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The latest dispatches from Mother Jones reporters at protests in New York and other US cities.

—By the Mother Jones news team


Sat Oct. 15, 2011 12:05 AM PDT

MoJo’s Josh Harkinson has been reporting from lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park and surrounds since October 8. For his up-to-the-minute dispatches, follow him on Twitter here. Read on for many of his updates from today, as well as from MoJo’s Tim Murphy in Washington, DC; Gavin Aronsen in Oakland; Dave Gilson in Berkeley; and Lauren Ellis in Los Angeles.

[12:35 a.m. ET Sunday] Josh, from New York reports that Washington Square Park has largely cleared out, with protesters leaving in a chaotic rush. “Now police walking around with a bullhorn. ‘If you would like to remain in the park past midnight you will be subject to arrest.'” Not everyone rushed to leave. Josh spotted “about 10 or 15 people still in the park, all singing Woodie Guthrie songs, surrounded by more than 100 riot cops in face shields.” Then: “I barely avoided getting zip cuffed as I was filming the arrest…Extremely powerful. I’m shaking right now and can barely type.” A community affairs officer (the hipster cop?) told him “all the police have been up long hours and are tired and just want to go to sleep.” Asked if the protesters could return to Washington Square Park tomorrow night, the officer replied, “That’s what Zuccotti Park is for.” See Josh’s exclusive video of the dramatic showdown in Washington Square Park: (for link, go to:


[11:20 p.m. ET] Josh, from New York reports that “Police are starting to remove barricades from south end of Times Square. I think this is slowly winding down.” He’s since headed down to Washington Square Park for an OWS general assembly meeting. The turnout has been impressive. “It was a great idea to hold it here. Easier to assemble and attracts a bunch of NYU kids.” Cops are there too, “reminding people that park closes at midnight. Given how long #ows mtgs last, could be problem.” Earlier he overheard one police officer saying to others, “If you want your sticks you should get ’em now.” Josh writes, “About 30 percent of my group wants to spend the night. Bandanna girl: ‘I’m ready. It’s about time. I’m ready to get arrested.'” With less than an hour before the park is officially closed, he tweets, “So there’s about 40 minutes before some major shit goes down here.”

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