The Effects of Man on Earth

New animation welcomes you to the Anthropocene


A powerful new film takes you through 250 years of human history, from the start of the Industrial Revolution in England to the first Earth Summit in 1992.

Globaïa has released a short film titled Welcome to the Anthropocene, that is, the age of large-scale human influence on Earth. This 3-minute film takes you through the last 250 years of human history, from the start of the Industrial Revolution in England around 1750 to the Rio+20 Summit – commonly known as the first Earth Summit – held in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992. The Planet Under Pressure conference, held in London in March 2012, commissioned the film.

Final issues statement from Planet Under Pressure conference, London 2012

Globaïa says of the film that it:

… charts the growth of humanity into a global force on an equivalent scale to major geological processes.

And watching it powerfully conveys that idea. It was the Nobel Prize-winning atmospheric chemist Paul Crutzen who popularized the term Anthropocene (Eugene F. Stoermer of University of Michigan coined it) beginning around the turn of the 21st century. These scientists used this term to describe the influence of human behavior on the Earth’s atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution. Our geological era is currently officially called the Holocene by scientists, and it’s defined as having begun around 12,000 years ago, as the last major ice age was ending. The word Holocene stems from a Greek words meaning whole or entire and recent. Crutzen and Stoermer suggested Anthropocene instead to convey the idea that our human influence is now so significant as to warrant the start of a new geological era. Read Crutzen and Stoermer’s original proposal to re-name our geological era the Anthropocene.

It’s what we at EarthSky call the Human World. What is a human world?

Many scientists are now using the term Anthropocene to describe our era. For example, the Geological Society of America titled its 2011 annual meetingArchean to Anthropocene. But many people in the U.S., in particular, still resist the idea that humanity can exert a major influence on Earth. For example, the media debate in the U.S. (it is not a scientific debate, and it is not as heated in other countries as here) over climate change hinges for some on the disbelief that we humans could affect Earth so profoundly as to change its climate. As centuries pass, as humanity moves forward from our time and as our ancestors look back, they might accept the notion of our powerful human influence more readily.

Bottom line: Globaïa’s new short film is titled Welcome to the Anthropocene. It takes you through the last 250 years of human history, from the start of the Industrial Revolution in England to the first Earth Summit in June 1992. The Planet Under Pressure conference, held in London in March 2012, commissioned the film.


Moderate Earthquake Southern California

Moderate earthquake in Southern California

Last update: April 28, 2012 at 4:07 pm by By 

Shaking intensities, max. light shaking (MMI IV)

Earthquake in Southern California
Epicenter close to Devore and 13 km (8 miles) W (270°) from Crestline, CA
16 km (10 miles) N (10°) from Fontana, CA
We expect a max. light shaking. Following the first incoming I Have Felt It reports, the quake was experienced as a strong jolt.  6,000 people will have felt a light shaking and 16 million people a weak shaking ! does not expect this earthquake to be damaging.
Update 15:56 UTC : Most people close to the epicenter are reporting a strong jolt for a couple seconds only. Strong short jolts are considered as less dangerous versus sustained shaking.  This is the second earthquake this week in California sending people in big numbers to our site. The first one was on Monday with epicenter near Laguna Niguel.

Amazing Array of Edible Flowers

42 Flowers You Can Eat

By Dr. Mercola

Edible flowers are ordinarily associated with haute cuisine and wedding cakes, but you may have several tasty varieties right in your own backyard.

Adding flowers to your meals will not only make an ordinary dish look gourmet, they can be quite flavorful and nutritious.

Historically speaking, many different cultures valued fresh flowers in their culinary endeavors; rose petals were popular among Asian Indians, daylily buds often appear in oriental dishes, Romans used violets, and stuffed squash blossoms were popular in Italian and Hispanic cultures.i

If you’re used to adding fresh herbs to your food, adding in a sprinkling of fresh flowers is not much different, but there are some unique guidelines to be aware of.

Not Every Flower is Edible

Before eating any flower, you need to make sure it is edible. As a general rule, assume any flower from a florist, nursery or garden center is not edible, as these are nearly always heavily treated with pesticides. The same goes for flowers you find near a roadside or in any garden that has been treated with chemicals. Stick to organically grown flowers, or those you grow yourself (without pesticides/herbicides).

Some flowers, however, even organic ones, can make you very sick if eaten. Daphne, foxglove, daffodils, and hyacinths are just a few examples of poisonous flowers that should not be used for food purposes. The slideshow above contains 42 examples of flowers thatare safe to eat, but there are many others. Consult a reference book on edible flowers, or ask an expert in this area, before branching out further, and if you’re not sure, don’t eat it.

Flower Power: Are Flowers Good for You?

Flowers are natural plant foods, and like many plant foods in nature often contain valuable nutrients for your health. For instance, dandelions contain numerous antioxidant properties and flavonoids, including FOUR times the beta carotene of broccoli, as well as lutein, cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin. They’re also a rich source of vitamins, including folic acid, riboflavin, pyroxidine, niacin, and vitamins E and C. Other examples include:

  • Violets contain rutin, a phytochemical with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that ay help strengthen capillary walls
  • Rose petals contain bioflavonoids and antioxidants, as well as vitamins A, B3, C and E
  • Nasturtiums contain cancer-fighting lycopene and lutein, a carotenoid found in vegetables and fruits that is important for vision health
  • Lavender contains vitamin A, calcium and iron, and is said to benefit your central nervous system
  • Chive blossoms (the purple flower of the chive herb) contain vitamin C, iron and sulfur, and have traditionally been used to help support healthy blood pressure levels

Flowers are Fragile, Handle with Care

Flowers are extremely perishable and do not do well when stored in the refrigerator. Ideally, pick them fresh and serve them as soon as possible (store them upright in a glass of water while preparing). If you must store them, place them carefully between two moist paper towels, wrap in plastic or place in an airtight container, and put them in the fridge. When ready to use, rinse each flower gently with water, and blot it carefully dry. You can use a knife or tweezers to remove the stem, leaves and pistil, then separate the petals (generally only the petals are eaten).

Flowers can be eaten raw in salads (nasturtiums, dandelion and primrose are popular for this purpose), added to appetizers or infused into sauces and other dishes. Every flower has a unique taste, so you will find the ones that appeal to you most just like any other herb or spice. For instance, bee balm tastes similar to oregano, carnations have a clove-like flavor, and marigolds are sometimes called “poor man’s saffron” because of their peppery, saffron-like flavor.

If they’re not available for free in your own backyard, you can find edible flowers at gourmet food shops, farmers’ markets and other specialty food shops.

Start Slowly When Eating Flowers

Flowers are tiny but they can pack a powerful punch, especially if they’re new to your diet. Introduce them sparingly at first to avoid any potential digestive upset or allergic reactions. This is especially important if you have allergies to pollen, as eating flowers may exacerbate your symptoms. Even high-quality, nutritious edible flowers can cause an unexpected reaction in some people. Try them one at a time and in SMALL amounts to see how your body is going to react.

Check out the link below for the full list of Edible Flowers:


Star Elders Through Aluna Joy on Earth Grids, Pole Shifts, Etc., from

Earth Grid Update 2012

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
a message from The Star Elders channeled by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in
Thursday, 26 April, 2012

Since the beginning of 2012, the energies have gone from feeling stuck, to feeling like we are in an out-of-control spaceship. This pace is literally taking our breath away. Yet we when we tune in deeply to our hearts, we are excited and feel like we are finally about to arrive. There is an excitement in the air that we have been missing for some time, and it feels good.

The Earth is shifting; in fact, it is getting an entire new grid system. The tectonic plates are wobbling magnetically as well. So finding and staying in our centers is becoming more difficult. Some symptoms that are popping up for people that are extra sensitive to the Earth’s energies might be mild nausea, like morning sickness, a slight dull headache that won’t go away, and a sore spot in the heart chakra area. These are temporary situations.

You are building a new body as well. Scientists know that our bodies replace every single cell every seven years. What we are experiencing NOW is an accelerated rate of this cellular regeneration of our physical and light bodies. It is going to be a whole new way to BE. It is going to feel a little strange for some time as this process completes, and we don’t expect this intensity to lighten up any time soon. A lot will be coming up; old stuff and more recent regurgitations.

Don’t judge your process or the processes others are going through. Judgments and spiritual arrogance have no place in these times. All are a perfect mirror of God . . . including YOU. Remember . . . what you resist, you can never be free from, so allow, surrender and flow with the process. AGAIN … what you resist, you can never be free from. Allow your story to unfold. Remember that where you have been, and what you have experienced, good or bad, has placed you where you are today. Just a quick look back will remind you how much you have grown. Don’t you see how much you have already evolved! Don’t forget this.

We are finding that we are becoming increasingly unable to cope with the illusions of this world; like injustices, dishonesties, integrity issues, dramas in family and other relationships, and the 3D world not working as expected. All this is feeling like an endless retrograde situation to us. Again this is a temporary situation. We are feeling these things more prominently now, because we are already IN the new world where these illusions do not exist. Our DNA is learning to balance and reorganize this contradiction of frequencies. The only thing in our way now is our own mind.

The intense energy might want to make us just crawl into a cave and wait it out. But we don’t do this. We stand firm on the Earth each day, breathe in and out, and we try our best to stay in our center wherever that might be in any given moment. Everything around us is shifting and changing at a ridiculous rate of speed. If we try to hide out, or hunker down, it will not work. We must stay involved. We must participate in this grand unfolding of a new earth, humanities awakening and the unification of the collective consciousness. This is what you came here for. You signed up for this.

The Earth is getting a new grid system and we are renovating ourselves to be in alignment with this new grid system. This will come with a new orientation point, with a new heart center, and a new body. Let’s just say that we have a lot on our plates right now.

Also, a magnetic pole shift might come sooner than first thought. Magnetic pole shifts are not as far-fetched as one might think. Geologists know the Earth and the Sun shifts magnetically every so often. This will not create world wide physical earth changes.

Some experts think this magnetic pole shift will happen as early as this May… here are some links if you are inclined to read more about this.

*** “Japanese HINODE team says in May 2012 the suns north pole will reach a reading of zero and will form into MULTIPLE positive poles … and to top it off, this is happening a year ahead of the expected nominal time.”

*** National Astronomical Observatory of Japan … “The estimated completion of the reversal of the north polar region will take place in 1 months or so, (MAY 2012) about one year earlier than the nominal expected reversal time.”

*** The NOAA National Geophysical Data Center ” . . . the pole shift has apparently sped up substantially.”

*** “Magnetic north shifting by 40 miles a year, might signal pole reversal.”

Our body is evolving in every sense of the word; quicker than any other time in history. Our blood has iron in it, and iron is magnetic. Because of this fact, whatever happens on the Earth and its magnetic field, as well as the Sun’s magnetic field, we will be equally affected by. WE are ONE with the Earth, the sky and all life.

An interesting fact is that we have already ascended to a higher frequency. The only issue is that our mind (our memory and our self-image) has not come to grips with this fact. The iron in our body (in our blood) holds memory and history, so as the Earth’s magnetic field drops to zero, our memory is cleared and rebooted and raised up to a new frequency. Eventually then our mind will catch up with what has already taken place in the higher realms.

This is a divine synchronization of all life on Earth with its attached collective consciousness. Some people will need to accelerate their spiritual and physical process by being very rigid with their routines. Others will need to slow down their process, by meditating less, eating heavier food and … well… what looks like goofing off We must do what feels right in each moment without worry about what others will think about you. And we must not judge others for living their lives differently than ours. Did you hear that? This is important. Again . . . Judgment and spiritual arrogance has no place in these times. There are reasons why we are living the way we are living. The way we live our life now might be very different than from a couple of years ago. How we live our lives next week might be polar opposite to today. Humanity and all life is synchronizing with the whole, the ONE. Why? . . . because we are going through this dimensional gate together. Everybody needs to be at the same frequency, on the same bandwidth, on the same page, etc…

There is nothing more that we need to learn. The searching is over. We have everything inside us that we need, right now. But we already know this. Now it is time to believe it. We will receive necessary wisdom and appropriate alchemy when, and only when, our frequency is ready for the next step in this ascension process. This is a failsafe program to keep us safe from burning up in the ascension light. This is a step by step process. We have learned in the past that if we ascend too soon, or are out of sync with an ascending age, we fail . . . because we are not ready for the energy. We learned this the hard way in Egypt and Atlantis. Everything needs to be synchronized on the same page and on the same bandwidth. From our vantage point, all is going very well.

Lastly we are asking you to not go into sympathetic resonance with anyone going through hard challenges. Feeling sympathy will only bring your energy down, and make their journey harder. Remember . . . there is nothing to fix and nothing to heal. Each has chosen their path. We are harmonizing the collective field. Trust the process. Remember that what everyone is going through, is the process of bringing us all to that same page, so we can enter the new world that is awaiting us . . . together.

PS … The Star Elders really do love drama, and so does Archangel Michael; but they never go in to sympathetic resonance with the drama. For them it is just like watching a really good movie. They don’t judge anything and just accept the process. If we can approach this year as they do, it will make our lives a lot easier.

Copyright © 2012 – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely. Center of the SUN – Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, PO Box 1988 Sedona, AZ 86339 USA Ph:            928-282-6292       Ph/Fax:928-282-4622 — Email: website:


Kryon Through Lee Carroll on SHOULDS

The Recalibration of “Shoulds”

Lee Carroll
a message from Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll
Thursday, 26 January, 2012  at Patagonia  (posted 26 April, 2012)

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Have you started to feel it yet? There’s a difference in your perception, which makes it easier for you to come along with me to a quantum place. The ship [Cruise Ship] isolates you from the land just enough to suspend the reality of your everyday life. By the time you end this cruise, you will have bonded with the family with an energy of joy. Some solutions will be at hand, there will be a few epiphanies, and right now there is the potential for three healings. For some, peace will be delivered, replacing anxiety. There’ll be some clarity on some future plans as well, all because you sat together with me here today.

Your willingness to do this creates a state that is a different paradigm, a different way of being, an allowance for clearer thinking. The more often you do it, the more often you will feel the shift. So I want you to enjoy this moment and relax in it, knowing it is indeed safe and appropriate and proper. Dear ones, open your heart this day. You’ve done many heartfelt things this day [during the seminar], so now let us do some exercises in spiritual logic.

This will not be a long channelling, but I’ll do some information transfer for you. I will call this the recalibration of “shoulds” – things you feel you should do or should not do according to those who are in charge. “In charge of what?” you might ask. Well, they are the ones who are in charge of “shoulds”, and you know who they are. They are tradition, spiritual authority, history and the learning of the past. The information I give is specific for every should, but not necessarily what you have been taught. Things are changing, and with the recalibration of energy on the planet, the puzzle you have worked for a long time as a Lightworker is starting to shift as well. There are only a few questions about theshoulds to cover today, but they will be questions that are answered easily, but asked quite often. They cover a lot of different kinds of subjects.


Let’s start with a spiritual one: God is the creator of the world, correct? Indeed, He is. Indeed, She is. Should not the creator then be worshipped? For all of mankind has seen this fact and has, therefore, worshipped the idea of God in many forms from the very beginning. In the New Age esoteric movement, there is no worship. There truly are no grand altars or buildings. There is no place to kneel and give God thanks for anything. So some might face off with you and point their fingers and say, “You are not worshipping as you should.” What is the answer to this? And what would you say?

I’ve given the metaphor before: Do you believe you are a piece of the creator? The masters who walked the planet have told you that you are. One of the most recent ones, the Christ, identified himself and He said, “I am the Son of God,”and then he looked up and said, “And so are you.” So it is the great “I am” that is inside you, but this is difficult to see or understand, for Humans look for grandness in divinity. They look for what they expect would be God in the sky, but they do not see that attribute inside themselves.

So let us redefine the “I am”. Let us decide what the Son of God terminology means. It means you are related to the creator. It means that the creator may very well be a family member. It means that you have information and understanding inside that you are, indeed, a family member. You have tranquility, lack of drama and safety when you think about what is inside yourself.

So that which is inside the Human is not necessarily felt as the grandness of the creator, but the family of the creator. So I ask, how do you treat your biological family? Which one have you worshipped lately? Mother? Father? Sister? Brother? And you would say, “No, we do not worship one another. We respect one another. We look forward to being with certain family members. Sisters and brothers. There’s no drama, but rather there is often the expectation of fun, enjoyment and joy. We care about one another. We love one another.” And that, dear one, is the answer to this should!

Instead of worship, there’s appreciation, acknowledgment, ceremony of thanks and love. That is a big difference from “down on your knees” worship, don’t you see? Why not emulate the Master’s words? If you are a Son of God, then don’t worship God. Instead, be part of the family. Appreciate that which is inside. Feel close to the creator when you sit in the chair and do not elevate that which should not be elevated, but love that which should be loved.

Communal Living for Strength

Here’s another one: Some of you have been told that it makes more sense for Lightworkers to clump together, for logically, this would create more light. It would make more sense because Lightworkers would be of like mind and come together as a group and live together as a group. They could then better build that city as a group which has been called the light on the hill.

In addition, grouping together will create better communication, teaching and protection against the older energies of Earth and those things that would get in the way of the path of a true Lightworker. Is there anything wrong with this? Now I will tell you that those who would say this to you are in an old, linear paradigm. They’re looking for things they feel will build a greater life, but have lost sight of what a Lightworker really does.

You are learning to be a self-sufficient creator of life. You could walk into the wilderness and contain all that is. This is the core of the statement, “I am that I am.” The statement is not, “I am that I am, as long as they are what they are.” You see? You are a self-sufficient lighthouse! When is the last time you saw a great deal of lighthouses all on one rock? They don’t need each other! When is the last time you saw a lighthouse convention?

“Well, that’s silly,” you might say. “Lighthouses are all anchored on rocks. They cannot come and visit one another.” Correct, but they can certainly send light to one another, could they not? After all, that’s what a Lighthouse is equipped for. Perhaps Lightworkers can even be entangled with one another quantumly, and then distance would not matter? [quantum entanglement was mentioned in the seminar] So perhaps it’s time for you to change the paradigm of how you imagine your place on the planet. Do you need protection? Is your light in danger?

When you leave this place and the boat that you are on docks for its final time on your cruise, you will all scatter. You’ll go all over the world. Some of you will go unwillingly with tears in your eyes and you will say, “I liked this. I would like to stay doing this.” But I can tell you that you are looking at an old paradigm to have sorrow at all! Once you have touched the heart of another, it’s for life if you want it to be. You can connect and stay connected if you want. Your meeting here may create a network of light as you return to those places where you anchor yourself on your own rock and, all by yourself, create light in a dark place where you might live. Do you understand?

There is no should to live together as a group. If you were to do such a thing, it leaves the rest of the planet in the dark! It is incredibly self-serving and does nothing for anyone but the group. Those who do it just want to feel good with each other, and it does not help the planet. That’s the second should.

Spiritual Eating – What Food Is For You?

Let us change the subject. “Kryon, what should I eat as a Lightworker? I’ve heard many ideas. There are the ones who eat meat and the ones who do not, the ones who remove themselves from all things processed, and those who don’t. There are even those who eat nothing at all and only breathe air! What is the thing I should do to honor God, and my body, with the food I eat?”

Immediately there will be those who point to many spiritual scriptures and say,“This is what you should do.” Others, less spiritual, may give you pure chemistry for cleansing and diet and health. Still others will stick with the tradition of your family heritage or ponder the integrity of eating an animal. So where is the truth in this? It appears to have apparent logic and makes sense to many.

Dear ones, what is the goal? Is it to be healthy and, at the same time, honor God? Most would say, “Yes.” All right, it’s time for some spiritual logic. Question: Where did we establish that God was? Answer: The creator is inside you. So how do you honor that divine plan that is inside you? The answer is to stay alive as long as you can! It’s to hold your light on the planet as long as you can. So how can I give one dietary “should” to all of you who are so unique and different? For that matter, how could anyone give a generic instruction about one “correct diet” to such a vast array of different Human body types? Yet they do.

Here’s the answer: Inside each of you there’s something called innate. Innate is “body intelligence”. Innate is the energy of body consciousness you use when you do “muscle testing” [kinesiology]. Innate knows what’s happening at the very cellular level of your own body, which you do not know. Innate is the consciousness of your DNA itself. It’s the ultimate source for your own “body awareness”.

Innate knows about something called Akashic inheritance. This is the knowledge of who you used to be in past lives. All your dietary needs, to stay alive longer with health, are based on a cellular structure that knows what it wants and needs, and it “needs” what it is used to, dear ones.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live. If you have arrived on this planet from a past lifetime in India, you’re going to want to eat like an Indian – even if you are in Montana! If you had spent lifetimes in Asia, and today you’re from Brooklyn, you might still want to eat like an Asian. Your chemistry “remembers” and craves what it feels will satisfy efficient digestion and health.

Your Akashic inheritance is far stronger than you give it credit for. Past life energies are NOT in the past! They are a quantum energy of your spiritual makeup that is current and something you carry around as part of your “whole self” this time around. They affect you!

The body will tell you that very thing, if you ask it. Your cellular structure will cry out for those things that you are used to, and will make your body relax and be comfortable with the chemistry it is used to. If you are new to this culture and spent the last five lifetimes in another one, don’t be surprised if the former culture’s diet is what you crave. The vegetarian diet will be something that serves him/her because they’re in touch with their Akash. They are eating what their cellular structure thrives to eat, not what someone told them to eat to make them more spiritual.

Pay attention to your body intelligence, for it will tell you a lot about who you’ve been. There is no should except one: Stay alive and be healthy. Listen to your cellular structure and it will tell you what you should eat. Is this not spiritual logic for you? Do not try to convert another to your “correct way” of eating. Honor the Akashic system and realize that your innate knows far better than you do what will work for you. My partner is currently attempting the “Glutton Free” diet. [Kryon humor]

Should I use Doctors and Drugs to Heal Me or Spiritual Methods?

“Dear Kryon, I have heard that you should stay natural and not use the science on the planet for healing. It does not honor God to go to a doctor. After all, don’t you say that we can heal with our minds? So why should we ever go to a doctor if we can do it ourselves? Not only that, my doctor isn’t enlightened, so he has no idea about my innate or my spiritual body needs. What should I do?”

First, Human Being, why do you wish to put so many things in boxes? You continue to want a yes and no answer for complex situations due to your 3D, linear outlook on almost everything. Learn to think out of the 3D box! Look at the heading of this section [above]. It asks which one should you do. It already assumes you can’t do both because they seem dichotomous.

Let’s use some spiritual logic: Here is a hypothetical answer, “Don’t go to a doctor, for you can heal everything with your mind.” So now I will ask: How many of you can do that in this room right now? How many readers can do that with efficiency right now? All of you are old souls, but are you really ready to do that? Do you know how? Do you have really good results with it? Can you rid disease and chemical imbalance with your mind right now?

I’m going to give you a truth, whether you choose to see it or not. You’re not ready for that! You are not yet prepared to take on the task of full healing using your spiritual tools. Lemurians could do that, because Pleiadians taught them how! It’s one of the promises of God, that there’ll come a day when your DNA works that efficiently and you will be able to walk away from drug chemistry and the medical industry forever, for you’ll have the creator’s energy working at 100 percent, something you saw within the great masters who walked the earth.

This will be possible within the ascended earth that you are looking forward to, dear one. Have you seen the news lately? Look out the window. Is that where you are now? We are telling you that the energy is going in that direction, but you are not there yet.

Let those who feel that they can heal themselves begin the process of learning how. Many will be appreciative of the fact that you have some of the gifts for this now. Let the process begin, but don’t think for a moment that you have arrived at a place where every health issue can be healed with your own power. You are students of a grand process that eventually will be yours if you wish to begin the quantum process of talking to your cells. Some will be good at this, and some will just be planting the seeds of it.

Now, I would like to tell you how Spirit works and the potentials of what’s going to happen in the next few years. We’re going to give the doctors of the planet new inventions and new science. These will be major discoveries about the Human body and of the quantum attributes therein.

Look at what has already happened, for some of this science has already been given to you and you are actually using it. Imagine a science that would allow the heart to be transplanted because the one you have is failing. Of course! It’s an operation done many times a month on this planet. That information came from the creator, did you realize that? It didn’t drop off the shelf of some dark energy library to be used in evil ways.

So, if you need a new heart, Lightworker, should you go to the doctor or create one with your mind? Until you feel comfortable that you can replace your heart with a new one by yourself, then you might consider using the God-given information that is in the hands of the surgeon. For it will save your life, and create a situation where you stay and continue to send your light to the earth! Do you see what we’re saying?

You can also alter that which is medicine [drugs] and begin a process that is spectacular in its design, but not very 3D. I challenge you to begin to use what I would call the homeopathic principle with major drugs. If some of you are taking major drugs in order to alter your chemistry so that you can live better and longer, you might feel you have no choice. “Well, this is keeping me alive,” you might say. “I don’t yet have the ability to do this with my consciousness, so I take the drugs.”

In this new energy, there is something else that you can try if you are in this category. Do the following with safety, intelligence, common sense and logic. Here is the challenge: The principle of homeopathy is that an almost invisible tincture of a substance is ingested and is seen by your innate. Innate “sees” what you are trying to do and then adjusts the body’s chemistry in response. Therefore, you might say that you are sending the body a “signal for balance.” The actual tincture is not large enough to affect anything chemically – yet it works!

The body [innate] sees what you’re trying to do and then cooperates. In a sense, you might say the body is healing itself because you were able to give it instructions through the homeopathic substance of what to do. So, why not do it with a major drug? Start reducing the dosage and start talking to your cells, and see what happens. If you’re not successful, then stop the reduction. However, to your own amazement, you may often be successful over time.

You might be able to take the dosage that you’re used to and cut it to at least a quarter of what it was. It is the homeopathy principle and it allows you to keep the purpose of the drug, but reduce it to a fraction of a common 3D dosage. You’re still taking it internally, but now it’s also signaling in addition to working chemically. The signal is sent, the body cooperates, and you reduce the chance of side effects.

You can’t put things in boxes of yes or no when it comes to the grand system of Spirit. You can instead use spiritual logic and see the things that God has given you on the planet within the inventions and processes. Have an operation, save your life, and stand and say, “Thank you, God, for this and for my being born where these things are possible.” It’s a complicated subject, is it not? Each of you is so different! You’ll know what to do, dear one. Never stress over that decision, because your innate will tell you what is appropriate for you if you’re willing to listen.

There is no New Age. God doesn’t change. Stay with tradition.

Let us look at the final one. There are those who will tell you that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. They would say you should not, therefore, be in a New Age movement, for God will never change and the energy of God will always be the same. Therefore, your ideas of the energy shifting and God changing are foolishness. Then they will warn you and say, “Stay away from the New Age and instead go with the traditions and the systems of religion and spiritual learning that are set up and have a history with billions of people on the earth.”

This entire argument above is based on a misunderstanding, dear ones. Here is the statement I wish to make. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. It’s beautiful, for God the creator will never change. What is changing, however, is the Human Being’s relationship to an unchanging God. What is changing is the Human Being’s ability to get past an older energy and, with a new energy, meet the creator inside. It is the Human Being who is changing, not God.

The very environment around you is cooperating [Gaia] in order to better understand a God who is the same yesterday, today and forever. The New Age is about Human Beings recognizing that their relationship to Spirit is changing and becoming more real in their lives. This means that Humans can now begin to see and feel the creator inside in a new, profound way. New spiritual tools are at hand and an awareness of self is beginning to slowly increase. Humans are changing! God is the same.

Remove yourself from tradition, for it will only serve to keep you in a prison of your own making, where you cling to mythology and never see the magnificence of your own soul.

The ONE Should

You might say there is one attribute that runs all through the shoulds. Youshould always allow yourself spiritual discernment in all things. Do not compartmentalize the energies around you – something your linear mind wishes to do. Instead, meld these things into a soup of spiritual logic that makes sense for your life. Do not apply your rules to any other Human Being, but instead find out what works for you and celebrate it as you become more healthy.

Dear ones, I am the brother/sister Kryon. I know you. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or an elder in this group. All of you are old souls who will be together a very long time. Remember this. The first month of 2012. The beginning of many new things. And so it is.


The information is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits its sale in any form except by the publisher.



If This is A ‘Quiet Sun”, Then What is An Active One?

If you can get it, check out this video of solar activity: for April 24 to 26:

(If that link does not work, go to this one from

: Linked below is the SDO (solar dynamics observatory):

Select the date of April 24, 2012 — through April 26 2012 ..  search the AIA 131 “teal” images.

oh, and scroll down there for some amazing sun shots.)

Here is one still from the video:

hmm, doe not look like a “Quiet Sun” to me

Sun’s Farside in Motion


FARSIDE ACTIVITY: For more than a week, solar activity has been low. On April 26th around 0600 UT, an active region on the farside of the sun broke the calm with a powerful eruption. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a massive cloud of plasma flying over the sun’s southwestern limb:

The same active region has since hurled three CMEs into space. The clouds will certainly miss Earth, but they might hit Mercury, which appears to be in the line of fire.

Siberian Blasts and Pole Shifts

Curious article.  As always, use your discretion and do your research.  There is a lot of stuff out these these days, some credible, some fantasy, and some fantastic stuff that holds hints of deeper meaning.  It is all a puzzle. The pieces are coming together.  IT is important to know which ones are truly part of the larger picture

Mysterious Siberian Blasts Warned Point To Rapid Pole Reversal

From the ‘Pakalert Press’

February 27, 2012

An unsettling report prepared by Viktor Seleznyov, director of the Geophysical Institute at the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS), on the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the Tyva Republic in Russia’s East Siberia earlier today warns that more seismic activity should be expected within the coming weeks and that this event is part of an ever increasing body of evidence pointing to a “rapid” shifting in our Earth’s magnetic poles.

Director Seleznyov, and other SB RAS scientists, have been increasingly concerned over the past fortnight about this region after the 9 February and 12 February “mysterious blasts” in the Kemerovo Region reminiscent of the 30 June 1908 Tunguska Event that remains the largest explosion of its type in modern times that for over a century has yet to be fully explained.

The “common linkage” between these mysterious explosions and increasing seismic events in Siberia, this report says, is due to the rapid shifting of our Earth’s magnetic North Pole that has doubled in the last 50 years, and in the 1990s “picked up speed in a big way,” bolting north–northwest into the Arctic Ocean at more than 55 kilometers per year.

To the most immediate effect upon our Earth due to this “magnetic pole anomaly,” this report continues, has been the “strange disruption” of the jet stream over the Northern Hemisphere that on the North American side has produced the driest and warmest winter weather in recorded history, but on the European side has caused record-setting cold and snow that has claimed over 650 lives.

Though Director Seleznyov notes in this report that the evidence for a “full scale” geomagnetic reversal of the positions of magnetic north and magnetic south are still being debated, our Earth is, “without a doubt,” currently undergoing a Laschamp-type geomagnetic “event” known as a geomagnetic excursion.

A geomagnetic excursion, like a geomagnetic reversal, is a significant change in the Earth’s magnetic field. Unlike reversals however, an excursion does not permanently change the large-scale orientation of the field, but rather represents a dramatic, typically short-lived decrease in field intensity, with a variation in pole orientation of up to 45 degrees from the previous position.

The Laschamp Geomagnetic “Event” noted in this report is interesting on a number of levels due to its having occurred between 7,000-17,000 years ago falling within the working timeframe of: 1.) The flash freezing of Siberia where still today woolly mammoths are still uncovered in near pristine condition, and 2.) The 11 August 3114 BCE start date of the Mayan Calendar that seemingly predicts the year of 2012 will, indeed, experience another such cataclysmic event.

Important to note is that in our 7 January 2011 report “Pole Shift Blamed For Russian Air Disaster, Closure Of US Airport” we had stated the growing concerns of Russian, EU and US officials due to the rapid shifting of our Earth’s magnetic poles that had led the Kremlin to order an additional 5,000 survival shelters built in Moscow alone, and the Europeans to construct what is called the “Doomsday Seed Vault.”

Most curious to note in all of these events, especially after 2011 experienced a record cost of $265 billion in natural disasters (a record set just the previous year, 2010, that cost $218 billion), are that the Western nations, most notably the United States, continues to coax their populations into complacency regarding the unprecedented events now occurring, and showing every likelihood to get worse.

To how abhorrent US officials are to their citizens preparing for natural disasters, or other type emergencies, their propaganda media organs this past month launched a series of news reports, magazine articles and television programmes depicting these people as “Doomsday Preppers” who are mentally ill, at best, or deranged, at worst.

This depiction by the US of people who prepare for the worst of times as “crackpots” stands in sharp contrast to the entirety of human civilization where it was a valued practice to store up food and supplies in preparation for any eventuality.  And to the “eventuality” one should, indeed, prepare for, as noted in Director Seleznyov’s report, is the growing global chaos that could very well ensue should his predictions prove accurate.

To the validity of Director Seleznyov’s predictions, should they come horrifyingly true this year, one need look no further than the letter conversations held between arguable two of the greatest minds of the 20th century;  Albert Einstein (1879-1955) the German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of general relativity, and Immanuel Velikovsky (1895-1975) the Russian-born American independent scholar of Jewish origins.

Where on one hand Einstein represented the modern scientific community regarding the possibility of “sudden” Earth changes, Velikovsky gave voice to the all of the ancient peoples who ever lived on this Earth who stated they witnessed these “sudden” Earth changes first hand, with the “battle”between them resting on what was going to be the “final outcome” and, perhaps, best articulated by Einstein in his 22 May 1954 letter to Velikovsky that, in part, said:

“The proof of “sudden” changes is quite convincing and meritorious. If you had done nothing else but to gather and present in a clear way this mass of evidence, you would have already a considerable merit.”

Though Einstein died before he and Velikovsky were able to complete their “debate,” critical assumptions made by Einstein in backing his position were subsequently proved to be false, and as Velikovsky completely documented in his manuscript “Before The Day Breaks”.

To us living today, and as detailed in Director Seleznyov’s report, of whom to believe…Einstein or Velikovsky…will determine the fate billions…and if the ancients are to be believed, the “end” will come much, much sooner than later.

This article originally appeared in whatdoesitmean

For more information on this subject, we refer you to the following article:


Signs and Omens in 2012 — Video

2012 The first three months: Signs in the sun and the moon and the stars


We weren’t sure where to post this until we watched the whole thing and realized how great it would be if everyone had a chance to see it. In a little over 24 minutes the following video delivers a chronological peek at some of the signs and portents that have come to pass since the New Year began. It is one thing to know what’s going on close to home  but it is something else to understand that the entire fabric of our reality is reeling in response to forces and energies that are impacting us all. You will find a taste of fire and brimstone underlying all of the factual information in this documentary. Take the apocalyptic overtones for what they are worth. The bulk of what is recorded here is being presented to give you a sense of just how much life on this planet is changing and to remind you that there is no better time than now to slow down and reconnect with the heart beat of Mother Earth.


Chris Bourne on Ascension

Nine Essential Questions on Ascension

25th April 2012

By Chris Bourne

We stand at the dawn of a miraculous new evolution.

Our planetary system is moving to a higher vibrational reality – one founded on unconditional love, joy and mutual respect for all life. The Soul of the Earth, a vastly more evolved being than ourselves is ascending.

What exactly does this mean? How does it effect you?

Here are some essential questions on Ascension which frequently get asked…

It is important to say I am not offering these views as absolute truth. They are my own interpretations from my own inner exploration. I offer them to encourage a deeper exploration of your own truth…

1. What is meant by the term Ascension?

The Universe exists as a vast ocean of consciousness – in other words light energy. It is arrayed in layers of decreasing vibration – what many call “dimensions” or “densities”. Dimensions array together forming “dimensional realms” of existence. We live in the lower Physical Realm (comprised of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Densities).

We may consider it like a pond: we as the ‘creator’ cast a pebble into the centre and ripples flowed outwards steadily increasing in size until they form waves at the edge of the pond. Each ripple represents a dimension. As you get further out from the centre, the amplitude (size) of the waves gets bigger so their wavelength gets longer and therefore vibrational frequency lower. It is exactly the same in our Universe where the further we get away from the centre (the Source), the lower the vibrational frequency of the dimensions get and therefore the denser “heavier” they are.

The consciousness of most people is currently centred in the lower Physical Realm – we have a physical body and tend to be attuned to these dimensional frequencies. Many evolving people believe that Gaia herself is ascending, and moving into the 5th Density, a process due to complete in 2012. It is a natural process which has been unfolding for some time.

Put simply, you might say the “New World” exists in the 5th Dimension and the “Old World” exists in the 3rd. The two are inter connected by the 4th Dimension. When we get out of the mind and into the Heart, our consciousness expands and we begin to feel the energies of the New World expressed as joy, love, expansiveness, completeness, wholeness, lightness and timelessness. Because the dimensions overlap we experience the new paradigm here and now all around us.

2. Why is it that society does not view the Universe in this way?

The human brain is bombarded with hundreds of billions bits of information about our reality every second and yet can only deal with a small fraction of this. To cope with the overload, it superimposes a map of the reality it expects over the incoming information and filters out the rest. Since our experience of life is created by our consciousness – our thoughts and beliefs – we continually recreate the reality we expect and have become used to. It is a bit like tuning in stations on a radio – people have become so addicted to a particular station, they’ve stopped looking for other ones!

3. So how do we experience the new reality?

The key is to get out of the mind and into the Heart. In other words to let go of our attachments and need for an outcome in the external drama of life. If we can rise above this self imposed victimisation, then we discover the essence of our being – our spirit, consciousness or soul. Every single event and circumstance in the Universe is designed to reveal this; the Universe acts as a mirror to see that which could not otherwise be seen.

So if we let go of our fears and doubts about life then we can let go or out attachment to the drama, the Heart opens and we begin to connect with the true essence of life itself. We experience the infinite and simple joy of living – we touch the soul.

4. What happens when we connect to the soul?

The soul connects us to a super conscious field of energy – what some call “Unity Consciousness”. It is the awareness that arises from the Source of all life – what some might call “God” and what we at Openhand call the “Seer”. The Seer is in and through all things and in our truth, we are that.

When we connect to the soul, we are infused with energy which raises our vibrationary state. If we can keep connecting, then over time our energy rises, our consciousness expands and we begin to unfold into the new vibrational reality. The new paradigm actually becomes a part of our consciousness and we begin to create that more and more in our lives. In a way, we are dissolving from this dimensional realm and forming in the new one (although we are likely to experience both simultaneously until we’ve made the full internal transition – our Ascension).

5. So how do we raise our vibration?

Basically we raise our vibration by attuning to those inner feelings of profound joy, love and completeness. If we return to our pond analogy, on the surface the waves flow outwards from the centre to ever increasing separation which we witness in our Universe as increasing disorder and dis-ease; because we are moving further away from our connection to the Source inner doubt, fear, separateness and selfishness intensify. However under the surface of the pond – and in our Universe – is an undertow, a flow of energy pulling back to the centre. It takes place in what we might call “consciousness space” (also known as ‘negative time space’). It is the flow back to increasing order, ease and harmony. Science calls it an ‘increase in negative entropy’ but we know it by a much more powerful name – “love”!

It is not always simple however to tune into this ‘consciousness space’ and feel the guiding hand leading us on a pathway of increasing order, internal harmony and love. We are living in a society that continually conditions us with false desires, illusionary needs and distorted behaviour patterns – leading to increasing separation. Our society is sustained by consumerism first generating and then feeding off our ever spiraling habits and addictions. It is one based on fear and manipulation. Fear that there isn’t enough for all and then manipulating us into struggling to get our fair share. Our true passion – our authentic inner longing for unity with the Source – gets lost in thought control programs. It is this that is causing the wholesale destruction of the planet in this dimension.

6. How do we release ourselves from this programming?

If we can pause for a moment in life and begin to connect once more with those things that really give us joy and a sense of ‘rightness’, then we reconnect to the soul and receive infusions of energy – downloads from our soul ray harmonic. It infuses causing distorted patterns of behaviour to be brought to the surface. In other words it recreates patterns of experiences in our lives where a choice is exposed to us: either give in to the old addictions and fear based behaviours or instead embrace a higher choice – that which really expresses the essence of our being. If we keep doing this in every moment, then our conditioned behaviours dissolve over time and our vibration rises.

7. What do we experience when our vibration rises?

On the road to Ascension, we pass through five key milestones – what we may call “Five Gateways”. In summary…

  • Gateway 1:”Awakening” – the magic of the soul and its unmistakable quiet inner voice is unveiled to us.
  • Gateway 2:”Realignment” – we surrender to the supreme governance of the soul in our lives. We align with the Divine Purpose.
  • Gateway 3:”Transfiguration” – a dramatic shift of perception from identification with the personality to being the Seer expressed as the soul through the bodymind.
  • Gateway 4:”Enlightenment” – ‘fragments’ of the soul still identifying with karmic filters are released and “reconnected”. The soul becomes fully integral within our being.
  • Gateway 5:”Resurrection” – our seven bodily vehicles of expression are finally cleansed, reactivated and re-energised. We unfold into multi dimensional living.

8. Is everyone ascending?

Ascension is a choice – currently a window of opportunity is open for us. Our destiny is to ascend but if current patterns of behaviour on our planet continue, it is highly unlikely that everyone will. What is beyond doubt (to us) however is that our planetary system IS ascending, the Soul of the Earth is gathering her energies into the new realm as we speak. That is why we are witnessing an increasing polarity between the darker forces – those of fear based manipulation – and those of the lighter ones – based on profound unconditional love. The energies are separating and therefore becoming more obvious.

However, the fear based reality will not exist indefinitely especially if society continues to pollute, rape and destroy Mother Earth in this plane the way it currently is. As this old consciousness fragments, peels away and is dissolved, those souls that ascend will taste eternal life as a unique expression of the One Life.

For the souls that do not ascend, there are a number of possibilities for what might happen. Firstly, because many souls have not been progressing within this difficult and dense environment, it’s highly likely that some will be dissolved and reintegrated with the source. Others will be held in the Angelic Realms (within the 4th Density) until another reincarnation possibility happens.

9. Do we need to heal Mother Earth?

In our view it is not necessary to heal Mother Earth – her Ascension is her healing. She is shaking off an old skin so to speak. However it is still important for our own evolution to treasure and cherish her. In my view, the only way to ascend is to transcend this plane by becoming completely at one with her – by respecting her and all life, not exploiting her or the animal or plant kingdoms, not manipulating but surrendering – trusting in the divine and riding the wave of unconditional love that is our soul.

It is counterproductive to struggle against the darker energies in this realm. To try to do so is a distraction, it can create emotional inner efforting that lowers our vibration. In any case, as we explore our own attachments and inner darkness, we process out our attachments to the lower consciousness. Over time, the outer density peels away.

In order to progress, it helps to notice the effects of the darker energies but not to dwell on them. Once we’re processed our lower distortions, it becomes progressively easier to attune to the lighter frequencies of harmony, at-one-ment and love.


We do indeed stand on the brink of a miraculous transformation and a choice lies open to each and everyone of us: the chance to let go of the old fear based reality of control and instead embrace the new paradigm of unconditional love for all life.