Understanding Gratitude

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Understanding The Science Of Gratitude

Posted: 07/ 1/11 08:21 AM ET

Always begin with gratitude. This is the wisdom advice that comes to us from many of the world’s indigenous and contemplative teachings. In this spirit, we begin our first blog for The Huffington Postexploring this profoundly transformative spiritual practice, and invite you to join us in taking this powerful awareness and action into your heart and onto your path of deepening spirit in daily life, work, and relationships.

The practice of gratitude antidotes two root sufferings that pervade the human experience. The first can be characterized as a feeling of “insufficiency” — not having enough or not being enough. This fundamental sense of dissatisfaction opens the way to the second kind of suffering — being incessantly busy trying to get more or be more in order to somehow fill this inner feeling of discontentment and lack.

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Hands to Heart Center

Hands to Heart Center:    There are times when we are feeling stressed or overwhelmed in our daily lives.  This is a time to stop, stand firmly on your two feet, take a deep breath, and bring your hands to your heart center with palms together or cross your hands, one on top of the other.  Take a moment to feel your heart, to listen to your heart, to be with yourself.  Connect with the energies of the Earth and the Universe and feel the light all around.  As you connect with all things, you can see the true meaning and importance of WHO you are.  You can accomplish anything as long as you stand firm in WHO you are and act from your heart.  You will find more clarity and better perspective.  While you are firm within your heart, take a moment to look at your priorities.  Then breathe deeply and move on with your day.

INTENTION: By connecting with my heart, I find my inner power.


Panera ‘Pay-What-You-Want’ A Success

Year Later, Pay-What-You-Want Panera a Success

By JIM SALTER Associated Press
CLAYTON, Mo. May 16, 2011 (AP)



Rashonda Thornton looked up at the menu on the wall, ordered a Caesar salad and dropped a $10 bill in a box. Pretty generous, considering the meal at Panera Bread Co.’s café in the St. Louis suburb of Clayton sells for less than $7.

It was a year ago that Panera converted the Clayton restaurant into a nonprofit pay-what-you-want restaurant with the idea of helping to feed the needy and raising money for charitable work. Panera founder and Chairman Ronald Shaich said the café, operated through Panera’s charitable foundation, has been a big success, largely because of people like Thornton.

“Sometimes you can give more, and sometimes you can give less,” said Thornton, a teacher’s assistant. “Today was one of my ‘more’ days.”

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Thoughts and Definitions

ABILITY is being what you truly are.

ANGER, when RIGHTEOUS, is standing up for what you love.

BEING is a dip in the waters of time.

CHANCE is the big picture becoming focused.

CHOICE means that things can be different.

COMMUNITY is oneness shared with others.

DIFFICULTY is what you choose it to be.

DIRECTION, when true, is focus plus desire.

DONATION is gratitude made manifest.

FAILURE is the turning away from what you desire.

FEAR is focus in the wrong direction.

FOCUS is being directed by Universal Consciousness and the heart.

GRATITUDE is a heartfelt link between one’s inner joy and the object.

HAPPINESS is a perspective that makes sense.

INTENTION is thought directed towards desire.

JOY is what you make when coming truly from the heart.

LOVE is if you let it be.

MIRACLES are true desires made real.

NOW is the essence of all time.

OUTCOME is the pause between acts of doing.

POWER is a direction of energies into a focused whole in order to achieve certain ends.

RESPONSIBILITY is accepting WHO you are and what you do.

STILLNESS is the womb of creativity.

SUCCESS is the feeling of being whole.

TIME is being in motion.

VISION is seeing the true potential of time.

YOU are what you make yourself to be.

Sun Salutations

Every cell in your body contains a bio-photon, that is a little bit of organic light.  It is a good idea everyday to recharge the bio-photons in your body.  By doing this, you will bring light into your cells and clarity into your actions.  That light aids in healing and restoring your energy.  It will also give you the strength to make it through any challenges the day brings.  This is because the re-charged bio-photons connect you to the light of the cosmos, the Universal Central Sun.  Out Sun is both receptor and generator of that light.  Life is one with all that is.  And consciousness is the essence of life.  To get in touch with consciousness through recharging your light on a daily basis will aid in helping you to become clearer in terms of what it is that is important to you, what it is all about, and WHO you truly are.  It also is a  way to center and become more aware in feeling and perceiving the dimensional shifts as they happen.  It will accustom you to the new energy flows and bring a renewed sense of optimism.  What have you got to lose!

EXERCISE:  After getting up, go to a window through which the sun is shining and feel the light of the sun.  If it is a cloudy day, know that the rays of the sun are penetrating through, just not as visible as usual.  Close your eyes and feel the warmth that the Sun brings.  Take in a deep breath and state your intention to connect with the energy of the Sun.  Then still your mind and breathe deeply a few more times.  Do not be surprised if you find that there is information, hints, and messages that come through, for the Sun is a repository of great knowledge.  Stand in the light of the sun and allow it to bathe the front of your body.  Then, when you are ready, turn slowly and allow the light of the Sun to bathe the back of your body.  Slightly bend your head to allow the energy of the Sun to enter at the base of your neck.  Breathe deeply a few times and relax.  Then, when you are ready, express your gratitude to the Sun.  Breathe deeply again, and start your day.

This is a small exercise that does not take much time, but it works to get you grounded and centered.  By establishing a connection with the Sun, you will find that you are more yourself in everything you do and better able to deal with the challenges of the day.

2010 — The Year of the True Path

Bid farewell to 2009 with gratitude and relief.  It was a year of lessons to be learned.  It was a year in which both the best and the worst could occur, but most often it was a case of the worst with a splash of the best.  2009 was a set-up-for-action year.  Choices that were made, things that were done, stuff that was gotten rid of, all of these are part of honing oneself for true manifestation and for readying one’s energy to deal with the dimensional shifts that will become stronger and stronger as 2010 progresses.

2010 is an action year.  Be ready for action, to do what it is that you truly desire to do.  This is a year of no excuses.  If you do not embark or continue on your path, then the path will no longer be the same.  This is a year for potentials to blossom and become realities, but it all takes commitment on your part.  Too often we fear our own potential and as  a result, we are satisfied with second best, with second place.  But in your own life, you should never take second place.

Look clearly, long, and hard at the things that are out there around you.  Be ready to say to things and people ‘I don;t think so!’ if they are not right for you.  And then, give yourself an huge pat on the back for being so courageous as to stand up for WHO you are.

There has been too much in the past, too much of people. places. things.  It was easy to fall into the illusion.  But illusion will no longer hold power this year.  Illusion is based in fantasy  The changes that are coming are based in the shifting of the dimensions, the movements to more rarefied densities.   Along with everything else, this year of 2010 brings a choice —what do you choose to be your own reality.  If you buy into the media-induced stupor, then get ready for a rocky ride.  If you buy into an energetically motivated free-fall, be ready to own and use your own power.

Another theme of this year is the letting go of logic.  Allow your intuition to make choices for you.  If you are faced with two options and one seems logically more reasonable, however the other just feels right just once go with your heart-centered intuition.  Start small in order that you do not frighten yourself, too large steps taken too early can engender a fear that is hard to overcome.  Once you begin to see that the guidance of heart-centered intuition brings about happy results, then you are setting up a new pattern of going with the flow.  Your true heart is always centered in the flow of the Universe, and getting in touch with that will bring peace, joy, and abundance.