Celia Fenn on the March Equinox

New Earth Rising : The Equinox Report for March 2012!

Celia Fenn
a message from Celia Fenn

As we approach the first Equinox of 2012, the energies on Planet Earth are becoming very active and intense and a little unstable. Many people have noticed this, especially in the wake of a series of Solar Flares that have brought new information and new Light Codes for Evolution into our Planetary and Personal Light Body Fields. But, at this time, there is more going on than simply Solar Flare activity. The Earth is preparing herself for the alignments and passages of 2012, we are being brought “up to speed” in a very literal way.

Firstly, the Solar Flare activity brought through the new Light Codes that would begin anchoring in the 8th and 9th Dimensions of Consciousness and begin the structuring of the Earth Keeper Councils. This information is received by the Pineal Gland and then the Pituitary Glands in the Body. Both of these glands are in “hyper” mode right now. This can be compared to a major “download” or “upgrade” in a computer, where the new information requires extensive re-patterning and rebooting. Our cells are receiving new instructions and out neural networks receiving new patterns. We need some “down time” to reboot. I personally spent the week-end in bed just allowing the process. The most likely symptoms of this process are dizziness, as the Pineal is activate to the maximum, inability to sleep also due to Pineal activation, and mood swings and depression, this related to pressure on the emotions and hormonal system via the Pituitary gland.

This energy is being felt by everyone on the Planet in some way, whether conscious or not. And, as if that were not enough, there is another process happening right now. Archangel Michael informs us that the Earth is raising her “base frequency” right now, which means that on the holographic level the frequency rate is rising and everything is accelerating. This is to facilitate the Earth’s passage through the 2012 Portal at the end of the year. You can imagine it like the Earth lining up to pass through the eye of a needle, the aim has to be just right and the speed just right, so that we all make it through.

What this means on the physical level is that the lower chakras, the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus, are all accelerating their spin. Which in turn means that any old “stuff” still lurking there is being spun off and there is pressure on these chakras. This in turn means that you may feel pain and stress in your body as the body gets used to the increased frequency. The good part of this, of course, is that the higher frequencies will support the manifestation of the New Earth in the physical plane at the same time that the old stuff is getting spun out of the cycle. We can expect more of the old to fall apart and more of the “new” to start to manifest.

You may feel, a bit like I have, that you are being spun out of the cycle yourself, but hold in there, it is just a time of change, transition and acceleration, like changing gear as you head out onto the open road!

I would also like to say that it is our beautiful children who are assisting us with this change….there are so many beautiful Crystal Starchildren now who have been born in the last ten years and who are “wired” for this acceleration. In fact, they are leading it, and that is why so many children are having a difficult time physically right now.

And another point is that as we accept this acceleration and seek to bring it into balance within ourselves, we are assisting the planet in not having to experience a “disaster” to release this energy. Remember this time last year, with Japan and the tsunami? This year, let’s hope we can work to balance this energy together with the Elementals and the Dragons so that the Earth can stay in balance.

So, to everyone reading this, hang in there for the next few days and stay balanced. Rest when you need to, look after your physical being, and know that this will pass in a few days! This is our privilege, to carry the energy as Earth Keepers and assist our beautiful Planet in her Journey of Ascension.

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Dhyana Markely Converses with the Elementals

The Quest Of The Elementals:

Earth, Wind (Air), Fire, Water, And Spiritt

From Dhyana Markley


The morning of July 25, 2011, I awoke from a Dream/Vision in which I was quickly putting together a rummage sale. As things progressed, it seemed as if I was giving away more than I was selling. A small group I did not know appeared. The rather short man, obviously taking the lead, had a beard of green forest moss. I looked at the woman standing near him and noticed that she had some moss growing in the area under her right ear. They seemed to urgently want something I didn’t think I had or could give them. In their urgency they sent an electrical charge into my Crown Chakra. I quickly placed a strong shield around my body which cut off that energetic flow. They seemed surprised I had done that. End of Dream.

Dia1na/Dhyana: They seemed more interested in me than any of my give-away things.

Thoth: They were.

D: What did they want of me? I had the feeling they wanted me to go with them.

T: They did. They were Elementals.

D: Did they wish me harm? I have never met any of the Earth Elementals but Pan before and he was very nice. I have met an Air Elemental though and he was very helpful.

T: No, they do not wish you harm. They want you to do ceremony for them too.

D: I will think on what I might do to help them.

T: That is fine.

D: Do you have any suggestions?

T: No.


About Noon

Dhyana: Christ Michael Aton and Lady Gaia…..

Aton: Yes.

Gaia: Yes.

D: Would I be offending either of you or stepping on your toes if I were to help the Earth Elementals? They asked for my help this morning and I don’t know what I can do to help them.

A: Diana, I leave you to Gaia. I would not be offended at anything you choose to do.

D: Thank you, Aton. (Aton leaves.) Gaia, I don’t want to interfere with your responsibilities. Perhaps you can suggest ways I might help them.

G: Diana, I am delighted for your help with my Elementals… all of them.

D: Thank you.

G: My Elementals can speak for themselves better than I can speak for them. They know what they need. I must focus my attention on my changes for ascension. Helping them, all Elementals, will be helping me too.

D: Okay, then I will contact each group, but first the Earth Elementals, and see what I can do. Perhaps I can even create a ceremony for ALL Elementals and ask for big help from all of Creation again. There is such love in this Creation, it is easy to find volunteer help.

G: I think that is a glorious idea.

D: Okay. I was just looking for a place to start without stepping on someone else’s responsibilities. Thank you.

G: Thank you.


D: I call to all of the male and female Earth Elementals who visited me this morning. I AM Dhyana and I would like to speak with you at your earliest convenience.

(In a moment the male and female Earth Elemental leaders stand before me.

Others stand nearby.)

Please make yourselves comfortable.

(I feel pressure on my Crown Chakra again and feel the need to

reenforce my protective shield.)

Please DO NOT try to affect me psychically or force anything into my mind or body! I do not respond to lies or force very well at all, yet I am willing to help Christ Michael Aton and Lady Gaia in any way that I can as long as it is in harmony with the Sacred Laws of the affected worlds. What are your needs and how do you suggest I help you?

(The male leader steps forth.)

Male Earth Elemental Leader~MEEL: I apologize for expressing our need in such a forceful way. Our need is great and we are at wits end. Our wards are dying even though we try hard every day to keep them alive.

D: What kinds of things do you do for them?

MEEL: We bring them water, tend to their needs…

D: Do you sing to them?

MEEL: Not lately. So many have died that we are brokenhearted. We feel we have failed.

D: I understand. That can be overwhelming. But, you do know that this is the end of the Kali Yuga, the last dark age, and that we are in the process of the Golden Age manifesting, don’t you?

MEEL: It is hard to believe this when all we love dies.

D: Have you ever thought or remembered that nothing or no one with a Soul spark of Creator God ever dies? I know you understand the Seasons, but have you ever thought about the Seasons of Planets or Solar Systems or Galaxies?

MEEL: I don’t think we have talked about that.

(He looks at the Female Earth Elemental Leader.)

FEEL: We know we are a part of the Grand Plan, but we are simple folk. We thought we would always be taken care of as long as we did our job.

D: All life is taken care of. It’s just that in our world of illusion here upon, above and within Urantia (Earth) that it is easy to forget it IS an illusion and the challenges here help each and every one of us to spiritually grow into even greater understandings. I cried many a tear before I learned this. I still cry with frustration at things I don’t understand or have forgotten. Finally, when I am exhausted, I ask for help.

FEEL: We are exhausted and we ask for help.

D: How can I help you?

FEEL: We don’t know.

D: All right. If you will be patient a few minutes, I would like to speak to all of the leaders of the other Elemental groups as well.

(FEEL and MEEL sit down.)

D: To all Elemental Leaders of Urantia and her involved levels of existence, I AM Diana and I ask that you join me and the Earth Elemental Leaders of Urantia for a conversation in this Now, above Space and Time.

(Immediately my small apartment seem much to small for all

who join us, so I switch everyone to a grand meeting hall in

Inner Earth where we can all sit comfortably at a huge round table.)

D: I hope….

(I pause when I realized that even this room is too small, so I

switch us to a lovely green field near my home in Inner Earth.)

D: I hope you will all be more comfortable here.

(Many seemed a bit surprised at the environmental jumps,

but quickly settled in and gave me their attention.)

D: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have asked all of you here because the Earth Elementals have asked me for help. I was wondering how the rest of you are coping with the End Times of the Kali Yuga and the beginning of the Golden Age.

Male Air Elemental Leader (MAEL): I am Joslin. (He bows.) The Air Elementals have been very busy because of the irregular air currents. They are greatly aberrant. We have never seen their like, although some of our Ancient Ones remember similar times. We don’t really know what we are doing anymore. We just do the best we can in every situation.

Female Water Elemental Leader (FWEL): We do the same, with the water I mean. So many volcanoes and plates shifting… so much pollution.

D: Anyone else having problems?

(No answer.)

Okay, then. We all know that Lady Gaia is going through some major challenges so she can help uplift those who want to ascend with her. She is or has been tolerating great pain so that life upon, above and within her might be spared long enough to awaken in consciousness and ascend too. All of us, and I mean ALL of us, including me, have been inconvenienced and often in physical and emotional pain during these changing times.

FEEL: You mean you’ve been in pain too?

D: Yes. Some of it due to the physical changes in my body, like dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, seeming inner ear infections, sharp pains in various parts of my body and great mental frustration from feelings that my family doesn’t truly want me with them to feeling split between worlds.


FEEL: We didn’t know.

D: It is not important. I only said that so you might better understand that great changes… mental, physical, emotional and spiritual… are difficult for everyone. Even Christ Michael, Creator Source and the Sugmads have their times of great challenge and forms of discomfort.

(All are quiet.)

D: What I would like to accomplish with all of you today, is to find a way to help you, your people, to ease your pain and discomfort and work toward the mutual uplifting goal of ascension for all who choose to ascend… and the complete healing of Lady Gaia and Urantia. Now, we will have help… as much as we need and more than you ever dreamed possible.

(Their faces now look visibly relieved and eager to hear more.)

MWEL: How?

D: As I understand it, and I could be wrong, Urantia is the last planet… Seed Planet… to be made ready to ascend. Dark ones on our planet have refused to loosen their hold on banking, commerce, industry, religion, politics and many other things. They fear greatly their loss of power and influence, as well as the rage of people they have harmed, so in their fear they have caused even more pollution of the waters, air and lands with poisons toxic to all life. This they are doing with even more vigor than before. This has caused the delay of almost all healing and resolution. However, it IS happening!

Quadrillions of Souls gather when called, to help out by giving their unconditional love and energy or life force to Lady Gaia and all of you above, upon and within her Urantia.

(I see many eyes wide open with surprise.)

to read more, go to:    http://www.spiritofmaat.com/sep11/elementals.html