May 29-June 4

Overall Color for the Week:    Light Sky Blue

It is time to reach for the stars.

The Earth is shaking, crying, wailing, and blowing.  This summer will bring more hurt and destruction than this globe has seen in eons.  No place will be untouched.  People need to awaken and know what is truly important. By the end of the year, many, many people will find that their concepts of life, living, what is necessary, what is important, etc. will have changed. And when this happens, those with a new perspective will see clearly the illusion of what the media and those in power have told us is paramount, necessary, good.  Plastic surgery.  Material possessions. Big houses.  The “Right” people.  Hollywood glamor.  Gossip magazines. Stuff.  The Earth will have led us to evaluate what makes life worthwhile.  This week, this summer, and the slide into next year will hold up a mirror to us all.  What we see in it will be the truth.  We can choose to accept or turn away. There is no blame.  We do the best we can.

And so, this Memorial Day weekend, will bring memories to us all.  As new memories are made.  Take time to look around and be grateful for the things that make you joyous.  Take time to look around and acknowledge the contributions of friends and family.  Take time to look around and honor yourself for all you can do. There will be this week also more shifting and sliding of the veils.  Time is also going to be somewhat out of whack. There is nothing you can do about it, however being ware that these kinds of things can happen will make them easier to deal with.

Sunday, May 29:    Dark Night Blue

Things will be quiet today, yet you will sense some kind of a mystery behind it all.  It will seem as though everyone is just waiting for something. People will have trouble explaining themselves clearly, leading to a lot of Freudian slips.  There will also be bouts of deja vu which can leave you confused. There is something you need to know, and it will be given to you in a most unexpected way.  Also old friendships can become important today, and you may find yourself contacted by people you have not spoken with in quite some time.

Crystal Energy:    White Tremolite—-The energy of this mineral assists one in seeing things in the light of the Universal perspective.

Monday, May 30:    Bright Green

Memorial Day:    This is a good day for breaking ground on new projects, ideas, resolutions, etc.  This is not, however, a good day for follow through on those things, so when great projects come your way, outline them, write them down, and put them aside to germinate for a while.  additionally,you will find yourself to be in touch with your heart’s true desires.  Emotions can be close to the surface, and that means all emotions, the good and the bad.  Take time before reacting.  There are lessons in how you are feeling. See what is there for you to learn.

Crystal Energy:    Smithsonite—-The various forms of this mineral assist in relationships on all levels and in all dimensions.

Tuesday, May 31:    Bright Light Orange

There is a tiredness and a melancholy about as the day begins.  It can be difficult to shake off the remnants of sleep and the dreams that linger.  Take a moment to see whether there might be some message there.  Physically, this can be something of a draining day.  You might not feel 100% when the day begins, and that will continue.  This is not a good day for tackling large projects or making important speeches.  Save those until later.  You may find that your opinions on some of these subjects shift as the day wears on. The energetic shifts and changes that are happening now cannot be denied.  You will be feeling them today.  It is a good time to reflect upon what is truly important.

Crystal Energy:    Pecos Diamond—-This stone can take you through anything that comes your way.  In cases of negativity, it brings clarity and the ability to change patterns.  Resonates with the Heart Chakra.

Wednesday, June 1:    Blue Bonnet

Partial Solar Eclipse (For more information see: New Moon:    Things will come to a head today in many areas, not just in your personal life, but also in work places, in traffic, in the environment, in the media, in the skies, etc.  There can be some interesting revelations that come out almost accidentally, and then next few days people will be trying to distract themselves and others from a reality that is in the process of change. Know yourself today, and take the time necessary to ground.  Be the observer. You can also find yourself, at times, in the place of the comforter and the healer.  This is a day on which you can learn much about yourself.  What you do with that will be predicated upon how ready you are to accept the amazing nature of WHO you are.

Crystal Energy:    Anatase—-The energy of this mineral assists in making things work  Resonates with the Root Chakra.

Thursday, June 2:    Purple/Blue

There are revelations in the works today that relate to things long past. This is a day for compassion and understanding.  Things need to be said, other stuff needs to come to the light.  Take the position of the observer.  Leave judgement behind.  Too often judgment acts as something that sets people apart, places some in a seemingly superior position, alienates one from another.  There is no need for this. Life is full of likes and dislikes. That is just how it is.  Choices made and things put aside.  We do the best we can.  See today from the best that you are, and you will find that there is much more to WHO you are. Namaste.

Crystal Energy:    Hanksite—-The energy of this mineral allows for healing and personal empowerment.  Physically, it is an infection fighter.  It resonates with the second, third, and ninth chakras.

Friday, June 3:    Daffodil Yellow

There is a new energy in the air that will be affecting you and all those things that surround you today.  You can choose what you want to do about it.  You can find joy in things or you can complain.  Everything has different aspects and those aspects are factored by the individual  You are in control of the situation today.  It can be the best day ever if you choose it to be.  Be ready to forgive and forget.  A lot of things do not matter anyway. And if you can do that, you may find a pleasant surprise as the day comes to an end.

Crystal Energy:    Zincite—-The energy of this substance allows for one to appreciate WHO you are and to stand up for your truth.  It assists in letting go of toxic behaviors and individuals.  It resonates with the 2nd and 3rd chakras.

Saturday, June 4:    Dark Pink

If you want to start a revolution —this is the day.  If you are wanting to make some changes in your life — this is the day.  You have been putting up with things long enough.  This is no surprise to you.  All this time, you have been looking for an excuse to do something else.  You do not need an excuse.  All you need is to honor yourself.  There is really no time and no reason to keep on with everyone else’s agendas, to make them your own. It is time to know what it is that truly defines you.  What it is that truly brings you joy, and to go for it.  There are always so-called sacrifices to be made, compromises, etc.  The energy does not allow for you to get involved with this now.  Unless you so choose.  And then, that is okay too.  We do the best we can.

Crystal Energy:    Bowenite Jade—-This stone assists one in getting rid of old patterning and conditioning, and opens one to personal power. Resonates with the heart chakra.