Amazing Solar Images

AIR-RAISING SOLAR ACTIVITY: Over the past few days, amateur astronomers have recorded some of the most photogenic solar activity in years. Onlookers describe huge prominences of magnetized plasma rising above the stellar surface as “Unbelievable!”–“Hydrogen at its best”–“Massive and incredible!” This shot was simply hair-raising:

Alan Friedman took the picture from his backyard observatory in Buffalo, New York, on June 5th. “There are more to come,” he promises. And why not? The show is still underway. Latest images from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory reveal at least three regions of continued activity. Readers with solar telescopes are encouraged to train their optics on the limb of the sun

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Solar Flare & Radiation Storm

M-FLARE AND RADIATION STORM: This morning around 0641 UT, magnetic fields above sunspot complex 1226-1227 became unstable and erupted. The blast produced an M2-class solar flare, an S1-class radiation storm, and a massive CME. A recording of the blast from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory ranks as one of the most beautiful and dramatic movies of the SDO era:

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video with commentary from solar physicist C. Alex Young of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center shows material splashing back to the stellar surface. “I’ve never seen material released this way before,” he says in the video. “It looks like someone kicked a clod of dirt in the air–an amazing, amazing event.”

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Weekend Solar Blast

Large Detached Solar Prominence

by Stephen W. Ramsden

While displaying the Sun to 500+ kids and their families at the Virginia Highlands Summer Festival in Atlanta, GA, we were all witness to this incredible display of solar activity. Early in the morning a large magnetically supercharged chunk of Hydrogen Plasma was ejected from the limb of the Sun right before our eyes. It just hung there over the Sun almost 25 Earth Diameters high. It was breathtaking to watch and really got the attendees interested in our nearest star.

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May 29-June 4

Overall Color for the Week:    Light Sky Blue

It is time to reach for the stars.

The Earth is shaking, crying, wailing, and blowing.  This summer will bring more hurt and destruction than this globe has seen in eons.  No place will be untouched.  People need to awaken and know what is truly important. By the end of the year, many, many people will find that their concepts of life, living, what is necessary, what is important, etc. will have changed. And when this happens, those with a new perspective will see clearly the illusion of what the media and those in power have told us is paramount, necessary, good.  Plastic surgery.  Material possessions. Big houses.  The “Right” people.  Hollywood glamor.  Gossip magazines. Stuff.  The Earth will have led us to evaluate what makes life worthwhile.  This week, this summer, and the slide into next year will hold up a mirror to us all.  What we see in it will be the truth.  We can choose to accept or turn away. There is no blame.  We do the best we can. Continue reading

Reports of Blue/Green Meteor in Georgia


Georgia Blue Meteor 20MAY2011

Chickamauga station video (c) 2011 NASA
Atlanta, Georgia Meteor just before 11:00 pm 20MAY2011
Just before 11pm, I saw a blue meteor. White tail, blue front. Am sure it was in our atmosphere, it was close, huge! Atlanta, GA area. Today is May 20, 2011 -Anon.

hour south of Atlanta, Georgia

Guest775 (guest): We saw a green with white and yellow meteorite type object shoot across the sky in Georgia -an hour south of Atlanta – heading north. It lasted 3-5 seconds. Moving very fast. Very far away.Very pretty.

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