The Fourth Phase of Water – What You Don’t Know About Water, and Really Should

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  • Your body consists of over 99 percent water molecules, but the water in your cells is not regular water, but highly structured water with special properties
  • There is a fourth phase of water, not H2O but H3O2, and can be called living water. It’s more viscous, dense, and alkaline than regular water; has a negative charge, and can hold energy, much like a battery, and deliver energy too
  • The key ingredient to create this highly structured water is light, i.e. electromagnetic energy, whether in the form of visible light, or infrared wavelengths, which we’re surrounded by all the time
  • One reason why infrared saunas make you feel so good is because your body’s cells are deeply penetrated by infrared energy, which builds and stores structured water. The same goes for light therapy, spending time in the sun, and laser therapy
  • Besides optimizing your drinking water by vortexing, you can help support your body’s negative charge by connecting to the Earth, which also has a negative charge. This is the basis of the earthing or grounding technique

Water is clearly one of the most important factors for your health—especially when you consider that your body actually consists of over 99 percent water molecules! I sincerely believe water is a really underappreciated part of the equation of optimal health.

I’ve previously interviewed Dr. Gerald Pollack, who is one of the leading premier research scientists in the world when it comes to understanding the physics of water, and what it means to your health.

Besides being a professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington, he’s also the founder and editor-in-chief of a scientific journal called Water, and has published many peer-reviewed scientific papers on this topic. He’s even received prestigious awards from the National Institutes of Health.

His book, The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor, is a phenomenal read that is easy to understand even for the non-professional.

It clearly explains the theory of the fourth phase of water, which is nothing short of ground-breaking. The fourth phase of water is, in a nutshell, living water. It’s referred to as EZ water—EZ standing for “exclusion zone”—which has a negative charge. This water can hold energy, much like a battery, and can deliver energy too.

For years, Dr. Pollack had researched muscles and how they contract, and it struck him as odd that the most common ideas about muscle contraction do not involve water, despite the fact that muscle tissue consists of 99 percent water molecules.

How could it be that 99 percent of the molecules were ignored? How could it be that muscle contracts without involving the water in some way? These questions help catalyze his passionate investigation into water.

So You Think You Understand Water?

Gilbert Ling, who was a pioneer in this field, discovered that water in human cells is not ordinary water (H2O), but something far more structured and organized.

“I began to think about water in the context of biology: if water inside the cell was ordered and structured and not bulk water or ordinary water as most biochemists and cell biologists think, then it is really important,” Dr. Pollack says.

Dr. Pollack’s book also touches on some of the most basic features of water, many of which are really not understood. For example, how does evaporation take place? Why does a tea kettle whistle? Also, despite the fact that conventional science tells us freezing is supposed to occur at zero degrees Celsius, experiments show that it can freeze in many different temperatures down to minus 50 degrees Celsius.

There’s actually no one single freezing point for water! Other experiments show that the boiling point of 100 degrees Celsius (or 212 degrees Fahrenheit) does not always hold true either.

“There’s a famous website1 put together by a British scientist, Martin Chaplin. Martin lists numerous anomalies associated with water,” Dr. Pollack says. “In other words, things that shouldn’t be according to what we know about water…

The more anomalies we have, the more we begin to think that maybe there’s something fundamental about water that we really don’t know. That’s the core of what I’m trying to do. In our laboratory at the University of Washington, we’ve done many experiments over the last decade. These experiments have clearly shown the existence of this additional phase of water.”

The reason this fourth phase of water is called the exclusion zone or EZ is because the first thing Dr. Pollack’s team discovered is that it profoundly excludes things. Even small molecules are excluded from EZ water. Surprisingly, EZ water appears in great abundance, including inside most of your cells. Even your extracellular tissues are filled with this kind of water.

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Influences of Light & Color on the Mind

How Color and Light Influence the Mind

The following article is excerpted fromLight Therapies: A Complete Guide to the Healing Power of Light by Anadi Martel, published by Inner Traditions.

Meditation is the inner sun,
The source of inner light.

Right from the very start of my interest in light in the 1980s what intrigued me most was to find out whether it could contribute to enhancing altered states of consciousness—specifically, the higher state of meditative consciousness. This propelled my interest in developing new techniques for the control of light based on its modulation. I started out by studying its effects directly on myself, and then I examined its effects on others. This process, which was of an empirical nature, showed clearly that certain types of light could indeed have profound effects on the mind and on the psyche.

At the same time it was obvious to me that no technical method could create a state of meditation. Meditation is being present to oneself, a conscious awareness of our experience in the moment. No machine, no technology, can give us this state of awareness. However, nothing prevents us from using technology to contribute to the creation of an interior space that is favorable to meditation, and in so doing helping it to occur—which is what we intended to do by means of visual stimulation. When we accomplished this we discerned that this sort of sensorial approach could have other applications as well. Ma Premo and I both realized that light could have considerable potential for psychotherapeutic applications. However, though we could clearly recognize its effects, we were still incapable of fully comprehending why they were taking place; it was very difficult to understand this correctly by simply relying on the scientific or psychological facts that were available to us at that time.

We discovered in our early experiments that the light we were using seemed to intervene in an intermediate zone between the physiological influence of color in its most concrete biophysical aspect and its purely cognitive impact through its capacity to evoke a rich interior universe. The conventional scientific references at the time took into account only one of these two influences, and this seemed inadequate to us. In fact, it was only gradually, over the course of about twenty years, that we developed a model to better understand the nature of this intermediary domain, and as a result we were able to identify the scope of therapeutic applications of this type of light.

The Power of Color on the Mind

One of our early inspirations came as a result of the first studies about the way the brain reacts to the perception of color. Generations of researchers had already explored the cerebral structures connected to vision, the most important of all our senses. They had started to identify a complex organization capable of decoding information coming from the retina by means of a successive sequence of cerebral centers, each one processing a particular aspect of the visual field, with the major part of the visual cortex found at the back of the brain, where the optic nerve extends to the occipital lobe.

But it was only in 1989 that Lueck et al. identified the anatomical center that specifically processes information about color. This study was accomplished with positron emission tomography (PET), which enabled scientists to see the metabolic activity in the brain in a very direct way. The technique consisted of having subjects view two analogous images, one a set of rectangles in multiple colors (known as “Mondrians” because they evoke similar-looking images made by painter Piet Mondrian) and the other the same set of rectangles in achromatic shades of gray (see fig. 11.1). They took care to preserve equal luminosity in both types of images in order to create the same level of nervous stimulation in the brains of the test subjects. Then they tested to see which cortical zones reacted differently. In this seminal study, which was later published in the journal Nature, they demonstrated that they were able to isolate the brain’s color center* in a region of the visual cortex called the V4 area (Lueck et al. 1989).

*The color center located in the V4 area of the visual cortex includes the lingual gyrus and the fusiform gyrus.

A particular detail that stood out when I read this study was a graph that depicted the levels of activity in the different cerebral areas when subjects viewed the color images and the achromatic images. Naturally, the color center in the brain reacted more actively to the colored version of the image, while another area, called the frontal eye fields, showed a clear suppression of activity with the colored image (see fig. 11.2). This area is to be found in the frontal cortex, the cerebral lobe generally associated with evolved mental activity, such as language, motivation, and planning.

The logical implication is that color appears to reduce mental activity while simultaneously stimulating the visual cortex. It is as though pure color consisted of complete information in itself, in such a way that the brain is not obliged to pursue any further mental analysis. This was in stark contrast to the same image in black and white, in which the frontal eye fields—i.e., higher cortical functions—are stimulated by the absence of color. Could color be a stimulus permitting the increase of global cerebral energy, yet calming the mind at the same time? This was a seductive possibility, because such a function is precisely what meditation does.

This close relationship between color and the mind was again emphasized in an astonishing study carried out by Kosslyn et al. (2000). He applied the same technique as Lueck (PET measurements resulting from viewing the Mondrian images); however, Kosslyn used subjects who were highly suggestible and placed them under hypnosis.* He discovered that in this case the color center reacts less to the actual coloring of the test image than to the suggestion under hypnosis that the image is colored (or not). Not only does color perception influence the mind, as Lueck had shown, but mind influences color perception: the two are intimately linked.

*According to Kosslyn’s study about 8 percent of the general population is highly suggestible to hypnosis.

The Domains of Influence of Light

Let’s examine more closely two important areas where color exerts its influence: the objective domain (working through the physiological and biophysical channels) and the cognitive domain (animating our thoughts and our consciousness).

We have explored a number of influences coming from the objective domain, which are influences mediated by the purely physical properties of light. This includes all those influences to be found in the new light medicine. So we have photobiomodulation, through which light acts directly at the cellular level, stimulating the mitochondrial respiratory chain and modulating the production of ATP, our metabolic energy source. Also influenced is the nonvisual optical pathway, through which light governs the endocrine system by means of the retinohypothalamic tract. Notably, this includes a profound influence on our central internal clock and consequently on circadian rhythm. Another objective effect of light is that of photic entrainment. Here, pulsating light interacts with brain waves to directly induce different mental states.

Many modalities of alternative light medicine come from the objective domain as well. For example, in syntonic optometry the visual field of the subject is exposed to precise colors in order to obtain specific autonomic effects. In Colorpuncture, the colors are chosen and applied according to the stimulated reflex points. The common characteristic of all of these objective influences is the systematic manner in which their action takes place, independent of the will or of any cognitive involvement of the subject.

The cognitive domain of light is that which passes through the sense of vision; this influence is one of the most profound we can have in life. Through vision, we build an interior representation of our entire world. Vision informs our superior cognitive faculties; it can evoke all the emotions, sensations, and thoughts that define us.

We’ve all heard that old truism, “An image is worth a thousand words.” The arts of painting and photography, television, and cinema are visual forms that can give meaning to our existence. In their most exalted manifestations such as sacred geometry or mandalas, images are capable of exerting influence of a higher spiritual nature. When light interacts in such a way with our mental universe, it is not only acting through its physical properties; it becomes a vehicle for the transfer of information through images that are formed by our visual system. The influence of light in this cognitive domain is characterized by the complexity of its form and by its rich informational content.

The Subjective Domain, the Third Area of Influence

So we possess many ways of using light, which can act on either one or the other of these two domains, the objective and the cognitive. But what happens at the boundary between these two? Essentially, in this intermediate domain we try to induce perceptions of a superior cognitive order by using the objective properties of light. For this reason I call this third domain of influence the subjective domainbecause it intervenes at the level of our interior perception, which is subjective. We will see that it concerns one of the most fertile of regions, and this has profound implications for the therapeutic application of color.

What do we mean when we say “perceptions of a superior cognitive order”? This has to do with all cognitive activity capable of inducing within us a harmonious and positive state of being. Such activity can take several forms: any emotion that evokes beauty or pleasure; the sensation of unity with the flow of life; deep relaxation; or, again, an impression of immense peace and security. Why would such perceptions be of particular therapeutic interest? Most of us understand this intuitively: they permit us to rediscover our natural equilibrium, and they open the door to an intrinsic mechanism of healing always ready to move into action when we give it the opportunity.


Showing “Spooky Action at a Distance”

Proving Einstein Wrong with ‘Spooky’ Quantum Experiment

Light Is Not a Metaphor

The following is excerpted from Gift of the Body, published by the Essential Light Institute. 


Light is real, more real in its being eternal than the temporary structures it shines down upon. If you want to live an authentically spiritualized life, you need to see and feel the need for the light so badly that it becomes the only thing that you can’t live without. With the light, everything is possible. Without it, nothing really matters. When you are living in the awareness of being constantly bathed in light, you will see that up until that point you had been living your life looking through a cloud. The cloud is composed of the energetic material of your mistaken belief that light is merely a metaphor, a poetic spiritual image or that if it really exists, Light is reserved only for saints or the tiny fraction of humanity that can be called enlightened. Or perhaps that He/She—the Divine Intelligence, God, the Numinous, the Great Spirit or whatever term you give to that ultimate power—is the owner of the Light, parcels it out sparingly, and that you with all your faults are an eternally unworthy supplicant of it. All lies.

In terms of our discussion on the emotional body, what is useful to know is that, when you connect directly with Divine Light, anything in your HEV which does not match the vibration of that light has two choices. It can raise itself up, or it can leave.

Energetic congestion is dense and slow without being calm. Light is fast and high without being shrill. When the two meet in your emotional body, the interface of the long-held denseness with the light will shake the emotional body. It can feel like a battle, when really it is just a serious conversation. One part is holding on. Depending on how enamored you are with your stubbornness, it will hold on more or less tightly. The light is calling, cajoling, demanding that stuck material to, “Come on, let’s go.” The dance between these two energies can throw you around for a while. You might feel worse for a time. You certainly will feel more emotional turbulence than you are used to. You might even get sick. It is like a stream that becomes temporarily dirtier than it usually is because the stuck garbage that was hidden along its banks is getting peeled away by a speeding up of the flow of the water. Soon the debris will be swirled away, leaving the stream clean.

When the interaction of the Light that you invited to do its thing in you meets your congestion (which for many years has been used to the homeostasis)—when that Light starts to bend its way into the hidden places of your pain, stuff starts to move for real. You cry more, you shake, you dream intensely, you cleanse in lots of ways, on lots of levels. (Remember that the emotional body is the drain for all the bodies.) This clearing process can last a while, which is why it’s best to do it with the help of people who are ahead of you in their own healing process, preferably professionals. But your friends, your family, and community all have a part in helping you to move through what can look and feel like dying.

What will in fact happen if you go through it, is that you will be re-born as a free person. But in the short run, you can doubt that you will get through and question whatever possessed you to make that prayer for light to come and free you. For a while, you need folks to tell you it’s going to be all right, to keep you calm and feeling safe, while you feel naked and unprotected, because the boulder of emotional material that you’ve carried was ballast and shield for you. After a while, you will start to feel way better.

Is it a strange process? You betcha. Is it worth it? Guaranteed. The process is necessary because everything that you are carrying in your emotional body that is causing you pain is from the past, and mostly the distant past. You have been an energetic sponge—or a vault with emotion locked inside, or a sponge locked inside a vault—full to bursting, but with nowhere to burst. You have collected, and then held on to, emotional forms that have kept you living in the past, and that have been making you sick. Because you want to make room for light, because you love truth, and because you seek pleasure, you come to see that what you may need to undergo in order to get free is ultimately worth it, and that the only way out is through.

The key to authentic healing is to love freedom with its risks more than convention with its safety, and to demand and cultivate the love of the sensation of freedom in your bodies. Freedom is not just a concept, and not just the absence of rules. It is a palpable force.

Congestion in the emotional body feels like being in solitary confinement. We have to break out of prison with the key of light. But light doesn’t just open the door to the cell. It also cleans the prisoner of what got him isolated in the first place. Getting out of prison is a huge step. Refusing the habits that would put us back behind the familiar bars, and creating new habits that serve us to stay clean and present, is called “walking the path”. We need protection, but not the protection that comes from being emotionally loaded.

Emotional cleansing, that is motivated by the desire for freedom and held in Light, is almost always accompanied by the release of spiritual attachments. These are energetic hangers-on, thoughts and emotions and entities that have actual energetic, non-physical form, that need to be gently but firmly conducted from your HEV into that Light, which will in turn take them to a type of cosmic recycling station where they can be transformed away from you. Again, this is not metaphorical, nor is it actually “woo-woo.” Every- body on earth that lives in open contact with nature, or who relaxes their death grip on materialism, understands that the non-material population of our planet far exceeds that in any kind of material bodies. There are worlds within worlds. There are such things as spirits, angels, helpers, guides, nature spirits, and tricksters. These all have what we can recognize as consciousness, even if most of us can’t see them. They interact with this material world within strict rules of engagement. They are the small voice that whispers a warning (that you may or may not listen to) when you are about to do some- thing particularly stupid. They are the inspiration out of nowhere that gives you the creative idea you’ve been waiting for that resolves the seemingly impossible problem you are facing. They are the radiation that comes through a healer’s hands. They are the celestial voice that comes from a singer’s mouth. They are the non-material protectors and advisors that stand by you, as you choose to do the things that you came to earth to do. And they are the ones that will trip you up time and time again, until you learn to pay attention—and to recognize what comes with love and what comes with fakery. They are the ones reported on by every religion or spiritual path of every stripe—usually rendered with ideological interpretations that turn them into something cartoonish—yet still manage to convey a pure truth concealed underneath for those whose inner eyes have been opened and whose powers of discernment have been sharpened.

The fact that some of these energies are attached to you and exaggerate your pain is not really a stretch to comprehend, unless you have narrowed your vision to such an extent that you believe that all there is to reality is what you can access with your most rudimentary senses. That limited, materialistic attitude puts you in a tiny category, in terms of the totality of people who have lived on earth through the ages in deep relationship with the natural world and the layers of energetic reality that compose it. Discounting what is the major part of reality might make you imagine that you are sophisticated and intelligent according to a narrow definition of what is rational, but the exclusive reliance on physical senses and scientific inquiry to define reality isolates you, cuts you off from your true connection to the natural world, from your own life force, and your own wonder-filled spiritual being.

In our modern, present-day world, this attitude is understandable given the lack of actual spiritual education available to most of us. But as my teacher, José Rosa, once said to me, “It’s a good thing reality doesn’t depend on your opinion.” It is my hope and intention that your vistas are being broadened a bit as you read this book. Don’t believe it because I say it. Those days are past. Check it out for yourself. To do that, you need to allow the unfamiliar, humble thought that what you know is tiny and narrow, and reality is huge and wide and deep. Then get quiet, inside and out. Wait for an internal space where you don’t care one way or the other what the answer is to your questions. You just want the truth, as much of it as you are ready to handle. And then ask whomever, whatever, whichever you relate to, to show you, tell you, intuit you the truth of the matter. Be patient, and don’t let the possibility of being surprised out of cherished notions deter you from the truth.

What I learned through that experience is that we all have guides, or whatever you choose to call the unseen presences that assist us and may possibly disturb us, or both. It may be your great-grandmother that you never met who comes to you in the twilight world between sleeping and waking; the almost-seen person who is there in every dream that you wake from knowing that this was more than just a dream. Or the voice that comes from the right or the left side of your head, that you know somehow is male or female, young or old, that is always there to test you, challenge you, maybe even to try and drive you crazy so you come to know yourself. These protectors, guides, entities, whatever you choose to call them, are each hooked into you somewhere. They literally (although not materially) live somewhere in your HEV. What they are there for is for you to discover through meditation, prayer, and the gradual process of awakening awareness called dis-identification. There is, in you, both “you” and “not-you.” By learning the discernment to know who is who, you learn who is you.

Some of these consciousnesses are there permanently as your companions on your life walk. They have been there all along. When you are done with this vehicle, they will be sitting in the seat next to you on the new conveyance that will bear you back home. Some are there because, when you were one or five or twelve years old, you had a need to survive a life situation that felt overwhelmingly threatening. You called out to the inner planes for help, and along came help in the form of a protector being. Along with keeping you from saying/doing/feeling what was dangerous for you to experience or express in that setting, they gave you a necessary “bonus”; they kept emotional material in your energy body from being naturally processed and released. So when you get to that stage of being ready to be free, and you call the light to free you, the light comes to clean and transform that material. And then those no longer useful functionaries of your past internal program get challenged with the opportunity to get a new job. Your savior has become a prison guard, habitually holding in the prisoner who has realized their parole is up to them. They are functionaries doing their job long after the job has become obsolete. Some of them just need to be gently directed to look up. They go happily with a wave good-bye. Some others grip on and make every excuse as to why you are making the biggest mistake of your life to let them go. You will learn a lot about who you are in the process of re-negotiating the contract you made with them.

And when they leave, there is a lot of emotional material that they have been holding back that will swirl out. Knowing it is just part of the process allows us to, so to speak, step aside and hold the door open for the releasing to proceed without too much of our involvement. It goes much faster that way. It is, after all, just e-nergy that has been put into motion. The flowing energy of emotion is meant to enliven and connect us with our environment and with each other. It is not intended to run the show, or to be a show. Constant indulgence of emotion, living one’s life only according to how the winds of feeling blow, acting out emotion under the excuse of freedom, is not fundamentally different than repressing it and acting that out. Those who make a huge deal out of emotion in their reaction to imposed repression, both familial and societal, are giving emotion a prominence that it was not intended to have.

The information that we receive from accessing what we want, what we desire, is not the same as accessing accurate intuition. Intuition tells us what is best for all beings, including ourselves. That is oftentimes at odds with what our lower self wants, in its pursuit of what will satisfy its hunger. Intuition has to feel right, but in the short run, sometimes it doesn’t feel good. Desire and intuition come from entirely different places in our bodies. One is not better than the other, but they have different agendas and will guide us to different ends. It’s useful to know who and what we are following, both externally and internally. This discernment is absolutely necessary for living a useful spiritualized life, guided by something other than ideology.

We can learn the art of literally transforming our emotional material— from being painfully stuck into vitally moving. Then we become enlivened, and a tiny but real portion of the energetic atmosphere of the planet is eased. When we join with others doing the same, we become examples of joyful aliveness and community healing, however that is expressed. People who love freedom in their own bodies also support freedom for others in theirs. And complementarily, people who really inhabit their bodies, who embrace their emotional body as the alive-making mechanism that it is, without blowing its importance out of proportion, are also respectful of boundaries, both personal and societal. This doesn’t mean that we accept boundaries without question, or that we don’t choose to push through them at times, or even bust them once in awhile. Living freely demands a constant re-evaluation, in order to overcome the tendency of matter to stagnate and institutions to become self-preserving parodies of their original intent. To be grounded in the reality of our true emotions takes us simultaneously into inner contact with ourselves, and makes us better able to see other people without distortion, as not just an extension of ourselves.

As such, the world is not just a stage for your emotional expression or repression. We see that everyone is swimming in the vast sea of energy; we see the need to help each other to avoid the rocks, to care for each other when we flounder or become hurt. The boundaries are seen and acknowledged and respected, even as they are questioned and stretched.

People who love Light, and come to recognize it and cherish it as the liberating force for themselves, as that which heals and guides them, also come to recognize where it is absent both inside them and out in the world, and where it is only pretending to be present. When we are aligned with Light, with what is real, we are less likely to be fooled by pretty words covering empty promises. If we are temporarily fooled by the mist of unresolved emotion rising up, or by the mind’s attachment to a particular storyline, our inviolable link to Light will shortly remind us (through our intuition) of what is true. By our connection to Light, we become healers in our families and communities, and better citizens, even as we continue our own healing in our own bodies. We live out the truth that Light is everywhere, that Light is free and freeing, and that abundance is the truth of the universe. How far beyond our individual lives and our small groups can that commitment to Light reach? The answer depends on how many of us link-up, what we create when we follow that Light, where it wants us to go and what it guides us to do.


Cosmic Rays, Light & DNA

Cosmic Radiation And Light Changes DNA

Updated September 11, 2014 by in5d Alternative News

by Jeff Roberts

*This article is based on academic research referenced in David Wilcock’s The Source Field Investigations and his follow up book The Synchronicity Key: The Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe & You. I highly recommend you check out both of these books for further information.

DNA is essential to any scientific understanding of life. One strand of the double-helix holds the complete code that is needed to clone an entire organism. The process of DNA formation is one that is now up for debate, as the fundamentals of quantum physics aim to explain how DNA begins as a wave-form rather than a molecule. This new idea suggests that the universe is composed of an invisible wave-pattern complex that forms matter by the exertion of micro gravitational forces. On a molecular scale, information in the form of waves pulls atoms and molecules in to create more complex structures, such as DNA. So if these wave patterns were visible, empty space would appear as a fluid geometric patterns, such as the shape of a DNA strand, and would pull in atoms to form a physical replica of the wave-pattern.

New research reveals some remarkable properties of DNA which suggests that a “hidden force” plays a role in the formation of life in the universe New research reveals some remarkable properties of DNA which suggests that a “hidden force” plays a role in the formation of life in the universe .

In a study published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry by London Imperial College Department of Chemistry, the idea of micro gravitational forces forming matter out of wave patterns was witnessed in person. Dr. Sergey Leikin placed different types of DNA in a salt water solution, and differentiated the various strands by coloring them. Remarkably, the colored DNA were drawn to one and another moving very far distances to find the corresponding matches, and in time every DNA strand was paired up correctly. Although Dr. Leikin equated the phenomenon with possible electrical charges, other research revealed that gravity was the likely culprit.

In an astonishing experiment performed by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier, DNA was randomly created out of nothing but sterilized water. The experiment used two separate sealed test tubes, one containing sterilized water and the other carrying both sterilized water and DNA. After electrifying both tubes and letting the tubes sit for eighteen hours, Dr. Montagnier was surprised to see that the tube that had originally contained nothing but water had produced tiny DNA strands. This was a shock for many reasons, mainly because water only contains hydrogen and oxygen and a DNA molecule is much more complex. How could something like this possibly happen? It seemed as though the DNA had “teleported” from one tube to the other, like they were connected by an unknown force.

Could this experiment reveal that forces of the universe are constantly trying to form life where ever it can by hidden micro gravitational waves? In 1984, a Russian scientist by the name of Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered another remarkable property of DNA, in which each strand had the naturally tendency to absorb and store hundreds to thousands of photons (light particles). Dr. Gariaev placed DNA inside a small quartz container, and to his surprise the DNA absorbed every photon in the room. Gravity is the only force that we know of that can bend light so therefore Dr. Gariaev’s experiment reinforced the idea of a hidden micro gravitational force.

Things got even stranger when Dr. Gariaev removed the DNA from the quartz container. To his amazement the photons that had originally been absorbed by the DNA stayed in the quartz container in the exact shape of the DNA. Anyone would have thought that the photons should have scattered, but there seemed to be an unknown force keeping the photons in place. Dr. Gariaev blasted the photons with nitrogen gas to disperse them, and within minutes the photons were drawn back to the same area and formed the same “phantom” DNA shape. This experiment suggests that gravity has a quantum structure and can exist without the presence of matter, permeating throughout the entire universe. If our DNA can store light, then could cosmic rays have an effect on the structure?

These discoveries could provide massive implications for science and our understanding of the universe. If gravity has quantum intelligent properties, then it could be proof that life exists or has the ability to form all throughout the universe. Further DNA studies revealed even more interesting abilities of the molecule when Italian scientist Pier Luigi Ighina was able to transform a living apricot tree into an apple tree by zapping it with DNA wave information. Ighina also zapped a rat with the DNA-wave of a cat, causing the rat to grow a cat-like tail within days. These experiments support the idea that DNA forms from information waves, and from this knowing we can suggest that our evolution may have been influenced by cosmic rays carrying encoded information from our Sun.

It is surprising that such astounding discoveries haven’t made it to the forefront of the mainstream media. These discoveries could change the foundation of physics and biochemistry as we know it. There is now evidence to suggest that an intelligent force is guiding the evolution of life throughout the universe which brings us another step closer to understanding the divine mysteries of our existence within the cosmos.


Steve Rother’s Latest Beacons

Note: This message has been edited and in spots rechanneled by the group for better clarity in this format.

Greetings from Home, dear ones. I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service.

You can choose to be on top of the world, if you want to be. You can decide how you want to view life because that new vision is important. I am going to step back here for a moment to bring in my brother the Time Keeper, but I came in first to bring you one of my smiles. There it goes—see, I got you, did I not? You were not going to smile back but I got you anyway. You know I can do that and you can too and it is part of what you are going to be hearing more about. As you start to carry this light, there are so many ways you can use it. You are just starting to find out about the new energies on this side of the portal, and you are going to anchor this in a new way. I am going to step aside and let my brother come in because he has some key words he wants to bring you. Know that I love you and any time you get too serious I am the one sneaking up behind you and tickling your funny bone, to remind you that you are playing a game. You are supposed to be having fun and if you are not having fun, I am going to come and get you so just re-member that.

Greetings from Home. I am the Keeper of Time Today is a very magical day. You have now passed an energetic demarcation point that will allow most humans to begin to anchor in the new energy on this side of the portal. It has been very challenging for most of you. You have felt the differences in time; you have moved from compressed time into expanded time, and simply not been able to bring it into your heads at this point. You notice that it feels different, but you are not able to fully describe the changes or the differences that are taking place globally with all humans everywhere. Now you can start to change this.

Projection of a Shadow World

There was the first quadrant that had to complete. We could not even talk to you about it until the 31st of March. After the third month, we could begin to identify it because you have to settle this in. If we come in with information too early, we can impede your progress instead of helping it along. Therefore, the release of information and the timing of it is of great importance to all humans at this point. This is my job, for I am the Keeper of Time. I am the one who lowers his finger when humanity is ready to accept new information. We tell you, dear ones, you have passed a critical point. It had to do with the length of time past the portal and now you are into your second quadrant. This  is now allowing you to anchor your hearts, whereas before your energy was anchored with your physical body. You were searching in the shadow world that you had projected, because you knew the energy was going to be different. You realized it was all going to change the moment you stepped forward so you projected into it your expectations, belief systems, and daily routines so that everything would appear to be the same. Most reading this message are now at a very high vibration and are starting to see through the clouds. You are seeing through the illusion and the emptiness of the illusion and becoming very dissatisfied.  This is very challenging for most of you to do this because you are starting to see the reality, not the dream. It has been very difficult for you so you have been searching and looking all over for the different parts in your brain to find the right perspective. Most of you have tried on all sorts of new caps, ideas and perspectives during this time. That has been marvelous but now we are going to anchor your heart, because that is the part that has not found its grounding. We tell you, dear ones, that why many of you have felt so distant and challenged at times.

When you left Home, many of you were scarred in a way that has been carried with you throughout most of your lives. Many of you came to the table with all your ideas and said, “I am going in. I am going to live a life on planet Earth and make contracts and do different jobs, to make sure that I offer my part of god on planet Earth in the new energy.” You set up all the potentials. You set everything in motion but one thing that most of you were not expecting was a huge case of separation anxiety. Once you found yourself on planet Earth inside one of these bubbles of biology, you still remembered Home. Although you could not justify it in your brain, your heart knows the way Home and never forgets or takes you too far from it. Many of you experience such tremendous anxiety at that point of separation from Home that you have spent much of your life trying to heal that scar tissue, trying to re-connect that part of you that was missing. Now we tell you it is entirely possible to anchor your heart in new ways. and what you will find is that it has an effect on a global basis. You have always considered yourself to be a complete, the whole being within yourself which you are. But we also tell you that as you step further into this, you are connected to every single being, blade of grass and leaf; they are part of you in some way. Now you will have the opportunity to ground your heart on this side of the portal. As you have the opportunity to do this, you will be able to live in your heart energy much more than you ever thought was possible.

New Needs of the Physical Body

We will tell you that for some of you it is going to be uncomfortable, because most of you are not familiar with stretching your heart that large. The more you do this the more you feel and then you are able to recognize that light in others and help to bring it out. That is the connection that all of you will ground with. You are carrying more light than you have ever carried before; you are holding more energy in your physical body than ever before. Because your grounding has always been with the physical body, but now your spirit has taken over a physical body and therefore the physical body needs regular grounding. What is the grounding? It is everything from drinking water to feeding the body to nurturing it—oh yes, sex, of course. All of the things of Earth are part of that grounding process, but now your spirits need grounding as well. You are carrying more light than ever before and you have new needs even of your physical body, which is the reason there is so much interest in helping the physical change. As you start to align your energy in your physical body it aligns with your spirit automatically, which allows you to carry and be responsive from the spirit not the human. Now you are talking about living in multidimensionality, all of your perfection is here at once where you can call on the larger you, the one you call your higher self. That is the perfect you but you are living on a planet of imperfection. If you held your perfection from Home, you would not be able to play the game. You have great difficulties, and we have seen lots of them come through. You are here, now, to bring that to fruition.

Some of you will step into this very hesitantly because your heart is the part you have always protected. You are free to express your visions and try on different thoughts, but new feelings are much more difficult for you to harmonize with. You have a tendency to hold the old and protect what you have even if it is painful. Now is the time. As you ground in this new energy, your bodies will have an opportunity to connect more of your heart energy than ever before. That is the opportunity for all of you to find a stronger grounding and a new light Home. If you are still carrying some of these old energies with some of the challenges and scar tissue from when you left Home, you can learn to release them. Have you ever heard a baby crying to and you know their spirit is disturbed but you cannot find anything physically wrong? Dear ones, those are often the memories from Home, for when you finally awaken from the dream and open your eyes you will see us and understand what you have been missing. If it were possible we would pull aside the veil for just a moment and show that to you but that would not work either, for all of you would go Home. You would say, “This game is ridiculous. Let us go Home and play.” We would have to start all over again, would we not?

The Challenge: Exercising Your Light

Here is the piece we give you for this month. You are the bearers of light, of a new light. You are carrying a specific percentage of your own energy from Home in the physical body you have right at this moment. If you are able to share your light with 10 people over this next month, it will grow 100 percent. That is a simple equation to understand. How do you share your light with someone? You have opportunities every single day of your life. Most of you say, “Oh, but that does not fit into my world. I cannot say that to this person. I can say it over here in my safe room full of Lightworkers where I can say anything, but over there in my job at the bank, I cannot say that.” Try it. Push the boundaries. If you are not able to actually say something with words do it with your heart energetics. If you are able to touch and make contact with 10 beings over the next month, you will start a wave on planet Earth that will build and crescendo into a new energy toward the end of this year. That is how fast this can happen now. We tell you this because you have done it before. We shared with you a little secret—a mathematical secret quite some years ago. We simply said, share and celebrate these dates because these dates will build upon themselves and you began at the 02-02-02 and went all the way through the 12-12-12 where you walked yourselves through these portals. That was incredibly beautiful from our side of the veil. There was so much cheering going on here that we could not hear ourselves think. No. we do not have ears…and we have no need to think…but there were so many energetics behind you harmonizing with you, that it was amazing.

What happened was that you created the energy and at the time when the world was originally going to end, you had so much energy behind you that it just kept on going. That created a shadow world, comprised largely from your own expectations. Even though the portal was there and you knew that on the other side it would be different, you projected into it your dreams and your hopes. You put forth your image of who you were in that moment, and you created the possibilities to move effortlessly through something that would have quickly taken 90% of all life on Earth. You walked right through it, dear ones, never giving it a second thought. Now you are anchoring in a new way and you say, “Why are things different?” You knew things were going to be different, but you did not know how. You have all been looking for this point, thinking “I will wake up one day and all will be perfect.” We tell you if you did, you would be bored out of your mind. You would not like planet Earth at all, for it is the challenge that often brings you to your senses to who you really are and what your capabilities are. Know that you have made it. Now, what are you going to do with it? That is the real question. You can anchor this energy, you can ground it and find the new ways to balance your body and your spirit. As long as you are working with this, it will work.

We brought up the point of separation anxiety because there are many of you that carry scar tissue from the day you were born, and now is the time to start releasing that. There are many healers all over the planet and more surfacing and awakening every day. Why is that so? It is for the simple reason that you all brought something from Home. You have all brought a key element that only you could carry, so know that is needed now. This is why we are all here together awakening each other from the dream. You are becoming the new human every moment of every day. How will your heart adjust? That is the question. When you find that pain, that difficulty, or even when you love so much that your heart hurts, understand that you are in the right place. You know that you have just stretched your human being to carry more light. It is not about pain; it simply means that you have moved past the pain of separation anxiety. You have not been dumped on Earth, even though many of you feel that way. Some of you feel as if you made a deal and then all of a sudden, it is not there anymore you are all by yourself. We tell you that you were placed there for a very specific reason and you will find it very soon.  Trust your heart, as it always knows the way Home and you will find that if you can move past the fear of stretching your heart. Now you will find the strength that was never there before. Where you have always considered this to be a little bit of a vulnerable area, you would use this part of your brain to think around it,   justify it and to make it work in your world and now it can be pure energy. Allow yourself to reach as many people as possible.

Then there is the part of life on Earth that we see in so many humans called self-doubt. We are not aware of that feeling here at Home, as we are connected to each other in ways that we can see. We see self-doubt as a weak link in a chain that we will not allow here at Home. That may sound harsh to humans but it is not a judgment, only a vibrational measurement and a natural settlement of the universe. Humans have experienced self-doubt often in the third dimension.  Most humans have been successful at pretending to be separate so you do not always know that your greatest strengths are all around you. You have always pretended that they are a part of something else…another teacher, another lesson to learn, or another healing to go through. All of them are connected—one heart on the globe and that is what is taking place. You are connecting the one heart and it is working in ways that you never dreamed.

Take this opportunity and use it consciously over the next month. Touch no less than 10 people with your light freely. Do not try to determine the outcome because that is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is to use it to touch them and then let it go on its way. By December 31st of this year you will be celebrating in a new energy of the heart, for now it can exist on planet Earth in a new way. You are creating this reality every single day. It is not possible to predict the future at this time on Earth, because you are writing it the moment your foot hits the ground—you are creating your path. Welcome Home, creators. Welcome to the new planet Earth.

I am the Keeper of Time and I ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity.
Enjoy this new game and play well together.



New Discoveries on the Nature of Light

Quantum Mystery of Light Revealed by New Experiment

Clara Moskowitz, LiveScience senior writer
Date: 05 November 2012
Light's Wave-Particle Duality
This illustration shows the dual nature of light, which acts like both particles and waves. In a new experiment reported in November 2012, researchers observed light photons acting like both particles and waves simultaneously.
CREDIT: S. Tanzilli, CNRS

Is light made of waves, or particles?

This fundamental question has dogged scientists for decades, because light seems to be both. However, until now, experiments have revealed light to act either like a particle, or a wave, but never the two at once.

Now, for the first time, a new type of experiment has shown light behaving like both a particle and a wave simultaneously, providing a new dimension to the quandary that could help reveal the true nature of light, and of the whole quantum world.

The debate goes back at least as far as Isaac Newton, who advocated that light was made of particles, and James Clerk Maxwell, whose successful theory of electromagnetism, unifying the forces of electricity and magnetism into one, relied on a model of light as a wave. Then in 1905, Albert Einstein explained a phenomenon called the photoelectric effect using the idea that light was made of particles called photons (this discovery won him the Nobel Prize in physics). [What’s That? Your Physics Questions Answered]

Ultimately, there’s good reason to think that light is both a particle and a wave. In fact, the same seems to be true of all subatomic particles, including electrons and quarks and even the recently discovered Higgs boson-like particle. The idea is called wave-particle duality, and is a fundamental tenet of the theory of quantum mechanics.

Depending on which type of experiment is used, light, or any other type of particle, will behave like a particle or like a wave. So far, both aspects of light’s nature haven’t been observed at the same time.

But still, scientists have wondered, does light switch from being a particle to being a wave depending on the circumstance? Or is light always both a particle and a wave simultaneously?

Artist’s impression, inspired by the work of the artist Maurits Cornelis Escher, of the continuous  morphing between particle- and wave-like behaviour of light
Artist’s impression, inspired by the work of the artist Maurits Cornelis Escher, of the continuous morphing between particle- and wave-like behaviour of light
CREDIT: Nicolas Brunner and Jamie Simmonds

Now, for the first time, researchers have devised a new type of measurement apparatus that can detect both particle and wave-like behavior at the same time. The device relies on a strange quantum effect called quantum nonlocality, a counter-intuitive notion that boils down to the idea that the same particle can exist in two locations at once.

“The measurement apparatus detected strong nonlocality, which certified that the photon behaved simultaneously as a wave and a particle in our experiment,” physicist Alberto Peruzzo of England’s University of Bristol said in a statement. “This represents a strong refutation of models in which the photon is either a wave or a particle.”

Peruzzo is lead author of a paper describing the experiment published in the Nov. 2 issue of the journal Science.


The experiment further relies on another weird aspect of quantum mechanics — the idea of quantum entanglement. Two particles can become entangled so that actions performed on one particle affect the other. In this way, the researchers were able to allow the photons in the experiment to delay the choice of whether to be particles or waves.

MIT physicist Seth Lloyd, who was not involved in the project, called the experiment “audacious” in a related essay in Science, and said that while it allowed the photons to delay the choice of being particles or waves for only a few nanoseconds, “if one has access to quantum memory in which to store the entanglement, the decision could be put off until tomorrow (or for as long as the memory works reliably). So why decide now? Just let those quanta slide!”


Your Brain and Light

How to Use Light to Control the Brain

Stephen Dougherty, Scientific American
Date: 01 April 2012 Time: 09:38 AM ET


Scientists can use light to switch on a neuron.
Scientists can use light to switch on a neuron.
CREDIT: iDesignShutterstock

In the film Amèlie, the main character is a young eccentric woman who attempts to change the lives of those around her for the better. One day Amèlie finds an old rusty tin box of childhood mementos in her apartment, hidden by a boy decades earlier. After tracking down Bretodeau, the owner, she lures him to a phone booth where he discovers the box. Upon opening the box and seeing a few marbles, a sudden flash of vivid images come flooding into his mind. Next thing you know, Bretodeau is transported to a time when he was in the schoolyard scrambling to stuff his pockets with hundreds of marbles while a teacher is yelling at him to hurry up.

We have all experienced this: a seemingly insignificant trigger, a scent, a song, or an old photograph transports us to another time and place. Now a group of neuroscientists have investigated the fascinating question: Can a few neurons trigger a full memory?
In a new study, published in Nature, a group of researchers from MIT showed for the first time that it is possible to activate a memory on demand, by stimulating only a few neurons with light, using a technique known as optogenetics. Optogenetics is a powerful technology that enables researchers to control genetically modified neurons with a brief pulse of light.

To artificially turn on a memory, researchers first set out to identify the neurons that are activated when a mouse is making a new memory. To accomplish this, they focused on a part of the brain called the hippocampus, known for its role in learning and memory, especially for discriminating places. Then they inserted a gene that codes for a light-sensitive protein into hippocampal neurons, enabling them to use light to control the neurons.

With the light-sensitive proteins in place, the researchers gave the mouse a new memory. They put the animal in an environment where it received a mild foot shock, eliciting the normal fear behavior in mice: freezing in place. The mouse learned to associate a particular environment with the shock.

Next, the researchers attempted to answer the big question: Could they artificially activate the fear memory? They directed light on the hippocampus, activating a portion of the neurons involved in the memory, and the animals showed a clear freezing response. Stimulating the neurons appears to have triggered the entire memory.

The researchers performed several key tests to confirm that it was really the original memory recalled. They tested mice with the same light-sensitive protein but without the shock; they tested mice without the light-sensitive protein; and they tested mice in a different environment not associated with fear. None of these tests yielded the freezing response, reinforcing the conclusion that the pulse of light indeed activated the old fear memory.

In 2010, optogenetics was named the scientific Method of the Year by the journal Nature Methods. The technology was introduced in 2004 by a research group at Stanford University led by Karl Deisseroth, a collaborator on this research. The critical advantage that optogenetics provides over traditional neuroscience techniques, like electrical stimulation or chemical agents, is speed and precision. Electrical stimulation and chemicals can only be used to alter neural activity in nonspecific ways and without precise timing. Light stimulation enables control over a small subset of neurons on a millisecond time scale.

Over the last several years, optogenetics has provided powerful insights into the neural underpinnings of brain disorders like depression, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Now, in the context of memory research, this study shows that it is possible to artificially stimulate a few neurons to activate an old memory, controlling an animals’ behavior without any sensory input. This is significant because it provides a new approach to understand how complex memories are formed in the first place.

Lest ye worry about implanted memories and mind control, this technology is still a long way from reaching any human brains. Nevertheless, the first small steps towards the clinical application of optogenetics have already begun. A group at Brown University, for example, is working on a wireless optical electrode that can deliver light to neurons in the human brain. Who knows, someday, instead of new technology enabling us to erase memories á la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, we may actually undergo memory enhancement therapy with a brief session under the lights.

This article was first published on Scientific American. © 2012 All rights reserved. Follow Scientific American on Twitter @SciAm and @SciamBlogs. for the latest in science, health and technology news.   


Nicolya Christi on Spirituality

Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World

Nicolya Christi

Breakdown Leads to Breakthrough

We are living in unprecedented times of accelerated change—change that is evident all around us and which we experience in every arena of our lives, from the political, economic and financial, to the social and religious.

More and more people are asking fundamental questions regarding their basic human rights and overall wellbeing, and beginning to question the influence that external “powers” have over our lives.

No longer content with dismissive answers from those in positions of “power,” people are beginning to recognize that they have the freedom to choose. The balance between “power” and empowerment is beginning to shift.

Humanity stands on an imminent threshold which is about to take it into a New Paradigm. We are witnessing the early stages of the birth of a New World.

As this New World emerges—as prophesied long ago by many advanced indigenous cultures, and portended by rare astronomical alignments currently taking place in our Galaxy, including the completion of a 26,000-year Galactic Cycle—everything is set to change.

We are now bearing witness to the collapse of political, economic, social and financial systems, as people respond to the call of the New World, the call of our time, and the call of their soul.

These courageous people are reaching out for a better quality of life, for equality, for their basic survival needs to be met, and for an overall sense of wellbeing, all of which are our fundamental birthright.

People are reclaiming their individual power; and if they can use this wisely, this will help to empower millions of fellow humans across the globe. We are bearing witness to a re-evolution, on a global scale.

The energy of change is sweeping the globe. People are “waking up” to the reality of their lives and to the current state of the world.

Under the spotlight of radical questioning and these sweeping changes is religion, or in a broader sense, spirituality. Are religion and spirituality one and the same?

At the center of all religion lies a spiritual heart. However, this spiritual heart, like the human heart, lies buried under thousands of years of conditioning and distortion, which has dominated and hidden the pure heart of religion.

The heart of religion and the human heart are not dissimilar in their historical fate. For the most part, both have remained buried under eons of fear-based constructs, which have manifested a distorted and unrecognizable caricature of religion, and of the human being.

It is said that all rivers lead to the same ocean and that, in a similar way, all religions lead to the same fundamental message and meaning: Love.

"Canyon Tree" 2012 © Sol Luckman“Canyon Tree” 2012 © Sol LuckmanContemporary Spirituality

What is Contemporary Spirituality? We could say that Contemporary Spirituality is an extraction of the purest essence of all religion.

It is what lies at the heart of all religion and at the heart of any spiritual practice or philosophy which has developed a complex doctrine, a fundamentalist and inaccurate set of scriptures and texts, and a dysfunctional set of rules and code of conduct.

Contemporary Spirituality is a current spirituality that speaks directly to us now in the times we live in. It is a Way which brings our spiritual focus into the Now.

Religion is an ancient system that was birthed in an unrecognizable (to our modern mind) and vastly different time in our ancient human history. Its rise to prominence took place when our conscious evolution was in its formative stages.

The heart of religion was adapted beyond all original meaning by those who held power, in order to control, manipulate and dominate the human being of 2,000 and more years ago.

Our conscious evolution has come a long way since then. We are no longer in the infancy stages of our conscious evolutionary development.

Therefore, it is entirely out of context to be following antiquated religious doctrine created by, and for, our less consciously evolved predecessors.

Contemporary Spirituality consists of a Way, which is uncorrupted, uncomplicated, and non-fundamental. It is an expression of spirituality and religion in its purest form. It represents the true heart of all religion, which was hidden by power hungry rulers long ago.

The heart of Contemporary Spirituality is open and available for all to see. It is a heart that is exquisite in its simplicity, transparency, beauty, and purity.

Contemporary Spirituality invites ALL, no matter what race, denomination or creed, to be inspired and seek to aspire and embody its proposals. It is a Way which is an infinitely pure and true expression of what lay at the heart of religion and certain spiritual paths.

Contemporary Spirituality invites us toward Self-mastery, in which we learn to master our bodies, senses, emotions, thoughts, and lives. It encourages us to cultivate self-discipline, self-love, self-awareness, self-knowing, and self-realization.

Contemporary Spirituality leads us along a clear path, devoid of rules, judgments, expectations, dogma, or fundamentalist belief systems. It guides us towards enlightenment.

Contemporary Spirituality requires no intellectual predisposition, as it is a language of the heart. It invites us to explore, practice and master the Seven Cornerstones of Contemporary Spirituality (see below).

The joy of Contemporary Spirituality is in its simplicity. It is a stripped back to the core spiritual Way forward for humanity.

It gently encourages and guides us to let go of dualistic and separatist religious indoctrination, and instead, embrace the concept of equality, unity, and unifying as one global family, with one “religion,” one spiritual practice, at the heart of humanity—that of Love.

This is something that we are now ready to embrace as contemporary, consciously evolving human beings.

The Light Shadow

Contemporary Spirituality embraces the human shadow, recognizing that when we explore ourselves with consciousness and awareness, and are therefore engaged in our own evolutionary process, the shadow is not dark, but indeed Light.

Contemporary Spirituality discounts the existence of a fundamentally dark nature within the human being, and instead acknowledges that there exists, within each of us, a primal wound, a separation from Source (God, Divinity, our Divine Nature).

However, this is not a wound we must bear as part of being human. We experience it only because we have been steeped in dualism, brought about by the misinterpretation or obscuration of what lay at the heart of religious and spiritual philosophies throughout human history.

The Light Shadow is referred to as such because by becoming aware of and healing the human shadow, its existence has brought us further enlightenment.

When compassion and empathy are offered as balms with which the human shadow can be healed and transformed, this results in its integration, and the conscious evolution of the human being.

For thousands of years we have lived under dictatorships, flawed regimes and a misinterpretation of the fundamental meaning of all religions, which is Love.

We have lived in duality, at a personal and collective level. We have been separated from the heart of religion and spirituality, and therefore our own hearts.

The primal wound of humanity, separation from Source, is one which can be healed. The way to healing all perceived sense of separation (for we have never truly been separate, only perceived ourselves to be so) is to become Love and only Love.

To live, breathe, sleep and live Love in every moment. To be a Master of the Heart. To reclaim and embody our natural state of being—which is Love.

This is what lies at the heart of Contemporary Spirituality: a new Way forward for a new human and a new world.

Seven Cornerstones of Contemporary Spirituality

The following is a list of the Seven Cornerstones of Contemporary Spirituality. Each is a teaching in itself, and all tend to be explored, practiced and embodied at the same time.

Each supports the transformation of the Light Shadow into a vast and beautiful Light which can surround and radiate from us.

The Seven Cornerstones are as follows: Unconditional Love, Empathy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Conscious Communication, Unconditional Positive Regard, and Compassionate Action.

When all seven of these foundational qualities of Contemporary Spirituality are mastered and lived realities, every day, we have attained Self-mastery.

This is when our true essence is fully awakened. This is when the heart has become fully transparent. When all humans embody this Way, as a lived reality, we will live in a transcendent world.

Copyright © 2012 by Nicolya Christi. All Rights Reserved.

[Nicolya Christi is Founder of WorldShift Movement, Co-founder of WorldShift International, and Co-initiator of WorldShift 2012. Nicolya’s focus is on human evolution, inner peace, and world peace. She is author of 2012: A Clarion Call—Your Soul’s Purpose in Conscious Evolution. Visit her website at]


Light Bending Yields Odd Images

Weird Light-Bending Experiment Turns Scientists Into ‘Coneheads’

by Clara Moskowitz, LiveScience Senior Writer
A new light-bending experiment turns physicists into coneheads.
Top, clockwise from left: Patrice Genevet, Nanfang Yu, Federico Capasso, Zeno Gaburro, and Mikhail A. Kats. Bottom: A simulation of the image that would appear in a large mirror patterned with the team’s new phase mirror technology.
CREDIT: Eliza Grinnell and Nanfang Yu

In a mind-bending, and light-bending, discovery, scientists have produced a fun-house-like warping of light that defies existing laws of physics.

For centuries, simple equations (taught every year to high-school physics students) have described how light moves through different media, for example from air into glass. Now, however, researchers have found that if the boundary between media is sufficiently complex (in this case, coated with nano-sized wires), those laws no longer apply.

The discovery has prompted the physicists to rewrite the traditional equations to account for the characteristics of the boundary surface. In most cases where these tweaked equations are applied, the new laws simplify back to their traditional forms, but sometimes, they show that light can behave in incredibly strange ways