to happen, but when it comes, you’re ready, and you breathe a sigh of relief and you say, “I knew that would happen.”

So we close with that. Now you can watch as the world watches to see what this young man does. If he’s smart enough to see the new energy the way he has the ability to, he will become perhaps one of the world’s most beloved leaders. He will be seen as wise beyond his years, with fame that no one else could achieve. But the old energy is strong, and drama and fear beckon as well.

Slowly there will be those who start to understand and see that unification is the answer to all things. As hard as it is for enemies to unify with enemies, it will be their survival, for to continue the way they have been will mean they will die on the vine. The old energy is no longer going to support the old ways. Watch for it. It’s going to happen sooner than not.

We’ll close with the same thing we closed with before. Human Being, do not fear what you are about to see, for the old energy will flail and die hard and it’s not going to go easily into the sunset with its head down. It’s going to fight. I give you this as a metaphor. You’ll see it, and you’ll know it when you see it. So understand it, don’t fear it.

There will be a period of recalibration and adjustment as this Earth moves slowly to an energy, as if coming into the sun from the shadow. The city on the hill is slowly being revealed.

The New Jerusalem.

And so it is.


The information is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits its sale in any form except by the publisher.

Lee Carroll

from:    http://spiritlibrary.com/kryon/channelings/the-2013-old-soul-toolkit

Need Some Energy — Try Chia Seeds

Chia Seed – Ancient Food of Aztec Warriors, Now on Wall Street

By Carolanne Wright

3rd January 2013

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The versatile chia seed has a long history of cultivation and use in Mexico, Central and South America. Warriors of the past have recognized chia’s exceptional energy and stamina supporting attributes. Over the last several years, those wishing to boost vitality have discovered the extraordinary power of this seed as well. Incredibly, even the workers on Wall Street have adopted chia to healthfully promote stamina in lieu of dangerous stimulants.

A member of the mint family, chia has been grown since 2,600 BCE in the southern regions of Mexico. Cultivation spread to the Aztec and Mayan civilizations where it claimed such importance. It was used as currency to pay tribute to the nobility and priesthood. Known as the “running food,” Aztec warriors were exclusively fueled by chia seeds and water during conquests. Due to its high level of easily digestible protein, omega-3 oils, and abundant fiber, chia kept ancient societies healthy and strong.

The rediscovery of chia

The outstanding benefits of chia have also been embraced by present-day health enthusiasts who value potent, nutritionally dense food. Many have used this tiny seed to slim down, gain energy, and increase endurance. Since chia absorbs up to 10 times its weight in water and is an excellent source of fiber, consumption promotes a feeling of satiety, thereby helping one to eat less. Vigor and stamina are enhanced by the high quality protein found in the seed. As an added bonus, chia is a hearty, environmentally friendly crop that is drought and pest resistant.

An unexpected use in an unusual place

As reported by David Sax in Bloomberg Businessweek Lifestyle, a startling craze is sweeping through Wall Street: using chia as an alternative to the usual stimulants of coffee, energy drinks; and, yes, even cocaine. According to the article, chia’s popularity is due to the best selling book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall about Tarahumara Indian marathon runners who thrive on chia seeds. After reading the book, Dan Gluck and Nick Morris, a manager and trader in New York, began using chia to take advantage of all the nutritional and energy-boosting benefits. Both were so impressed with the results that they began spreading the chia news to friends and coworkers in finance. Soon a trend was born.

from:    http://wakeup-world.com/2013/01/03/chia-seed-ancient-food-of-aztec-warriors-now-on-wall-street/

January 6-12 Chromoscope

Overall Color for the Week:  Light Green

The theme for this week is Community.  There will be hints and even very obvious sightings of what community means for you, what it is for you.  This is not a time in which these things will pass you by.  There is a coming together that is part of the energy of the year, and it is starting now, only to grow stronger as the year progresses.

You can find yourself this week some what befuddled and confused by things happening around you.  There is an air of unreality that will pervade the early part of the week, only to dissipate later on into a sense of reality right in your face.  Along with these things, the energies will e growing as the week progresses.  This can lead to a desire to withdraw from everything that is around you, from everyone.  It will seem that things are just not related to each other, as though long term relationships are some what pointless, and as though stiff is meaningless. Hold on.  This is just an indication that your perception is changing.  This week, because the way the energies are clashing, it will be difficult to gain focus. This is not a week for worrying about things, even though it seems that stuff is getting out of hand.  This is a week for letting the patterns meld into the larger picture.  This is not a time for reaction, rather it is a time for stepping back and observing.  Much can be learned through this.  The end of the week will bring a feeling of lightness and a sense of accomplishment.  Hurray!  Oh, and there will be more of synchronicity happening this week.  Be aware of when things repeat.  There is a message in it.

On the larger scale, the relative quietude of the earth in terms of quakes and rifts will begin again this week.  There will be attempts to gloss over the importance of all of this, but t will not be successful. The shift has truly begun, and Gaia is making herself felt.  She allowed a respite over the holidays as she adapted to many of the new energies coming in, and now she is expressing her reactions through all the elements.  The animals, the birds, the creatures of the sea have awakened.  They have moved to a new level of spirit, of energy, of manifestation.  Look to what is going on in the natural world.  There are messages that are being spoken.  Take time this week to move out into Nature, and do not be surprised if old paths seem new.  There will be some more upheavals in governments this week as factions begin to make a play for more power.  This is not a time to buy into what is being said in the media, rather look beyond the words, investigate in other areas.  The governments will be reacting to some of the earth movements and they are feeling themselves out of power in relation to the earth in general.  Financial markets will be hit by some unexpected announcements this week.  There is also a sense that there will be a large catastrophic event that can effect what is going on there.  More and more people will begin to make themselves heard, asking for, even demanding change as things get out of control, particularly in the Middle East.  There can be sadness associated with this.  There is the sense of problems with travel and travel plans.  The Sun will begin a new phase this week, something totally unexpected, as though its spin has changed.  Meanwhile there will be signs in the skies of visitors from beyond.  This week, the theme of the unexpected begins.  This year is one that holds many, many surprises and anomalies.  You will see evidence of them this week. The nighttime sky will be different, as the galactic energy exerts its force.

Sunday, January 6:  Deep Straw Yellow

Three Kings Day and the end to the Holiday Season.  And it is time.  it is time for moving on.  2012 ended with a popping out of old stuff.  The Holiday Season was the time to begin to integrate into the new.  You are feeling this today.  You are sensing that there has been a change in things, likewise a change in you.  You are looking at things rom a new place.  There is nostalgia for what went before, and these can be some moments of melancholy, but as they pass, you will realize that you have gone forward.  There is support for you when you desire it.  Be open to the signs around you.  The world of Nature is in love with you.  Truly.  Today you will see hints of that.  The sense of the oneness of all is beginning to blossom, even now, in the depths of the winter.

Monday, January 7:    Cherry Yellow

The current energy favors getting things done, and that includes all those little niggling things that you have been putting off.  Once you get them out of the way, you will find yourself more open to entertain and begin new projects.  There is a feeling that your focus is shifting, and you will be finding in yourself hints of things that you are truly wanting to do and to be.  There can be some merriment associated with this, so when it comes, let yourself go.  You have been hiding behind something for quite some time now, and today you begin to move forward and into your own light.  Be aware of what others are saying, particularly in reference to how you are changing.  In their words, you can get a better sense of what is going on with you.  Sometimes we need the mirror of others to realize how far we have come.

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Acupuncture, Qi, & You

Acupuncture & the Qi Phenomenon

6th January 2013

By Adam Cantor, MS, LAc

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

What is Qi and why has Western science failed to explain away this phenomenon?

Modern acupuncture research has tried to understand Qi but instead of coming away with one unifying theory, or perhaps even a way to flat out disprove its existence, science has posited several possibilities as to the biological manifestation or physiological occurrence that the Chinese refer to as Qi. What follows is my interpretation of Qi as it pertains to acupuncture as well as the practice of Qigong, a form of moving meditation that translates into “life energy cultivation”.

Chinese Medicine is really abstract, full of flowery imagery and concepts that are foreign to most of us in the West. In that sense, it’s quite different from Western medicine which is steeped in reductionism or the idea of breaking the body down into small isolated pieces in order to understand each component; this often leads to forsaking the forest for the trees. Perhaps this explains why biomedicine has such a disconnect between the mind and body.  There are specialists for just about every area and function of the human body and yet, only a select few physicians are able to see the way these disparate systems interrelate or connect. Conversely, Chinese medicine views the human being as an integrated whole, a divine cohesive unit that must be treated as such in both life and in medicine.

Is Qi really as esoteric as it sounds? Not really. I’ll give you some Western biomedical explanations of how it works. For starters, Qi is, for all intents and purposes, “matter on the verge of becoming energy or energy on the verge of materializing” (Kaptchuk, Web That Has No Weaver). Let’s put that into more Western terms: potential and kinetic energy. Everything in this world has either potential or kinetic energy and according to physics and the law of conservation, energy cannot be naturally created, only transferred from one state to another. With that in mind, Qi can be viewed as the manifestation of energy in a state of flux – somewhere between potential and kinetic. This is why, when we cut someone open, we can’t see their Qi, yet it’s something that everyone can feel in themselves (with training).

I practice Qigong regularly and am able to feel Qi movement in my body. I even notice differences from session to session, based on what’s going on with me at a given time, physically as well as emotionally. Qigong is essentially exercise, but instead of just building the muscles, it builds the mind as well; something modern science is just now beginning to understand with it’s extensive studies of neuroplasticity and meditation.  Keeping in mind that the body and mind are to be viewed as one, Qigong requires relaxation, breath work and an open yet disciplined state of consciousness. The mind guides and the Qi follows. If the mind isn’t open during practice, results are tempered. The stronger your mind, the easier it becomes to cultivate and guide the Qi. This doesn’t mean the smarter you are, the easier it becomes, but rather the more relaxed and receptive your mind is, the easier it will be to experience results. As traditional societies have known for quite some time with their own cultivation practices (i.e. Ayurvedic, Shamanic or Native American), the building and cultivation of ones self can only be truly achieved through meditation or meditative-like practices. The stresses of modern life such as smart phones and all of the other non-stop stimuli inundating our brains make such development and practice that much more important – and simultaneously, that much more difficult for the average person.

Qi has also been described and quantified in the West as our bioelectric charge. Bio-electromagnetism refers to the electrical and magnetic fields produced by living cells, tissues and organisms. During the electro-physiological research of the 1960′s, scientists proved that bones are in fact piezoelectric. This means that under mechanical stress, chemical processes convert energy to electric current. It is understood now however that the human body is constructed of many different electrically conductive materials, and that it forms a living electromagnetic field and circuit. All living things on this planet, large and small have some level of electric and/or magnetic charge. Humans and some plant cells, experience living “electrical events” known as action potentials, or nerve impulses, in which neurons, muscle cells and endocrine cells facilitate inter-cellular communication and activate intra-cellular processes. Electromagnetic energy is continuously being generated in the human body through biochemical reactions such as those we experience in assimilation of our food and air.

In addition, we are constantly being affected by external electromagnetic fields such as those of the Earth, moon and large bodies of water. Anyone who has ever practiced Qigong next to a river or ocean can attest to the difference!  Many acupuncturists use magnets or electricity in their treatments for this very reason. Dr. Robert O. Becker, author of The Body Electric, reports in his book that the conductivity of skin is significantly higher at acupuncture points. Dr. Becker’s book, as well as several other reports on the subject, confirm the notion of Qi is indeed both real and scientific.

Most people go about their daily lives with no sense of the Qi within them or around them. However, there are the naturally gifted few that are born with the innate wisdom and sensitivity to be able to see and work with these energetic fields. Again, these people are truly rare today and I believe that most who profess such skills are telling half-truths or flat out lies. That being said however, such individuals certainly exist and there is absolutely an aspect to energetic healing that is beyond the scope of modern medicines capability to explain. For the rest of us normal humans however, it requires extensive training and development of our minds and our nervous system to be able to get in touch with this field, let alone control it or yield it… but it is possible.

The ancient Chinese people had no knowledge of electricity, yet they knew that when an acupuncture needle was inserted into the body at a specific location, some form of energy other than heat was produced. In acupuncture theory, Qi ‘flows’ through the body via channels or meridians that connect our entire structure. These meridians, although not identifiable formations by Western biomedicine, have been mapped, described in detail and utilized by Chinese medical practitioners for thousands of years. Meridians contain ‘gates’ or points along their pathway where manipulation of the energy or Qi that flows through them is possible and particularly effective. By manipulating these points, one can influence the flow of Qi along the meridian in order to help the patient regain health and wellness. That’s the acupuncturists’ job, to transmit the message to the patient’s body in order to allow them to regain balance. The healing isn’t in the needle itself, but rather it’s in the practitioner’s ability to read the patient and transmit the correct message to them at the correct time in order to facilitate that person’s natural ability to heal and self-regulate. In that respect, true wellness is actually up to the patient and their ability to receive that message.

Western medical research has determined that acupuncture points are locations of fascial bundling. Our fascia is a seamless web of connective tissue that covers and connects the muscles, organs, and skeletal structures in our body — it’s absolutely everywhere! While much of the incredible healing power of acupuncture is still being researched, acupuncture points have been found to mostly lie along fascial planes, between muscles or between a muscle and bone or tendon. Fascia envelops the smallest fiber of muscle, every bone and joint and holds us together, in effect, supporting our structure and giving us our shape.

So what does Qi have to do with fascia?

A blockage of Qi can be viewed as an alteration in fascial composition and the majority of acupuncture points correspond to the sites where fascial networks converge. Thus, manipulation of an acupuncture needle produces change that can propagate along the fascial network and communicate with our entire body since everything is connected via this massive web of tissue. Think of fascia like a spider web; when something hits the web, the spider doesn’t have to see it, it just knows exactly where it is because of the vibrations. Similarly, when acupuncture needles enter the fascial web, it propagates a signal to our nervous system and our neurochemistry responds accordingly. A 1995 study by H. Heine, a German MD, documented the existence of perforation points in the fascia. He found that the majority (82%) of these perforations are topographically identical with the 361 classical acupuncture points of Chinese medicine.

I’m going to get a bit more in depth so bear with me if you can, because this is really interesting stuff!

Fascia is densely innervated by mechanoreceptors, also known as golgi bodies. These receptors influence local fluid dynamics of the tissue and their activation triggers the autonomic nervous system to change the local pressure in blood vessels. Strongly stimulated fascial fibers can even influence the extrusion of plasma from blood vessels into the interstitial fluid matrix, thus changing the viscosity of the extracellular environment. The interstitial mechanoreceptors can also trigger an increase in vagal tone or impulses from the vagus nerve, which leads towards more trophotropic tuning of the hypothalamus. In other words, the parasympathetic (rest and digest) aspect of our nervous system increases, our muscles relax, our adrenals close up shop for a while and our body essentially down-regulates into a deeply relaxed state — all from a properly inserted acupuncture needle!

Qi is absolutely real and cannot only be felt but it can be measured.  While acupuncture has been the focus of roughly 1,000+ scientific studies around the world over the past five years, Qigong has earned only a fraction of that attention.  Interesting considering Qigong practices are thought to pre-date acupuncture, a healing modality dated somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 years old.

Although the aforementioned studies have shed a great deal of light on the Qi phenomenon, there are still several questions left unanswered. For example, how can the mind generate a force in order to circulate the Qi of the body (as in Qigong)? How are we as humans affected by the electromagnetic fields that surround us in our environments? What about our daily use of electronics; how does that impact us? How do the fields of other people affect us? Why is it that you can be at a party and when someone walks into the room that is upset or angry, even without seeing them, you can sense it in your body? How do we quantify those things?

Nanotechnology is beginning to help us address some of these queries. But the future of Qi research and our exploration of the internal is going to be quite an adventure.

from:    http://wakeup-world.com/2013/01/06/acupuncture-the-qi-phenomenon/

Here’s Some Real Stuff to Worry About

5 Things Really Worth Worrying About


| Sun Dec. 9, 2012

From a million-foot level, what are the biggest problems we have to worry about over the next four or five decades? For no real reason, I thought I’d toss out my short list. Here it is:

  1. Climate change. Needs no explanation, I assume.
  2. Robots. Explanation here. Even Paul Krugman is tentatively on board now.
  3. Immortality. Laugh if you want, but it’s hardly impossible that sometime in the medium-term future we’ll see biomedical breakthroughs that make humans extremely long-lived. What happens then? Who gets the magic treatments? How do we support a population that grows forever? How does an economy of immortals work, anyway?
  4. Bioweapons. We don’t talk about this a whole lot these days, but it’s still possible—maybe even likely—that extraordinarily lethal viruses will be fairly easily manufacturable within a couple of decades. If this happens before we figure out how to make extraordinarily effective vaccines and antidotes, this could spell trouble in ways obvious enough to need no explanation.
  5. Energy. All the robots in the world won’t do any good if we don’t have enough energy to keep them running. And fossil fuels will run out eventually, fracking or not. However, I put this one fifth out of five because we already have pretty good technology for renewable energy, and it’s mainly an engineering problem to build it out on a mass scale. Plus you never know. Fusion might become a reality someday.

These are the kinds of things that make the solvency of the Social Security trust fund look pretty puny. They also make it clear why it’s not worth worrying too much about whether it’s solvent 75 years from now. We might all be rich beyond our most fervid imaginations; we might be in the middle of massive die-offs thanks to spiraling global temperatures; or we might all be dead. Kinda hard to say.

Image: April Cat/Shutterstock; Arcady/Shutterstock; Neyro/Shutterstock; Vladislav Gurfinkel/Shutterstock

from:    http://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2012/12/five-big-things-look-forward-or-worry-excessively-about