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The Group via Steve Rother on Heart’s Hologram

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Hologram of the Heart

Steve Rother
a message from Steve Rother
Monday, 15 September, 2014  (posted 17 September, 2014)

Greetings dear ones. I am eM.

A New Energy of Balanced Power

I have come with the very special intent to help you land energy on planet Earth, to help you bring your higher self in connection to everything you are doing. I have come in with a balanced energy. Many of you think that means that there is no sexuality. That is not the case, however. This energy is balanced in all areas. When you pretend to be a human, you must decide which side you will be on. When you have many incarnations in one area, you tend to come back in that over and over again, which is the challenging part of it, even as a spirit. Right now you are seeing more influx of the feminine, more raising of the balanced energies on planet Earth. This triggers the discord, force, and takeover that you are witnessing today, because the old energies – the masculine energies are here. How do you work with this? Many of you turn on the television and get so discouraged you turn it off again. Yes, dear ones, there are many difficult energies that you see on your planet right now as a result of this wave of light that came in. It came in from a number of different sources, but basically you brought it in with you. All the new energies that are here – including the Crystals, the Indigos and every part of it – have come in at a higher level of this connection. As so, you have brought in a new energy of balanced power, which is the challenge for many of you but you foresaw this. Many of you saw what was going to take place on planet Earth and have positioned yourselves accordingly. Now we tell you that there is more of the E-Family on this planet than ever before. This is as it should be. These are the reasons you came. Many of you have brought yourselves in at this exact junction of time and space; many of you even chose not to come in through your first set of parents but chose another set of parents that you may not completely harmonize with in order to place yourself at an exact junction where you could make a difference. Approximately 20 percent of the planet is in what we call a backup plan right now. It is very simple and very beautiful;  it means that you put yourself on the game board at a very specific time.

The Redefining of Power

How do you carry this balanced energy? How do you express your power as a balanced being? Ahh, that is the question. That is what you are all wrestling with right now. You see power being played out in many ways on your planet; you see it being redefined in many ways. Now, we tell you that force is not power. This has always been this way and all governments, not one single government or one single energy, have played this game to some degree . Right now, it is playing out in many parts of your world. The masculine energies, the masculine powers that be, are claiming and grasping at everything that they can grasp at thinking that this is the last opportunity to make those plays. Their greed is what motivates them in many ways. Now, this does not have to be this way. It is up to you to change it. Dear ones, soon you will find the collective vibration of humanity, the collective heart, and that is what we wish to speak of this day.

Spirit Rights and the Collective Heart

You came in to bring in the collective heart , which is the beauty of the balanced energy that I get to represent to you. It means not being masculine or feminine or even being human, but allowing your spirit to come out. This is why we are so excited about the spirit rights that you speak of for this is what is truly taking place. Each spirit on your planet has a whole set of undeclared rights. Would it not be nice if your governments knew about them? They will shortly. Even though they will not necessarily read what you are writing, the collective vibration will have its day on planet Earth. The balanced energy of the masculine and feminine will come back together as one both in full power. That is the beauty and the truth of this.

Times of Change

Of course, there are several who are still invested in the old ways.  This situation will continue for some time until you reach a collective vibration where you have had enough. You will change it when humanity is done with it; when you have learned all that you can and see your own reflection enough in all these different ways. We ask you to hold that thought, to hold that energy in your heart and hold it as your truth. Project yourself down the road in the timeline. Understand that it has already been resolved and that you are simply going through the mud puddles to get there. These are the times that you came for. You have all been on planet Earth at various times before. None of you on Earth right now are new. You have all been heavily invested in planet Earth and its growth. Now you have the opportunity to carry more light in your own physical being to integrate more of who you truly are without the density of it all. There will be many who grasp at the old ways, pull you back down and say, “No, that is not the way. That is not what is written.” Dare to write again. Dare to claim your future. Dare to set it into motion and watch what happens.

When a collective vibration reaches an understanding, everything changes. That is the truth of what is taking place. Your technologies are in full support of this change, which is why you have so many of them. We also tell you that this is the reason why there will be many who will try to control your technologies; who have tried to block certain things in their countries so that their people will not be too empowered. We tell you that this also happened in the sixth century with Constantine and the rewriting of the bible. Many of the truths that you had known, were rewritten because of the fear that you might take your power. Well, you are back and that is the beautiful part of it.

So the question is, “Why did you need to be here this day? Why were you called specifically and what was your agreement before you came in?” That is the beautiful part of what I get to do because I work in what you call the Tavern of Light. This is the beautiful place where every spirit goes before an incarnation. They sit at the table and draw in all of their spiritual family—past, present and future. They make contracts, they make agreements, and they make opportunities to get something done. Now, we tell you, dear ones, that you are part of a large contract: . being on the planet of free choice at the times of change. We cannot tell you that this change will naturally go toward its highest level but that is why you incarnated in so many numbers. That is why the E-Family is back with such energy to make a difference in the collective vibration of humanity. Do not be discouraged when you see the difficulties on planet Earth. Do not be discouraged when you turn on the news and see the old masculine ways of using force over power or in the place of power. You hold the power. That is the part that we are here to tell you. You hold the power of creating your reality right in front of you. Do that in a balanced way and share it with your neighbors. Share it with all those who will listen to you and you will bring your light to home. As you start to do that, everything starts to change.

Encounters with Spiritual Family

Dear ones, many of you will be calling in members of your spiritual family which you have not met before. It is a beautiful energy to watch as it takes place because all of you have been in a reunion of sorts on planet Earth. Now you will start to see even more of this happening. It is very magical, so welcome these people as they come through your life in the most beautiful ways . Not all of them will stay within your boundaries or work with you on a daily basis; some with simply come through and pass by. Take what they have to offer you; take the reflection they will bring you and thank them for the memories they help you re-member and move forward in the collective. Hold a vision of yourself as the highest being. Hold a vision of your light being held within a physical being and it will start to connect. These are the holograms that are creating the new planet. These are the new energies which you are working with.

A Hologram of Heart Light

Dear ones, if you shine a beautiful beam of light from an angle, photons move without density at the highest possible speed in your universe. Yet if you take a second, even a third, fourth or fifth beam of light and cross it with it, you have the opportunity to create a hologram, a full three-dimensional projection which can create reality. Now, we are not actually talking about a beam of light as you know it to be, but about a beam of your heart light. We ask you to focus your heart light on this projection, because the more people who focus on it from different angles, the more concise this new hologram is becoming. You have done this before in the days of the Magna Carta. You have done it in the days of the Declaration of Independence. You have done it so many times on your planet. You have actually done it back in the early days of Babylon as well. There have been many times on your planet when a critical mass reached a certain level but simply could not move past it. You are at one of those junctions right now. Come together in some way. Hold the vision of this new planet and hold the vision of why you came here, even if you cannot see it because you will be one of the last to see yourself in the mirror. That is the nature of the veil which you have devised. You have agreed to play this game blindfolded, which you have done over and again. But now is the time you can start to re-member. Begin in your heart and hold it there for that is the place where you make a difference. When you connect with others and everyone focuses their heart’s desire, you create a new hologram. That is what is taking place.

Now, there are many who feel this energy and feel this change, and wish to hang onto the old ways. You will feel pull backs from those who are grasping at the old ideals and the old ways of success on your planet. Be very cautious of what you give your power to, dear ones. You brought something in which is very unique and a custom of planet Earth. You would come in and find something to reflect your power. Because of the veil in front of you, you could not see yourself. You could not see your own shadow or the light coming from your heart. For that reason you created these reflections. Some of them were religions, some of them were belief systems, some of them were experiences that you had that allowed you to take yourself and step down a new path. Anyone who has ever had a near-death experience comes back with a whole new vision of what life is about. These are the types of reflections that many of you have gone through. Now is the time when you can reflect each other’s light in the most beautiful way and focus that energy to create a collective vibration of Home.

Repositioning your Lives

These are the times when you are carrying more of your light. It is not easy and it doesn’t always seem to fit in the world. Even though you cannot always see the reflection of it, you are the greatest beings that have ever lived. You are the Family of E; you are the truth behind the empowerment words and as such, you will create everything in front of you when you work together in harmony. Although these are the most difficult transitionary periods on the planet, all of you can start moving. We ask you to start repositioning your lives during the next several months, to look at new opportunities and at what you need to be happy on this planet. If you have been playing the game of putting one foot in front of the other, consider what it would be like to take a right turn or a left turn. Consider what it would be like to change your dance, to shift your rhythm, to change something intentionally. Ahh, but then you play the old human tapes, “Well what if I change my direction and it is the wrong direction?” We say there is no wrong direction. You will learn something no matter where you go. Once you learn the power of being in charge of yourself, it will all come together. These are the connecting points for all of you in the new energy.

The best people for the job are on the job

It is a beautiful time to be here. No one said it was going to be easy, but we are not worried. We are watching planet Earth from afar and are not concerned because the best people for the job are on the job. You have already incarnated; you are there and you are finding each other. Does it mean that you must all come together in one belief system? No, dear ones. That will not happen. A little bit of success will go a very long way. What you are seeing now is people grasping at the old ways. Set your intent. Set your heart that this will change and that you will start seeing a world that is kinder and gentler – a world in which you know how to harmonize with each other. The day that you start looking at ways you are alike rather than the ways you are different, is the day that everything shifts. That day is closer than you think because you have such great hearts, which is the beauty. Find that passion. Step into it in some way even if you think it has no value, because if it makes your heart sing, you are part of the collective. If everybody did that, the world would change in an instant.

Preparing for a Shift in the Energy (March 2015)

The reality is, dear ones, that there are more from the E-Family on the planet than ever before. Right now, you have some of the most powerful creators on this planet, holding this light and this beautiful energy. Some of you still doubt yourselves. That is okay. That is not the important part. The important part is that you are here and holding a light and that you brought something from Home that only you could carry. We tell you, dear ones, that the tides are changing. In the time that you call March of the coming year—especially toward the end of March – there will be a shift in your energy. There is an energy coming in at that time which will help you reset. Position yourselves in the highest place now. Find where you wish to be to let your heart out and start creating that hologram of light. Where are your dreams? Many of you have been in survival mode and as such, have lost your dreams. When you are fighting day to day to make something happen, you lose sight of the larger vision. These are the times to bring it back and as you do, you will find help from the other side coming through you very strongly. You will find other members of your family finding you. They are spiritual family that comes out of nowhere and will cross and intersect your life to help reflect you for just a moment to remind you that you are on the most beautiful path and the most beautiful, magical moments of your life. Look at your own histories and your own biases because each of you will have to determine that yourself. All of you have been slightly out of balance one way or another on planet Earth. It is part of the nature of duality which you have been living in. Now, you are living in a field of triality which is quite different from what you have stepped out of.  Yet you do not have all the pieces. Hold it in your heart first. Know that you are not alone. Do what you can to connect in any way possible with the others. That is what focuses the heart energy and forms the new hologram that creates the new planet. This is more possible today than it was even last week.

Share your light in the collective

We know that you cannot see these advances; we know that you get very downtrodden and drained by many of the energies which are forcefully on planet Earth right now. In the past, these have succeeded. They will not succeed this time. It is not the way of the new energy, dear ones. Support your light and share it in the collective in the most beautiful ways; this is how you will start to create this hologram and step into it. The greatest hologram creators are here and we call them the Family of E. We thank many of you for being here. Many of you have actually amassed enough energy and wisdom to move onto other experiences and yet you brought yourselves back here so you could be a part of this beautiful energy. Now is the time to awaken from the dream and hold it deep within you and position yourself for the wind at your back. Position yourself for a new coming, a new energy and a new hologram of light.

It is with the greatest of honor that I ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Know that you are whole and complete beings balancing in a new way. And play well together.

Espavo.  I am the Keeper of Time.

The group

Eruptions at Mayon Volcano in Phillipines

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

New Eruptions at Mayon in the Philippines Prompts Evacuations

The conical summit of Mayon in the Philippines. Paths of previous lava flows and pyroclastic flows can be seen on the steep slopes of the volcano.

Quick post before I take off for the Department of Geosciences Fall Field Trip. If you’re looking for the current status of the eruption in Iceland, be sure to check out the Icelandic Meteorological Office.

However, today’s post is about the renewed activity at Mayon in the Philippines. It appears that lava is now actively extruding at the summit of the volcano, producing rock falls of incandescent blocks of lava. Seismic activity has increased dramatically over the last week and the style of earthquakes suggests to geologists at PHIVOLCS that magma is ascending inside the volcano. They have increased the alert status at Mayon from 2 to 3 (on a 5 level scale) and say that the potential for a “hazardous eruption” within weeks is high.

What this means in a practical scene is that over 24,000 people are now being evacuated from an 8-km radius around Mayon. The Philippine government is establishing refugee camps for the first evacuees* and readying more if the situation at the volcano suggests that a larger evacuation is needed. The largest hazard posed by Mayon is that of pyroclastic flows generated by the collapse of the new lava dome forming at the summit (or possibly from any explosive eruptions that might occur). Mayon is definitely one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines — and even when it is not in an active eruption period, steam explosions at the summit can be deadly. The Philippine government is watching the activity closely to determine if and when more evacuations are needed.

As I mentioned with the eruption of Rabaul, this activity at Mayon has the potential to have much more direct consequences on people than the activity in Iceland. In the Western Pacific and Southeast Asia, hundreds of thousands of people live within a few tens of kilometers of these potentially highly explosive volcanoes. At Mayon, that number is over 250,000 people within 10 kilometers! Keeping a close eye on these eruptions is definitely a necessity to protect those lives.

* AUTHOR’S NOTE: This article from the Philippine Star quotes a PHIVOLCS volcanologist as saying that Mayon is “overdue” for a large explosive eruption. This is based on a grand total for 2 prior eruptions in 1814 and 1897. I wouldn’t believe this sort of talk as 2 data points cannot be used to set such a pattern, even if it existed.


Earthquake Close to Guam

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Very strong, deep earthquake very close to Guam

Last update: September 17, 2014 at 9:13 am by By

Update 08:45 UTC: Only light damage as broken glass, falling shelves and unsecured objects or damaged transformers reported.  No important damage or injuries currently.Update 08:40 UTC: Power is reported out at Mount Santa Rosa, Yigo and also in Dandan area were crews are working to safely fix a line as a result of the earthquake. In southern villages power has been mostly restored.

Update 08:25 UTC: A landslide was reported in East Agama, Uttam. Guam Police Department and Department of Public Works have been dispatched to follow up on the situation.

Update 07:27 UTC: The earthquake was downgraded to Magnitude 6.7. This makes it less dangerous.

Update 07:11 UTC: Pacific Daily News is reporting power outages from Talofofo to Malojloj and down to Bear Rock in Inarajan.
– Some residents have reported losing phone service after the quake.

Update 06:37 UTC
As reported by our readers, the USGS ShakeMap gives a strong intensity for the whole island. This can cause moderate damage to buildings. So far, no reports indicate any damage or destruction.

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake occurred only a few km north of Guam, according to preliminary USGS data. The hypocenter was located in a depth of approx. 130 km. This makes the earthquake less dangerous and reduces the chance for a tsunami. NO warnung was issued, althouth small, non-destructive waves along the coast of Guam can not be excluded.

The shaking of the earthquake was felt very strongly on Guam, according to reports we received.

Guam ShakeMapNearby cities:

  1. 45km (28mi) NW of Piti Village, Guam
  2. 51km (32mi) NW of Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon Village, Guam
  3. 54km (34mi) WNW of Dededo Village, Guam
  4. 55km (34mi) NW of Mangilao Village, Guam
  5. 49km (30mi) NW of Hagatna, Guam

Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 6.7

Local Time (conversion only below land) : Unknown

GMT/UTC Time : 2014-09-17 06:14:49


Health & Time Acceleration

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

How Time Acceleration Affects Your Health

articles is from:

Updated April 27, 2014

by PL Chang

Can time speed up or slow down? According to Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, yes it can! Time acceleration plays an important role for your health, because it can cause you to age faster or slower. In this article, I will explain some important fundamental aspects of how time works and how it relates to your health.

The strange thing about time is that it is not always constant like how we are conditioned to believe. Below is a quote from

“When two observers are in relative uniform motion, and far away from any gravitational mass, the point of view of each will be that the other’s (moving) clock is ticking at a slower rate than the local clock. The faster the relative velocity, the greater the magnitude of time dilation. This case is sometimes called special relativistic time dilation. It is often interpreted as time “slowing down” for the other (moving) clock. But that is only true from the physical point of view of the local observer, and of others at relative rest”

The quote above is basically saying that a moving object and an object at rest will experience time at a different speed. The short video clip below should help clarify this concept.

Einstein did a good job explaining how time and space were related, but he missed many important aspect of how they worked. Modern physicists have been filling some of the holes that Einstein had missed, but they still have not grasped what time really is. What most modern physicists failed to notice is that time is not linear, but simultaneous and it does not move. The idea of time being linear is an idea that is preventing modern physicists from discovering many secrets about the Universe. Fortunately, there are some physicists who are starting to realize that time works in a simultaneous fashion.

What is linear time?

When you experience linear time, you are experiencing a multidimensional and holographic illusion created by the refraction of particles and anti-particles which pulsate and spin at different speeds and angular rotations. Pulsation is an important feature of time, because the way particles pulsate at various rhythms is what gives us the illusion of time.

Below is an excerpt from my book Staradigm about linear time.

“Linear time is achieved when an observer’s consciousness moves through portions of the unified field of time. It is important to know that time does not move. It only seems to move when the observer’s consciousness moves through it. The illusion of linear time is similar to watching a movie using an old projector. When the reel of the projector is still, there are no linear actions or movements. It is only when the reel starts moving that you see the images being projected as linear actions'”

Time acceleration and your health

Time acceleration is nothing new to NASA, special groups in the military and certain engineers who design special machines that rely on energy vibration. These people knew since the early 1980s that time has been accelerating. Before 1980 Earth’s base pulse frequency, also known as Earth’s “heartbeat,” was vibrating at a constant frequency. After 1980 Earth’s “heartbeat” started to increase. This changed in frequency caused problems to certain machines that were designed to rely on Earth’s “heartbeat.” As a result, these machines had to be adjusted or their calculations would be off.

Here is another excerpt from my book Staradigm about how time acceleration affects your health.

‘The human body and mind are also attuned to mother Earth’s heartbeat. As her heartbeat accelerates, so does the human body and mind. This accelerated pulsation gives you the illusion that time is speeding up. This is why you have been experiencing this strange phenomenon since the 1980s. The increase in mother Earth’s pulsation rate can cause negative health effects on your body if you do not adjust your body’s pulsation rate to match hers. If your body cannot increase its pulsation rate to match mother Earth’s pulsation rate, this will cause accelerated cellular deterioration. Common symptoms of time acceleration are fatigue, emotional and mental problems, and stress.”

On Genes & Extinction

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Bruceliptonnewsletter  Margaret and I have just returned from a trip to beautiful Lake Shasta in Northern California. Well … it was “more” beautiful a few years ago. This year we actually walked on the bottom of the lake in knee-high water.  The drought has lowered the lake’s normal water line over 150 feet from previous years. Seventy percent of the lake’s capacity has dried up due to California’s severe drought.

The fact that California is running out of water and that its contribution to the country’s food economy, which represents 53% of the US food source, is not existent, has received only minor attention in the news. Accordingly, the mass media news organizations collectively decide not to publish negative stories to which they feel the public cannot alter or actively make a response. This is the old “ostrich with its head in the sand” approach to global problems.

This “for our own good news blackout” strategy specifically applies to stories on the planet’s 6th mass extinction, a planetary upheaval we are now facing. The extinction process has profound influence on the current state of our world (see news article attached below). However, the fact is that we CAN collectively alleviate this impending devolution process, for science has recognized that human behavior is the primary cause behind today’s extinction.

This month’s news video provides some positive insights into our ability to forestall the mass extinction so that we may be able to offer our children, grand children and future generations a world in which they can thrive.

With Love and Light,

Scientists Warn We Are Approaching The Next Mass Extinction
July 25, 2014 | by Justine Alford

Photo credit: Mary Harrsch. “Southern White Rhinocerous looks us over at Wildlife Safari
near Winston Oregon,” via Flickr. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

The decline of various animal populations and species loss are occurring at alarming rates on Earth, contributing to the world’s sixth mass extinction. While these deadly events may ultimately pave way for the emergence of new species, Stanford scientists have warned that if this “defaunation” that we are currently experiencing continues, it will likely have serious downstream impacts on human health. The study has been published in Science.

Biodiversity on Earth is extremely rich at present; it’s estimated to be the highest in the history of life on our planet. But scientists have been recording species abundance and population numbers for some time now and it is evident that we are experiencing a sharp downward trend. While the extinction of a species is normal and occurs at a natural “background” rate of around 1-5 per year, species loss is currently occurring at over 1,000 times the background rate.

Thanks to the fossil record, we are very familiar with large extinction events. Indeed, there have been 5 mass extinctions throughout the history of life on Earth, but there is a key difference between these past events and what is happening presently: humans are almost entirely to blame for the current mass extinction. Climate change, pollution, deforestation and overharvesting are all contributing factors. While it’s difficult to be certain of the causes of the previous mass extinctions, they have been attributed to natural events such as supervolcano eruptions and asteroid strikes.

By reviewing literature and analyzing various data sets, scientists have found that since 1500, 322 terrestrial vertebrates have become extinct. The remaining species are also suffering a 25% average decline in abundance. Invertebrates are also experiencing a huge blow with 67% of monitored populations showing 45% average abundance decline.

Among vertebrate species, it is estimated that up to 33% are threatened or endangered. Large animals, or megafauna, seem to be most affected, mirroring past mass extinctions. This is because large animals tend to have low population growth rates, produce few offspring and require large habitats to sustain viable populations.

Loss of megafauna has various downstream effects and may eventually impact human health. For example, studies conducted in Kenya where patches of land were isolated from large animals such as zebras and elephants found that the areas rapidly became plagued with rodents due to increases in food availability and shelter. Concomitantly, the levels of disease causing pathogens that they carry also increases, thus enhancing the risk of disease transmission to humans.

But it’s not just big animals that have an impact. Various insect species such as bees are valuable pollinators. According to a Cornell study, honeybees and other insects contributed $29 billion to farm income in the US in 2010. Furthermore, insects also play pivotal roles in nutrient cycling and decomposition, contributing to ecosystem productivity.

Lead author Rodolfo Dirzo hopes that raising awareness of the consequences of this ongoing mass extinction may stimulate much needed change, but acknowledges that solutions are far from simple given that approaches need to be tailored to individual areas and situations.

[Header image, "Southern White Rhinocerous looks us over at Wildlife Safari near Winston Oregon," by Mary Harrsch, via Flickr, used in accordance with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0]

Reprinted from:


Types of Friends acc. to Buddha

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

The Four Types of Friends According to the Buddha

Young man, be aware of these four good-hearted friends: the helper, the friend who endures in good times and bad, the mentor, and the compassionate friend.

The helper can be identified by four things: by protecting you when you are vulnerable, and likewise your wealth, being a refuge when you are afraid, and in various tasks providing double what is requested.

The enduring friend can be identified by four things: by telling you secrets, guarding your own secrets closely, not abandoning you in misfortune, and even dying for you.

The mentor can be identified by four things: by restraining you from wrongdoing, guiding you towards good actions, telling you what you ought to know, and showing you the path to samsaric heavens.

The compassionate friend can be identified by four things: by not rejoicing in your misfortune, delighting in your good fortune, preventing others from speaking ill of you, and encouraging others who praise your good qualities.

Taken from the Sigalovada Sutta

Cosmic Rays, Light & DNA

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Cosmic Radiation And Light Changes DNA

Updated September 11, 2014 by in5d Alternative News

by Jeff Roberts

*This article is based on academic research referenced in David Wilcock’s The Source Field Investigations and his follow up book The Synchronicity Key: The Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe & You. I highly recommend you check out both of these books for further information.

DNA is essential to any scientific understanding of life. One strand of the double-helix holds the complete code that is needed to clone an entire organism. The process of DNA formation is one that is now up for debate, as the fundamentals of quantum physics aim to explain how DNA begins as a wave-form rather than a molecule. This new idea suggests that the universe is composed of an invisible wave-pattern complex that forms matter by the exertion of micro gravitational forces. On a molecular scale, information in the form of waves pulls atoms and molecules in to create more complex structures, such as DNA. So if these wave patterns were visible, empty space would appear as a fluid geometric patterns, such as the shape of a DNA strand, and would pull in atoms to form a physical replica of the wave-pattern.

New research reveals some remarkable properties of DNA which suggests that a “hidden force” plays a role in the formation of life in the universe New research reveals some remarkable properties of DNA which suggests that a “hidden force” plays a role in the formation of life in the universe .

In a study published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry by London Imperial College Department of Chemistry, the idea of micro gravitational forces forming matter out of wave patterns was witnessed in person. Dr. Sergey Leikin placed different types of DNA in a salt water solution, and differentiated the various strands by coloring them. Remarkably, the colored DNA were drawn to one and another moving very far distances to find the corresponding matches, and in time every DNA strand was paired up correctly. Although Dr. Leikin equated the phenomenon with possible electrical charges, other research revealed that gravity was the likely culprit.

In an astonishing experiment performed by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier, DNA was randomly created out of nothing but sterilized water. The experiment used two separate sealed test tubes, one containing sterilized water and the other carrying both sterilized water and DNA. After electrifying both tubes and letting the tubes sit for eighteen hours, Dr. Montagnier was surprised to see that the tube that had originally contained nothing but water had produced tiny DNA strands. This was a shock for many reasons, mainly because water only contains hydrogen and oxygen and a DNA molecule is much more complex. How could something like this possibly happen? It seemed as though the DNA had “teleported” from one tube to the other, like they were connected by an unknown force.

Could this experiment reveal that forces of the universe are constantly trying to form life where ever it can by hidden micro gravitational waves? In 1984, a Russian scientist by the name of Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered another remarkable property of DNA, in which each strand had the naturally tendency to absorb and store hundreds to thousands of photons (light particles). Dr. Gariaev placed DNA inside a small quartz container, and to his surprise the DNA absorbed every photon in the room. Gravity is the only force that we know of that can bend light so therefore Dr. Gariaev’s experiment reinforced the idea of a hidden micro gravitational force.

Things got even stranger when Dr. Gariaev removed the DNA from the quartz container. To his amazement the photons that had originally been absorbed by the DNA stayed in the quartz container in the exact shape of the DNA. Anyone would have thought that the photons should have scattered, but there seemed to be an unknown force keeping the photons in place. Dr. Gariaev blasted the photons with nitrogen gas to disperse them, and within minutes the photons were drawn back to the same area and formed the same “phantom” DNA shape. This experiment suggests that gravity has a quantum structure and can exist without the presence of matter, permeating throughout the entire universe. If our DNA can store light, then could cosmic rays have an effect on the structure?

These discoveries could provide massive implications for science and our understanding of the universe. If gravity has quantum intelligent properties, then it could be proof that life exists or has the ability to form all throughout the universe. Further DNA studies revealed even more interesting abilities of the molecule when Italian scientist Pier Luigi Ighina was able to transform a living apricot tree into an apple tree by zapping it with DNA wave information. Ighina also zapped a rat with the DNA-wave of a cat, causing the rat to grow a cat-like tail within days. These experiments support the idea that DNA forms from information waves, and from this knowing we can suggest that our evolution may have been influenced by cosmic rays carrying encoded information from our Sun.

It is surprising that such astounding discoveries haven’t made it to the forefront of the mainstream media. These discoveries could change the foundation of physics and biochemistry as we know it. There is now evidence to suggest that an intelligent force is guiding the evolution of life throughout the universe which brings us another step closer to understanding the divine mysteries of our existence within the cosmos.


Battlestar Galactica & Militarization of Polics

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

What Battlestar Galactica Can Teach Us About the Militarization of Police

“There’s a reason you separate the military and the police. One fights the enemy of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.”

william Adama

In Battlestar Galactica there’s a scene where President Laura Roslyn and chief military Commander William Adama debate how to respond to the potential rioting of civilians. In the absence of a police force capable of handling the situation, Roslyn wants the military to police the civilians. Adama tells her the military won’t be her cops.

“There’s a reason you separate the military and the police,” he says. “One fights the enemy of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.”

It’s difficult to imagine a more succinct warning for what’s unfolding in Missouri right now. The images coming out of Ferguson show police who are militarizing their policing tactics because they believe they cannot maintain law and order through regular policing. Police cars and batons have been traded for armored vehicles, tear gas, and assault weapons.

It is worth asking: Do Americans consider this behavior within the acceptable range of police enforcement?

This unfolding military-style policing highlights how difficult it is to determine what reasonable limits we should expect from our civilian police forces. Police do not possess absolute authority, nor do they wield the powers of the military. Yet many ordinary people are unsure what limits are, or should be, in place to restrict police behavior—or what lines should be drawn to protect citizens from the police.

Recent events have proved Adama is right.

The phrase “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” reflects the growing disparity between what citizens consider acceptable behavior from our police forces and what police forces often consider to be within their power.

For the past two weeks, we have seen images of police in camouflage aiming assault rifles at citizens, arresting journalists, and using tear gas on protesters. It is worth asking: Do Americans consider this behavior within the acceptable range of police enforcement?

Pew recently asked this question, and the response shows a clear division: Among African Americans, 65 percent of respondents said police response in Ferguson has “gone too far,” and 32 percent of white respondents agreed. So there’s no consensus on what the limits of police behavior should be. This makes determining the limits of American policing complicated.

Perhaps this is why popular culture so frequently explores these questions. The militarization of civilian police and the role of protests in police states are subjects that arise regularly in movies and television—especially in science fiction.

Here are four scenes that question the corrupting power of police authority.

1. Battlestar Galactica

In “Water,” the second episode of Season 1, a sleeper Cylon (Cylons are the robots that destroyed human civilization) who is secretly embedded on the central military battleship (Galactica) places explosives near the water tanks. The bombs detonate, the holding tanks explode, and 60 percent of water reserves are lost. The lost water means that one-third of the civilian population will run out of water in two days. Adama, the military commander, immediately orders the civilian ships to begin emergency water rationing.

The second in command predicts this action will create riots. “Civilians don’t like hearing they can’t take a bath, wash their clothes, or drink more than a thimble a day,” he warns. And he turns out to be right.

President Roslyn implores Adama to police the riots with military forces:

President Roslyn: Rioting broke out on the cruise ship when they reduced water rations. We need to demonstrate an ability to maintain order, and we need to do it now.
Commander Adama: We don’t have extra manpower for fleet security.
Roslyn: You have the only armed, disciplined force available.
Adama: Yeah, but I’m not going to be your policeman. There’s a reason you separate the military and the police. One fights the enemy of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.
Roslyn: I appreciate the complexity of the issue, and I won’t let that happen.

Over the next four seasons of Battlestar, the role of the military in civil society is explored in exceptional detail. The show, which debuted in 2004, addresses the rise of terrorism and the control of Homeland Security, a fear of foreign peoples, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, restrictions on the press, and military-style policing.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

In the Hunger Games series, the people of Panem already live in a militarized police state. Order is maintained by “Peacekeepers” through any means necessary, including lethal force and public execution.

On a “victory tour” after winning the Hunger Games, victors Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark pay tribute to a young girl named Rue from District 11, who aided Katniss in the competition before she was eventually killed by another player.

In a show of solidarity, a man from District 11 makes the three-fingered salute, an illegal hand-gesture Katniss used in the Games. Soon, the rest of the district follows suit. The police, recognizing the dissent unfolding, seek to quell any further disobedience.

They drag the elderly black man who sparked the dissent in front of the crowd. Then, the cops shoot him.

The brief moments of rebellion that unfold in this moment are seen through the eyes of Katniss, and her horror of this execution reveals much what The Hunger Games are built on: the abuse of power, the subjugation of the poor, and the division of people by race and employment. These divisions are upheld by a police force with absolute power and enforced on people who have become enemies and slaves.

The Dark Knight

It is hard to imagine a stronger justification for the abuse of power over citizens than the beating and torture of a “bad guy” in custody.

In a very real sense, the central question of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy is about the very same question William Adama raises: How far we are willing to let our protectors go to keep us safe?

The Dark Knight Trilogy is filled with scenes that warn against the militarization of police forces. Batman Begins starts with police (paid by the mob) using brutal tactics to patrol the streets; The Dark Knight Rises ends by asking what it means to protect a city and its people from a madman.

But no scene raises the point more clearly than the interrogation (torture, really) of the Joker by Batman in The Dark Knight. It is hard to imagine a stronger justification for the abuse of power over citizens than the beating and torture of a “bad guy” in custody.

The Joker has abducted two people: District Attorney Harvey Dent, and Dent’s fiancee, Rachel Dawes. He has since been arrested by Gotham PD. To find out what the Joker has done with Rachel and Harvey, Police Chief Jim Gordon has locked the Joker in an interrogation room and handed the room over to the Batman.

“You have all these rules,” the Joker says, taunting Batman.  “The only way to live in this world is without rules.” The Joker rightly predicts that Batman will go apeshit on him.

Batman reaches so far beyond the dictates of acceptable superhero behavior (at one point spying on every Gotham resident simultaneously) that even his allies question whether he has lost his moral tether to his position as hero.

Others have noted these themes in The Dark Knight trilogy. The philosopher Slavoj Zizek has considered how the series engages an era of anxiety over capitalism, terrorism, and the Occupy movement. He notes the irony of handing over the protection of society to a mega-rich arms dealer moonlighting as a moral authority figure.

But Zizek also notes the necessary “event” underlying the actions of the series, which is the power of the people reclaiming authority over society, wrested out the hands of villains and heroes.

Minority Report:

In Minority Report, a film based on Philip K. Dick’s 1956 short story, the police have access to a group pre-cognitive psychics who can predict murder. The Pre-Crime unit of the police force uses this information to stop murders before they occur. With absolute authority, they capture murderers before they act, place them into a catatonic state, and imprison them underground.

But herein lies the same old question about the limits of law enforcement: If you arrest a murderer before a murder is committed, did you not just arrest an innocent civilian?

If it didn’t happen, how can you be guilty? What right do the police have to seize an innocent man?

Early in Minority Report, this question is addressed by Detective John Anderton of the Pre-Crime unit, and Danny Witwer, a Department of Justice official sent to investigate the program.

Witwer asks whether the police have the right to arrest a man before his crime is committed. In response, Anderton rolls a ball off the edge of his desk. Witwer catches it.

Anderton: Why did you catch it?
Witwer: Because it was going to fall.
Anderton: You’re certain?
Witwer: Yes.
Anderton: But it didn’t fall. You caught it. The fact that you prevented it from happening doesn’t change the fact that it was going to happen.

Thus the authority of the Pre-Crime unit is established. The question of individual guilt has been determined in the minds of the guilty before they even reach the crime scene.

The police are meant to serve and protect. But here, preventative lock-up is used as a tool to keep the “inevitably guilty” off the streets and away from the law-abiding public, in a justice system that provides police an almost absolute authority to clean up the streets. That hardly sounds like science fiction.

The protests underway in Ferguson have already begun to calm, and the images of dramatic military policing will in time fade from our screens. But the importance of such moments in the public imagination should not likewise disappear.

We are constantly faced with the civic and moral questions surrounding police forces. Anytime, the events in Ferguson could unfold in the lives of American citizens anywhere.

Which makes wrestling with these questions all the more necessary.

Science fiction has long been a place to wrestle with collective social complexities. As we remember what happened in Ferguson, let’s also draw from the stories that caution us against turning our civil rights over to an unrestricted power.


Ancient Shrines Around Stonehenge

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Hidden Monuments Reveal ‘Stonehenge Is Not Alone’

Magnetic data image of a newly discovered monument around Stonehenge.
  Data obtained from magnetometer surveys revealed impressions left by prehistoric monuments around Stonehenge. Some of the smaller monuments, researchers found, had a concentric circle design similar to Stonehenge.
Credit: © LBI ArchPro, Mario Wallner

The megaliths of Stonehenge, which were raised above England’s Salisbury Plain some 5,000 years ago, may be among the most extensively studied archaeological features in the world. Still, the monument is keeping secrets.

Scientists have just unveiled the results of a four-year survey of the landscape around Stonehenge. Using non-invasive techniques like ground-penetrating radar, the researchers detected signs of at least 17 previously unknown Neolithic shrines.

Stonehenge is undoubtedly a major ritual monument, which people may have traveled considerable distances to come to, but it isn’t just standing there by itself,” project leader Vincent Gaffney, an archaeologist at the University of Birmingham in the U.K., told Live Science. “It’s part of a much more complex landscape with processional and ritual activities that go around it. That’s very different from how this has been viewed before. The important point is Stonehenge is not alone. There was lots of other associated ritual activity going on around it.”

cholars still aren’t sure why Stonehenge was built, as the monument’s Neolithic creators left behind no written records. But the ruins, which align with the sun during the solstices, stand as an impressive feat of prehistoric engineering. The biggest stones at the site, known as sarsens, are up to 30 feet (9 meters) tall and weigh 25 tons (22.6 metric tons); they are believed to have been dragged from Marlborough Downs, 20 miles (32 kilometers) to the north.

Shrine Map
  The red circles mark the spots where archaeologists found satellite shrines around Stonehenge.
Credit: © LBI ArchPro, Wolfgang Neubauer

At the newfound satellite shrines around Stonehenge, Gaffney and his team revealed underground impressions, presumably left by wooden post holes, stones and ditches — some of which extend up to 13 feet (4 m) deep. Images created with geophysical prospecting tools show that some of these smaller monuments had a concentric circle design, much like Stonehenge.

The researchers also peered inside the Cursus, an immense prehistoric enclosure to the north of Stonehenge that dates back to about 3500 B.C. Stretching about 1.8 miles (3 km) long and 330 feet (100 m) wide, the Cursus had been deemed a barrier to Stonehenge, but it was so big that no one really knew what was inside of it, said Gaffney.

When the researchers surveyed this area, they found a large pit buried on the eastern end of the Cursus. This pit was aligned with Stonehenge’s “avenue,” a processional path that lines up with the sun at dawn during the mid-summer solstice. The team also found a matching pit at the other end of the Cursus. This pit is aligned with the Heel Stone at the entrance to Stonehenge, which is aligned with sunset during the solstice, Gaffney said.

“Suddenly, you’ve got a link between this very large monument and Stonehenge through two massive pits, which appear to be aligned on the sunrise and sunset on the mid-summer solstice,” Gaffney said.

The researchers also mapped dozens of burial mounds in the area, including a long barrow that dates back to an era before Stonehenge. The team detected a timber building buried inside the mound, and the project leaders think this structure might have been used for the ritual inhumation and defleshing of the dead.

Gaffney said it will take his team about a year just to process all the data they collected during their 120 days of fieldwork over the span of four years. And then it will likely be up to English Heritage (the government body in charge of archaeological and historic sites) to decide which features to dig up in a more traditional excavation. Further study should help reveal the ages of these monuments, pits and burial mounds, and help explain how Stonehenge evolved over time.

(Check out link below for Smithsonian Video.)

The findings were revealed as part of the British Science Festival and will be featured in a new BBC Two series, “Operation Stonehenge: What Lies Beneath,” which will air in the U.K. Thursday (Sept. 11) at 8 p.m. BST. A U.S. version of the special, dubbed “Stonehenge Empire,” will air on the Smithsonian Channel Sept. 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project is led by the University of Birmingham with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology.



Americas’s Problem With Education

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

WTF Is Wrong With America? This Guy Nails It!

What are some major problems in America? Silhouette man tells it like it is…


via Tickld user b123b

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