Your Color Vibe for Tuesday, 12/24

Tuesday, December 24:    Dark Grey

Christmas Eve:   This is the eve of light and shadow as expectation and turmoil meet and do their crazy dance.  Tempers can be off center and can run high.  There is a lot of emotion in the air as the energy courses through Gaia and unsettles many things that you thought were so well planned, so obvious, so predictable.  The Trickster is about this Christmas Eve, perhaps helping Santa deliver his gifts, leaving surprises in his wake.  This is a day for relaxed vigilance.  This is a day to be open to the unusual and accepting of things that otherwise you would be upset or angry about.  Take things as they come.  This is truly a time for what is happening NOW.  There is a resurgence of the sense of compassion that is being brought in with the day’s energies.

Your Color Vibe for Sunday, 11/17

Sunday, November 17:    Cloudy Green

What did you mean to say?  Are you sure that is what you meant?  There will be a lot of that going around today as people pose this way then the next attempting to make themselves comfortable, and in so doing, they say and do things that are uncharacteristic but perhaps reflective of their true opinions.  This is a day for stepping back from all of that.  This is a day for having a hard outer shell.  This is a day for forgiving.  Everyone is being bombarded by a blast of energy associated with the full moon.  They cannot really be WHO they are in all of this unless they are willing to go within.  And that in itself can be a hard task.  It is easy enough to talk about meditation, compassion, equanimity, understanding, etc., but it is much harder to live it in this 3D.

Your Color Vibe for Tuesday, 10/08

Tuesday, October 8:    Filmy White

This is a day for things that are seen, things that are not seen, and things that hide in the shadows.  People see things, say things, mean things, screw things up, make things wonderful, and all of that is happening right now.  This is a time now for choice, for knowing what is or is not right for you.  This is a time to listen to your inner guidance and for knowing that all those so-called experts and learned ones have (as they say) “done their research and their studies” have done it all for themselves.  They, even more than you, are looking for approval, affirmation from outside.  So sometimes they coerce, force, manipulate.   You need to do your own thing.  You know what is right for you, for ytourself.  You know WHO you are.  You know that influences are just that. Aspects are just that.  They are all part of the scenery, but you are the director and can change things as you will.  Take heart in today’s energy and create, design, be, laugh, know….



Your Color Vibe for 9/21

Saturday, September 21:    Deep Forest Blue

Today brings a beginning to the next round of changes.  There can be some bumps along the road and some surprises.  Deal with each things as it arises and do not hold onto it after it has passed.  This is truly a day for enjoyment of the scenery as the Autumnal Equinox approaches and the light continues to fade.  Hidden in the depths of the forest is a new kind of magic, a magic that has been gestating for quite some time now; a magic that is ready to come forth to the light where it can show its wonder bit by bit as it continues to develop and mature.  The time of miracles is approaching, and you will feel this today.  Look towards the synchronicities that occur, the bits of déjà vu, the things that fall into your path.  They are not accidental.  Know that in all of this, you remain the creator.

Your Color Vibe for 8/28

Wednesday, August 28:    Amber Yellow

Old stuff continues to come back, sometimes in not quite so pleasant ways.  Start out the day being grounded and within your power.  There is no need to feel that things are too much for you.  If you will just look around, you will see that you have the knowledge, the help, the assistance, and the love to get you through what the day brings your way.  This is also a time for taking a look at what it is you are wanting to accomplish.  Your perspective is becoming clearer as you clean out some of the old stuff.  Your understanding is becoming more complete as you see what has attached to you to what over this turn of the wheel.  You relationships are shifting and there can be some important moves in that area right now.  Take time today to do some meditating, however that suits you, listening to music, sitting, walking, being in Nature, singing, baking, dancing, etc.  There is no wrong way to meditate as long as the intention is clear and the heart is open to receive.

Your Color VIbe for 8/08

Thursday, August 8:    Hazy Green

There can be some holdups, some setbacks, some changes of schedules in the offing today.  Keep yourself open to what is happening around you and be flexible.  There are times to speak and there are times to be silent.  You will be aware of that.  Listen to your heart before you say something.  Even the best intentioned comments can be taken the wrong way.  This is a day also for looking around and seeing the people that truly mean something to you.  You might be surprised to realize that they are not always the ones you thought.  This is a day for shifts, and this is a day for shifting.  Stay grounded and centered so that you can see the pieces as they fall ever more into place.


Looking towards the Pedernal, Abiquiu, NM

Your Color VIbe for 8/05

Monday, August 5:    Rose Tint

There is something in the air today which really has no definition, no form, and that can bug you quite a bit.  Right now you are feeling the need for clarity as there are a number of issues in your life you want to take action on now.  But do they really need to be addressed right now?  Today’s energy is telling you to accept that there are things in the air which you cannot do a lot about right now.  They are merely hints of what is to come, lights, as it were, along the path.  Let things be as they are, and you can find that at least one item can be resolved.  This is something that actually relates to an item that you have been carrying forward from your past and which really has no place in your life right now.  So take that as your lesson for the day and let all those other things just be.  Accept that they are there and that you will get to them when the time is right to deal with them properly for WHO you are.

Your Color Vibe for 7/13

Saturday, July 13:    Red Orange

There are many issues that can be finding resolution today.  Some of the results may not be quite what you had expected or hoped, but they are all potential that were part of the earlier situations.  Roads can branch out in different directions.  As part of this will come some realizations and some acceptance of how things are falling together willy-nilly.  You have been putting things off, resisting things, ignoring others.  Today you will be able to see and work through a number of sticky items.  You have been holding onto a lot of stuff from the past that has no place in your life now as you change and move forward.  It is time to let those things go.  It can be difficult doing this.  It is easier sometimes to cling onto bad memories, worn out emotions, habits, and people even though on some level you are aware that they are not helping you in WHO you are.  Today your eyes are open and you are ready to make some changes.  Go for it.

THursday’s COlor Vibe

Thursday, July 11:    Hazy White

Emotions can be at the forefront today as you are finding yourself unbalanced and without a center.  This can surprise you because you always thought that you were so good at keeping yourself protected and centered and grounded and everything else.  And perhaps you were, however there is a layer of energy that is coming in, much like smoke from one of those fog machines, which can trip you up and leave you uncertain.  This is not a good time for starting anything nor for making major decisions.  The wool is over your eyes.  Not completely but enough so that you cannot really see what is entailed in things that you are considering.  This is a day of shift and turmoil.  Let it be what it will.  Step back and act from your core.  There is really nothing that cannot be put off to another time.  This is a day for observation, and with that observation will come new knowledge that will assist in the process of moving forward.  It will actually, if you are alert, be quite an interesting and profitable day.

Your Color VIbe for 07/10

Wednesday, July 10:    Periwinkle Blue

Uh, oh, it is a good day for watching what you do, what you say, where you go, what is said to you.  There will be some indication in all of this of just exactly where it is that you are needing to go, to do, to say at this time.  There is a time for being out in the limelight, and then there is a time for holding back and watching from the sidelines.  This is a sidelines kind of day.  From the sidelines, a lot of things can become much clearer.  From the sidelines, you can hear, see, experience things that might have missed you if you were out in front.  From the sidelines you can be open to many other levels of being.  From the sidelines, you can see into the multi-dimensionality of things.  Interesting day.  As always, you have a choice as to what you are going to do with it all.  Choose wisely and you can find some doors opening for you.