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Sound Frequency Therapy: A Closer Look

As a family nurse practitioner, I am always in search of non-invasive tools to help my clients return to optimal health. Many times, when I have been able to identify the health issue, it’s the remedy that proves illu­sive. I have welcomed opportunities to learn about energy medicine, in particular. Thus, I would like to begin this article with the teaching of Rudolph Steiner that inspired me to look deeper into the healing power of sound.

Magical Sounds of Spring

Rudolph Steiner once said, “It’s the song of the birds that calls forth spring.” These magical sounds bring about seasonal changes in tempera­ture and moisture. As I thought about Steiner’s words, I felt he was giving insight into the symphony of nature and the turn of the seasons. This, to me, was also an indication that the world sprung forth into form from heav­enly vibrations. Many cultures share myths of creation with some sonorous event.

Sound is a very broad topic, however, especially in the world of energy medicine. In this article, I will focus on what I have learned about how we can harness sound and vibration for healing.


I recently attended a lecture on vibrational medicine techniques by Mandara Cromwell, DCM. She was the first to introduce me to the history of sound healing and highlighted the work of Dr. Hans Jenny, a medical doctor and natural scientist who once taught at Rudolph Steiner’s school in Zurich. Dr. Jenny later went on to coin a new term, “cymatics” (“kymatics” in German), which he used to describe the study of sound wave phenomena. His invention called the “tonoscope” was the first in history to use technology to make sound frequencies visible.

You may have seen cymatics “do-it-your­self” plates on the Internet. The basic procedure involves sprinkling sand on top of a metal plate; then, as a violin bow is strummed on the side of the plate, the vibrating sand forms geometric patterns.

Jenny’s lectures focused on sound as the organizing and integrating pulse behind all mat­ter. The photos from his book Cymatics1 give a never-before-seen glimpse into the universe, showing that it is full of sound and vibratory patterns. Live footage of some of Jenny’s ex­periments, generating images produced by his tonoscope, is totally captivating.2

Jenny’s findings on sound creating form are even more insightful, particularly so when he begins to make the connection to the human form. He wrote: “Throughout the animal and vegetable kingdom Nature creates in rhythms, periods, cycles, frequencies, reduplications, serial phenomena, sequences, etc. This is the style in which natural structures are built, and it is ubiquitous. If we take a few examples, we shall see that this is the all dominant mode of appearance. Let us look at histology, the science which deals with the structure of tissue. The very origin of the word tissue, Latin to weave, is a significant comment on the prevailing con­ditions: cells are arrayed in rows, one pattern following another. . . and fibers continue in sin­ews which irradiate into the ligaments and bone organization. In the fields of the sensory cells, in the layers of the ganglion cells, and in the immensely complex communications between these systems, we still find that this principle of periodic seriality prevails.”1

black and white photo of Hans Jenny, MD, making sound visible with his tonoscope
Hans Jenny, MD, making sound visible with his tonoscope. Portrait of the author from: Cymatics: A Study of Wave Phenomena and Vibration.1 Used with permission.

Thanks to modern-day equipment devel­oped by British acoustics researcher John Stuart Reid, including something called the Cyma- Scope, it has been possible to continue Jenny’s early studies. Using advanced technology, the CymaScope creates spectacular visuals that al­low us to see images of the sound frequencies made by a healthy cell, and, by comparison, the sound and image made by a cancer cell.3

Looking at the sound of cells is a new aspect of the field of cymatics. It seems that when cells are in a healthy state, they produce images of great beauty. When they are not healthy, the sound frequencies of the cells begin to display distortion.


As a nurse practitioner, I observe patients, but also the general trends that have effects on the patient population. Our bodies are burdened daily with numerous toxins that challenge the immune system—through the food we eat, the air we breathe and the countless forms of en­vironmental toxins that constantly bombard us and break down our health potential.

Cymascopic images of the “song” of a healthy cell and of a cancer cell, from Raman-derived sound files, courtesy of Dr. Ryan Stables, Birmingham University, UK
Cymascopic images of the “song” of a healthy cell and of a cancer cell, from Raman-derived sound files, courtesy of Dr. Ryan Stables, Birmingham University, UK. The study was a collaboration between Professor Sungchul Ji of Rutgers University and John Stuart Reid of Used with permission.3

Most healers in the world today would also agree that stress is one of the major underlying causes of disease and that long-term chronic stress leads to inflammatory processes that can accelerate the breakdown of the body’s immune system, resulting in a host of diseases. And most certainly, many negative aspects of stress have come into play with the pandemic. These include, especially, the challenge of viewing the devastation of the disease worldwide and the extended period of time we have spent trying to understand the disease and how it will impact us in the future.

Knowing about the detrimental effects of stress on the immune system, I began to search for non-pharmaceutical tools that could help patients begin to manage their stress levels and possibly prevent or dis­sipate the inflammation that could lead to serious illness. I believe we need tools to offset the effects of stress, so we can better support the immune system. That is our real defense.

Throughout my nursing career, I have watched the western medical field struggle with using “a pill for an ill” and “cut it out” procedures, totally avoiding any other op­tions for patients. But in more recent years, I have witnessed the emergence of more integrative health approaches. I was fortunate to be in one of the first GAPS protocol trainings given by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, and I have learned much in my association with the members of the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) as a chapter leader. The holistic orientation of the esteemed WAPF membership continues to help bring attention to the wisdom of previous cultures combined with today’s technologies.

Cellular Coherence

I have continued to further my education in the emerging area of energy medicine. Hence, my attendance at Mandara Cromwell’s lecture on sound. When I first began listening to Cromwell’s presentation, I already knew about the pros and cons of ultrasound— high frequencies that are inaudible—but I then realized that she was speaking of audible sound: sound frequency patterns that could entrain the cells of the body into a type of coherence or state of health.

The frequency patterns Cromwell works with are called “commutations,” so named by a British osteopath with the distinctive name of Dr. Peter Guy Manners. Manners, who passed away in 2009, spent some forty years research­ing therapeutic sound with other British and German scientists, striving to find the “prime resonant frequencies” that could most benefit the human form. These “codes” (combinations of five frequencies) were created to bring the body back into resonance with specific sound combinations.

Cromwell spent years studying with Man­ners, concluding with a doctorate in Cymatic medicine, and has since carried on with Man­ners’ body of work. Cromwell’s contributions to the field of vibrational medicine have included continued research and development of fre­quency patterning as well as the invention of the Acoustic Meridian Intelligence (AMI) devices. Her AMI 750 device applies the fully researched sounds to the body transdermally, through the portals of the feet or hands. The commutations (frequency patterns) are transported along the meridian pathways, long known as the “rivers of life” in Chinese medicine.

three participants using the AMI 750—healing sound frequencies through the soles of the feet
Using the AMI 750—sound frequencies through the soles of the feet.

In my constant search for tools to improve our immediate environment by seeking “protec­tors” from electromagnetic fields (EMFs), I have wondered—if we can use tools to diminish and block EMF frequencies, why couldn’t we also use frequencies to heal? Thus, I was fascinated to hear Cromwell describe two published studies showing the regeneration of torn tendon tissue in horses using audible sound frequencies.4,5 The proof, revealed in the diagnostic ultrasound images, made perfect sense to me. The words of the “sleeping prophet,” Edgar Cayce, came to mind: “Sound is the medicine of the future.”

The Oral Health Connection

What happened next in Cromwell’s presen­tation is exactly what prompted me to write this article. She began discussing how oral health is related to degenerative conditions. … oral healthThere are more than eighteen hundred published stud­ies catalogued on PubMed linking oral health to serious illnesses and disease processes such as heart attacks, lung disease and cancer—and those are only the beginning of a much longer list.

Interestingly, ischemic conditions are some­times detected when dentists use 3D cone beam imaging or when the patient reports dental pain as a symptom, thereby revealing the underlying deteriorating condition. Cromwell presented numerous thermal images of preliminary re­search with participants who showed significant inflammation in the oral region linked to an ongoing disease process in the body.6 All par­ticipants received the AMI 750 dental health protocol through the feet. This combination of frequencies is known to diminish the inflamma­tory process in the body. Admittedly, it is diffi­cult to imagine that the whole body, particularly the oral cavity, can be affected by transmitting energy through the soles of the feet. But, we must remember, the principles of the AMI 750 come from one of the oldest medical systems in the world—Chinese medicine.

thermographic image of the participant’s front torso revealed the likely source of her health puzzle—her inflamed breast area showed a pathway of inflammation leading from her oral cavity into her breast
Before and after the AMI 750 Dental Health Protocol.

In one case, the thermographic image of the participant’s front torso revealed the likely source of her health puzzle—her inflamed breast area showed a pathway of inflammation leading from her oral cavity into her breast.

The next slides were of a patient reporting “tooth pain.” The visit to two dentists rendered inconclusive reports. The thermal images showed the oral and neck regions taken before and after a six-week protocol that used sound frequencies administered through the feet. This technique sends the healing frequencies via meridian pathways to the organ systems. Remarkably, the “after” images showed that the inflammatory process was greatly diminished, and the inflamed lymphatic system was free of the congestion indicated in the pre-protocol “before” images.

The next part of Cromwell’s presentation showed a slide of a woman with two crowns, a bridge and some ceramic fillings. Though the patient reported no symptoms, there was evi­dence of significant inflammation around all the areas where dental work had been performed. I had to wonder just how long it would take for this level of inflammation to manifest into a health condition. Certainly, stress and other body burdens would also play a huge part in whether the patient could continue to fight off this undesirable trajectory.

Many integrative health practitioners say you cannot heal your body until you fix your teeth. Though this may be true, the thought of using this type of sound could be a possible so­lution for people who cannot deal with all their dental issues right away—whether for safety reasons (such as identifying a safe schedule for the removal of insufficient dental work) or financial reasons. Could this therapy also be of use as a preventive measure to keep one’s health in balance?

Stimulating the Life Force

The information shared by Cromwell sug­gests that noninvasive sound may be able to help the body manage the burden of highly inflammatory processes and even undiagnosed infections. What I have observed, coupled with the thermographic images and numerous testimonials I have heard and read, is that not only is inflammation substantially reduced after using this type of audible sound frequency (with the AMI 750 device), but patients’ energy and “life force” returns in an astounding way. Of course, this is what we would expect when two of the body’s major struggles (stress and inflam­mation) are alleviated. Lowering stress and inflammation empowers our immune system, allowing us to begin to adapt to the challenges of the world much more effectively.

At this juncture, it certainly seems possible that noninvasive sound therapy may be able to create enough “life force” to fight off the onset of disease. With the therapeutic sound frequency protocols that have been developed, we may finally have the tools needed to fortify our sur­rounding fields and keep our cells vibrating at their optimum health. From the experiments in Dr. Jenny’s laboratory to the research of Reid, Manners and Cromwell, it is clear that it is time to take a closer look at the power of sound waves as a major force of healing and maintenance of overall health.


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This article appeared in Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Fall 2021


Aromatherapy & Homeopathy for Tough TImes


By Phoenix Rising Star

If you’ve been reading the past few issues of Ma’at, you’ll see a pattern of emergency preparedness. When I began this, I had no idea how extensive this topic was, nor did I realize how many people, websites, practitioners, groups, organizations, and non-organizations are currently practicing their version of preparedness. I have received feedback from people with great suggestions, people also feeling guided to stockpile, and people with ideas to share and learned so much from everyone. A compilation of this feedback will be featured in November. If you’ve been holding back any ideas, suggestions, questions, or anything else and would like to be considered for contribution, please send your emergency preparedness related writings to attn. Phoenix.

This month features two practitioners for which I have great admiration. These practitioners love their work, live their life work, love to share their knowledge and expertise, and are excellent resources for alternative healing. When I initially contacted them for assistance in this article, I just said, “Send me your top ten remedies for emergency situations.” Each in her unique manner singled out and compiled more than ten, which I consider a bonus. May you find help and support from these suggestions for emergencies, as I did.

Aromatherapy for Emergencies.

For those unfamiliar with aromatherapy, these plant based remedies are diffused from different plant parts. Leaves, flowers, and roots are distilled leaving a residue that is one hundred percent healing power. The residue is called essential oil. Essential meaning necessary and life providing. Oil meaning blood or life-force that floats on top of water. Not necessarily sticky, like olive oil.

Aromatherapy may be used topically, by placing a few drops directly on the skin. Different sources may recommend mixing the essential oils with a carrier oil or lotion to prevent burning the skin. Aromatherapy may also be inhaled. Inhalation of the oils causes the healing power to move to the bloodstream efficiently and quickly. Medicinal grade essential oils may be taken internally, but please consult an aromatherapist before you do this. One or two drops go a long way, and not all essential oils on the market are medicinal grade.

Rhonda Phillips of Pure Elements Wellness Spa in Idaho has years of experience with the healing essences of plants. As an H.H.P, L.M.T. and Traditional Spiritual Leader, Rhonda has developed and dedicated her business to sharing and teaching the sacred essences of the plants through aromatherapy. She believes this is her pathway to living her truth, and assisting others with achieving peace and harmony. Rhonda’s website is

Her aromatherapy reference guide is organized according to types of complaints. Individual oils are listed first, with her blends second. All these oils may be ordered through her website listed above. With essential oils, more is not necessarily better, so use discretion.

Common complaints and their essential oil remedies:

1. HEADACHE, MIGRAINE: Peppermint, Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary, Lemon, BLENDS:Clove”n”Limes, Basil with Lavender.

2. COLDS & FLU: Lavender with Lemon or Peppermint, Peppermint, Chamomile, Ginger, Oregano, Thyme, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Myrrh, Rosemary, Ravintsara, Myrtle, Eucalyptus, BLENDS: Ancient Remedy, Breathe Ease, Defense

3. SORE THROATS: Ravintsara, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Rosemary, BLENDS:Breathe Ease, Gentle Healer, Ancient Remedy

4. EARACHE: Tea Tree, Lavender, Helichrysum. BLENDS: Purify, Gentle Healer

5. TOOTHACHE: Clove, Tea Tree. BLENDS: Ancient Remedy, Gentle Healer

6. SHOCK: Lavender, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Helichrysum with Basil or Peppermint.
BLENDS: Trauma Free, Courage, Balance, Neroli Blend, Wisdom

7. NOSEBLEED: Helichrysum, Lavender, Cypress, Lemon

8. BLEEDING: Helichrysum, Lavender, Cypress. BLENDS: Heart & Soul, Pain Ease

9. PAIN: Helichrysum, Clove, Peppermint, Birch Bark, Wintergreen, Rosemary,
Chamomile. BLENDS: Freedom, Pain Ease, Clove”n”Limes

10. STOMACH ACHE: Peppermint, Ginger, Fennel, Lavender, Bergamot, Rosemary, Chamomile, Tarragon, Spearmint, Lemongrass, Lemon. BLENDS: Comfort

11. STRESS: Bergamot, Chamomiles, Lavenders, Sandalwoods, Neroli, Rose, Frankinscence, Mandarin, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage. BLENDS: Tranquility, Connect, Create, Empower, Relate, Express, Imagine, Enlighten.

12. INSECT BITES, STINGS: Lavender, Tea Tree, Chamomiles. BLENDS: Purify, Gentle Healer



Jana Shiloh MA, CCH has been practicing homeopathy for 30 yrs ; She has taught nationally and internationally and been named “Honorary Clinical Homeopathic Associate” to the physician to the Queen of England.

She has written three books, the last of which is “HeartFusion™ the Magic of Imprinting Water” which has been endorsed by the coordinator of research for Heartmath Institute.

Her website is

Jana’s first aid notes include these suggestions for homeopathic remedies:

1. Use very small amounts. This is “energy” medicine. The quantity of pellets is irrelevant, but the number of times that you administer them is crucial. GIVE ONE DOSE OF THE REMEDY AND WAIT 2 HOURS. The dosage frequency may be increased in extreme emergencies to every 15 minutes..

2. IF SYMPTOMS ARE IMPROVING STEADILY or GET DRAMATICALLY BETTER – STOP. To repeat a dose under those conditions could reverse the curative process.

3. REPEAT ONLY IF: There is no appreciable change (try 1-2 times more); if there was a change, but symptoms have returned; or, if progress is slow. If the patient improves, but continues to relapse, it may mean they need a higher potency. (Contact your homeopath)

Alternate different remedies if necessary about 1-2 hours apart at first, then 3-4 hours apart.

4. IF SYMPTOMS GET WORSE and aren’t a relapse after a prior improvement, DISCONTINUE USE. This may be a temporary aggravation, or it may not be the right remedy. If an improvement does not quickly follow, you may try another remedy and/or call your homeopath.

5. DO NOT GIVE REMEDIES MORE THAN ONCE EVERY 2-4 HOURS (UNLESS IT IS A VERY SERIOUS INJURY, AFTER A SEVERE ACCIDENT. IF SO ARNICA COULD BE REPEATED EVERY 10-15 MINUTES AT FIRST- THEN ACCORDING TO PAIN AS SEVERITY DECREASES) FOR AT MOST ONE DAY. By the second day, improvement should be underway. Increase the time between remedy repetitions as the healing progresses. If more than one remedy is needed for injury it is preferable to alternate remedies- separate them by 10 minutes to 2 hours.

6. Do not touch the remedy, to avoid contamination; instead, place a pellet directly into the mouth or onto a clean spoon. Let the pill dissolve in the mouth. One is actually enough.

7. AVOID COFFEE or CAMPHOR products (Noxzema, lip balm, Vick’s, or “Deep Heat” or Menthol or strong mint). They should not be used for at least 24 hours after the remedy. They antidote the effect of the remedy, and you may notice a return of the symptoms.

8. LAST, BUT NOT LEAST: Do all the other sensible things: i.e., first-aid, medical consultation when appropriate, resting, and not overworking a recently recuperated body or limb.

Suggested Homeopathic remedies for emergencies:

ACONITE: For Shock due to EMOTIONAL TRAUMA, terror, and all physical symptoms deriving from a traumatic incident like, rape, mugging, or a car or other accident. It is different from the Arnica shock which is more dazed: rather you usually see a fearful or even terrified look. Restless. For eye injuries with cuts, abrasions and wounds. For heat exhaustion or stroke if person is dull with an outward pressing headache and is worse sitting up.

APIS: For bee stings or stings of all kind that are worse with heat; hot and swollen. Allergic reactions may be helped, also anaphylactic shock.

to read the rest of the homeopathic remedies, and for more, go to: