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How To Heal Past Life Programming

May 16, 2016 

How To Heal Past Life Programming

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer, In5D.com

Have you ever been told that you were part of the cause for the fall in Atlantis? Do you feel that you may have played the role of the dark in a past life? If you are are one if these people, you may have negative past-life experiences that need to be healed. Coupled with today’s mind control programming and deep encoded past life experiences, the result is fear of falling into traps that will cause the same pattern of repeating mistakes.

Programming is carried in DNA

We are in the final stages of clearing and hidden guilt is one of the most prevalent energies that we have left to overcome. It keeps you from being able to forgive and love yourself wholly. Programming in today’s society is designed to make you feel like you are never good enough and that you cannot make decisions on your own. Programming in past lives is also encoded in your DNA and is coming forth at this time to be cleared. Gifted psychics can actually tune into your field to tap into these pictures and energies. Recognition and letting go through transmutation are the keys of clearing past life encoding.

Mind control and free will

The first thing to review is whether actions in a past life were a result of your own free will or out of out of power, control, or greed. Many were mind controlled at the time of Atlantis to do things that were not in the best interest of humanity. Mind control actually began back at the beginning of the Adam Kadmon version of the human body. At the time, the creators of man were using genetically modified as slaves to mine precious metals from the Earth. Many of the things that humans did in past lives were not of their own free will. When the laws of the Universe are broken, how can a person hold themselves accountable for their actions?

Others were mind controlled to believe that they were responsible for the demise of a civilization when they actually had nothing to do with it. They were given programming with sound and visualization including pictures of things that would make their soul carry this illusion with it from lifetime to lifetime. This would insure that they would be able to keep the human from processing the guilt involved, which allowed for control, especially in this lifetime. To complicate matters, some empaths are simply picking up on the collective guilt consciousness of humanity and were not even present on the planet at the time these atrocities were committed.

For the people who actually did contribute to the fall of civilizations, most of them were doing so by mind control. Since we are all connected humanity carries the guilt of “sin” within human consciousness. The ankh was extraterrestrial technology that could be used in mind control by amplifying sound and geometric codes into the body. It was like a microphone that amplified sound and energy. The ankh could be used in healing but it also was used in domination and control. Televisions carry this same mind control vibration through extremely low frequency waves amplified through the speakers.

How to transmute fear energies

Some people carry guilt and remorse for actions in past lives and don’t even realize what is causing the emotion in this lifetime. It is not necessary to remember everything about a past life in order to heal it. Our bodies serve as clues to problems buried deep inside by reacting to things which bring up emotions of fear. Every time a fear emotion arises it brings an opportunity to clear it. No matter what the reason may appear to be, it is most likely from a deep seated fear from another time. It may not even be yours, as many people came here to help heal others. Fear emotions include anger, jealousy, hatred, sadness, and guilt.

Simply acknowledge these emotions and allow them to run their course. Blocking them will cause problems in the physical body, which is another way the body serves us with an alert system. Crying is the most prevalent way these emotions can be transmuted. Women have an easier time with crying than men do, as programming has intended than men do not show their emotions. Thus some men resort to yelling within anger or on the opposite end of the spectrum praying in solitude with heartfelt intention. However, there is another way from a higher perspective that is available.

By vibrating your body to a higher frequency, anything that is not truth will fall away. None of these illusions are carried in your heart center. You can always find respite and solace inside of yourself. Everyone carries the pureness of the light of our Creator, and expanding this light within your body is like having a cool flame purify thoughts and negative programming.


It is imperative to let go of all preconceived notions of who you were in a past life because in our limited scope of vision we tend to place judgment on these lives. Someone who played a dark role for humanity is no less important that someone who carried the light. From a higher perspective, all had a part to play in the grand drama. All are derived from the one Creator and will return to the one Creator.

Now is the time for atonement (at-one-ment). This involves hearing the call that we are all ready to move on to the next level of experience; out of the denseness. As we bring in more of our soul particles into our bodies in order to raise our vibration, those particles must be cleared of any negative programming as well. This negative programming is from past lives that are actually all occurring within your monad’s experience at the same time outside of time and space in the now.

Coming into your power

Your emotional body is the clearing house and is part of an elaborate plan that was forgotten with incarnation. The clever use of the body and mind rather than falling victim to the emotion is what is termed “coming into your power”. It is important to give gratitude to your body for allowing it to be the vehicle through which you clear energies from your monad and propel your consciousness to a higher level in this incarnation.

The absolute truth of past lives requires viewing things from a heart perspective rather that a mind perspective. The bigger picture is in the heart and in this space you have a knowing of who you truly are and why things happened. Forgiving yourself  whether you have good reason or not will open the door to your heart. Forgiving another also helps in forgiving yourself as we are all connected.

Loving yourself for the divine being that you are will open space within your heart for more of you light to shine through. This is the basis for unconditional love, which will transform the world.

Why do others ignore the truth?

Many times we tend to judge those around us for not waking up to what is happening in the world. We fear that they will not be moving with us into a new reality. One mistake we can make is to think that all other people think like we do and need to be at a certain level. This causes unnecessary frustration that is self imposed.

The body was designed to work through emotions whether we are conscious of it or not. We have no idea what other people carry from another lifetime to be cleared. We also have no idea if another person is simply here to clear energies for other people. Furthermore we also have no idea of whether they are doing exactly what their higher selves planned to do by not waking up at this time.

Everyone will get to where they need to be when they need to be there, even if they missed a few chances here and there. They will catch up if they chose to move forward in this lifetime. The outside world is the biggest tool of distraction.

Lead by example

It is time to stop the focus on those around us in order to finalize the work on ourselves. The energy vibration of the planet now supports change. Heal yourself and make yourself whole within this physical body. When others see the change in us they will be curious as to what we are doing. We will have broken the spell and we can show them how.

Lead by example within the power of knowledge of what has happened to humanity by de-programming yourself first. You cannot put the oxygen mask on another person if you are unconscious. When you have rated your love for yourself as an eleven on a scale from one to ten, you will certainly serve as an example and will in turn help all of humanity do the same.


from:    http://in5d.com/how-to-heal-past-life-programming/

Deepak CHopra on Forgiving Yourself

Deepak Chopra: The One True Key To Forgiving Yourself


By Deepak Chopra

The spiritual leader and author of What Are You Hungry For? The Chopra Solution to Permanent Weight Loss, Well-Being, and Lightness of Soul examines how we can find self-acceptance.

Somehow, even in a culture that values forgiveness, guilt isn’t so easy to erase. If you have done something you are deeply ashamed of or guilty about, your feelings lie somewhere on the following scale: I did a terrible thing; I have a terrible secret; Someone made me feel that I am a terrible person; or, I am a terrible person.

These statements are mixed together in our psyche, and getting them straight is the key to forgiving yourself. Doing a bad thing is not the same as being a bad person. Imagine a small child who is caught taking cookies from the cookie jar, and her mother scolds her. If the child is young enough, she can’t separate “I did a bad thing” from “I am bad.” And since the one who is making her feel guilty is her mother, the guilt that results comes with absolute authority. (This is one reason some psychologists claim that the gods and goddesses are actually stand-ins for our parents — they make us feel small, weak and vulnerable by comparison.)

As an adult, let’s say you do something that by your standards is a guilty action. You cheated on your income tax or on your spouse; you faked a job resume or got a good friend into trouble. You can’t forgive yourself by simply putting the bad action in proportion and moving on.

So what to do? The most effective ways to rid yourself of guilt are the following:

1. Confess to an authority figure and ask for their forgiveness.
2. Perform an act of atonement.
3. Pray for divine forgiveness.
4. Perform a ritual of contrition and appeasement.

It’s often pointed out how psychologically effective the Catholic confessional proves to be (all four approaches to erasing guilt are included). But the effectiveness of these steps diminishes if you don’t have deep faith. Even if you have no religious faith at all, the key to forgiving yourself remains the same: You must believe that you have been forgiven.

In most cases, living with guilt is far worse than going to the person you have wronged, confessing your misdeed and asking to be forgiven. Even if they say no, you have brought your guilty secret to light, and that’s a major step.

Some people are so ashamed that they can’t bring themselves to tell anyone their secret. The result is the worst kind of guilt, that festers inside with no chance for relief. If you feel that you have this kind of deep guilt, you must still find a way to believe that you are forgiven. You may have to take baby steps to get there. For example:

1. Write a letter confessing your secret. Include every detail. Take your time to make sure that you have left nothing out. When you are certain that the letter is complete, perform a ritual where you burn the letter or consign it to the sea — anything that will totally obliterate it. As you do this, say, “I put my guilt behind me. Now it belongs to God (or the universe).” Repeat this ritual several times, as needed. You may not completely absolve yourself, but you will be bringing your guilt to the light, which is the only place where healing psychological scars can occur.

2. Put your misdeed on someone else’s shoulders, imagining that the guilt isn’t yours. Now sit in judgment. Write out in detail what punishment this person deserves, and at the same time include reasons for mercy. Consider the balance between punishment and forgiveness. Most guilty people will be much more lenient on someone else than on themselves. This exercise gives you a perspective on your guilty feelings.

3. Adopt a mantra that you say to yourself the moment that a guilty memory or feeling arises. The following phrases are particularly effective: “I’m not that person anymore;” or “My attention belongs in the present;” or “I am not here to suffer anymore.” Choose the appropriate phrase and repeat it, without fail, every time you feel guilty. In this way, you are not only telling yourself the truth, for you aren’t the person anymore who committed a past misdeed, but you are also giving your brain a new, more positive input. This will help to wean it off the old wiring that keeps messaging guilt long after guilt is deserved.

No matter how big or small your guilty secret, no matter if your guilt is nagging or crushing, the goal is always the same. Do whatever it takes until you truly believe that you have been forgiven.

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A Question of Forgiveness

Dennis Merritt Jones

Award-winning author, Keynote speaker, spiritual mentor

 How to Know If You’ve Truly Forgiven
Posted: 10/26/11 12:36 PM ET

We tell people all the time that we have forgiven them, but the truth is, in most cases, we haven’t really done so. If we say we have forgiven people but we harbor any resentment, any thought of how badly they treated us, then we are hanging onto a harsh judgement about them, we are bringing the past into the present, we are reinvesting in our victimhood, and, therefore, we have not really forgiven them. — Dr. Walter E. Jacobson, “Forgive To Win”

Last night when I was lying on the floor working out with my 10-pound hand weights, unbeknownst to me, my dog Mac walked up behind me and stood directly in the path of an ascending weight and got whacked on the head. He stood there dazed for a moment as I apologized profusely. Then he looked at me with those amazing big brown puppy-dog eyes, wagged his tail, licked me on the face, laid down and took a nap. He didn’t spend even one moment off in another room pouting or trying to lay a guilt trip on me. My human nature interpreted that as his way of saying “I forgive you” because a half-hour later we were out in the yard playing with Mr. Frisbee as if nothing had ever happened. I believe that is because, in his mind, nothing did happen — he had totally forgotten the experience of being bonked in the head because he was busy exploring the possibilities to play which the current moment held.

There is a great lesson here for those of us who do tend to hold onto resentment from past hurtful experiences, be them five minutes or five years ago. Dealing effectively with the negative energy of resentment seems to be a skill at which most humans are still working to get a handle on. Medical studies have proven that long held resentment is toxic and damaging to our physical and emotional well-being. In other words, the energy of resentment eats away at our minds, our bodies and the body of our relationships. Given this knowledge, why would anyone want to hold on to resentment regardless of how justified it may be?

This is not to diminish the fact that many of us may have legitimate reasons to be angry toward another person … and this is also not to say that we can’t be victimized by other people. However, remaining a victim by clinging to past resentment is a choice we make. No doubt, people do thoughtless, harmful and even cruel things to each other. However, stop and think about it: Does holding onto resentment serve you in a positive, life-affirming way if it is slowly poisoning you? In many cases, the people we hold in resentment don’t even know or care, or worse yet, some of them have long been in the grave but we are still allowing them to hold us hostage to the past.

Here is a litmus test to determine if you have really forgiven someone or not:

  • Think of the person or incident you believe you have forgiven and do a quick scan of your emotions and just sit with the thought of them for a moment.
  • Is there any residue of resentment lingering in your mind and heart as you hold an image of that person?
  • Does the memory drag you out of the present moment and into the past where you then relive the experience with the negative emotions playing in an endless loop?


If you answered is yes to the above questions, you are not yet complete in your forgiveness and there is more work to be done.

Begin by realizing that forgiving doesn’t mean we are condoning the actions that evoked our resentment — it means we are willing to set ourselves free from the past by not “resending” future toxins of resentment through our mind and body. As I have often said, forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting: We may always have memories attached to some of our emotional wounds in much the same way we have scar tissue from a physical wound that happened long ago. The practice is to sever the emotional strings that bind us to the past memory by remembering that a memory is just a thought until we assign a feeling to it. Severing the emotional tie to a past experience does not discount the impact of the experience — it simply sets us free from being a victim of it in the future.

If there is anything I have learned from teacher Mac this week it is this: Things happen to all of us that cause pain, often by accident, sometimes by thoughtless people with malevolent intent. In either case, holding onto resentment about what has happened only keeps us stuck in the past where we are powerless to create anything new in the present. “Stuff happens” that we may or may not have control over, but the one thing we do have absolute control over is the choice to remain a victim of it or move on to where a life of infinite possibilities awaits us in the present moment.Forgiveness is the key that opens the door and you hold that key in your hand in this and every holy instant.


from:   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dennis-merritt-jones/importance-of-forgiveness_b_1017868.html?ref=healthy-living-spirit