Your Color Vibe for 7/13

Saturday, July 13:    Red Orange

There are many issues that can be finding resolution today.  Some of the results may not be quite what you had expected or hoped, but they are all potential that were part of the earlier situations.  Roads can branch out in different directions.  As part of this will come some realizations and some acceptance of how things are falling together willy-nilly.  You have been putting things off, resisting things, ignoring others.  Today you will be able to see and work through a number of sticky items.  You have been holding onto a lot of stuff from the past that has no place in your life now as you change and move forward.  It is time to let those things go.  It can be difficult doing this.  It is easier sometimes to cling onto bad memories, worn out emotions, habits, and people even though on some level you are aware that they are not helping you in WHO you are.  Today your eyes are open and you are ready to make some changes.  Go for it.