Albacete, Spain Vicinity Earthquake

Damaging earthquake near Albacete, Spain (felt in Sevilla, Segovia, Murcia and Madrid)

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Update : 3 fracking concessions have been granted in the greater Albaceite area, one in . Fracking in seismically active areas can increase or lubricate faults like in Oklahoma USA when waste water is re-injected in the underground. Fracking is a very contested practice in seismic areas. The depth of the hypocenter (breaking point) refers however to a non-fracking earthquake.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 23.10.41

Update : We have reports of slights damage in many houses in a wide area, mostly cracks in walls

Update 17:47 UTC : A great source to follow all details of the post-earthquake findings is  We encourage our readers to use it if you understand Spanish and want to be updated.

Update 17:40 UTC : The Spanish newspaper El Mundo reports that today’s earthquake happened along the same fault that triggered the deadly Lorca earthquake, which does not prove to be true based on the faulting map below. There are however a number of known faults as can be seen.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 18.43.00

Update 17:31 UTC : En Ossa de Montiel algunas tejas de casas se han caído, con peligro para los habitantes de esas casas y para las personas que pasaban por la calle en esos momentos. (source : – Translation : falling tiles, people are now on the streets

Update 17:20 UTC : IGN (Spain) has now lowered the Magnitude from an initial M5.4 to M5.2

Update 17:13 UTC : shaking intensity map as generated by EMSC

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 18.12.36

Update 17:00 UTC : Map with epicenter as reported buy IGN Spain

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 18.00.06

Update 16:50 UTC : Especially the villages Ossa de Montiel and Ruidera are locations were damage may be possible. Brick houses are very vulnerable for cracks.

Update 16:49 UTC : Based on our Social Media searches, several people are currently reporting cracks in walls.

Update 16:47 UTC : Based on the satellite image below there might have been an interaction in between a fault and the lubrication of the nearby reservoir, something which happens regularly in other parts of the world. Scientific study will be needed to find out what triggered this earthquake.

Update 16:43 UTC : IGN Spain is now mentioning a M5.4 Magnitude

Update 16:40 UTC : Initial reports are reporting a depth varying from 10 to 23 km. The fact that this earthquake was femt in a relatively large area may explain that the 23 km is right.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 17.42.43

163 km SE of Madrid, Spain / pop: 3,255,944 / local time: 17:16:30.6 2015-02-23
133 km SE of Toledo, Spain / pop: 82,291 / local time: 17:16:30.6 2015-02-23
83 km W of Albacete, Spain / pop: 169,716 / local time: 17:16:30.6 2015-02-23
20 km E of Tomelloso, Spain / pop: 38,095 / local time: 17:16:30.6 2015-02-23

Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 4.6

Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2015-02-23 17:16:30

GMT/UTC Time : 2015-02-23 16:16:30


Incoming: Radio Waves fr/ Space

Mystery Radio Waves From Deep Space Captured Live, Sender Unknown

February 22, 2015
 Mystery Radio Waves From Deep Space Captured Live, Sender Unknown

by RT

An unknown radio signal, which may have come from a black hole, colliding neutron stars (or – for those who ‘believe’ – alien life), has been picked up by astronomers live for the first time ever. Its origins remain mysterious.

The fast radio bursts are quick, bright flashes of radio waves that last only milliseconds, but still emit as much energy as the sun in an entire day.

This is the first time that these radio waves have been spotted live. The first burst was picked up in 2007 by sifting through old data at the Parkes Radio Telescope in Eastern Australia. Only seven others have been seen since then.

This time, the mysterious waves were picked with the use of 12 telescopes in Australia, Chile, Germany, Hawaii, India, California and the Canary Islands.

Because they observed the radio waves in real time, they were also able to try and find other wavelengths, like x-rays or infrared to find out their source…but remained unable to find anything.

“The fact that we did not see light in other wavelengths eliminates a number of astronomical phenomena that are associated with violent events such as gamma-ray bursts from exploding stars and supernovae, which were otherwise candidates for the burst,” Daniele Malesani, of the University of Copenhagen, told Astronomy Magazine.

The radio waves were polarized, which suggests that they were near an object with a large magnetic field.

“The theories are now that the radio wave burst might be linked to a very compact type of object – such as neutron stars or black holes – and the bursts could be connected to collisions or ‘star quakes,’ he added.

The radio signals originated up to 5.5 billion light-years away, from outside our Milky Way Galaxy and that they were caught by astronomers possibly up to a decade after they happened.

The catch took place in May 2014, but the results of the study got published this week in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

No one knows where exactly such waves come from, or what causes them. Astronomers have postulated that the mysterious signals might be emitted by exploding stars or supernovas; a collision of binary neutron stars or binary white dwarf star could also be a source.

One more possible reason could be a blitzar – a supermassive neutron star that should have become a black hole, but is spinning so fast that it is temporarily prevented from collapsing.

“We found out what it wasn’t. The burst could have hurled out as much energy in a few milliseconds as the Sun does in an entire day. But the fact that we did not see light in other wavelengths eliminates a number of astronomical phenomena that are associated with violent events such as gamma-ray bursts from exploding stars and supernovae, which were otherwise candidates for the burst,” Malesani said.

Having set “the trap,” the team is now waiting to catch another burst and maybe get some answers to the mystery.



Non-Group Sun Grazing Comet

UNUSUAL COMET DIVE-BOMBS THE SUN: Astronomers are puzzling over a comet that passed “insanely close” to the sun on Feb. 19th. At first glance it appeared to be a small object, not much bigger than a comet-boulder, doomed to disintegrate in the fierce heat. Instead, it has emerged apparently intact and is actually brightening as it recedes from the sun. Click to view a post-flyby movie recorded on Feb. 20th by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO):

Unofficially, the icy visitor is being called “SOHO-2875,” because it is SOHO’s 2,875th comet discovery.

Karl Battams of the Naval Research Lab explains what’s odd about SOHO-2875: “It’s a ‘non-group comet,’ meaning that it does not appear to be related to any other comet or comet family that we have on record.”

Most comets that SOHO sees belong to the Kreutz family. Kreutz sungrazers are fragments from the breakup of a single giant comet many centuries ago. They get their name from 19th century German astronomer Heinrich Kreutz, who studied them in detail. SOHO-2875, however, is not one of those fragments.

“Non-group comets like this appear a few times a year, so in that sense it’s not too unusual,” continues Battams. “But this one is relatively bright. The big question most people will have now is, Can I see it, or will I be able to see it, from Earth? At first I thought the answer was no. But I am very pleasantly surprised–shocked in fact! The comet has brightened dramatically and now is sporting an increasingly impressive tail. Visibility from Earth in a few weeks is no longer out of the question, although I still wouldn’t put money on it.”

“I’ll continue to tweet updates on my feed, so folks can follow along there too.”


Changing to Higher Frequencies

Heart Consciousness and the Body: Transforming the Physical Body to Higher Frequencies of Matter

February 19, 2015 

Heart Consciousness and the Body: Transforming the Physical Body to Higher Frequencies of Matter

by Peter Borys, Jr.

Heart consciousness fully unites the soul with the body in pure harmony through the spirit.  Through a heart-centered consciousness, our infinite and eternal being can be expressed within the physical body on Earth.  It is the fullness of love and creativity unhindered by the duality density of incarnate life.

We awaken, transform, and evolve to the higher consciousness of the true self in Divine unity by the intentional choices of the soul through the heart and mind.  While the interior consciousness of dimensions beyond the physical is the initiator and catalyst for all change in human consciousness, there are very real changes to the physical body.  The body receives a harmonic upgrade of its vehicle.  All systems of the body must be able to relay the information and consciousness of the multidimensional and beyond dimensional soul while expressing through the incarnate body. This is the importance of understanding the human energy field, chakras, heart, brain, nervous system, and endocrine system.  We learn of the importance of the heart’s nervous system and electromagnetic field, and all of the brain’s systems in mediating the consciousness of the soul in the body.  While the body is the vehicle for expressing the nonlocal and infinite soul, it forms a unity with the soul and spirit during incarnate expression of the soul’s evolution of its eternal cosmic and Divine being. Therefore, even though the soul transcends its physical organization as body, its being is one with the body for experience on Earth and other interdimensions of incarnation.

The fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation has dimmed awareness of the multidimensional self that is peace, joy, love, and creativity.  The lower 3D duality consciousness has conditioned disharmonic blockages throughout the energy system of the body.  The result has been a conflict oriented frequency of matter that enables disease, separation, and disharmony.  Under this level of egoic 3D consciousness, the body is not able to be in resonance and carry the higher dimensional information of the heart and the full capabilities of the higher Divine mind, i.e., peace, joy, love, unity, intentional creativity, telepathy, harmonic cellular regeneration, and teleportation.

While incarnate, the heart is the center of life for multidimensional consciousness and how the soul experiences consciousness within the body.  In order to anchor in the fullness of heart consciousness, all restrictions of the bodymind throughout all chakras must be healed and released.  In choosing the practices that resonate for us which may include meditation, prayer, energy healing, introspection, self-observation, experiencing feelings and emotions, and service along the pathways of the many spiritual, metaphysical, esoteric, and scientific traditions, we open to the awareness of the higher self and Divine unity. All of these practices and paths are intended to be guides for our inner intentional consciousness in choosing to live our heart-centered unity of love and creativity.

It is only from this awareness and intention that the restrictions are healed, heart consciousness is anchored, and the higher mind capabilities restored. Throughout the entire process, the physical body is changing in order to receive and transmit the harmonic frequencies of the higher mind in the heart. From within this aspect of evolving consciousness, we see the transformation of DNA, the easing of the nervous system, coherence of the electromagnetic frequencies of the heart, increased frontal lobe brain activity, and entrainment of the pituitary gland, hypothalamas, thalamas, and pineal gland. Therefore, all of the physical changes are part of evolution and ascension, but they must be understood from the level of the soul and spirit that is enabling the change.

Thus, the frequencies and harmony of the physical body are critical for our Divine expression of love and creativity while our soul is incarnate. Our key context becomes the seeing of the physical body not from a linear 3D mechanisitc awareness as organizing consciousness with density, but as the vehicle for expression of consciousness, and even as consciousness itself vibrating along a continuum of frequency. When the body is understood from the centrality of consciousness from the infinite soul and mind beyond the physical, then the physical changes to the density of the body and the workings of the heart, mind, and brain fit well into the ascension process.

In awakening to unity consciousness of the heart, the bodymind restrictions are primarily released by the emotional work of integrating the false self defenses of the shadow and by forgiveness.  All this must be done with the clear intent to live a life of love and creativity.  In this process, the conditioning of the fight or flight trauma response and the improper use of the 3D thinking mind is changed.  These nervous system changes are necessary to open the heart by quieting the inharmonious noise of the 3D thinking mind.  Practices that are helpful here are the many types of meditation, harmonic sound frequency resonance of soul and body with 432Hz, and Divine energy transmissions such as the Oneness Blessing and Oneness Meditation.  They quiet the lower mind and move activity to the frontal lobes where frequencies of the higher unity mind are expressed.

All of these are preparatory steps of fully anchoring the organization of heart consciousness, and the evolution of the body to a less dense frequency of matter.  This will be a change to either a refined carbon structure or a shift to a more crystalline silicon structure.  All of these changes involve the Divine energy and soul evolving both the information sent to DNA and a transformation or activation of the DNA itself.

This brings us to the role of certain systems of the physical brain that transduce and mediate the higher mind in its support of the central consciousness organization of the heart.  The purely resonant properties of these physical systems are necessary for the fully harmonic functioning of the third eye and crown chakras through the pituitary, hypothalamas, thalamas, and pineal gland. A highly functioning nervous and hormonal system is key to resonance tuning for heart consciousness in expressing all its capabilities in the body.

The fully awakened heart supported by the higher mind through the fully functioning brain is vitally important for our interdimensional communication, remembering who we are, our mission, and our soul evolution while we are incarnate in the body on Earth. May we continue to progress in our understanding of our Divine Being as spirit and soul, and the role of the physical body in our ascension to a fifth dimensional and beyond consciousness.


Time Travel, Torsion Fields, & You

Time Travel Through the Eternal Now

Time Travel Through the Eternal Now20th February 2015

By Melissa Joy Jonsson

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once. ~ Albert Einstein

We are still here and now. Don’t worry. This article isn’t about literally going back to the future in a Lamborghini or forward to the past like a Star Trek episode. Practically speaking, the application of Time Travel is an effective strategy for expanding our resonance with limitless potential to manifest as experience.

In Matrix Energetics seminars, we thoroughly explain the physics of Time Travel. Because this is not an article on physics, we will not focus extensively on those theories. However, I will reference some basic principles in quantum physics and torsion-field physics as metaphorical constructs that will show you how to apply Time Travel to your everyday experiences.

Although these metaphors may not be absolutely true, and all are subject to interpretation, what is important is that all of them are potentially useful.

What Is Time?

The dictionary defines time as “a nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.”

Hmmm? Apparently irreversible succession? Perhaps this means that we don’t really know with any absolute degree of certainty what time is. What’s the story about time in quantum physics? Well, it depends on whom we ask and which theory is percolating at the moment. Physicists are all over the place with respect to time.

Many theories attempt to build upon the limitations of previous theories. Bear in mind that all the theories are based on initially incomplete and possibly false premises. Perhaps none of the theories are ultimately accurate. Maybe they are all just close approximations. It’s a bit like the time on our wristwatches. If we all watched them together, we would discover that they are not totally synchronized, and some are more accurate than others. As they say, even the broken watches are correct twice a day! Nonetheless, a general idea of what time might be helps us organize our awareness and track our experiences. Physics is the same way in terms of pointing a hand in the right direction.

Time as We Perceive It

Typically, we experience time as linear and unidirectional. We notice our lives through a series of experiences that are marked in our awareness by a seemingly forward progression of time. What apparently happened yesterday is considered the past. What may happen tomorrow is considered the future, and what appears to be happening now is considered the present moment. We have been led to believe that we cannot change the past because it is already gone, and some think we cannot impact the future because it is not yet here. Supposedly, all we can truly do is to live in the moment. Live in the now. Interesting enough, by the time we observe the present moment, it is the past and we are already in the future. However, we miss the future as the current now because we are busy noticing the past, which used to be the present. When we really consider time, it’s a fascinating quandary.

To better understand the nature of time, we could explore various theories of quantum physics. Many theories seem contradictory or involve so much math that they are unintelligible even to some physicists. Overall, the consensus about the true nature of time, at this time, is that we do not fully know or understand it. There is a general premise that the arrow of time only moves forward.

Regarding this premise, physicist A. Z. Jones has noted that:

while this is certainly true, the curious thing is that the laws of physics are time reversible, which is to say that the laws themselves look as if they would work perfectly well if the universe played out in reverse. From a physics standpoint, there’s no real reason why the arrow of time should by necessity be moving forward. [1]

A very applicable piece of information is the transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics (TIQM), proposed in 1986 by John G. Cramer at the University of Washington, which explores quantum interactions of time as follows: There is a standing wave that travels forward in time, referred to as a retarded wave, and also a standing wave that travels backward in time, referred to as an advanced wave. Where the waves intersect, a cancellation occurs, creating the present moment. Cramer claimed that there was no observer effect or collapse of the wave function, at all, but rather that time is an ongoing flow of intersecting standing waves. This work implies that time is bidirectional, not unidirectional. Cramer also did some pilot research with photons, demonstrating that photons could travel backward and forward in time. [2] Remember, we are made of photons!

Further research into the holographic universe theory provided even more puzzling pieces to the mystery of time. American author Michael Talbot elaborates on theoretical physicist David Bohm’s theory of time in The Holographic Universe:

In a holographic universe, even time and space could no longer be viewed as fundamentals. Because concepts such as location break down in a universe in which nothing is truly separate from anything else, time and three-dimensional space would also have to be viewed as projections of this deeper order. At its deeper level reality is a sort of superhologram in which the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously. This suggests that given the proper tools it might even be possible to someday reach into the superholographic level of reality and pluck out scenes from the long-forgotten past. [3]

David Bohm is not the only researcher who found evidence that the universe is a hologram. Working independently in the field of brain research, Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram also explored holographic theory relative to the mind. He concluded that memories are not stored in the mind. Rather, they are stored in a hologram.

Expanding upon principles of holographic resonance, combined with some compelling principles in quantum physics to enhance practical application, consider the possibility that every experience we have had is encoded holographically in our personal fields via intersecting standing waves that form nodal points.

What Is a Nodal Point?

A nodal point is a standing wave pattern. What is a standing wave pattern? Why is it standing, and whom is it waving at?

According to physicists:

…the wave pattern associated with the natural frequencies of an object is characterized by points that appear to be standing still. For this reason, the pattern is often called a “standing wave pattern.” The points in the pattern that are standing still are referred to as nodal points or nodal positions. These positions occur as the result of the destructive interference of incident and reflected waves. [4]

The body, as a hologram, has access to these nodal points at all times, whether the mind is conscious of them or not.

Simply speaking, if time were linear and mapped like a road, then nodal points of experience would be represented by the equivalent of speed bumps. Every nodal point has an address in the hologram. Encoded in each nodal point is information specific to an experience. It is not a memory per se. It is information locked in a specific configuration of consciousness expressed as a holographic nodal point. The nodal point itself may have a charge, but the encoded information is neutral.

Our continual resonance with information locked in nodal points that were encoded in the past keeps us seemingly stuck in perpetuating a pattern in the present. In other words, this may be why stuff doesn’t seem to change. Consider that almost all of our problems or patterns were not created right now. To change a pattern from the past in the now, we can leverage Time Travel to access the nodal point that is storing the information that we want to address, and open, and then release to reconfigure consciousness potential.

As a result, any experience encoded in the past can be resonantly imprinted for a different potentiality and can transform into something different. It is not only that our perception around any given experience may change, but also that we may find that we no longer even resonate with the experience. Sometimes, it is as though it didn’t even happen, at all.

Remember, change the resonance of the encoded information, and you can change the experience.

While it may seem somewhat nonsensical to our logical minds, playing with Time Travel is one of the most powerful ways to change our experience in the now, because most of the perceived now is a result of past resonance. Just because our logical, linear minds consider this a nonsensical notion, does not mean it is not true or possible. That it does not make sense may be because time, as we have come to know it, is geared toward linearity and forward direction. Our linear minds have been entrained to perceive the concept of time, through our awareness, as moving only in one direction.

Our rational minds, as logical linear processors, can observe only limited, successive sequences of events. Time is how consciousness keeps track of its movement. Similarly, if we wish to organize how a series of events might have happened or may happen, we leverage time as a marker for our awareness. For instance, each time something happens, the event creates a holographic nodal point in our personal field.

It occurs to me that time being nonlinear makes total sense to the intuitive brain, which is a parallel processor. The field of the heart also knows that linear time is merely one way that consciousness may observe itself as a construct that appears to travel from one moment to another. However, the dance of time is more accurately concentric or torsion-like in nature, and not actually linear, at all. The eternal now is forever in a tango with all possibilities simultaneously.

Time as Torsion and Torsion-Field Physics

Time is more closely an approximation of ongoing enfoldment and an expression of torsion fields. Consciousness is spinning. Perhaps this is how our individual awareness engages with torsion fields to create our perpetual experiences of time.

In 1913, Dr. Eli Cartan was the first to demonstrate clearly that the flow of space and time in Einstein’s general theory of relativity not only curves, but also possesses a spinning or spiraling movement within itself, which is known as torsion. [5] It is generally accepted that the space surrounding the Earth, and perhaps the entire galaxy, has what is called right-handed spin, which simply means that energy is influenced to spin clockwise as it travels through a physical vacuum. This torsion research was expanded by the work of Kozyrev in Russia. Using rotation and vibration in laboratory experiments, systematic research was able to demonstrate that torsion fields influence the flow of time. [6]

Now, let’s bring it back to ourselves. How does understanding that time is torsion affect us?

Heart Field as a Vehicle for Time Travel

The field of the heart is a torsion field. When we drop into the center of the field of the heart, we access the part of us that is limitless, distinctionless, and also timeless.

In my experience, the vortex of the field of the heart exists outside the continuum of space-time. It is a hyperdimensional, time-travel device, allowing access to all information, all-inclusively, and simultaneously. It also occurs to me that, as awareness moves distally from the vortex toward the outer rings of the torsion fields, we become more subject to linear space-time and the persistent, albeit illusory, law of cause and effect.

When we are in the field of the heart, we are in the flow and void of resistance. We are in a space of grace, where anything can happen, and where nothing takes time because everything is available to us instantly through the eternal-now. Consider the experience of being totally engaged in a creative process or immersed in an endeavor that enraptures your awareness so much that you lose all track of time. In terms of perceived linear time, hours may go by, and yet it feels like only a minute has passed. Or consider the experience of meeting someone for the first time and connecting so totally heart-to-heart that it feels like you have known them for years, or all your life, or even forever, when in fact, in linear time, you have known them for only a few moments.

Torsion Fields as Containers for Information

Every experience we have ever had is encoded in nodal points. These nodal points are, essentially, torsion fields of information. The individual torsion fields of experience are contained holographically within our personal fields and remain forever connected to the unified torsion field of the heart. Re-encoding prior experiences holographically via torsion fields of information is accessible to all of us who choose to playfully leverage the construct of Time Travel. While our minds access the information along the continuum of linear time, our hearts can follow these interconnected holographic torsion fields at all times.

Practical Play: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Dropping down into the field of the heart, while also availing ourselves of linear time so that our minds can follow along in a familiar way, gives us access to various torsion fields of information that are encoded as nodal points of experience in our individual fields. These nodal points of experience are often in resonance with, and powered by, much larger morphic fields.

Through the act of observation, which entangles the observer with the observed, we are able to release nodal points of information encoded therein and return them back to pure potential to await further recognition as something different. Time Travel is an awesome way to change our resonance with past experiences or even establish resonance with a future potential to expedite the manifestation process.

While engaging in Time Travel may feel linear, initially, it is not linear, at all. The act of counting to observe time is not what creates a transformation. The change or transformation occurs as we identify the nodal point or torsion field of encoded information, while the act of counting is a construct for knowing where we are as we navigate through the field of consciousness potential.

Play is a key to Time Travel. Time Travel is not about being right or fixing stuff; rather, it is simply about dropping down into the field of the heart and being curious.

Anyone, anywhere, anytime…

  • Drop down: Drop down into the field of the heart.
  • Place intent: You can begin with the Two Point. Choose any two points on or off the body that get your attention. The points can be meaningless and appear random, or you can choose a point in awareness that represent a pattern you are experiencing and a point that represents the desired change.
  • Zero point: Following the two-point connection, think or state out loud your present age or the present age of the person you are playing with. This establishes a zero-point reference for time. It is akin to Dorothy clicking her heels three times and saying, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home,” and finding herself home. Home is where the heart is, and stating your present age while dropping into the heart is a useful reference point from which to begin navigating through the limitless playground of consciousness potential.
  • Count back: Beginning with the present age you stated, count backwards in increments of one to five years until you sense, perceive, notice, or feel a shift, either in yourself or with the person you have selected to play with.
  • Let go: Let go of attachment to what the change is supposed to be and to any assumptions around it.
  • Notice: Notice what is different instead of noticing what is the same. Anything you notice is useful. Change is change is change.
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Vanuatu Large Quake

Very Strong earthquake on the Ambrym coast, Vanuatu

Last update: February 19, 2015 at 3:30 pm by By

Update : The aftershock sequence has started. Max aftershock so far was M5.1. The aftershock sequence means at least that the source of the earthquake was tectonic and not a volcano explosion (there is always an error margin in the calculation of earthquake epicenters).
Ambrym volcano has erupted 50 times in the last 150 years, an average of once every 3 years with eruptions usually between VEI 1 and VEI 3. In 1950, a VEI 4 eruption occurred (equivalent to that of the Icelandic eruption of 2010).
Around 2000 years ago, it erupted with VEI 6 (equivalent to Pinatubo 1991).

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 15.44.04

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 15.35.08

Update 13:45 UTC : Ambrym Island is also the location of the very active Ambrym volcano (Marum and Benbow craters). We do not know as yet whether the earthquake has influenced the activity of the lava lake in the Marum crater.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 14.47.42 Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 14.48.31

Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 6.5

Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2015-02-20 00:18:33

GMT/UTC Time : 2015-02-19 13:18:33


2/19 New Moon Energies

New Moon in Aquarius and Pisces – The Dissolution of Reality


19th February 2015

By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Yes, the title of the article is correct. This is quite an interesting New Moon formation. The New Moon falls on 29 degrees Aquarius, however the formation then trickles over into Pisces, really setting the theme for this lunar cycle.

Since the start of 2015 we have been experiencing an incredibly heightened sense of energy flowing through our collective consciousness. The energetic vibration on the planet at this time is reaching a new peak; our journey along the river has reached the ocean. This dual New Moon formation between Aquarius and Pisces reflects a period of vast polarity and change. During this cycle, so much energy and forward momentum will be unleashed that unless you are ready to ride the wave, you will likely find yourself lost in chaos, searching for dry land.

This month’s new moon message comes with two very clear paths. Are you in total alignment, or out of alignment?

Happy Birthday Pisces! May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face.

The Neptune/Pisces Archetype (Universal Life Force)

Before we look at the planetary alignments for this New Moon, it will be beneficial to first understand the nature of the Pisces/Neptune archetype.

The archetype of Neptune/Pisces reflects the totality of creation; the universe. The whole universe can be described as the Neptune archetype. It is the manifested and the un-manifested — all that is and all that can be imagined. It is the unified field of consciousness.

From our human perceptive Neptune/Pisces reflects the totality of our collective unconscious. You know that feeling you have on Friday when everyone is collectively feeling the weekend experience? It is a shared experience by millions around the globe. Unity, oneness.

The Pisces/Neptune archetype is rooted in the process of creation itself. It represents the total experience of birthing something, and its culmination from source. The return to the ocean, the return to earth. The completion of a cycle. So, at a soul level, Neptune/Pisces is linked strongly with this is the gradual journey of aligning the soul with its spiritual truth. When we are faced with circumstances that are out of our control, we learn the ultimate lesson of surrender. Through that experience we re-align our subjective egos to the knowledge of a higher power; the source of creation.

I am sure many of you have been it situations in your lives where experience has been out of your control, and the words you say to yourself include things like “it’s now in god’s hands” or “we have to just pray it all works out”. This language, conditioned into our society’s vocabulary, recognizes something far more powerful than the human condition but at the same time, induces a sense of helplessness and separation from that power. A deep painful truth here is that this sense of being overwhelmed can lead to states in which we detach and create illusions that serve and protect our inner reality by helping us “escape” from the reality of our experience. Numb the pain.

The purpose of the Neptune energy really is to support our state of spiritual integration; to bring awareness of the spiritual nature along with the physical, and unify the unconscious and conscious experience. At present, Neptune is actually moving through its natural sign of Pisces – one reason why we are all resonating so much with this spiritual awakening.

Planetary Alignments for this New Moon

Saturn in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces

This ongoing square is playing a major role as it reflects the deep psychological issues and collective pain we are collectively healing, created by belief systems that promote idealised external gods, cause mass alienation and teach of separation from source. This is an important cycle for us all. We are being asked here to see beyond the veils of deception and be very clear about what the nature of reality is really about. With that, the deceptions that authority figures propagate are becoming more and more apparent.

Personally I believe that this cycle brings with it incredible rewards as we collectively strengthen our knowledge of our true essence and thereby our connection to source. This is a time where you have to find your own personal connection to the higher self and begin integrating that inspiration into your life that leads to the fulfilment of direct knowledge and experience. This cycle is also deeply effecting the way we see reality and is slowly bringing about huge change. As these outer planets (and the energetic cycles they reflect) move relatively slowly, we have to be patient.

Jupiter in Leo Quincunx Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces, and Trine Uranus in Aries

This alignment reflects to us the process of deconstruction and subsequent healing we are experiencing on earth right now, as alignment weaves through the collective consciousness, bringing to life the beautiful tapestry of source energy that is unfolding for us. This alignment is also a direct reflections of our karmic story.

As this alignment reflects in its connections to the Modal axis of the Moon, many souls on Earth at the moment are a part of two realities. This energetic push toward transformation really makes our individual reality go one of two ways — we are either experiencing the unfolding of madness in the world as we break away from the past and discover a new paradigm, or alternatively, we are experiencing the unrest and destruction of a collapsing civilization. We can either surrender to the process of deconstruction and healing, or fight it. Either way the underlying truth is being experienced; an ending of what has been.

On the deepest level this alignment is highlighting and giving us the opportunity to choose our perspective and experience of the way an entire era of Earth’s history culminates. We can either experience it as victims of an impending “end of the world” scenario and “pray to god” it will work out, or we can feel the revival of our personal sovereignty and actively walk the path of personal empowerment. This is a chance to cleanse the wounds of the past and leave behind 6,000 years of spiritual disempowerment. It is time to reclaim your right to be alive, to follow your dreams, and shine your inner light to the world. The world is waiting on your brilliance. Will you be a part of the change? What are you going to do to make tomorrow better, today? Only you know what to do.

Mars and Venus in Pisces

Both Mars (free will) and Venus (relationship to self and others) have been trudging through the swampy vibration that is Pisces energy. Mars has been moving slightly ahead of Venus and has been setting off all sorts of issues relating to hypersensitivity, feelings of absolute chaos, disorder and lack of direction, while Venus, tagging along in Mars’ wake, has been triggering off the feeling of brain fog, creating a spacey void were everything merges into one.

Although it has caused quite a stir for us, this particular movement of Mars and Venus through Pisces is actually very important for the direction humanity is heading into now. As April draws near, a new dawn relative to our collective consciousness will begin. A fresh and clear perspective will be available for all of us. We will experience the culmination of this phase of Mars and Venus in April, and when that comes about, we will be ready and revived waiting to take on life and follow our sense of destiny with the excitement and enthusiasm akin to a child waiting to open its presents on Christmas day.

Mercury Direct

The winged messenger Mercury moved into direct motion on the 11th of February. This marked the end of a significant retrograde cycle for Mercury. In synchronicity with Mars and Venus, as mentioned above, Mercury Retrograde brought up old karmic wounds that needed our very detailed attention. Now that Mercury is in direct motion again, he will revisit those scenarios with us again and give us the opportunity to react to them in a way that is self-empowering. Pay close attention to this opportunity as much healing is available for us here.

The New Moon’s Message

As the Sun and Moon connect to form a beautiful New Moon, the Universe and all its beauty will reflect to you one of the most amazing and inspirational months. This is the point in our collective evolution where the crest of the wave is about to start returning back to the ocean. The sheer force and power that will be flowing through us will be immense. Another way to describe the feeling is like the moment before a roller coaster sends you down the steep drop. The feelings of raw excitement, anticipation and chaos. The shear rush of adrenaline when the ride finally drops. Pure ecstasy.

Although, along with this adventurous journey comes the need for courage. That rush of our new reality can make us doubtful, if we allow it. Find the inner Lion and roar with great strength from this place of ecstasy and inspiration.

During the last couple of weeks we experienced Mars and Venus move through Pisces as mentioned above. This alignment brought up very powerful and deep aspects of our collective psyche that reflect spiritual disempowerment; feeling overpowered and victimised by life. This is an incredibly important part of our awakening that needs to be healed – awareness being the first step in this healing process. In our programmed “Matrix” culture we are constantly shown our disempowerment; constantly reminded of the absence of love; constantly shown that only certain people experience prosperity. We are lead along paths of deception that make us believe that this madness is inherent to our very humanity (original sin), and that we will only be saved from the madness by some external saviour. The last statement is the most disempowering of them all.

In contrast, the Pisces archetype reminds us that we are our own gods, each and every one of us. That we each belong to a collective consciousness that unifies everything. That the source of creation is the only thing, therefore everything that is a part of it is source itself, experiencing itself through you. Step back allow you vision to transcend the 3D and observe yourself as the multidimensional being that you are. Embrace your essence and allow a sense of sovereignty to guide your personal re-empowerment. Free yourself from the shackles of personal self-doubt and the effects of fear based propaganda. Decondition yourself and find the perfect harmony available with the Source.

Lastly, as the Sun moves through Pisces it will bring about the completion and ending of an entire cycle. That which began in April last year is closing. The zodiac has finished its year’s passage and is ready to dissolve the fabric of reality and begin preparing for a new chapter in our collective human experience. One that, I know, many of you are truly excited to begin.

Many can feel something big is on the horizon, and this month will reflect back for us the process of finding the ultimate meaning. The metamorphosis of our individual and collective consciousness is here. Our consciousness is ready to move from the chrysalis of its previous existence to emerge as a mesmerising butterfly ready to bless the world with its enchanting essence.

All the events this month will continue to unfold in one of two ways as the fabric of reality dissolves and dissipates. We can either be aligned with the process and merge with it, or we can hold on to the dissolving reality and feel the crisis and fear creep in. How we experience this polarity is up to us. What we have here is an opportunity to begin in April, as the new cycle in Aries begins, with a fresh sense of vitality and new direction.

New Moon Mantra

I have left behind so many layers of who I thought I was, and what I thought I knew. I have removed so much to find so much – my source. I have become a world citizen, unified yet unique, connected to the Earth and the Universe. I have learned to find flow and to allow life to guide me… to just be.

But now… I am feeling restless. Like there must be something more than this. Like something big is about to happen. I feel that it is just around the corner… urging me on. I know I must first let go… I am ready… to lose myself… to dive into the abyss.



Being in Total Alignment | Inner Security

Video by Raising Vibrations.

Pluto in Capricorn – BAM!

HUGE Changes Are Upon Us With Pluto In Capricorn

February 18, 2015 Astrology

Pluto In Capricorn - HUGE Changes Are Upon Us!

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

With the ushering in of Pluto in Capricorn, the breaking down of all that is corrupt has begun and these changes will allow that which is in humanity’s best interests to replace those control objects that have kept us economic slaves for hundreds of years.

By now, many of us know about the rare astrological alignment, Pluto in Capricorn, and how it brings about huge changes in society. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in 1776, the year of the American Revolution. If you look around the world, there are many revolutions going on right now and this is not a coincidence!

Pluto is known as the “Destroyer” and it breaks down everything that is bad so it can be replaced with that with that which is good.

The society we currently live in will look like the Stone Age in the near future as all suppressed technologies are released.


  • abundance for everyone
  • never having to pay an electric bill
  • being able to teleport anywhere in the world
  • an end to all diseases, including cancer
  • pure water without fluoride and chemicals
  • clean, fresh air with a significant reduction in pollution
  • healthy, organic food for all
  • being able to follow your true, divine reason for being here
  • a world similar to the Venus Project

These are absolute realities in our very near future!

Those who were in control (The Powers That Were <TPTW>) will continue to maintain their illusion of control but what are they really controlling? The One People’s Public Trust movement already has more net worth than every corporation and every person on this planet, combined, so what is left to control? Only their illusions…

When Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, I originally posted a video called “Banking Collapse Announces The Beginning Of The Golden Age” on YouTube. At that point in time, many banks were collapsing and if you were to read between the lines, the message was clear. These banks, and ALL banks, were on a collision course of self-destruction.

Money has always been the product of economic slavery which has kept us bridled in debt while encouraging egoistic and materialist pursuits, many of which are based on controlled obsolescence, which requires us to buy the newest or latest gadgets with no concern about the environment.

We are at the juncture of an important era in time. As we exit out of the Age of Pisces and enter the Age of Aquarius, new energies will continue to infuse the planet which will bring about many positive changes as the old systems decay while new systems are implemented in the best interests of humanity.

Many unawakened people will want to continue holding on to the old paradigm because this is the only way of life that they know. Other people may resist change because their belief system is unable to visualize the New Earth that is being born right now.

Those who are awakened (yes, YOU that are reading this article!) will play an important role in helping others make this transition, such as helping your family members and friends understand what is going on and what options they will have.

If you are unsure what to say, you can always refer them to to catch up on the latest news and information regarding these changes.

TPTW have known about the importance of astrological alignments for many years. It is quite possible that the reason they built numerous underground bunkers is to hide as a result of these changes. There are many people who have been complicit in keeping us all as economic slaves and while all people should be forgiven, some people may have a harder time doing so than others.

What we will be looking at is reeducation system that helps people transition into this new paradigm. Many of us will volunteer to become teachers.

Other changes may involve the ideas mentioned in this video:

Despite still being shackled in economic slavery and in the midst of numerous wars, the end is near, my friends! In the future, we will look back at these days and will be grateful for the opportunities we had for spiritual growth despite the plethora of challenges we faced.

Know in your mind that we have already won and now, it’s just a short waiting game for TPTW to relinquish their illusion of control and for us to begin a new chapter in humanity!


Washington State Earthquake 2/18

Earthquake near Cle Elum, Washington, USA

Last update: February 18, 2015 at 10:17 am by By

Update 09:51 UTC : ER is not excluding slight damage in and around the direct epicenter area of Cle Elum. Slight damage could be falling roof tiles, cracks in walls, broken windows etc. The shaking values of USGS are indicating a max. weak shaking which normally does not generate any damage.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.47.06 Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.47.28 Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.47.42 Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.48.00

17km (11mi) ENE of Cle Elum, Washington
30km (19mi) NNW of Ellensburg, Washington
36km (22mi) WSW of Wenatchee, Washington
37km (23mi) WSW of East Wenatchee, Washington
166km (103mi) E of Olympia, Washington

Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 4.29

Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2015-02-18 01:04:12

GMT/UTC Time : 2015-02-18 09:04:12


Cops or Military? On Police Militarization

From Warrior Cops to Community Police: A Former Chief on How We Can Turn Back the Tide of Militarization

Police in America belong to the people—not the other way around. Former Seattle police Chief Norm Stamper on how we can turn war zone occupiers back into friendly neighborhood officers.
Police in Riot Gear photo by JPL Designs/Shutterstock

You’re in the kitchen. It’s a Saturday morning, still dark outside. Your partner, three-year-old son, and the family dog are all sound asleep at the back of the house. You’ve put the coffee pot on, are making sandwiches—a trip to the lake is planned, your son’s first fishing trip.

Without warning, the pre-dawn quiet is shattered as your front door flies off its hinges, followed by back-to-back explosions and blinding light. Your local police department calling, decked out in cammies, ballistic helmets, and full-body armor, brandishing M4 and M16 rifles.

“Knife!” shouts a cop. “Drop the knife! Drop the knife!” roar his nine fellow officers, each pointing a rifle or a pistol at your chest. The knife in question? A standard, dullbladed utensil you’d been using to slather mustard and mayo on the sandwiches.You drop the knife.

“Hands behind your head!” belts out the uniformed chorus.

You slap your hands behind your head. As you’re being shoved to the floor, your partner rushes from the bedroom, screaming your name, demanding to know what is happening. Your son follows, wailing hysterically.

Finally comes Boomer, the family’s gentle seven-year-old Golden Retriever, bounding down the hall, voicing his own concern about the invasion. With a Glock semiautomatic, one of the cops silences Boomer: a .40 caliber shot to the head, another to the chest.

To say the SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) raid was the most astonishing, traumatic experience of your life is an understatement. Nor was it comforting to learn, once the gun and grenade smoke had settled, that the cops had hit the wrong house. (Slumbering across town, occupants of the “right” house, including a suspected low-level, nonviolent drug offender, were shortly after awakened by the same occupying force.)

As Radley Balko points out in his superb book, Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces, SWAT incidents of the type fictionalized above are proliferating at a frightening pace. In the ’70s, the nation’s roughly 18,000 municipal, county, and state police forces conducted a few hundred such operations a year. By the ’80s the number had grown to approximately 3,000. And in 2005, the last year of collected data, there were more than 50,000 SWAT operations. Today’s count is surely much higher.

The police in America belong to the people, not the other way around.

Balko’s book offers a depressingly abundant supply of all-too-real examples of city and county police officers shooting innocent citizens, getting shot themselves, dispatching beloved family pets, doing major damage to private dwellings, shredding the Constitution, souring relations between police and community, and scarring families for life.

Like the family of Bounkham Phonesavanh. After their home in Wisconsin burned down, the Phonesavanhs moved in temporarily with relatives outside Atlanta. On May 28, 2014, Habersham County Sheriff’s deputies hit the house in a drug raid, battering down the door and tossing in a stun grenade—which landed in “Baby Bou Bou’s” crib. The beautiful 19-month-old child’s face and body were severely burned, his nose blown off in the blast. (Habersham County announced in November that it will not pay the baby’s medical bills, a sum of $1 million and counting.)

How is it that so many of today’s police officers have come to resemble—in appearance, weaponry, and tactics—infantrymen in the U.S. military? A retired army combat sergeant, recently returned from Afghanistan, was interviewed on CNN during the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. He was shown footage of a St. Louis County police officer sitting high atop an MRAP (mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicle) and pointing a sniper rifle at the crowd. The soldier was astonished and appalled. “This shouldn’t be happening in America,” he said.

The first SWAT team was fielded by Chief Daryl Gates of the Los Angeles Police Department in 1967 (though some say the term originated in Philadelphia in 1964). The first high-profile SWAT operation was against armed and barricaded Black Panthers who had decided to shoot it out with LAPD officers executing a search warrant. Highly publicized SWAT operations in 1974 against the Symbionese Liberation Army and again in 1997 in the “North Hollywood Shootout” (in which two heavily armed and armored bank robbers held LAPD officers at bay for 45 minutes) solidified the popular image of SWAT, and spurred police agencies across the country to adopt the concept.

At the heart of community policing is a demonstrable commitment to a problem-solving partnership between the police department and the people it serves.

There is a time and place for military-style tactics, carried out by police officers who do, in fact, look more like soldiers than cops. Think active shooter situations, or armed and dangerous suspects who’ve taken hostages and barricaded themselves. Think service of warrants accompanied by a reasonable suspicion that the suspects are armed and poised to do violence. Think terrorists.

But it is the routinization of police militarism that ought to concern us all. America’s police departments—aided and abetted by the federal government’s “1033” program, which allocates to local law enforcement military surplus, including armored vehicles, weapons, even aircraft—have gradually morphed from images of “Officer Friendly,” neighborhood-oriented cops to those of war zone occupiers.

Balko’s book and the ACLU’s first-rate new report, “War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing,” offer irrefutable evidence of the trend; both publications ought to be required reading for all Americans who value both freedom and safe neighborhoods.

But how to reverse the militarization trend? As Seattle’s police chief during the World Trade Organization’s 1999 “Battle in Seattle,” and acutely aware of my own unwise reliance on militarized tactics, I realize just how difficult the task will be. But that should not stop us. Here are five steps that can help us turn things around.

1. Residents of cities across the country must rise up and reclaim their police departments.

The police in America belong to the people, not the other way around. An organized, mobilized citizenry is essential to the kind of structural and cultural reforms necessary for reasoned, responsible, and responsive policing.

2. Sustained social and political pressure for demilitarization is essential.

Mayors, city council members, sheriffs, and police chiefs should be elected or selected, in significant measure, on the basis of their dedication to authentic “community policing.” At the heart of community policing is a demonstrable commitment to a problem-solving partnership between the police department and the people it serves. Citizen-police partners must work together to identify, analyze, and solve crime, traffic, and other neighborhood problems—including the nature and quality of the relationship itself. Indeed, police officers and their “civilian” partners must act in unified fashion on agency policies and procedures, program development, and crisis management. No more unilateral decisions about what’s “best for the community.”

3. Local political jurisdictions must implement independent citizen oversight of police practices.

Currently, no single model works flawlessly, and many flounder. But successful approaches in the future will incorporate investigative authority, including subpoena powers, for oversight bodies. Professionalism, competence, and cooperation between police management and labor are essential. It won’t happen by Tuesday of next week. But the hard, thorny work must begin, urgently.

4. It is vital that all law enforcement agencies, in conjunction with their communities, set and enforce rigorous standards for the selection, training, and systematic retraining of SWAT officers and their leaders.

Also crucial: a similarly demanding definition of what justifies a SWAT mission. Emphatically not part of that definition is the use of chemical agents on nonviolent, nonthreatening protesters or the conspicuous presence of military weaponry (including sniper rifles, as seen in Ferguson) at political protests.

It is the people of America…who can bring an end to those horrifying pre-dawn raids and to the specter of a military-like occupation

5. End the drug war.

Eighty percent of all SWAT raids are in service of search or arrest warrants, the vast majority of them aimed at low-level, nonviolent drug offenders. Indeed, it was in the early prosecution of the drug war that we sowed the seeds of police militarization. Certainly, in the aftermath of 9/11 we witnessed a dramatic expansion of police militarization (as well as a deeply troubling attack on our civil liberties). But it has been the “War on Drugs,” with its reliance on the thoroughly bankrupt policy of prohibition, that has done such terrible damage to individuals, families, and neighborhoods, and to the community-police relationship. Ending the drug war, replacing prohibition with a regulatory model, will do much to demilitarize our local PDs. The federal government can and must play a significant role in setting and enforcing national guidelines to end excessive police militarization. But it is the people of America—organized, mobilized, and motivated—who can bring an end to those horrifying pre-dawn raids and to the specter of a military-like occupation of U.S. neighborhoods.

Norm Stamper wrote this article for Together, With Earth, the Spring 2015 issue of YES! Magazine. Norm is a 34-year veteran police officer who retired as Seattle’s chief of police in 2000. He is currently a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition ( He is the author of Breaking Rank: A Top Cop’s Exposé of the Dark Side of American Policing.