The Overall Color-Scope 5/3-15

May 4-15:   The theme of these days is Unchartered Waters. Things have shifted so that everything is new. There are no maps, so proceed based upon your inner knowing and the wisdom of the heart’s connection to the Universe.


Overall Color for these Days:   Fibrous White

This is a time for knowing the difference between Have-to-Do and Want-to-Do. You are in a place now where certain decision are waiting to be made and they turn upon your knowing the difference between these two things One is the old way; the other is the new way. Which will you choose? There is neither right nor wrong here. There will be times in your future to work again with this concept, however it might be a bit more difficult. Ask yourself whether there is there a melding of the two. Perhaps, however you must reconcile these within yore own soul. The melding is part of the morphing, the changing from then to NOW. Things take time within this dimension, and we are aware of that. There is no strict timeline here. These things are hinted at to point to what is available to you and let you know that should you wish, they are there for you Now. These days will bring many issues up before you. You will be seeing things in a new light, and you will actually feel your perspective shifting. You can go from one choice to another even within minutes. As this happens, it is good to be with the one choice then the other to see them for how they fit WHO you are. There is much to be known right now about your self. Be gentle with yourself these days. Take time. Do not rush. Leave worry behind. When it arises just accept the fact that it is there for you to get embroiled in should you choose, but if you choose not to, then breathe, breathe in light, know you are light, and know that everything will work out. These are difficult times, but you have the power, the strength, and the knowing to move forward. And know that there is always guidance for you should you ask. If you are confused by the signals that come your way, then go within and feel what is right. Feel what harmonizes with WHO you are, and you will know.

On the larger scale, expect to see and hear more reports of sightings of ET crafts. There is a great deal of worry within the communities of the Universe as to where the Blue Planet is going right now. They are cooperating with Gaia and will continue to monitor the conditions here. They will not take any direct action unless they are asked by the Planet herself to do so. Politics will be confused and confusing as politicians say one thing and contradict themselves in the same sentence. There is much uproar going on right now within the political world in all countries. New alliances are forming, some of them under the surface. People are becoming more vocal and are seeing through the sham that has been presented to them as freedom and fact. Truly, as The Many has said, this is a time for the Individual. People are recognizing kindred spirits, some in individuals that formerly they would have nothing to do with. Communities of spirits and like-minded are arising. Then there are those you will see in these days who are turning away from it all, with their fingers in their ears, refusing to accept that change is happening, and not the kind the politicians were speaking of. This is a change that is fueled by the true desires of the people that is based upon real knowing and compassion. Things are getting rocky, and will get rockier, but it is all part of creating something new. There will be more Earth movements and shifts. The current in the Earth that has been reworking and rechanneling itself will begin to be seen as tornadoes, volcanoes, and quakes shake things up. There are winds that will come out of nowhere, whirling at hurricane force in places that are not used to such things. There will be a lull in the high areas of the world, but then things will quickly progress to weather patterns that are out of season. More landslides can occur as the earth shifts and moves. There is a momentum within the events of man that is being stirred up through the Gaia connection. You will be seeing more of this during these days.