Using Belief to Create Money

The 6 Mental Steps I Took to Manifest A 6-Figure Salary

Talking openly about money is something many people don’t feel comfortable with. I’ll admit it, I feel vulnerable publicly announcing how much money I made last year, too.

But it’s this reluctance to be open about money that causes us to struggle with our finances. If we remain in the dark about any subject, we can’t improve it. Consciousness is the key to growth.

If you want to improve your financial reality this year, you have to bring awareness to your relationship with money. Below are steps I personally took to increase my awareness with money; follow these steps, and I guarantee you’ll improve your relationship with money, too.

1. I strengthened my wealth vibe.

The “vibe” you have about any subject is simply how you feel about it. It’s a belief system within you that has a certain energetic “frequency.”

For example, think about your childhood home. What does the memory of that home feel like to you? Whatever it feels like is its “vibe.”

The platform for creating more of anything in your life is strengthening the “vibe” within you. This was one of the first steps I took to improve my financial reality.

At the beginning of last year, my finances didn’t reflect what I thought of as “wealthy,” but I could still identify a feeling of “wealth” within me. As I practiced this wealth vibe, the frequency became easier for me to feel. Doing so strengthened my internal state of wealth, priming me to attract more money into my life.

2. I confronted my fears about money.

We all have limiting beliefs and fears about money. These are the beliefs that keep us stuck in a financial reality that isn’t working for us. In order to create more abundance in your life, you have to confront these fears.

To improve my finances, I had to ask myself: What beliefs about money are making me feel stuck?

By asking this simple question I was able to face my dysfunctional patterns with money (patterns such as: unconscious spending, under-saving, avoidance of money, etc). After these patterns where brought to light, I could take conscious steps to change them. This increased my confidence with money, automatically calling more of it to me.

3. I empowered myself through action.

You can’t become wealthy if you feel like money is more powerful than you. In order to be in the commanding position with your finances, you have to change your actions with money.

For me, this included creating a savings account (and actually putting money in it), increasing my rates to reflect the worth of my services, being aware of my spending, and other steps that helped me feel more empowered with money.

Making small changes that put me in charge of my finances increased my confidence, which in turn, strengthened my wealth vibe even more.

4. I recognized my true source of wealth.

As a spiritual person, I know that money is not my source of wealth; my connection to Source is my source of wealth.

What does that mean? It’s knowing that when I’m connected to my internal “vibe” of love and abundance, I feel complete. The seeking for anything melts away when I’m centered within. Connecting to Source (which I can do regardless of the money in my bank) will always make me feel infinitely wealthy.

Our external realities always reflect our internal realities; when I practiced staying connected to my true source of wealth within, more wealth naturally made it’s way to me.

5. I took inspired action.

As I simmered in a wealthy state of being, ideas naturally flowed to me that became my next steps in creating more income. Out of nowhere, an idea would pop in my head; if I felt excited about this new idea, I would immediately take action!

Inspired action feels like action your soul wants to take. It’s a great idea that you want to make happen!

By acting on ideas that naturally and effortlessly flowed to me, I was guided to ways of increasing my wealth that I’d never even imagined were there.

6. I believed.

Perhaps the most important step in creating your wealth is believing both in yourself and the power of the Universe.

Luckily, I already had plenty of proof that I create my reality from the inside out. Because I’ve done it in so many other areas of my life, I knew that by aligning to an internal state of wealth, more opportunities for money would make their way to me. I followed the steps, and once again, the Universe didn’t let me down.

As one of my favorite philosophers, Joseph Campbell, once said, “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” Magic happens when you believe in yourself and the flow of creativity that’s available to us all.

Your internal reality is the foundation for everything you create in the world, including your wealth. Get to know your experience with money, connect to the vibe of wealth within, trust the Universe, and you will absolutely take your financial reality to the next level in 2015.

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Neale Donald Walsch on Attitude

Using ‘The System’ Without Knowing It

Neale Donald Walsch
a message from Neale Donald Walsch
Saturday, 9 June, 2012  (posted 3 August, 2012)

We have been talking here about Work as a part of our life, and last week I talked about never working at a job you hate…and to know that if you yearn for what you wish to do, and then go for it, things always work out in the end.

I need to admit now that I did not understand all this myself until I was in my 50s, after my conversation with God experience. Before then I thought I had been just “lucky.” I thought I just managed to catch all the breaks. I thought myself extremely fortunate; one of those people for whom things always seem to work out.

Only after my conversations with God did I realize what had been going on all those years, from the time I was 19. It was my attitude. It was all about the energy that I had historically put out. It was the way I thought about it. I thought that I was an uncommonly lucky person and so I was. I thought that things always work out, and so they did.

I had been using a system. Inadvertently. Unknowingly. But effectively.
It turns out that the way you think has an enormous effect, perhaps even a disproportionate effect, on the way you live. Very early in my conversations with God I was told that there are three Tools of Creation. These are Thought, Word, and Action.

The use of these tools throws our focus on what it is that we choose from what Deepak Chopra calls “the field of infinite possibilities.” How you experience your life depends on how you look at it. If you look at it as a constant stream of difficulties and challenges, messes and problems, it will show up that way. If, on the other hand, you see it as a continuing flow of good fortune, one good thing after another, that is what you will encounter.

In life, it really is a case of “what you see is what you get.” Even when so-called “bad” things have happened to me, I always had a sense that everything would ultimately work out. And work out, I might add, in my favor.

And they always did.

Even my time as a homeless person worked out. True, it took a year, during which I lived in a tent at a campground populated largely by vagrants, but everything began ultimately falling into place, and today I see the time that I spent panhandling on the street as one of the most pivotally important passages of my life.

The Holy Experience for me as it pertains to my work or my chief life activity came when I realized that Life is on my side; that Life always works out for me not because I’m one of the lucky ones, but because Life is always working out for everyone, and that I’m simply one of the few who sees it that way.

I came to this realization after the age of 50, following a half-century of day-to-day occurrences on this planet and, not coincidentally, following my conversations with God experience. Because of that experience I now see every outward circumstance, every Exterior Event, as being for my benefit.

I may not see or recognize or understand the benefit right then and there, in the moment something is happening, but I know deep inside that everything that is happening is happening for my own good.

My life has shown me that. More than once I have undergone an experience that I thought, at the time, was the worst thing that could ever happen to me–only to realize, after the passage of time, that it was one of the best things that ever happened to me; that if it had not happened, the good things that were happening to me now could not be happening!

This is really an amazing revelation. It’s a sacred, really…a sacred realization.

May I continue with this conversation with you next week? I hope you will join me then.

Hugs and love,


© 2012 ReCreation Foundation – – Neale Donald Walsch


Occupy, Meditate, Activate, Change

WE ARE THE 100%: Thoughts on the rEvolution

By CC Treadway

Earlier this year, I found out about these things called “meditation flash mobs.” Excited at the prospect of being in my heart with others in some of the busiest places in New York City, I became a meditation flash mob junkie. The experience consists of picking a busy, public place and then gathering to meditate together for an hour. Following the meditation we usually chant and do a little dancing.

The crowd consists of indigo and crystal kids all grown up, actualizing their mission, and then others flock around them. These flash mobs have been happening all over the world, from Sedona, AZ to Moscow, Russia. The intention is to bring light and love to that area.

The first time we meditated together was in Union Square, the busiest section of downtown New York. I was shocked at how blissful the experience was, how many people came to join, and how many people thought we were entertaining enough to watch.

When we sit down to meditate, it’s like the universe knows exactly what to do. The click into bliss is immediate. Every time we do these meditations, I see crystal cities of light descending up on us. The energy is very strong, and will usually affect me for days.



I didn’t want to stop there. Sure, unifying in our hearts anywhere unexpected is an amazing experience, but there was more. I had a dream. I yearned to infuse the financial system with love. This dream has pulsed inside me for years. You see, I don’t hate Wall Street, bankers or any other kind of successful person. I loooooove them. I was raised by a pack of ambitious wuvable Wall Street wolves who looooooved me.

Every time I hear someone saying how much they hate the system or money, I want to send love to them, and to the system, and to money. (Please read this article: Money, Power, Sex and the Snakefor more info on this.)

Some people can’t wait for the system to crash, for money to disappear, for bartering to become the main source of exchange again. In fact, I hear predictions of the global economy crashing daily from all kinds of reliable and unreliable sources.

And yet the economy hangs on, we hang on, somehow we are all still functioning in this fluctuating system. Grass roots communities form, and Bentleys are still purchased. Could a shrinking middle class result in a growing grass roots movement for a new kind of society? Because being stripped of our material wealth creates resourceful thinking, shared thinking, and creative solutions.

How many of us have had this happen in the last few years? I went through it. What a blessing. And we are doing it within this current system… because we are the system. We are the 100%. The system is not out there somewhere being forced upon us, it reflects all of us and our actions, feelings and reactions. The masses (we) went to sleep and let the overlords control us, and now we don’t want that anymore. It’s simple at the macro level.

So perhaps there is a better way than everything going to hell in a handbasket all at once. If we are the 100%, then let’s walk our talk with the oneness stuff, and let’s infuse our love into every aspect of life, including the economy. Economies, whether based on bartering or currency need our love. Something better is happening. Somehow we all still get up in the morning, using what has been built in our past, to inform and help create what we would like in the future. And I see that we are changing things for the better, together.



We are well aware of the powerful energy that the financial industry is working with… and somehow most people feel that energy, that force, that world, is separate from them or does not belong to them. It’s only separate if you let it be. Do not be afraid. That energy can be reclaimed and integrated in the heart. Imagine if that most powerful energy was infused with Love? Think of the possibilities for abundance!

Wall Street is the center of many ley lines coming together and creating a strong vortex that broadcasts to the rest of the world. The experience of being down there is actually very calm, like being in the eye of the storm.

In August of 2011, about six weeks before the #Occupy movement took hold, my friend Anthony Finno, owner of City Life Wellness here in Brooklyn, put on a suit, called on the meditators and headed down to Wall Street. We set up an unassuming meditation flash mob directly in front of the New York Stock Exchange! My dream was becoming a reality! Anthony, a master negotiator, had the police, the paparazzi and the bankers in the palm of our hands instantly.

Our intention was simply to hold a loving and grounded space for whatever transition needed to happen. We were aware that there was a lot of chaotic and fearful energy around financial fluctuations, people losing jobs and homes, corruption being exposed and so on and so on. What if we held the space for all of that energy to be met with love? What if we allowed ourselves to channel that energy deep into the earth so it could be supported and nurtured?

It was important that we be outside, that we be seen, instead of doing our lightwork thing in secret like it’s been for so long. Anthony made a huge banner with our intention statement so everyone knew what we were doing and encouraged us to talk to people if they were curious. We were not protesting or challenging anything, just loving. We were peaceful, non confrontational and respectful. Proudly, we made the New York Times and several other news sources.

We continued these meditations about once a week for six weeks until one day it was enough. On that last day we were accompanied by an ancient Olmec crystal skull affectionately called Pancho. Three days later, the #Occupy movement came in.



It was never just about the hippies. Everyone is down there, representing all of us. And the movement grew and went global so quickly. 70,000 people took to the streets in Israel, hundreds of cities participated and continue to participate all over the world. Northern Africa is liberating itself and choosing democracy without the US Army forcing them to do so. What is happening in the world right now is nothing short of amazing.

Our meditation flash mob team set up shop in Liberty Park with the protesters, and have continued with bi-weekly meditations since the movement began. It is unbelievable the variety of folks that are down there. We see our part as simply balancing and participating in the adventure.

Each one of us collectively created the reality we are living in now. Each one of us, whether we are members of the elite, whether we are the shrinking middle class, whether we are on welfare, whether we are the farmer in the US or abroad, have made decisions to support the current reality. And now, collectively, we are making the decision to improve it.

On a personal level, one of the things that gets me meditating on the street is the thought of childhood slavery and prostitution. Who else can’t tolerate that? No more. I don’t want an ounce of my tax dollars, of my energy, of my livelihood contributing unknowingly to these kinds of abuses. No taxation without representation.



My wish for those screaming and yelling at the tall buildings and people in suits is to let that energy light up your fire of personal empowerment to help build the new world. Together. This new world requires you to surrender to your hearts, your passions and to bravely step forward and believe that you are taken care of by life itself. It asks you to be proactive in co-creating your dreams. In the new world there is no lack. Let your screams fill the holes in your belief systems that convince you that you don’t have enough or that you aren’t enough. Let the power of your eternal soul light you on fire to the truth that you are abundant and taken care of at all times.

To those who would rather remain silent and disconnected with stockpiles of insider trades in their back vault, I wish for you the gentle letting go of the illusion that hoarding makes you powerful and safe because you don’t believe there is enough, because sinking into life feels so impossible. I wish for you to see that were you to lose everything, you would be taken care of, abundantly, with everyone else. Together. The new world asks you to be softer, more flexible and to experience the joy in togetherness. What are your secrets, and who are you really? We want to know. Let the power of your eternal soul light you on fire to the truth that you are abundant and taken care of at all times.



On October 27th, 2011 I went to the event with the 13 crystals skulls and the Mayan priests expecting something new and huge to hit me. But as I listened, I realized we had already achieved what they were talking about. Global unification was happening as they were speaking.

The revolution will not be televised, but it will be between you and me, face to face, soul to soul. And I think we did it. The years of preparing through lightwork, ceremony, and the reading and rereading of prophecy were all validated when a global outcry for a better world hit the streets. People want a world that more accurately reflects their hearts, and are tired of letting corruption go by unchecked. We will continue to shout it out until our energy and hearts are fully woven into the new system. The new system is global, conscious and requires everyone to bring their full selves in to participate. It will take time to form, but it is happening.

This new system exists within a different experience of time than we have known, it is born from our hearts, and not from our minds trying to fix something broken. As a healer, I know that if I approach a client like they are a problem needing to be fixed, no healing happens. Healing happens when we know and see the true source within, when we tap into the body and soul’s natural way of being, which is health and harmony.

I leave you with a few brilliant quotes by members of our community:

“If you are wondering what type of people are Occupying Wall Street I will tell you exactly what I see. Some people know exactly what’s wrong with the world, some people just have a sense that something’s not right, some people have amazing ideas and plans to heal the world, some people have no clue, but ALL people at Wall Street are STANDING UP FOR YOU and your mother and your father and the guy who you buy coffee from at the deli down the block from your house in the morning. So when you ask me what type of people are Occupying Wall Street I’ll tell you that the only people who are Occupying Wall Street are the bravest people I have ever met! LOVE YOU ALL!!! ? Let’s Turn Our Mother Earth Into the Paradise that it is Waiting to Grow Into.” -Jesse Mejia

“Since following the development of this movement, I have come across such inspiring conversations between people who are seemingly on “opposite sides” but trying to find common ground. I see that some are waking up, looking at ourselves and seeing how we contributed to the mess, taking responsibility and brainstorming solutions that take everyone’s voice into account. There’s a lot of different opinions and it’s messy. But I have been so moved just by witnessing people focusing on their similarities instead of their differences, reaching out across party/race/lifestyle/class/etc lines to have real conversations. There is no 99%. We’re all in this together, and my hope is that more and more people start to see it that way…. But ultimately, what we have already achieved is for people to stand up, speak up, and get together in community. Whatever happens next, it has opened us up to speaking with our neighbors in a city in which that almost never happens. And, to tell you the truth… I feel it’s all about enjoying this big adventure! We don’t know how to create what we want, but it’s so exciting that we are getting together to try to make it happen.” -Melody Kiersz


About CC Treadway

CC Treadway


CC Treadway, founder of Treadway Esoteric, is a healer, channel, sound healer and multidisciplinary artist. She bases her practice out of Sedona, AZ and New York City, as well as long distance through Skype. She is a graduate of the prestigious four-year program, The Barbara Brennan School of healing and teaches a Channeling Certification program, as well as a myriad of workshops on energy healing and consciousness. CC is honored to write for the Spirit of Maat.

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