Influences of Light & Color on the Mind

How Color and Light Influence the Mind

The following article is excerpted fromLight Therapies: A Complete Guide to the Healing Power of Light by Anadi Martel, published by Inner Traditions.

Meditation is the inner sun,
The source of inner light.

Right from the very start of my interest in light in the 1980s what intrigued me most was to find out whether it could contribute to enhancing altered states of consciousness—specifically, the higher state of meditative consciousness. This propelled my interest in developing new techniques for the control of light based on its modulation. I started out by studying its effects directly on myself, and then I examined its effects on others. This process, which was of an empirical nature, showed clearly that certain types of light could indeed have profound effects on the mind and on the psyche.

At the same time it was obvious to me that no technical method could create a state of meditation. Meditation is being present to oneself, a conscious awareness of our experience in the moment. No machine, no technology, can give us this state of awareness. However, nothing prevents us from using technology to contribute to the creation of an interior space that is favorable to meditation, and in so doing helping it to occur—which is what we intended to do by means of visual stimulation. When we accomplished this we discerned that this sort of sensorial approach could have other applications as well. Ma Premo and I both realized that light could have considerable potential for psychotherapeutic applications. However, though we could clearly recognize its effects, we were still incapable of fully comprehending why they were taking place; it was very difficult to understand this correctly by simply relying on the scientific or psychological facts that were available to us at that time.

We discovered in our early experiments that the light we were using seemed to intervene in an intermediate zone between the physiological influence of color in its most concrete biophysical aspect and its purely cognitive impact through its capacity to evoke a rich interior universe. The conventional scientific references at the time took into account only one of these two influences, and this seemed inadequate to us. In fact, it was only gradually, over the course of about twenty years, that we developed a model to better understand the nature of this intermediary domain, and as a result we were able to identify the scope of therapeutic applications of this type of light.

The Power of Color on the Mind

One of our early inspirations came as a result of the first studies about the way the brain reacts to the perception of color. Generations of researchers had already explored the cerebral structures connected to vision, the most important of all our senses. They had started to identify a complex organization capable of decoding information coming from the retina by means of a successive sequence of cerebral centers, each one processing a particular aspect of the visual field, with the major part of the visual cortex found at the back of the brain, where the optic nerve extends to the occipital lobe.

But it was only in 1989 that Lueck et al. identified the anatomical center that specifically processes information about color. This study was accomplished with positron emission tomography (PET), which enabled scientists to see the metabolic activity in the brain in a very direct way. The technique consisted of having subjects view two analogous images, one a set of rectangles in multiple colors (known as “Mondrians” because they evoke similar-looking images made by painter Piet Mondrian) and the other the same set of rectangles in achromatic shades of gray (see fig. 11.1). They took care to preserve equal luminosity in both types of images in order to create the same level of nervous stimulation in the brains of the test subjects. Then they tested to see which cortical zones reacted differently. In this seminal study, which was later published in the journal Nature, they demonstrated that they were able to isolate the brain’s color center* in a region of the visual cortex called the V4 area (Lueck et al. 1989).

*The color center located in the V4 area of the visual cortex includes the lingual gyrus and the fusiform gyrus.

A particular detail that stood out when I read this study was a graph that depicted the levels of activity in the different cerebral areas when subjects viewed the color images and the achromatic images. Naturally, the color center in the brain reacted more actively to the colored version of the image, while another area, called the frontal eye fields, showed a clear suppression of activity with the colored image (see fig. 11.2). This area is to be found in the frontal cortex, the cerebral lobe generally associated with evolved mental activity, such as language, motivation, and planning.

The logical implication is that color appears to reduce mental activity while simultaneously stimulating the visual cortex. It is as though pure color consisted of complete information in itself, in such a way that the brain is not obliged to pursue any further mental analysis. This was in stark contrast to the same image in black and white, in which the frontal eye fields—i.e., higher cortical functions—are stimulated by the absence of color. Could color be a stimulus permitting the increase of global cerebral energy, yet calming the mind at the same time? This was a seductive possibility, because such a function is precisely what meditation does.

This close relationship between color and the mind was again emphasized in an astonishing study carried out by Kosslyn et al. (2000). He applied the same technique as Lueck (PET measurements resulting from viewing the Mondrian images); however, Kosslyn used subjects who were highly suggestible and placed them under hypnosis.* He discovered that in this case the color center reacts less to the actual coloring of the test image than to the suggestion under hypnosis that the image is colored (or not). Not only does color perception influence the mind, as Lueck had shown, but mind influences color perception: the two are intimately linked.

*According to Kosslyn’s study about 8 percent of the general population is highly suggestible to hypnosis.

The Domains of Influence of Light

Let’s examine more closely two important areas where color exerts its influence: the objective domain (working through the physiological and biophysical channels) and the cognitive domain (animating our thoughts and our consciousness).

We have explored a number of influences coming from the objective domain, which are influences mediated by the purely physical properties of light. This includes all those influences to be found in the new light medicine. So we have photobiomodulation, through which light acts directly at the cellular level, stimulating the mitochondrial respiratory chain and modulating the production of ATP, our metabolic energy source. Also influenced is the nonvisual optical pathway, through which light governs the endocrine system by means of the retinohypothalamic tract. Notably, this includes a profound influence on our central internal clock and consequently on circadian rhythm. Another objective effect of light is that of photic entrainment. Here, pulsating light interacts with brain waves to directly induce different mental states.

Many modalities of alternative light medicine come from the objective domain as well. For example, in syntonic optometry the visual field of the subject is exposed to precise colors in order to obtain specific autonomic effects. In Colorpuncture, the colors are chosen and applied according to the stimulated reflex points. The common characteristic of all of these objective influences is the systematic manner in which their action takes place, independent of the will or of any cognitive involvement of the subject.

The cognitive domain of light is that which passes through the sense of vision; this influence is one of the most profound we can have in life. Through vision, we build an interior representation of our entire world. Vision informs our superior cognitive faculties; it can evoke all the emotions, sensations, and thoughts that define us.

We’ve all heard that old truism, “An image is worth a thousand words.” The arts of painting and photography, television, and cinema are visual forms that can give meaning to our existence. In their most exalted manifestations such as sacred geometry or mandalas, images are capable of exerting influence of a higher spiritual nature. When light interacts in such a way with our mental universe, it is not only acting through its physical properties; it becomes a vehicle for the transfer of information through images that are formed by our visual system. The influence of light in this cognitive domain is characterized by the complexity of its form and by its rich informational content.

The Subjective Domain, the Third Area of Influence

So we possess many ways of using light, which can act on either one or the other of these two domains, the objective and the cognitive. But what happens at the boundary between these two? Essentially, in this intermediate domain we try to induce perceptions of a superior cognitive order by using the objective properties of light. For this reason I call this third domain of influence the subjective domainbecause it intervenes at the level of our interior perception, which is subjective. We will see that it concerns one of the most fertile of regions, and this has profound implications for the therapeutic application of color.

What do we mean when we say “perceptions of a superior cognitive order”? This has to do with all cognitive activity capable of inducing within us a harmonious and positive state of being. Such activity can take several forms: any emotion that evokes beauty or pleasure; the sensation of unity with the flow of life; deep relaxation; or, again, an impression of immense peace and security. Why would such perceptions be of particular therapeutic interest? Most of us understand this intuitively: they permit us to rediscover our natural equilibrium, and they open the door to an intrinsic mechanism of healing always ready to move into action when we give it the opportunity.


On Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology – Medicine By The Stars

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ach zodiac sign has a corresponding cell salt that is deficient under that sign. When you learn about yourEparticular cell salt, you will be well on your way to optimum health!

There is surprising amount of benefit in diagnosing and prescribing by the zodiac. Remember, as with all works of astrology, that to be truly accurate you should look up your moon and rising sign too.

Taking the cell salts daily is an excellent practice as they act as a regulator and organiser of tissue.

Medical Astrology - Medicine By The StarsWearing your gemstone to preserve health is a tradition going back many hundreds of years, particularly in Asia and the Orient. If you can, wear the stone so that it touches the skin. The message is that once you start wearing your gemstone, you never want to take it off.

Likewise the use of the sun sign colors is guaranteed to put more energy into your day. Try also wearing the colors of your ascendant and moon sign.


Body Parts: Head and brain, The arterial blood.
Color: Bright Red.
Gemstone: Ruby.
Cell Salt: Potassium phosphate.


Aries is prone to over-stimulation and dissipation if forces. Even with only a slight cold it may produce feverish disorders and high temperature. Also subject to facial eruptions, head colds, headaches, dizziness, nosebleed, facial neuralgia.

Potassium phosphate is the cell salt of vital energy, and is strongly associated with brain nervous tissue and vitality states.

Its found in many foods – celery, lettuce, cauliflower, silverbeet, spinach, onion, mustard, radish, tomato, carrots, dates, apples and lemons are good sources.


Body Parts: The neck and thyroid, The cervical spine.
Color: Bright green, rose, rich brown.
Gemstone: Emerald.
Cell Salt: Sodium sulphate.


Taurus is subject to the throat ailments, especially affected in illness, and the mucous membranes there are more sensitive than in other signs. The thyroid effects Taureans warmth through its regulation of metabolism, and is prone to under-activity.

Sodium sulphate is the Taurus salt, and acts mainly as a regulator of body fluid, a tonic to the throat, and a good liver detoxifier.

Good sodium sulphate foods are spinach, silverbeet, swiss chard, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, celery, pumpkin, onion, apples and strawberries.


Body Parts: The lungs, arms and hands, The nervous system.
Color: Pale Yellow.
Gemstone: Citrine. Cell Salt:
Potassium chloride.


Gemini under affliction runs to insomnia, nervous exhaustion, bronchitis, asthma, pleurisy and tuberculosis. Change is essential to the Gemini recuperation and their best environment for healing is new surroundings, away from the cares and worries of the world. The best therapies are breathing exercises and long walks in an unhurried setting, dry climate, and adequate sleep.

Potassium chloride has a strong action as a nerve stabiliser, and aids the health of blood protein and lung mucous membrane.

Strong foods are beans, asparagus, silverbeet, carrots, cauliflower, sweet corn, celery, apricots, peaches, plums and pineapple.


Body Parts: The stomach, uterus and breasts.
Color: Silver, pale blues and greens.
Gemstone: Moonstone.
Cell Salt: Calcium fluoride.


Cancer is prone to disorders brought on by emotional states. The stomach and uterus are affected principally, giving rise to indigestion, poor secretion of gastric juices, sensations of fullness and heaviness. With the uterus the complaints run to prolapse, retroversion, and infertility. The rulership of the lymphatics can give trouble with fluid accumulation.

The cell salt calcium fluoride is strengthening to connective tissue and has much to do with cross linking and general tissue strength. It is also useful in conditions such as prolapse.

Good sources of the salt are rye bread, cabbage, pumpkin, onions, grapes, oranges and lemons, though, as in all these cases, much depends on the nature of the soil.



Body Parts: The heart, blood, and dorsal spine.
Color: Yellow, orange and gold.
Gemstone: Golden Topaz.
Cell Salt: Magnesium phosphate.


Leo is prone to lack of moderation, drawing excessively on the vital stores. Illnesses are usually due to exhaustion of vital energy, which then effects the heart, spine and spleen. Blood pressure is a good measure of Leonine health, as is the straightness and flexibility of the spine. Severe Leo complaints are heart disease, hardening of the arteries, curvature and arthritis of the spine, disorders of the red and white blood cells.

Magnesium phosphate is excellent for Leo and helps maintain the health of the heart, the spinal muscles, and in fact all muscle.

Good foods are peas, oats, all citrus fruits, plums, apples, lettuce, almonds, cucumber.


Body Parts: Small intestine, digestive enzymes.
Color: Browns, beige, autumn tones.
Gemstone: Peridot.
Cell Salt: Potassium sulphate.


Virgo health has much to do with the condition of the mind: worry, anxiety, and environmental influences can slowly deplete the nervous system, leaving a ragged, irritable state. The digestion suffers also, with malabsorption, constipation, wind, diarrhoea, and dyspepsia. Yoghurt and food combining often suit.

The cell salt is potassium sulphate, known as a strong purifier and a regulator of oxygen use in tissue.

Good sources are chicory, endive, cress, wheat, oats, rye, cheese and almonds.



Body Parts: Kidney, ear, Fallopian tubes.
Color: All pastels, but particularly rose and aqua.
Gemstone: Diamond, Turquoise.
Cell Salt: Sodium phosphate.


Libra is usually temperate in eating and drinking, and throws little strain on the kidneys and endocrine system, but can overdo it with gourmet foods and delicacies. When under stress the hormonal balance may be affected. Overindulgence in food gives kidney trouble mainly, and the skin may be affected through impure blood, and Librans should drink plenty of water. There is often a lack of muscle and nerve tone, and exhaustion will result when Libran balance is disturbed.

Sodium phosphate has much to do with body balance. Its particularly involved with the acid-alkali balance and charge balance maintained by the kidneys.

Good foods are carrots, asparagus, silverbeet, corn, rice, figs, apples, strawberries, peaches, almonds and raisins.



Body Parts: The sex organs and hormones, All orifices.
Color: Dark red.
Gemstone: Garnet. Cell Salt:
Calcium sulphate.


Scorpio being a magnetic sign often tends to attract disease, and it is only by utilising the self-cleansing, eliminative side of the sign that good health is maintained. Scorpio governs the reproductive organs, and the final channels of elimination from the body – the anus, the urethra, the colon, ears and nostrils. It has much to do generally with the elimination of toxins from the blood, and if the excretory systems break down, Scorpio is more prone to toxaemia than any other sigh. Excesses of appetite and desire are a particular source of toxic trouble, and may lead to venereal disease, hernia, piles, boils, fevers, appendicitis, menstrual irregularities and discharges.

Calcium sulphate has much to do with the effective discharge of toxins.

Foods high in this salt are onions, asparagus, garlic, watercress, mustard, greens, leeks, radishes, cauliflower, figs, black cherries, prunes and gooseberries.


Body Parts: The liver and sacral spine, The thighs and haunches.
Color: Deep blue, purple.
Gemstone: Amethyst.
Cell Salt: Silica.


Sagittarians have a love of speed and adventure, and a great affinity with horses, with the consequence of frequent accidents – cuts, injuries, bites and kicks from animals. There is also a tendency to overindulge in the good things in life, imposing a toxic strain on the liver and pancreas. Common illnesses are sciatica, lumbago, hepatitis and diabetes. Under stress, the nervous system may be easily depleted.

Silica is important in the strength and endurance of tissue such as ligament, tendon, nails, skin and hair.

Silica is found in oats, rye, rice, figs, strawberries, prunes, parsnips, cherries and the skins of fruits and vegetables.


Body Parts: All bones, but especially the knees.
Color: Brown, black.
Gemstone: Blue sapphire, Jet.
Cell Salt: Calcium phosphate.


It is said that Capricorn grows younger with years, the health improving and the outlook brightening. Certainly hypochondria and gloom afflict the sign; morbid tendencies, despondence and discontent are often seen. Hence the illnesses are those of cold and limitation; crystallization problems such as arthritis, disorders of bone and teeth, poor circulation and constipation. The knees are often affected.

The cell salt calcium phosphate is important nutrition of bone, and helps stabilise the nervous system.

It is found in dairy products, cabbage, asparagus, lentils, beans, spinach, eggs, meat, wheat, parsley, strawberries, figs, blueberries and plums.


Body Parts: Energy circulation, The wrists and ankles.
Color: Electric blue.
Gemstone: White zircon.
Cell Salt: Sodium chloride.


Aquarius is liable to nervous and energy disorganisation through worry, anxiety and nervous stress. The illnesses are often peculiar, having few tangible symptoms. The are primarily diseases of etheric flow, and are best treated by acupuncture, homoeopathy, spiritual healing and energy balancing. The circulation is especially affected, varicose veins, cold hands and feet, and cramping of the calves being common disorders. Extreme affliction may lead to such conditions as excessive constriction of the arteries of the hands, epilepsy and circulatory failure.

The cell salt Sodium chloride, and Aquarius may often be addicted to salt, which can cause fluid retention and blood pressure problems. The best approach is to cut dietary salt down to no more than about a gram a day, and use the cell salt as a balancer and normaliser.

Good food sources are seafoods, meat, cabbage, corn, spinach, asparagus, celery, radishes, lentils, strawberries, apples, figs, almonds and sesame seeds.


Body Parts: The feet, The immune system, Blood protein.
Color: All the colors of the sea.
Gemstone: Aquamarine.
Cell Salt: Iron phosphate.


Pisces suffers from scattered disorganised life energies and emotionally induced disorders, anxiety and apprehension being common causes. The sign is highly suggestible and the illnesses are often produced by psychic states, as often the aura can be strongly affected. There is liability to drug taking and self-indulgence. The movement of fluids in the body under the special rulership of Pisces, and disorders of oedema and fluid retention are common – especially in the feet. There is a notable tendency for the sign to look either dried out or soggy, although Pisces should always drink plenty of water. There is a liability to hormone imbalances.

The cell salt is iron phosphate, having much to do with the blood protein and resistance to infection.

Good food sources are spinach, lettuce, parsley, liver, beef, strawberries, radishes, cucumbers, almonds and raisins.

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On Color, CHakras, and More

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The LumenOctave Principles – A Detailed Guide to the Language of the Soul

14th June 2012

By Mona Bhattacharya

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

In our purest form, we are consciousness; we are the light that experiences everything. The instrument through which we experience our light – the human body – is essentially created by sound, i.e. atoms vibrating on different frequencies. These vibrations proceed in all kinds, aspects, and densities of the matter that constitutes the Universe, from the finest elements to the coarsest.

Lumen is defined as the total amount of visible light emitted by a source.

When the white light of consciousness enters the body, it refracts and travels through seven different organs and glands with seven different frequencies. Each frequency regulates the characteristics and color of light emitted. For example, when the consciousness light enters the pineal gland, the energy emitted is violet due to the specific vibration of the gland.

By that standard, The LumenOctave is the light of consciousness experienced through an octave of sound frequencies: the seven frequencies plus the origin of the octave.

The explanation behind this can be found in music theory. In a musical scale, there are seven notes: Root, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh are the scale degrees relative to the root note – the origin of the octave. The seven-tone scale is the formula of a cosmic law defined by ancient schools applied to music. However, studying the manifestations of the law of octaves in vibrations of other kinds shows that the law applies to everything else in our reality; that light, heat, chemical, magnetic, and other vibrations are subject to the same principles as sound vibrations. For instance, the light scale is known to physics; in chemistry, the periodic system of the elements is closely connected with the principle of octaves.

Sunlight entering and leaving a drop of water to create a rainbow is a simple natural phenomenon exemplifying this law. When the light of the sun leaves the prism, it is no longer white, but spreads into seven rays of different color: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, depending on the angle though which is enters and leaves.

How does this apply to the Human Experience?

Musical sounds are organized into patterns of harmony. Noise is random, disorganized sounds.  A harmonious sound is called a tone, and is produced by vibrations contained in an organized way for the performer to control the loudness, quality and duration of the tone.

Similarly, the harmony of the LumenOctave – essentially the interplay between body and spirit – is determined by a person’s intentional ability to take charge of the tones within the octave and create harmony in life instead of disruption and noise.

The eight tones of the LumenOctave

Each tone of the LumenOctave is the native sound to a specific aspect of the human experience, e.g. finances, sex, relationships, personal boundaries, love, communication, independence, mental clarity and purpose, etc. By that definition, each tone communicates in clear messages about what works within that aspect – and what doesn’t. Below is an overview of each tone, its native region, color and purpose, and most importantly, how it communicates.

Tone 1: Life Purpose

  • Physical Location: Crown Center, Fontanel
  • Native Energy: Static
  • Native Aspects: Spirit, Higher Self, Self Acceptance
  • Color: Golden light
  • Purpose: To establish a strong connection to the higher self
  • Symptoms of Dysfunction: Bipolar disorder, ADD, dyslexia, epilepsy, MS, Parkinson’s, memory loss or a personal history of strokes or brain tumor

You know your first tone is harmonious when you feel an unconditional love for yourself and everyone around you knows it. You are connected to your higher self and are living out your purpose, expressing your work on the planet on a daily basis. You are fully aware that your purpose is unique, focused and specific to whom you are. Your radiance is evident to others.

You know your first tone is disharmonious when you feel stuck in a dull repetitive job – like you are called to do something great, but unable to identify what it is. You don’t have the courage to break away from the secure monthly paycheck, opening the space to discover your special contribution to the world. You feel abandoned by God.

Tone 2: Intelligence

  • Physical Location: Pineal Gland
  • Native Energy: Static Electrical
  • Native Aspects: Intelligence, Intuition, Psychic Powers, Imagination
  • Color: Violet
  • Purpose: To enhance mental clarity and intuition
  • Symptoms of Dysfunction: Frequent headaches, sinus pressure around the eyes, bad eyesight, cataracts, glaucoma, insomnia, paranoia or depression

Your second tone is active when clarity of mind is a regular and natural state for you. Having a calm, primed mind gives you a powerful presence in this world. You don’t need any external means to stay sharp and clear – in stead, you easily tap into the unlimited resources of your intelligence. Other people respect you for your quick mind and ability to see things clearly. Your life is a series of synchronicities and you feel the flow of life on a daily basis.

You know your second tone is inactive when you feel a lack of mental clarity, good memory, or the ability to handle stress. You are unable to stay focused and efficient, and unable of relaxing your mind to heal negative thought patterns that cloud your life. You feel confused and often lose sight of the big picture. You wish could get a bird’s eye view of what is going on in your life.

Tone 3: Healing

  • Physical Location: Medulla Oblongata
  • Native Energy: Neuro-Electrical
  • Native Aspects: DNA-Activation, Addictions, Programming
  • Color: Indigo
  • Purpose: To ensure that messages from the pineal gland are communicated and integrated within your body. The home of DNA programming and re-programming
  • Symptoms of Dysfunction: Teeth-grinding, issues with mouth, teeth, or gums, nervous breakdown, neurosis, psychosis, anxiety disorders

You know your third tone is active when you realize that living out your true potential is not defined by right or wrong, good or bad, normal or strange. You live your life in harmony and balance, unaffected by the opinions of others – even if they represent a majority. You have the courage to follow your dreams, free from “I shouldn’t”, “I ought to” and “I must”.

You know you need to focus on your third tone when you are caught in a situation because it is expected of you, or in a relationship because it’s ‘wrong’ to get a divorce. You feel uneasy with the unconventional and easily get embarrassed when those around you act out of the norm – especially in public! You care about what others think to a point where you will change your path to conform, even if deep down, you don’t really want to.

Tone 4: Communication

  • Physical Location: Thyroid Gland
  • Native Energy: Electro Magnetic
  • Native Aspects: Ether, Truth Aura
  • Color: Sky Blue
  • Purpose: To give you the gift of clear, truthful verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Symptoms of Dysfunction: Weakened immunity, swollen throat glands or frequent sore throat or laryngitis, hormonal imbalances, neck or upper back pain, thyroid problems, chronic sinus issues, lymphedema or hypothyroidism

When your fourth tone is active, you are not afraid of voicing your opinion, and those around you value what you have to say. They know you speak the truth, even if it is uncomfortable to some. You feel comfortable talking in front of large groups of people and know how to captivate them with your messages. You are a great judge of character, and are able to decode non-verbal as well as verbal communication.

You know your fourth tone is inactive when you feel uncomfortable delivering a difficult message, to yourself as well as to others. You often find yourself accepting things to be true, even if you know they’re not – “I’m OK with this”, “I’m glad I lost my job”, “It probably happened for the best”.

Tone 5: Love

  • Physical Location: Thymus Gland, Lung Region
  • Native Energy: Electrical
  • Native Aspects: Air, Happiness, Environment
  • Color: Green
  • Purpose: To create contentment, happiness, love and freedom
  • Symptoms of Dysfunction: Frequent upper respiratory ailments, chest pain, high blood pressure, heart problems, asthma, lung issues, breast problems, poor circulation, carpal tunnel, or problems with shoulders or arms

You know your fifth tone is healthy when you feel happy and loved. You know that you are complete in your own being, happy just the way you are, and no one can take that away from you. Loneliness is not a part of your life, but the sense of freedom to do what your heart desires is. You know the true meaning of forgiveness – of yourself and others.

You know that your fifth tone is inactive when you often feel a sense of abandonment and wish that people were there for you. Loneliness and the dominant desire to find the one true love that completes your life are recurring themes in your thoughts. Even if you want to let go and forgive, pain and hurt linger on in you, even years after.

Tone 6: Personal Power

  • Physical Location: Solar Plexus
  • Native Energy: Thermal
  • Native Aspects: Fire, Confidence, Strength
  • Color: Yellow
  • Purpose: To create a strong personal foundation and the power to say NO
  • Symptoms of Dysfunction: Diabetes or low blood sugar, digestive difficulties, liver problems, hiatal hernia, gallstones, varicose veins or stomach ulcers

When your sixth tone is active, you see the importance of taking care of your own needs before helping others. You are admired for your confidence and charisma and like to empower others to feel the same. You master the balance between staying true to yourself and working cohesively in a team. You never let anger bottle up inside, but make sure to address a conflict straight away.

You know your sixth tone is unhealthy when others cross your personal boundaries time and time again. However, you can’t let them know. You either feel very angry or completely powerless when a conflict arises. You put the need of others before your own, even if they don’t truly appreciate your help. You often feel like the scapegoat – as if people are out to get you.

Tone 7: Beauty

  • Physical Location: Womb or Sacrum
  • Native Energy: Chemical
  • Native Aspects: Water, Relationships, Emotions
  • Color: Orange
  • Purpose: To create sensations of beauty, gentility, femininity and creativity. The home of sensuality and sexuality
  • Symptoms of Dysfunction: Gynecological problems (such as fibroids, endometriosis, menstrual disorders, or ovarian problems), prostate problems, bowel disorders, low back pain, or bladder or urinary issues, eating disorder or intestinal parasites

You know your seventh tone is active when you cherish the relationship with yourself as your most important one. You embrace all aspects of your intimate and emotional life, and let yourself feel vulnerable and cry if you feel sad. You are happy with your body and know that it is beautiful because you made it so. Your sense of creativity is expressed in different areas of you life: when cooking, when playing with your children or when making love, just to mention some.

You know your seventh tone is inactive if your sense of perfection overrules your sense of creativity. You feel uncomfortable with the unknown and prefer to stick to the plan. Intimacy is a challenging area of you life, and you don’t like showing emotions. You rarely experience a sense of good chemistry with people you have just met – it takes a while for you to let people in.

Tone 8: Abundance

  • Physical Location: Rectum
  • Native Energy: Physical
  • Native Aspects: Earth, Blood, Sex, Money
  • Color: Red
  • Purpose: To make money with what you love. Have great sex. Manifest abundance
  • Symptoms of Dysfunction: Foot or leg pain, spinal problems, low bone density, adrenal issues, colon problems, hemorrhoids, sexual dysfunction (impotence or frigidity)

You know your eighth tone is active when you are making money, doing what you love. Other people admire you for your ability to create abundance and opportunities in all aspects of your life – money, sex and love – and to act on them with swiftness and grace. You feel safe in life and never let fear get the best of you.

You know your eighth tone is inactive when you feel trapped in money matters – no matter how much you work, there never seems to be enough. You work to live – not live to work. Your sex life doesn’t bring you joy, and neither do spiders, snakes, small rooms or large crowds – phobias are not unknown territory to you.


Amazing Images of Recent Auroras


Auroras spark awe across the north


AuroraMAX / Canadian Space Agency

The northern lights take on a weird, rippling shape in a super-wide-angle view captured Sunday night by the Canadian Space Agency’s AuroraMAX webcam in Yellowknife, capital of the Northwest Territories. There’s more from AuroraMAX at the project’s website and on Twitpic.

By Alan Boyle

Is it “auroras” or “aurorae”? The dictionary prefers the former, but either way, there was a multiplicity of auroral awesomeness this weekend — thanks to a solar storm that swept past Earth’s magnetic field over the weekend. During the past few days, we’ve shown off a few stunning images from Norway and Canada, and there’s a new crop to share today.

First, a little explanation for what you’re looking at:

Auroral lights arise when electrically charged particles from the sun interact with atoms and ions high up in Earth’s atmosphere, 60 to 200 miles up. The interaction sets off emissions in wavelengths ranging from blue, to green (the most common color), to red. The colors depend on the energy of the particles in question. To get the full story on that, check out the explanations from the“Causes of Color” website and the University of Alaska at Fairbanks.

This weekend’s auroras were particularly bright because ofa strong solar outburst that occurred on Thursday. There’s an interval between the outburst and the displays because the particles that are ejected from the sun travel at far less than the speed of light. But they’re still pretty speedy — the velocity is on the order of a million miles an hour.

Solar outbursts, known more formally as coronal mass ejections or CMEs, have the potential to disrupt electrical grids or satellite communications. There could be radiation effects on astronauts in orbit or passengers on high-altitude, pole-traversing airplane flights. Thursday’s outburst dealt Earth’s magnetic field a glancing blow, and no significant negative impact has been reported. However, an even stronger CME is currently on its way toward Earth and may force the rerouting of polar flights. Once again, electric-grid managers and satellite operators will be on alert, as will aurora-watchers.

Observers in northern latitudes can look forward to enhanced auroras over the next couple of nights — and the rest of us can look forward to more images like these:

Bjorn Jorgensen

Bjorn Jorgensen’s view of the aurora was captured on Sunday at Grotfjord, close to Tromso in north Norway. “This was amazing,” he told “It was a wonderful experience to see these stunning auroras.” The bird-of-prey picture was taken with a Nikon D3S camera equipped with a Nikkor 14-24mm lens. Exposure for the pictures in Jorgenson’s set was ISO 2200 at five and six seconds. Check out for more views.

Chad Blakley / Lights Over Lapland

Chad Blakley said on Sunday that he had “an unbelievable night” at Sweden’s Abisko National Park. “As soon as the sun went down I realized that we were about to experience something special,” he told “The auroras have been dancing all night long and show no sign of stopping! I only came in because 32 gigabytes of memory cards were full and all three batteries were dead!” Click on over to Blakley’s Vimeo page for a time-lapse video version of this imagery, and check out for more from Abisko.

for more amazing picture of these auroras, go to the story at:

December 4-10

Overall Color for the Week:    Cloudy Green

Expectation, excitement, and energy shifts will be part of this week’s theme.  You are beginning to feel a bit more lighthearted one moment, but the next you might just find yourself crashing and burning.   But look into this. The sense of happy expectation is also part of the low period.  Because of this, the crash and burn is not so devatsating, moreover it becomes just another point to move through.  There is something different in the current energy, and ti does not allow you to dwell on anything.  This is because things are shifting and changing so much on a vibrational level that if you are to attempt to hold on to one thing, you can find yourself blocked, and some of this can show itself as physical symptoms, exhibiting as colds or flu or stomach distress.  So just let go this week.  Take nothing too serioiusly.  Listen to your heart’s deep wisdom, especially when others are attempting to convince you of things.  Look around.  Your own perspective is changing and it is up to you to acccept and allow. There is much to be learned and much to be done this week.  Let yourself go.  Stay centered. Trust your intuition. And always, remain grounded.  Oh, and it is a good time to discover your talisman.  It can be anything — a stone, a key, a piece of fabric, whatever speaks to you.  It can be your reminder of going within and calming when things get weird.

On the larger scale, weird weather conditions will persist throughout most of the week.  The movements of birds, animals, and water creatures will be out of character but in tune with what is going on within the Earth.  Look for more large Earth movements and possible extreme events, like tsunamis or tornadoes out of season.  If someone attempts through the media or whatever to convince you of a certain pattern or predictability of what is going on with these things, do not believe them.  At this time, the patterns are shifting and old predictions no longer hold. You will find that there is a merry-go-round kind of theme with the political candidates, up and down, and all around.  Look for some unexpected announcements in this area.  The financial picture is just weird.  The stock market will continue its up and down, without any real stability.  Meanwhile, we will be told that all is well.  There are more unsettling financial; issues coming out of Europe.  They have been going on for some time, but they will be hinted at, if not made public this week.  There are going to be some odd events around the whole conspiracy thing  which will bring to the fore some of the things those theorists have been saying.  Those who choose to believe that all is well and that the Emperor’s outfit is stylish will have a hard time defending their positions this week.  There is the potential this week for a falling apart, even a disaster unrelated to the weather, on some level, but it is not clear at this time just what that means.

Sunday, December 4:    Light Pink

There is a lighthearted breeze in the air today.  Take advantage of it, and do not take things too seriously.  If you do, you will find that you will be misunderstood and misunderstanding.  Things are pretty much as they are on the surface.  Below it, there are other agendas and objectives, but today they will pretty much remain out of sight.  It is a good day for being the observer.  In this energy things can be said and done that reveal something of what has not heretofore been acknowledged.  Know what it is that is important for you, and regardless, do not compromise that.  Your inner knowing and your personal power come together in lighting your direction.

Crystal Energy:    Fire Agate—-This stone brings a cleansing energy to blocked areas, burning out debris and attachment.  Resonates with the Heart and Crown Chakras.

Monday, December 5:    Baby Blue

There is a lot of confusion in the air.  Add to that those people out there who purposely are trying to cause chaos and uncertainty, and there is a lot of stuff going on.  This is a day to step back from all the action and just let it do what it is going to do.  If they ask you questions or want answers, just let them know that you have nothing to say right now.  There is too much going on to look at anything as a final answer.  Interestingly, there is some enjoyment ot be had here.  You do not have to commit.  You do not have to decide.  You do not have to take any action.  Just be WHO you are and let everything else be as it will.  Actually, there is much to be learned from just watching.  There is a pattern, and it is falling into place.  Now is not the time to say exactly what it will be.

Crystal Energy:    Axinite—-The energy of this mineral attunes one to the vibrations of the earth energy.  It can enhance connectivity.  Resonates with the Root Chakra.

Tuesday, December 6:    Yellow Orange

St. Nicholas Day:    Perhaps you wake up feeling not quite right, sore throat, dry eyes.  Time to look at your dreams of the night before.  There are messages there.  Your expectations at this time are not corresponding with the reality you are seeing.  In many ways, you feel that you are being taken for granted.  This is a time to recognize just WHO you are, your own power, and all that you can do.  It is time to let others know about it.  It is time to stand up for yourself, and if you cannot do that, then stand up for what you believe in.  That is a first step. You cannot fail if you do what comes from your innermost heart.  The Universe and all around you acknowledge what it is that you desire if you will just let yourself do what you want to and be WHO you are.  You are amazing. It is time that you know that.  And when you know just how powerful you are, then all will agree.  Hey, it is St. Nicholas Day, and you deserve a gift.

Crystal Energy:    Pink Snowflake Obsidian—- The energy emitted by this stone brings a sense of joy and a knowing of the impermanence of things.  It connects with the vibration of the fairies.   It attunes with the frequency of the Heart Chakra.

Wednesday, December 7:    Cobalt Blue

There is a need to get things straightened out today, and there will be more than one opportunity for that to happen.  First, however, you need to be clear that you are wanting things to be clarified.  Sometimes it is better to be left in the dark.  It is another parameter of the ‘watch what you wish for’.  In the current energy people you know will be a bit out of sync.  You., yourself, are out of sync.  There is a time delay in what is occurring today. Schedules can be disrupted.  Take heed of this and do not obsess if things do not happen according to plan.There is a greater plan that they are fitting into.  Oh, and there can be some laughter about some of the mishaps of the day.

Crystal Energy:    Morganite—-This mineral aids one in connecting with the higher energies.  As part of this process, when you listens, you find understadning of the larger picture and a sense of belonging.  Resonates with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

Thursday, December 8:     Magenta

This is a good day to be centered within the knowing of your heart and to stay out of your head.  There are a lot of rocky roads ahead today, and it is best to navigate with your intuition.  If you overthink or overdo, you can find that things just become more complicated.  Let stuff be what it is. A lot of what is going on outside has nothing to do with you and if you try to interject yourself into it, you might just get hurt.  Step back and watch.  there is much to be learned.  And if those you care for find themselves learning tough stuff, the best you can do is to be there for them.  Oh, and synchronicity.  It is there today.

Crystal Energy:   Schist—-This category of mineral aids with change and alignment.  According to color, it can resonate with various chakras.;

Friday, December 9:    Moss Green

Things are hiding directly in sight, and some of the things you think you see are actually there.  This is a day when lots on interesting and amazing things can happen.  Do not lose your sense of surprise and wonder.  There is a kind of joy bubbling up today that can come forth in the most unexpected ways and circumstances.  Look to what people have to say.  Listen well to what is going on around you.  There are lots of messages oon all levels. Things begun today will take time to germinate and grow.  They are indications of what the new energy is bringing in as we approach Solstice.  This is a time of change.  The themes are being given to you now.  Watch and listen.

Crystal Energy:    Chalcedony Rose—-The energy of this stone brings calming and healing vibrations.  IT can assist in focus.  Resonates with the Solar Plexus and Upper Chakras.

Saturday, December 10:    Dark Amber

Full Moon:  Total Lunar Eclipse:    It will be hard to get a grip on what is going on around you today.  That is because nothing is settled and everything is in flux.  People will make plans, just to change them at the last moment.  You will decide on something, and then change your mind.  This is a good day for keeping your sense of humor.  There is nothing that will be that momentous that it cannot be remedied another time.    Stay away from negative energies, as some people will react with anger when things do not turn out the way they want them to.  Then they look for someone to blame.  Step back from the center of things and watch what is going on.  Change your perspective. You can learn a lot..

Crystal Energy:    Aurichalcite—-The energy of this mineral brings calm and understanding.  It serves well in bringing clarity and perspective to situations of the heart.  Resonates with the Third Eye Chakra.

When I get Rich, I Shall Wear Purple

Why Is the Color Purple Associated With Royalty?

By Remy Melina, Life’s Little Mysteries Staff Writer
03 June 2011 4:06 PM ET
Credit: Ayla87 | sxc.huCredit: Ayla87

The color purple has been associated with royalty, power and wealth for centuries. In fact, Queen Elizabeth I forbad anyone except close members of the royal family to wear it. Purple’s elite status stems from the rarity and cost of the dye originally used to produce it.

Purple fabric used to be so outrageously expensive that only rulers could afford it. The dye initially used to make purple came from the Phoenician trading city of Tyre, which is now in modern-day Lebanon. Fabric traders obtained the dye from a small mollusk that was only found in the Tyre region of the Mediterranean Sea.

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