Perks of Long Hair

The Negative Effects Of Cutting Your Hair

The Negative Effects Of Cutting Your Hair

by PL Chang

Back in the old days and the ancient times, many cultures embraced people with long hair, because they believed that long hair was a sign of strength and spiritual maturity.

The Native Americans and the Chinese are just a few examples of the many cultures that value long hair, which was why the men and women of these cultures back then rarely cut their hair.

Even though back then many cultures believed that having long hair was beneficial to the body, is there evidence today that supports the belief that long hair can make a person more intuitive?

How long hair can make you more intuitive

Back in the old days and the ancient times, many cultures embraced people with long hair, because they believed that long hair was a sign of strength and spiritual maturity.

The Native Americans and the Chinese are just a few examples of the many cultures that value long hair, which was why the men and women of these cultures back then rarely cut their hair.

Even though back then many cultures believed that having long hair was beneficial to the body, is there evidence today that supports the belief that long hair can make a person more intuitive?

The Negative Effects Of Cutting Your Hair

If you study Nature deeply enough, you should know that Nature would never create something that has no role to play in the evolution of a system, such as the human body.

Once you comprehend this, you should know that the human hair isn’t only for looks, but also plays specific roles for helping the human body to function at its optimal level.

One of the ways that your hair helps your body to perform better is by acting like an antenna to help you sense the energy of your environment more effectively. This is why when you are scared, all the short hair on your body point straight up, strengthening your intuitive senses.

Hair can be viewed as an extension of the nervous system, because it has the ability to absorb information in the environment and then transmit it to the brain for processing.

Besides absorbing information, hair also has the ability to emit energy patterns and frequencies into the environment. This has been seen in hair experiments that involve Kirlian photography.

Many spiritual gurus believe that having long hair can help stimulate the kundalini energy in the body more effectively, which in turn causes an increase in vitality, intuition, and tranquility. Could this be one the main reasons why women are more intuitive than men?

One of the most effective ways to stimulate the kundalini energy in your body is through positive sexual intercourse. During sexual intercourse, both sexual partners are constantly exchanging sexual energy, causing the kundalini energy to rise towards the brain.

Once the kundalini energy of one of the partners reaches the climax state, he or she will usually experience an orgasm. The sexual energy that is transferred during sex is important for balancing the masculine and feminine energy.

However, negative sexual intercourse, such as rape, violent sex, or uncaring sex often causes sexual energy blockages, leading to sexual problems.

Because hair acts like an antenna, it is my belief that pubic hair allows sexual energy to transfer between sexual partners more efficiently. This can lead to better sexual experiences and a stronger bond between sexual partners.

The negative effects of cutting your hair

Centuries ago, many cultures discouraged people to cut their hair, because they viewed long hair as a sign of health, beauty, strength, freedom, and spiritual maturity. Because of these views, both of the sex of these cultures kept their hair long and often cut the hair of their enemies as a sign of slavery and to weakened their intuitive senses.

The Controllers (the Elites) are also aware of the health benefits of long hair, which is why they support the idea of keeping the hair of the male population short.

This is why when men join the military, which is a corporation controlled by the Controllers, they are required to cut their hair very short. Most people in the military will often tell the common people that when men join the military, they are required to cut their hair very short due to safety or health reasons.

Those claims may be true but the convert reasons for requiring them to cut their hair very short are to weaken their intuitive senses and to mark them as slaves of the military-industrial complex.

As described at

As whole tribes or societies were conquered, cut hair became so prevalent that the importance of hair was lost after a few generations, and hairstyles and fashion grew to be the focus.

The science of hair was one of the first technologies given by Yogi Bhajan when he came to America.

“When the hair on your head is allowed to attain its full, mature length, then phosphorous, calcium, and vitamin D are all produced, and enter the lymphatic fluid, and eventually the spinal fluid through the two ducts on the top of the brain. This ionic change creates more efficient memory and leads to greater physical energy, improved stamina, and patience.”

Yogi Bhajan explained that if you choose to cut your hair, you not only lose this extra energy and nourishment, but your body must then provide a great amount of vital energy and nutrients to continually re-grow the missing hair.

In addition, hairs are the antennas that gather and channel the sun energy or prana to the frontal lobes, the part of the brain you use for meditation and visualization. These antennas act as conduits to bring you greater quantities of subtle, cosmic energy. It takes approximately three years from the last time your hair was cut for new antennas to form at the tips of the hair.

Why the Native Americans back then kept their hair long

Some hair researchers suggested that during the Vietnam War, certain special forces of the United States military were ordered to infiltrate the reservations of Native Americans to look for men with amazing tracking abilities.

They found that many Native American men had extraordinary tracking abilities, but after they were recruited and their hair was cut short, they lost their extraordinary tracking abilities.

When asked about their lack of tracking performance, the Native American men often replied that their intuition no longer was reliable, because they lost the ability to effectively communicate with their intuition.

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Whether this experiment is true or not is hard to say. However, when you study how hair works beyond conventional methods, it becomes clear that hair does play an important role for helping the body to sense the energy of the environment.


Finding Your Twin

5 Signs In Recognizing Your Twin Soul

July 11, 2016 

5 Signs In Recognizing Your Twin Soul

via SpiritUnite

With your continuous expansion through the spiritual journey, there is that possibility that you may come across the one person who understands the core of your soul. It’s as if you both posses the same soul just in two separate bodies. You may foresee this as some form of fantasy, evidence suggests otherwise, as many have met their twin soul and recall past life instances. Evidently it is rare to meet your twin soul on Earth. Whenever you meet the other half of your soul, your universe will shift by the immense power of the souls uniting together as one again.

Twin souls have gone through many reincarnations and lifetimes on earth and throughout the universe, so when they do meet again, the soul recognizes and the synchronicities light up, just like spark and passion combined, a feeling of familiarity. If you need insight and direction to know if you have come across this person, here are some tips.

5 Signs In Recognizing Your Twin Soul

1. Twin Souls Signs – The instant spark.

Not just the physical chemistry, there is a spark within your heart and soul, you will know the difference. A soul recognition, that you have once known each other on a deeper level, you have so much love for this one person even though you have not met them before, you will feel that instant bond.

2. We Meet Again, Deja Vu

You will begin to see there are many things you both have experienced together, you may see flash backs, signs in dreams. The feeling you have done this before will be quite frequent. This happens because the soul never forgets its previous life experiences. This is an immense loving union of heart and soul.

3. Synchronicity

There will be endless synchronicity a sense you know each other very well, you end up finishing each others sentences. You are both deeply connected on the soul level and you both feel each others happiness and even sadness.

4. Comfort

There is stability, sense of security and trust with them and you have never felt like this before with anyone. You know in your heart they will never hurt you.

5. There is Balance

Between both of you there is masculine and feminine balance, which is very complimentary and feels natural. The union feels very balanced as far as twin souls goes. Your masculine energy honors the feminine energy in them and the same can be said in reverse.

So Why do I keep dreaming about about my twin soul?

Twin souls signs in dreams often carry warnings about possible future events, most likely it’s a message that needs your attention.

Spiritual dreams are when we are subconsciously in our soul self, and we can connect with other souls, some may call this the astral plane. Pay extra attention these dreams often need your attention, it has been said that these dreams are not created by our subconscious, twin souls have shared dreams together.

Twin souls Signs and Romance

Unfortunately not all twin soul connections begin being romantic, if your encounter was just being friends and deep level understanding then that’s all it will be. There are some occasions where meeting of twin souls can be very romantic, and it will remain that way. It’s important for the man to be dominant and have confidence in flirtatious ways. This isn’t about Hollywood romance, the twin soul union is much bigger than some movie script. To be with your twin soul is to share your love, heart and soul with each other and with this planet, selfless, in unison.

Twin Souls signs and Kundalini Awakening

Whenever twin souls meet, the recognition activates the dormant chakras. The kundalini rises up your spine like a coiled snake, this spark of energy happens mostly when you are close to your twin soul, this energy may pull you closer together and it won’t matter how many miles away you are. If you have read stories about people who have met their twin soul, this strong pull is very evident.


Kryon Through Lee Carrollon Kundalini

Around the Horn

Lee Carroll
a message from Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll
Sunday, 1 January, 2012  at Patagonia Kryon Kundalini Cruise  (posted 18 July, 2012)

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. My partner is sometimes dense! This “partner” is the man in the chair with the voice you are hearing. My personal thanks to those around him who required this particular channelling, which was always scheduled but not in his mind. [Kryon smile]

You are very close to what we would call the tip of the Kundalini. You must look at these things both metaphorically and physically. In approximately four hours, you will be as close as you’re going to be to the land, which represents the bottom of the inhabitable planet. For the purposes of the channel and for the energies we speak, we will consider it the bottom of Earth. So let us speak of the energies that are here.

For more than a decade, we have talked about the movement of the Feathered Serpent [Kryon Book Eight – “The Journey of the Feathered Serpent”]. This is the metaphor for what has been described as the Kundalini of the planet. Look at the metaphors and look at the symbolism of what is going on now. I’m going to use terminology that my partner has never heard before, so forgive him if he does not pronounce it correctly as I present it to him, or he may choose not to speak it at all. We will use the best language we can to describe what the ancients presented to you as the Kundalini in graphic form.

They drew this concept as a graphic and yet it is energy. The Kundalini represents the balance of male and female. Even within the Human body, the ancients drew it as a representative of co-creation and manifestation of new energy [conception]. Indeed, it represents the male and the female balanced together, coming together with great energy to create perfection and balance. Now we apply that same principle to the planet.

As we have discussed before, planet Earth is male heavy because it represents most of the northern hemisphere’s population. The wars on your planet have come mostly from the northern hemisphere, and even here [the bottom of South America] was visited by the conquerors that came from the north [Spain]. You might say the northern hemisphere energy has spread to the south over the generations, affecting it greatly. Part of what is changing on the planet is a reversal of the roles of north and south. So you’re going to start seeing the energy of the southern hemisphere, which is sweet and gentle, affecting the north! Therefore, the Kundalini moves southward over a period of time, some details of which I’m going to give you in a moment.

Let us look at the mythology. Let us take a look at the ancient knowledge and then let’s look at the metaphor involved. Now be careful, my partner, for this is not technical and not physics, but spiritual [esoteric] information. The Kundalini is coiled at the bottom of the spine of the body. It only uncoils when the male and the female are balanced. It wraps around three energies of the body three and a half times, and it wraps around what is called the lingam. Three wraps represent easy-unwrapping parts of energy, but the final half wrap represents the most difficult part, which is the divine enlightenment of balance. When the Kundalini unwraps and stays that way, you have a balanced Human Being, if not even enlightened. This is the metaphor of the planet and this is beginning to happen.

Some years ago, we sat within a country that represents a portion of the bottom of the Kundalini [Chile], and we said that the unwrapping process would also create a physical movement of the planet. We mentioned approximately where it would be, and it took place where we said it would [the Chile earthquake of 2010]. These are the kinds of things you will physically see as the movement of the planet responds to the metaphor of the energy I’m speaking of.

There is something hiding that no one has brought forth. It has been known that three and a half times is always the formula for the unwrapping of the Kundalini. The timing of the unwrap, however, has been unknown since it had to do with Human consciousness potential. Therefore, every single year that goes by reveals a surprise, for the movement of Human consciousness and the energy of it is unknown even to Spirit. This is due to Human free choice.

There are factors in Human consciousness that are exponentially at play. It’s not a linear progression of consciousness, but one that has uneven upheaval of great magnitude.  Therefore, the surprises about when things might happen do not follow a linear pattern of calculation or expectations. However, there is an overall time frame of potential.

The 26,000-year alignment of the equinoxes of your planet is a grand alignment, and it has been known in astronomy as the Galactic Alignment. It is called that because the start and stop point of the wobble of your earth on its axis aligns through your sun to the center of the galaxy. This alignment only happens once every 26,000 years.

In order for the equinoxes to proceed through the equatorial plane of your galaxy [the Milky Way strip in the sky] and work themselves through the end of this cycle and the beginning of the next one, it will take 36 years. This final stage began approximately 18 years ago, and 2012 is now the center, or beginning of the last half of the last cycle. You have 18 years left of this energetic event, which actually represents the end of one thing and the beginning of another.

This 36-year window is the timeframe for the potential unwrapping of the entire Kundalini. Do you not find it interesting that it wraps around the lingam three and a half times? Each of the three represents a decade of time in this metaphoric code. Three and a half would be 35 years, very close to the 36-year astronomical event you are in. So this Kundalini prophecy has always been the metaphor of the promise of the earth and what actually started 18 years ago and that is now centered [2012]. That is where the ceremony should be – at the center of the 36 years, the midpoint of the unwrapping.

If all this sounds confusing, let me simplify it. Even the ancients who watched the stars knew of this alignment. It corresponded to the potentials of consciousness shift, since it also represented a decision point or time fractal in the pattern of potentials that has been the core of ancient astronomical prophecy for eons. So all this was expected and is not a surprise. But it carries with it profound change, and this is what we all saw more than 20 years ago when I arrived to begin my messages. Humanity has these opportunities about every half cycle of the 26,000-year alignment. The last one was 13,000 years ago and humanity was not ready. Now you are.

Dear Human Being, you’re sitting in a very, very special place [speaking of the group before Kryon]. You are the first Human group ever to celebrate this movement at the bottom of the South American tip, where the shifts really begin. Oh, there have been those who have chosen to come to the bottom on land and celebrate the coming of it. However, let this go on record that this group now, on the open ocean, at the bottom of the earth, is where this celebration starts in 2012. [The date during this channelling is January 2012.]

It is an important thing you are doing. Let this be an acknowledgment to those who are listening and reading and who you don’t even know, that you are celebrating this which is starting to balance the planet. It is the beginning of 18 years of movement representing a true passing of a marker. The Kundalini will slowly unwrap and the center will slowly move to this continent. It is not complete yet, and it will not be for some years. But the unwrapping process begins. The unwrapping is not a linear process any more than Human consciousness is, but the potential is that it would be unwrapped and in place within the next 18 years.

This means the earth is going to move more down here [South America] and perhaps in places you do not expect where there has not been movement before. So celebrate this moment. Know this: You are close to what we would call Antarctica, which is not an ice pole, but a land pole.

Don’t you find it interesting that Antarctica will play a role in the renewal of the life of Earth? The bio-diversity coming from these parts will affect the planet for the next 18 years. It will help renew the ocean. There are some very significant discoveries in progress that will reveal this, that Antarctica is the cradle of new species for planet Earth’s food chain.

It’s time for you to connect to these things. It is not a coincidence that the renewal process of life is also coming from down here. Think about it. You [those on the cruise] are the first group of Human Beings to celebrate this – the renewal process of life in the ocean and the movement of the Kundalini – from where it’s actually happening.

Now, in the process of all of this, there’s going to be renewed interest in Antarctica, and you’re going to find some interesting things about the land under the ice. The topography of the land under the ice does not match the topography of the ice above. Some astonishing shapes will be revealed when you map the actual land under the ice. Points of mountains are going to be revealed, giving an entire different idea of what Antarctica might have been and what its purpose really is. The continent that is uninhabitable by Human Beings may very well be the engine of life for Human Beings. And I will leave it at that.

Congratulations to those of you who listened to your intuition and for planning the meeting that always should have been planned. [Lee didn’t plan a channelling for this time.] Feel the significance of what you’re doing and where you are, and in the future years when things start to happen on the planet, remember these moments, for the future will coordinate with the message of today.

Blessed is the Human Being who takes his spiritual life seriously. It’s not an addition to your biology. Instead, your biology is an addition to that which is your spiritual core. Learn to meld both of them together and you will live a very long time. And so it is.


The information is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits its sale in any form except by the publisher.

Lee Carroll


Dhyana Markely Converses with the Elementals

The Quest Of The Elementals:

Earth, Wind (Air), Fire, Water, And Spiritt

From Dhyana Markley


The morning of July 25, 2011, I awoke from a Dream/Vision in which I was quickly putting together a rummage sale. As things progressed, it seemed as if I was giving away more than I was selling. A small group I did not know appeared. The rather short man, obviously taking the lead, had a beard of green forest moss. I looked at the woman standing near him and noticed that she had some moss growing in the area under her right ear. They seemed to urgently want something I didn’t think I had or could give them. In their urgency they sent an electrical charge into my Crown Chakra. I quickly placed a strong shield around my body which cut off that energetic flow. They seemed surprised I had done that. End of Dream.

Dia1na/Dhyana: They seemed more interested in me than any of my give-away things.

Thoth: They were.

D: What did they want of me? I had the feeling they wanted me to go with them.

T: They did. They were Elementals.

D: Did they wish me harm? I have never met any of the Earth Elementals but Pan before and he was very nice. I have met an Air Elemental though and he was very helpful.

T: No, they do not wish you harm. They want you to do ceremony for them too.

D: I will think on what I might do to help them.

T: That is fine.

D: Do you have any suggestions?

T: No.


About Noon

Dhyana: Christ Michael Aton and Lady Gaia…..

Aton: Yes.

Gaia: Yes.

D: Would I be offending either of you or stepping on your toes if I were to help the Earth Elementals? They asked for my help this morning and I don’t know what I can do to help them.

A: Diana, I leave you to Gaia. I would not be offended at anything you choose to do.

D: Thank you, Aton. (Aton leaves.) Gaia, I don’t want to interfere with your responsibilities. Perhaps you can suggest ways I might help them.

G: Diana, I am delighted for your help with my Elementals… all of them.

D: Thank you.

G: My Elementals can speak for themselves better than I can speak for them. They know what they need. I must focus my attention on my changes for ascension. Helping them, all Elementals, will be helping me too.

D: Okay, then I will contact each group, but first the Earth Elementals, and see what I can do. Perhaps I can even create a ceremony for ALL Elementals and ask for big help from all of Creation again. There is such love in this Creation, it is easy to find volunteer help.

G: I think that is a glorious idea.

D: Okay. I was just looking for a place to start without stepping on someone else’s responsibilities. Thank you.

G: Thank you.


D: I call to all of the male and female Earth Elementals who visited me this morning. I AM Dhyana and I would like to speak with you at your earliest convenience.

(In a moment the male and female Earth Elemental leaders stand before me.

Others stand nearby.)

Please make yourselves comfortable.

(I feel pressure on my Crown Chakra again and feel the need to

reenforce my protective shield.)

Please DO NOT try to affect me psychically or force anything into my mind or body! I do not respond to lies or force very well at all, yet I am willing to help Christ Michael Aton and Lady Gaia in any way that I can as long as it is in harmony with the Sacred Laws of the affected worlds. What are your needs and how do you suggest I help you?

(The male leader steps forth.)

Male Earth Elemental Leader~MEEL: I apologize for expressing our need in such a forceful way. Our need is great and we are at wits end. Our wards are dying even though we try hard every day to keep them alive.

D: What kinds of things do you do for them?

MEEL: We bring them water, tend to their needs…

D: Do you sing to them?

MEEL: Not lately. So many have died that we are brokenhearted. We feel we have failed.

D: I understand. That can be overwhelming. But, you do know that this is the end of the Kali Yuga, the last dark age, and that we are in the process of the Golden Age manifesting, don’t you?

MEEL: It is hard to believe this when all we love dies.

D: Have you ever thought or remembered that nothing or no one with a Soul spark of Creator God ever dies? I know you understand the Seasons, but have you ever thought about the Seasons of Planets or Solar Systems or Galaxies?

MEEL: I don’t think we have talked about that.

(He looks at the Female Earth Elemental Leader.)

FEEL: We know we are a part of the Grand Plan, but we are simple folk. We thought we would always be taken care of as long as we did our job.

D: All life is taken care of. It’s just that in our world of illusion here upon, above and within Urantia (Earth) that it is easy to forget it IS an illusion and the challenges here help each and every one of us to spiritually grow into even greater understandings. I cried many a tear before I learned this. I still cry with frustration at things I don’t understand or have forgotten. Finally, when I am exhausted, I ask for help.

FEEL: We are exhausted and we ask for help.

D: How can I help you?

FEEL: We don’t know.

D: All right. If you will be patient a few minutes, I would like to speak to all of the leaders of the other Elemental groups as well.

(FEEL and MEEL sit down.)

D: To all Elemental Leaders of Urantia and her involved levels of existence, I AM Diana and I ask that you join me and the Earth Elemental Leaders of Urantia for a conversation in this Now, above Space and Time.

(Immediately my small apartment seem much to small for all

who join us, so I switch everyone to a grand meeting hall in

Inner Earth where we can all sit comfortably at a huge round table.)

D: I hope….

(I pause when I realized that even this room is too small, so I

switch us to a lovely green field near my home in Inner Earth.)

D: I hope you will all be more comfortable here.

(Many seemed a bit surprised at the environmental jumps,

but quickly settled in and gave me their attention.)

D: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have asked all of you here because the Earth Elementals have asked me for help. I was wondering how the rest of you are coping with the End Times of the Kali Yuga and the beginning of the Golden Age.

Male Air Elemental Leader (MAEL): I am Joslin. (He bows.) The Air Elementals have been very busy because of the irregular air currents. They are greatly aberrant. We have never seen their like, although some of our Ancient Ones remember similar times. We don’t really know what we are doing anymore. We just do the best we can in every situation.

Female Water Elemental Leader (FWEL): We do the same, with the water I mean. So many volcanoes and plates shifting… so much pollution.

D: Anyone else having problems?

(No answer.)

Okay, then. We all know that Lady Gaia is going through some major challenges so she can help uplift those who want to ascend with her. She is or has been tolerating great pain so that life upon, above and within her might be spared long enough to awaken in consciousness and ascend too. All of us, and I mean ALL of us, including me, have been inconvenienced and often in physical and emotional pain during these changing times.

FEEL: You mean you’ve been in pain too?

D: Yes. Some of it due to the physical changes in my body, like dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, seeming inner ear infections, sharp pains in various parts of my body and great mental frustration from feelings that my family doesn’t truly want me with them to feeling split between worlds.


FEEL: We didn’t know.

D: It is not important. I only said that so you might better understand that great changes… mental, physical, emotional and spiritual… are difficult for everyone. Even Christ Michael, Creator Source and the Sugmads have their times of great challenge and forms of discomfort.

(All are quiet.)

D: What I would like to accomplish with all of you today, is to find a way to help you, your people, to ease your pain and discomfort and work toward the mutual uplifting goal of ascension for all who choose to ascend… and the complete healing of Lady Gaia and Urantia. Now, we will have help… as much as we need and more than you ever dreamed possible.

(Their faces now look visibly relieved and eager to hear more.)

MWEL: How?

D: As I understand it, and I could be wrong, Urantia is the last planet… Seed Planet… to be made ready to ascend. Dark ones on our planet have refused to loosen their hold on banking, commerce, industry, religion, politics and many other things. They fear greatly their loss of power and influence, as well as the rage of people they have harmed, so in their fear they have caused even more pollution of the waters, air and lands with poisons toxic to all life. This they are doing with even more vigor than before. This has caused the delay of almost all healing and resolution. However, it IS happening!

Quadrillions of Souls gather when called, to help out by giving their unconditional love and energy or life force to Lady Gaia and all of you above, upon and within her Urantia.

(I see many eyes wide open with surprise.)

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