11/11/11, 12/20/2012, And All That Jazz

11/11/11: Maya Scholar Debunks Doomsday Myths

ScienceDaily (Nov. 3, 2011) — University of Kansas anthropologist and Maya scholar John Hoopes and his students are watching predicted doomsday dates such as 11/11/11 and Dec. 21, 2012, with considerable skepticism.

Hoopes is regarded as one of the major go-to guys to separate fact from fiction about the Maya calendar and a prediction that the world would end Dec. 21, 2012.

He has written scholarly articles debunking the 2012 myth, including a chapter in “2012: Decoding the Counterculture Apocalypse,” edited by Joseph Gelfer and scheduled for release this month by Equinox Publishing. In addition, Hoopes contributes to Wikipedia as a 2012 skeptic and is featured in at least three documentaries on the topic (“Apocalypse 2012” airing on CNBC, and two more scheduled for release next year). In his fall course on Archaeological Myths and Realities — An Introduction to Critical Thinking, the 2012 myth works as a dynamic teaching tool.

This fall, Hoopes and his students have watched two predicted cataclysmic dates — Oct. 21 and 28 — come and go with little fanfare. Oct. 21 was a date selected by California evangelist Harold Camping after his original May 21, 2011, prediction passed without calamity. Swedish pharmacologist, self-help advocate and self-taught Maya cosmologist Carl Johan Calleman was among those predicting that Oct. 28 would usher in a worldwide unified consciousness.

The next big date to consider is 11/11/11, when many in the New Age movement plan celebrations to receive emerging energies in preparation for a transformation of consciousness on Dec. 21, 2012.

Whether these dates mark a time for transformation of consciousness or a catastrophic end, they are part of a 2012 eschatological myth that originated with Christopher Columbus and Franciscan missionaries, not the ancient Maya calendar, Hoopes emphasizes.

In a paper presented in January at the Oxford IX International Symposium on Archaeoastronomy in Lima, Peru, Hoopes tracks the 2012 Maya myth origins through various revivals into the 21st century. The myth is rooted in an early 16th-century European combination of astrological and biblical prophecies to explain the new millennium. Columbus believed that his discovery of the world’s “most remote land” would lead to Spain’s re-conquest of Jerusalem and fulfill world-end events described in the Book of Revelations.

To validate his convictions, Columbus wrote his own Book of Prophecies that included an account of his interview with a “Maia” leader in 1502. The reference inspired early speculation by explorers and missionaries, indirectly influencing crackpots as well as scholars to link ancient Maya — before any contact with Europeans — with the astrological and religious beliefs popular in Europe in the 1500s.

Misinterpretations and distortions flowed with each revival of interest in Maya culture. In the 1960s, the myth re-flowered as the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, enjoyed a resurgence in Y2K and thrives today. Hoopes adds that the Occupy Wall Street movement clearly reflects a nostalgia for the progressive culture of the 1960s.

More than 1,000 books have been published on the 2012 myth, not to mention a plethora of Web sites on the topic. Hoopes expects the hype won’t hit its peak until well into 2012. Fear and fantasy both sell well, especially in uncertain times, he notes.

End-of-the-world and transformative beliefs are found in many ancient cultures but have been a fundamental part of modern times since 1499, Hoopes point out. They are also fundamentally American, he adds.

“The United States has always embraced religious freedom. Peculiar religious sects, including occult beliefs, have always been part of America,” he says.

Astrology, Ouija boards, séances, channeling, spiritualists, extraterrestrial life and a host of pseudosciences all have had acceptance in parts of America, he adds. Mary Todd Lincoln used séances to contact her son. Nancy Reagan consulted astrologists.

Wishful or magical thinking help perpetuate myths and beliefs that have no basis in science. Hoopes uses the 2012 myth and others to teach students to think critically and learn to distinguish science and myth.

“If a narrative has a moral message, then it probably is not a scientific story. Stories based in science ideally should be objective, not subjective,” Hoopes says.

The persistence of the 2012 myth may reflect a fear of mortality that has nagged ancient and modern civilizations.

“It’s much easier to discuss mortality when we’re all in the same boat,” Hoopes said. “Creating a concerned community allays people’s fears and allows us to project individual morality onto the world.”

Hoopes’ interest in the 2012 phenomenon began as an academic hobby and has evolved into an anthropological study of contemporary American culture. At the very least, he says, the 2012 phenomenon “has made a huge audience aware of Maya calendrics and the winter solstice.”

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NOW, you decide…..

10/11 7th Day of 9th Level of Consciousness

FROM kASHONIA’S  BLOG — Read & Decide for Yourself:   



The following is a very important and relevant article to read at this time.  It is from Dr Carl Calleman whose extensive research of the Mayan Callendar and Culture suggests that the Mayan Calendar actually ends in just 3 weeks time, on October 28th.

My article  http://www.kashonia.com/summary/callemans-9-mayan-levels-consciousnessexplains Dr Calleman’s research and fully explains what the 9 levels of consciousness are all about and their timelines.  You’ll see from the timeline table that at this moment we are in the “7th Day” of levels of consciousnesss, or waves – 1 – 8.  We are also in the 6th Night of Level 9.

We will be entering the 7th Day of the 9th Level of consciousness next Tuesday, October 11th.

All 9 levels of consciousness are timed to end on October 28th.

In the following article, which Carl says will probably be his last before the completion of all 9 levels, he demonstrates how so many of the events happening around the world at this time have indeed occured because the cosmic energy is such that they were destined to occur at this time.

He completes the article with three possible scenarios of what might happen after October 28th, 2011.

Carl says he leans towards scenario 2.  Personally, I think number 3 is more likely.

This really is a fascinating, must read article.

Love, Kashonia


The “End” of the Mayan calendar, Solar Flares and Earth Changes

by Carl J. Calleman


We have now celebrated the Cosmic Convergence and there is less than one night and one day before the fulfillment of the evolutionary plan for all of creation (or at least the attainment of the top level).

As predicted the Ninth wave of this plan, which is coming to a close together with the other waves of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011, has brought a tremendous energetic frequency increase to the world. This has been experienced on a personal level by many, but it has also been easily visible in the spread of political and economical chaos in large parts of the world. The current instability is evident not only in what is actually happening, but also in the constant shifts in how events or developments are perceived and reported.

Greece, for instance, is one day said to be bankrupt, another fully afloat with the help of the troika, and the next day it is again said to be bankrupt. One day the Ghaddafi regime has fallen and another it is again fighting only to have fallen the next day again.

In this world of uncertain interpretation of news alternative media on the Internet have gone in to try to fill the gap sometimes speaking with total certainty about impending catastrophes. There, one day the comet Elenin is said to create earthquakes and to set an end to the world, the next it does not exist and then it is back again (or was it planet X?).

Anything, no matter how crazy or farfetched, can today find an attentive audience on YouTube and be presented as if it was serious information.

To the instability of the world has thus been added information chaos and it is a common feeling among many that they do not know who or what to believe anymore. The mental framework within which people have understood the world is eroding and this, as much as the actual course of events, is a sign of our times. Some reject the meaningfulness of mental understanding altogether.

This erosion prepares the ground for a new opening and radical shift in our ways of thinking and relating and attests to the fact that much of the world has been shaken off its previous balance by the Ninth wave.

Underlying all of this we may find a somewhat nervous expectation of something unknown and dramatic that is to happen. It is not surprising that in the minds of many people this expectation has been largely negative. After all, the development of the Ninth wave has been essentially predictable according to Revelation 16, where it is the seven days that bring the most destruction to the old structures of the world.

Thus, progress along the old routes has step by step been blocked and the experience of a dead end to our current civilization has spread widely with little to yet show in terms of alternatives. The novelties that have been generated by the Ninth wave have thus in the world at large been few and far in between. While many may have had inner awakenings of oneness, the external manifestations of these have been very marginal.

As part of the erosion of the current world I had predicted at a relatively early point, quite correctly, that the fifth day of the Ninth wave would be the energy that would precipitate the economic downturn (And the economy may be the best mirror of how humans relate to one another).

This was in fact also the time when the so called “markets” truly started to be affected by the global loan crisis, which has since with every new shift point of the Ninth wave continued to deepen. The drawn out nature of this crisis does not change the fact that we are going towards a collapse of the economical and political system of the world and there are no signs that this could be averted.

Growth in key countries such as the US and Germany has come to a halt (not to mention Greece and Italy), which in practice blocks all attempts for the repayment of debts.

The economic downturn has displayed some surprising elements such as the expressed desire of a choir of some of the super rich to be taxed more heavily and the possibility that China will buy debt from Italy or other Euro countries to keep them afloat.

I however find it hard to believe that any of this would actually happen and the feeling one gets is that the rulers are running out of tricks.

Despite the dead end, it can however probably be said that life in much of the world still appears much like business as usual.

Thus, no occurrence has yet been powerful enough to precipitate the collapse that many are expecting or fearing and it now seems that this will not happen until in the seventh day of the Ninth wave, October 11-28.  If so, the end of the calendar may become a very marked discontinuity.

What we are witnessing is thus not another recession, but the end of the world capitalist system and the protests in the US against “Wall Street” may be an indication as good as any of this.

One however gets the impression that as long as the old system survives, there is no real opening to create a new world to replace it. To do so would be too much in conflict with the legality of the current dualist power structure.

Only after some kind of full collapse has occurred would people in general be compelled and inspired to create a new way of living and relating in the realms of politics and economics.

to read more, go to:   http://www.kashonia.com/summary/mayan-calendar-scenarios