Steve Rother’s Latest Beacons

Note: This message has been edited and in spots rechanneled by the group for better clarity in this format.

Greetings from Home, dear ones. I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service.

You can choose to be on top of the world, if you want to be. You can decide how you want to view life because that new vision is important. I am going to step back here for a moment to bring in my brother the Time Keeper, but I came in first to bring you one of my smiles. There it goes—see, I got you, did I not? You were not going to smile back but I got you anyway. You know I can do that and you can too and it is part of what you are going to be hearing more about. As you start to carry this light, there are so many ways you can use it. You are just starting to find out about the new energies on this side of the portal, and you are going to anchor this in a new way. I am going to step aside and let my brother come in because he has some key words he wants to bring you. Know that I love you and any time you get too serious I am the one sneaking up behind you and tickling your funny bone, to remind you that you are playing a game. You are supposed to be having fun and if you are not having fun, I am going to come and get you so just re-member that.

Greetings from Home. I am the Keeper of Time Today is a very magical day. You have now passed an energetic demarcation point that will allow most humans to begin to anchor in the new energy on this side of the portal. It has been very challenging for most of you. You have felt the differences in time; you have moved from compressed time into expanded time, and simply not been able to bring it into your heads at this point. You notice that it feels different, but you are not able to fully describe the changes or the differences that are taking place globally with all humans everywhere. Now you can start to change this.

Projection of a Shadow World

There was the first quadrant that had to complete. We could not even talk to you about it until the 31st of March. After the third month, we could begin to identify it because you have to settle this in. If we come in with information too early, we can impede your progress instead of helping it along. Therefore, the release of information and the timing of it is of great importance to all humans at this point. This is my job, for I am the Keeper of Time. I am the one who lowers his finger when humanity is ready to accept new information. We tell you, dear ones, you have passed a critical point. It had to do with the length of time past the portal and now you are into your second quadrant. This  is now allowing you to anchor your hearts, whereas before your energy was anchored with your physical body. You were searching in the shadow world that you had projected, because you knew the energy was going to be different. You realized it was all going to change the moment you stepped forward so you projected into it your expectations, belief systems, and daily routines so that everything would appear to be the same. Most reading this message are now at a very high vibration and are starting to see through the clouds. You are seeing through the illusion and the emptiness of the illusion and becoming very dissatisfied.  This is very challenging for most of you to do this because you are starting to see the reality, not the dream. It has been very difficult for you so you have been searching and looking all over for the different parts in your brain to find the right perspective. Most of you have tried on all sorts of new caps, ideas and perspectives during this time. That has been marvelous but now we are going to anchor your heart, because that is the part that has not found its grounding. We tell you, dear ones, that why many of you have felt so distant and challenged at times.

When you left Home, many of you were scarred in a way that has been carried with you throughout most of your lives. Many of you came to the table with all your ideas and said, “I am going in. I am going to live a life on planet Earth and make contracts and do different jobs, to make sure that I offer my part of god on planet Earth in the new energy.” You set up all the potentials. You set everything in motion but one thing that most of you were not expecting was a huge case of separation anxiety. Once you found yourself on planet Earth inside one of these bubbles of biology, you still remembered Home. Although you could not justify it in your brain, your heart knows the way Home and never forgets or takes you too far from it. Many of you experience such tremendous anxiety at that point of separation from Home that you have spent much of your life trying to heal that scar tissue, trying to re-connect that part of you that was missing. Now we tell you it is entirely possible to anchor your heart in new ways. and what you will find is that it has an effect on a global basis. You have always considered yourself to be a complete, the whole being within yourself which you are. But we also tell you that as you step further into this, you are connected to every single being, blade of grass and leaf; they are part of you in some way. Now you will have the opportunity to ground your heart on this side of the portal. As you have the opportunity to do this, you will be able to live in your heart energy much more than you ever thought was possible.

New Needs of the Physical Body

We will tell you that for some of you it is going to be uncomfortable, because most of you are not familiar with stretching your heart that large. The more you do this the more you feel and then you are able to recognize that light in others and help to bring it out. That is the connection that all of you will ground with. You are carrying more light than you have ever carried before; you are holding more energy in your physical body than ever before. Because your grounding has always been with the physical body, but now your spirit has taken over a physical body and therefore the physical body needs regular grounding. What is the grounding? It is everything from drinking water to feeding the body to nurturing it—oh yes, sex, of course. All of the things of Earth are part of that grounding process, but now your spirits need grounding as well. You are carrying more light than ever before and you have new needs even of your physical body, which is the reason there is so much interest in helping the physical change. As you start to align your energy in your physical body it aligns with your spirit automatically, which allows you to carry and be responsive from the spirit not the human. Now you are talking about living in multidimensionality, all of your perfection is here at once where you can call on the larger you, the one you call your higher self. That is the perfect you but you are living on a planet of imperfection. If you held your perfection from Home, you would not be able to play the game. You have great difficulties, and we have seen lots of them come through. You are here, now, to bring that to fruition.

Some of you will step into this very hesitantly because your heart is the part you have always protected. You are free to express your visions and try on different thoughts, but new feelings are much more difficult for you to harmonize with. You have a tendency to hold the old and protect what you have even if it is painful. Now is the time. As you ground in this new energy, your bodies will have an opportunity to connect more of your heart energy than ever before. That is the opportunity for all of you to find a stronger grounding and a new light Home. If you are still carrying some of these old energies with some of the challenges and scar tissue from when you left Home, you can learn to release them. Have you ever heard a baby crying to and you know their spirit is disturbed but you cannot find anything physically wrong? Dear ones, those are often the memories from Home, for when you finally awaken from the dream and open your eyes you will see us and understand what you have been missing. If it were possible we would pull aside the veil for just a moment and show that to you but that would not work either, for all of you would go Home. You would say, “This game is ridiculous. Let us go Home and play.” We would have to start all over again, would we not?

The Challenge: Exercising Your Light

Here is the piece we give you for this month. You are the bearers of light, of a new light. You are carrying a specific percentage of your own energy from Home in the physical body you have right at this moment. If you are able to share your light with 10 people over this next month, it will grow 100 percent. That is a simple equation to understand. How do you share your light with someone? You have opportunities every single day of your life. Most of you say, “Oh, but that does not fit into my world. I cannot say that to this person. I can say it over here in my safe room full of Lightworkers where I can say anything, but over there in my job at the bank, I cannot say that.” Try it. Push the boundaries. If you are not able to actually say something with words do it with your heart energetics. If you are able to touch and make contact with 10 beings over the next month, you will start a wave on planet Earth that will build and crescendo into a new energy toward the end of this year. That is how fast this can happen now. We tell you this because you have done it before. We shared with you a little secret—a mathematical secret quite some years ago. We simply said, share and celebrate these dates because these dates will build upon themselves and you began at the 02-02-02 and went all the way through the 12-12-12 where you walked yourselves through these portals. That was incredibly beautiful from our side of the veil. There was so much cheering going on here that we could not hear ourselves think. No. we do not have ears…and we have no need to think…but there were so many energetics behind you harmonizing with you, that it was amazing.

What happened was that you created the energy and at the time when the world was originally going to end, you had so much energy behind you that it just kept on going. That created a shadow world, comprised largely from your own expectations. Even though the portal was there and you knew that on the other side it would be different, you projected into it your dreams and your hopes. You put forth your image of who you were in that moment, and you created the possibilities to move effortlessly through something that would have quickly taken 90% of all life on Earth. You walked right through it, dear ones, never giving it a second thought. Now you are anchoring in a new way and you say, “Why are things different?” You knew things were going to be different, but you did not know how. You have all been looking for this point, thinking “I will wake up one day and all will be perfect.” We tell you if you did, you would be bored out of your mind. You would not like planet Earth at all, for it is the challenge that often brings you to your senses to who you really are and what your capabilities are. Know that you have made it. Now, what are you going to do with it? That is the real question. You can anchor this energy, you can ground it and find the new ways to balance your body and your spirit. As long as you are working with this, it will work.

We brought up the point of separation anxiety because there are many of you that carry scar tissue from the day you were born, and now is the time to start releasing that. There are many healers all over the planet and more surfacing and awakening every day. Why is that so? It is for the simple reason that you all brought something from Home. You have all brought a key element that only you could carry, so know that is needed now. This is why we are all here together awakening each other from the dream. You are becoming the new human every moment of every day. How will your heart adjust? That is the question. When you find that pain, that difficulty, or even when you love so much that your heart hurts, understand that you are in the right place. You know that you have just stretched your human being to carry more light. It is not about pain; it simply means that you have moved past the pain of separation anxiety. You have not been dumped on Earth, even though many of you feel that way. Some of you feel as if you made a deal and then all of a sudden, it is not there anymore you are all by yourself. We tell you that you were placed there for a very specific reason and you will find it very soon.  Trust your heart, as it always knows the way Home and you will find that if you can move past the fear of stretching your heart. Now you will find the strength that was never there before. Where you have always considered this to be a little bit of a vulnerable area, you would use this part of your brain to think around it,   justify it and to make it work in your world and now it can be pure energy. Allow yourself to reach as many people as possible.

Then there is the part of life on Earth that we see in so many humans called self-doubt. We are not aware of that feeling here at Home, as we are connected to each other in ways that we can see. We see self-doubt as a weak link in a chain that we will not allow here at Home. That may sound harsh to humans but it is not a judgment, only a vibrational measurement and a natural settlement of the universe. Humans have experienced self-doubt often in the third dimension.  Most humans have been successful at pretending to be separate so you do not always know that your greatest strengths are all around you. You have always pretended that they are a part of something else…another teacher, another lesson to learn, or another healing to go through. All of them are connected—one heart on the globe and that is what is taking place. You are connecting the one heart and it is working in ways that you never dreamed.

Take this opportunity and use it consciously over the next month. Touch no less than 10 people with your light freely. Do not try to determine the outcome because that is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is to use it to touch them and then let it go on its way. By December 31st of this year you will be celebrating in a new energy of the heart, for now it can exist on planet Earth in a new way. You are creating this reality every single day. It is not possible to predict the future at this time on Earth, because you are writing it the moment your foot hits the ground—you are creating your path. Welcome Home, creators. Welcome to the new planet Earth.

I am the Keeper of Time and I ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity.
Enjoy this new game and play well together.