Los Angeles Typhus Cases Growing

Typhus Epidemic Spreads Across Liberal Utopia of Los Angeles Due to Mountains of Trash, Growing Homeless Population

A typhus epidemic is worsening in the liberal utopia of Los Angeles, California due to a growing homeless population and mountains of rat-infested trash.

Nothing says “progressive” more than a medieval infectious disease like typhus fever spreading through a city in the year 2019.

Typhus is mainly spreading across the homeless population through fleas that live on the rats that rummage in heaps of trash, however Liz Greenwood, the Deputy City Attorney who works at City Hall contracted the disease.

Symptoms of typhus include fever, headache and a rash. Untreated cases are fatal.

“It felt like somebody was driving railroad stakes through my eyes and out the back of my neck,” Greenwood told NBC 4. “Who gets typhus? It’s a medieval disease that’s caused by trash.”

Ms. Greenwood believes she contracted typhus from fleas that have infested her office at City Hall East.

“There are rats in City Hall and City Hall East,” Greenwood added. “There are enormous rats and their tails are as long as their bodies.”

2018 set the record for the number of typhus cases, reported NBC. 124 cases in Los Angeles County were reported, according to the California Department of Public Health.

In October, Mayor Garcetti promised to clean up the heaps of rat-infested trash piling up around Los Angeles to help combat the Typhus epidemic.

Even though the Mayor allocated millions of dollars to help clean up the LA, especially Skid Row, knows as “the Typhus Zone,” there are still mountains of trash everywhere and the infectious disease is worsening.

A statement from Mayor Garcetti’s office was given to NBC Los Angeles:

“Last fall we directed multiple City departments to begin a coordinated and comprehensive effort to improve cleanliness and protect public health in the Civic Center, including City Hall and City Hall East. In addition to increased trash collection and cleanings, aggressive action has been taken to address pests both in the buildings and in the surrounding outside areas — including abatement treatments and the filling of 60 rodent burrows and 114 tree wells. This work in busy and highly populated public buildings is executed carefully to protect workers and visitors, and the scheduling of extermination activities takes these factors into consideration.” — Vicki Curry, spokeswoman, city of Los Angeles

from:    https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/02/typhus-epidemic-spreads-across-liberal-utopia-of-los-angeles-due-to-mountains-of-trash-growing-homeless-population/

Los Angeles Area Earthquake

Greater Los Angeles earthquake

Last update: August 8, 2012 at 11:52 am by By

Moderate earthquake in the greater Los Angeles area
A moderate shallow M4.4 earthquake (preliminary data) occurred at 11:23 PM California time. The epicenter is located at 2 km from Yorba Linda and 7 km from Placenta. 12 km from Orange.
We do not expect any serious damage or injuries based on this earthquake.
Max. moderate shaking has been expected by specialists (MMI V), which seldom generates damage (not even minor)
We expect however aftershocks which may seriously hamper the nights sleep.
Update : As expected by Earthquake-Report.com, the LAPD or Fire brigades have NOT received reports of damage or injuries so far.
The video below shows the shaking of some material at a Budweiser plant in Anaheim


from:    http://earthquake-report.com/2012/08/07/major-earthquakes-list-august-8-2012/


Dangerous WInds Hit L.A.

Wind storm disrupts traffic, flights and power in Los Angeles 

A portion of a broken tree is pictured following a wind storm in Pasadena, California, December 1, 2011.  REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

By Steve Gorman

LOS ANGELES | Thu Dec 1, 2011 4:39pm EST

(Reuters) – A powerful wind storm with gale-force gusts left much of the Los Angeles area strewn with toppled trees and downed power lines on Thursday, slowing rush-hour traffic and knocking out electricity to over 300,000 customers.

An hourlong power outage at Los Angeles International Airport forced nearly two dozen inbound commercial flights to be diverted to other airports, and flight delays lingered after electricity was restored at about 8 a.m. local time, LAX spokeswoman Nancy Castles said.

Utility crews were out in force, working to restore electricity and remove uprooted trees and fallen limbs that littered neighborhoods throughout the region, blocking streets in many places.

Authorities said at least one house in Los Angeles, and an apartment building and gas station in Pasadena were hit by fallen trees, but no one was reported hurt.

Janelle Brown, 38, said the house she and her husband moved into a week ago in Los Angeles’s Silver Lake neighborhood, narrowly escaped a direct hit from a large 100-year-old pepper tree that was uprooted in the middle of their backyard overnight.

“We woke up this morning, looked out the window, and realized it was gone,” she told Reuters, adding she and her husband never heard it fall.

“We lay in bed until 1:30 in the morning listening to the cracks and the pops and the wind rattling the windows, and then finally fell asleep,” she said.

Brown, a novelist, said some branches from the tree came to rest on top of her house, and “there’s a little bowing in the roof, but from what we can tell, we got lucky.”

Public schools in Pasadena and 11 other districts in San Gabriel Valley, northeast of Los Angeles, were closed for the day, though the Los Angeles Unified School District said it would remain open.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the nation’s largest public utility, reported nearly 129,000 of its customers were without electricity Thursday morning.

Southern California Edison, which serves areas outside the city of Los Angeles, said outages that began Wednesday night had affected more than 213,000 homes and businesses.

Winds gusting to speeds ranging from 40 to 60 miles per hour and higher were clocked throughout the Los Angeles area starting Wednesday night and through the early morning hours of Thursday, according to the National Weather Service.

Gusts of 97 miles per hour were recorded overnight at Whitaker Peak in the San Gabriel Mountains.

The winds had largely died down by daybreak, but forecasters said blustery weather was expected to return, with sustained winds ranging from 45 to 60 miles per hour and gusts of up to 85 possible through Friday.

The Weather Service said the wind storm was produced by the combination of a low-pressure system that materialized over the California-Nevada border area and a zone of surface-high pressure originating in the Great Basin.

The advent of high winds put fire departments throughout the region on alert for a high risk of wildfires.

(Editing by Cynthia Johnston)

from:    http://www.theweatherspace.com/news/TWS-120111-damaging-winds-los-angeles.html

More on the Occupy Movements

A Global Day of Action for Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street

The latest dispatches from Mother Jones reporters at protests in New York and other US cities.

—By the Mother Jones news team


Sat Oct. 15, 2011 12:05 AM PDT

MoJo’s Josh Harkinson has been reporting from lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park and surrounds since October 8. For his up-to-the-minute dispatches, follow him on Twitter here. Read on for many of his updates from today, as well as from MoJo’s Tim Murphy in Washington, DC; Gavin Aronsen in Oakland; Dave Gilson in Berkeley; and Lauren Ellis in Los Angeles.

[12:35 a.m. ET Sunday] Josh, from New York reports that Washington Square Park has largely cleared out, with protesters leaving in a chaotic rush. “Now police walking around with a bullhorn. ‘If you would like to remain in the park past midnight you will be subject to arrest.'” Not everyone rushed to leave. Josh spotted “about 10 or 15 people still in the park, all singing Woodie Guthrie songs, surrounded by more than 100 riot cops in face shields.” Then: “I barely avoided getting zip cuffed as I was filming the arrest…Extremely powerful. I’m shaking right now and can barely type.” A community affairs officer (the hipster cop?) told him “all the police have been up long hours and are tired and just want to go to sleep.” Asked if the protesters could return to Washington Square Park tomorrow night, the officer replied, “That’s what Zuccotti Park is for.” See Josh’s exclusive video of the dramatic showdown in Washington Square Park: (for link, go to:    http://motherjones.com/politics/2011/10/occupy-wall-street-global-day-protest)


[11:20 p.m. ET] Josh, from New York reports that “Police are starting to remove barricades from south end of Times Square. I think this is slowly winding down.” He’s since headed down to Washington Square Park for an OWS general assembly meeting. The turnout has been impressive. “It was a great idea to hold it here. Easier to assemble and attracts a bunch of NYU kids.” Cops are there too, “reminding people that park closes at midnight. Given how long #ows mtgs last, could be problem.” Earlier he overheard one police officer saying to others, “If you want your sticks you should get ’em now.” Josh writes, “About 30 percent of my group wants to spend the night. Bandanna girl: ‘I’m ready. It’s about time. I’m ready to get arrested.'” With less than an hour before the park is officially closed, he tweets, “So there’s about 40 minutes before some major shit goes down here.”

to read more and access other links, go to:   http://motherjones.com/politics/2011/10/occupy-wall-street-global-day-protest

Southern California Thunderstorm Outbreak

Thunderstorms will continue all day and through the night across Southern California

Published on September 5, 2011 8:20 am PT
– By Jim Duran – Writer
– Article Editor and Approved – Ron Jackson

No larger image

(TheWeatherSpace.com) — Thunderstorms slammed the populated areas overnight on Sunday and into Monday morning and this will continue today.

TWS’ Southern California Weather division; SCWXA, issued a Thunderstorm Watch for the region on Monday evening. A few hours after, the first thunderstorms hit Los Angeles.
(View watch box) 

TheWeatherSpace.com Senior Meteorologist Kevin Martin states the watch continues and there will be more.

“Widespread thunderstorms are occurring in the Southland,” said Martin. “Per my projections at SCWXA, will keep the Thunderstorm Watch box activated through today and tonight as the best is yet to come where we get frequent lightning anywhere from Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Diego County today and this evening.”

to read more, go to:  http://www.theweatherspace.com/news/TWS-09_05_2011_socalthunder.html

Moderate L.A. Quake

Moderate earthquake in the Greater Los Angeles area – NO damage or injuries reported

Last update: September 1, 2011 at 11:25 pm by By 

UPDATE : This earthquake occurred near the Santa Susana section (Santa Susana fault) from Sierra Madre fault zone.

UPDATE : USGS has just updated the earthquake data. The initial reported 4.1 was later revised to 4.2 and is finally revised to 4.3. Instead of a vert spectacular depth of 0.1 km, they have now recalculated the depth at 7.4 km.
Distances to the populated locations :
6 km (4 miles) SE (133°) from Newhall, CA – 8 km (5 miles) SSE (164°) from Santa Clarita, CA
7 km (5 miles) NNW (328°) from San Fernando, CA – 8 km (5 miles) NNE (14°) from Granada Hills, CA
39 km (24 miles) NW (326°) from Los Angeles Civic Center, CA

UPDATE LIVE Seismograph from ABC7 so you cabn watch for eventual aftershocks

UPDATE Recorded Seismograph video of the mainshock – courtesy ABC7 station

UPDATE : Additionally, local authorities will also inspectlocal bridges and buildings.  Earthquake-Report.com is almost convinced that there will be no major damage as residential houses have not yet reported any damage more than 1 hour after the quake.

UPDATE : Santa Clarita officials will inspect city buildings for damage, including City Hall, city libraries and the Metrolink train station, Ortiz said.

UPDATE : The Los Angeles Fire Department has not received any calls of damage as far as 50 minutes after the quake happened.

for more, go to:   http://earthquake-report.com/2011/09/01/moderate-earthquake-in-the-greater-los-angeles-area/



Unusual Steam Venting North of L.A.

CONFIRMED ! SMOKE and STEAM coming out from the ground in south California

Posted on August 15, 2011 by dutchsinse

LITERALLY, smoke and steam coming out of the ground just NORTH of Los Angeles !!! just 2 days ago !

(video at:    http://www.dutchsinse.com/blog/)

This 100% validates the plume activity we saw 3 weeks ago to the north east of Los Angeles, and all the way up the west coast … exactly what I thought it would look like.. steam venting like a very large fumerole, but on a MASSIVE scale all the way up the west coast.

Taken in conjunction with the announcement this past week of fresh lava flows off the coast of Oregon, I would say we have a full blown seismic event underway on the west coast of the USA.

to read more and see the video, go to:    http://www.dutchsinse.com/blog/



Storm Threatens L.A. Beaches

Tropical storm could bring ‘very dangerous’ surf to L.A. beaches

August 6, 2011 |  9:16 am


Officials are warning of high surf and dangerous rip current Saturday along south facing beach in Los Angeles and Ventura counties caused by Tropical Storm Eugene in Mexico.

The National Weather Service said surf topping 8 feet is possible at some beaches on Saturday and that “very dangerous rip currents will develop without warning. Some beach erosion will occur during high tides and waves can suddenly wash over dry breakwalls and jetties.”

The high surf warning extends to 7 p.m.

Hurricane Eugene was off the coast of Baja California. While once strong, it was downgraded Friday to a tropical storm.