Your Color Vibe for 9/21

Saturday, September 21:    Deep Forest Blue

Today brings a beginning to the next round of changes.  There can be some bumps along the road and some surprises.  Deal with each things as it arises and do not hold onto it after it has passed.  This is truly a day for enjoyment of the scenery as the Autumnal Equinox approaches and the light continues to fade.  Hidden in the depths of the forest is a new kind of magic, a magic that has been gestating for quite some time now; a magic that is ready to come forth to the light where it can show its wonder bit by bit as it continues to develop and mature.  The time of miracles is approaching, and you will feel this today.  Look towards the synchronicities that occur, the bits of déjà vu, the things that fall into your path.  They are not accidental.  Know that in all of this, you remain the creator.