Your Color VIbe for 8/05

Monday, August 5:    Rose Tint

There is something in the air today which really has no definition, no form, and that can bug you quite a bit.  Right now you are feeling the need for clarity as there are a number of issues in your life you want to take action on now.  But do they really need to be addressed right now?  Today’s energy is telling you to accept that there are things in the air which you cannot do a lot about right now.  They are merely hints of what is to come, lights, as it were, along the path.  Let things be as they are, and you can find that at least one item can be resolved.  This is something that actually relates to an item that you have been carrying forward from your past and which really has no place in your life right now.  So take that as your lesson for the day and let all those other things just be.  Accept that they are there and that you will get to them when the time is right to deal with them properly for WHO you are.