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What Governments Don’t Want You To Know -The Source Field Investigations

By David Wilcock

Author of the new book The Source Filed Investigations

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What is consciousness?

Dr. William Braud is one of a variety of scientists who have performed rigorous, laboratory-controlled studies proving that mind-to-mind communication is very real, and repeatable in a science lab. Participants were able to induce measurable changes in the electrical conductivity of another person’s skin at a distance without their conscious awareness.

Many of these experiments were done in rooms shielded from all electromagnetic signals — proving this phenomenon cannot be explained by any known energy waves in the conventional spectrum.

By 1929, over 148 different cases of “multiples” had been documented in science — where multiple scientists independently make the same breakthroughs at the same time. This included calculus, the theory of evolution, color photography, thermometers, telescopes, typewriters and steamboats.

There is wonderful, abundant proof that “extrasensory perception” is a natural gift we all possess — but these groundbreaking studies have received very little publicity. Could the basic energy of the Cosmos be conscious in some way?

Is DNA an energy wave that assembles life?

In 2011, Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier demonstrated “DNA teleportation,” where ordinary water molecules in a sealed test tube assembled into DNA. A tube with ordinary water was placed next to another tube that had water with trace amounts of DNA in it. Both tubes were electrified with a weak 7Hz current. Some of the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the tube with pure, sterile water transformed into DNA — by a process still unknown to Western science.

Sir Edmund Hoyle, the co-discoverer of the DNA molecule, and Chandra Wickramasinghe noticed that 99 percent of all the dust in the galaxy had peculiar optical properties. The only material that could create these effects in the laboratory was freeze-dried bacteria.In 1980, Sir Hoyle said, “I suspect that the cosmic quality of microbiology will seem as obvious to future generations as the Sun being the centre of or our solar system seems obvious to the present generation.”

Can DNA be energetically transformed from one species to another?

 The agricultural corporation Ciba-Geigy discovered they could transform existing plant seeds into extinct varieties — simply by zapping them with a weak electrostatic current. This generated stronger and faster-growing wheat, extinct fern species and tulips with thorns.

Italian scientist Pier Luigi Ighina energetically transformed a living apricot tree into an apple tree, actually causing the fruits on the branches to metamorphosize in 16 days. He also zapped a rat with DNA-wave information from a cat, causing the rat to grow a cat-like tail in four days.
Korean scientist Dr. Dzang Kangeng got patent #N1828665 for a device that used microwaves to transfer the DNA-wave information of a duck into a pregnant mother hen. Roughly 80 percent of her eggs hatched as half-duck, half-chicken hybrids.

Dr. Peter Gariaev zapped salamander eggs with a low-level laser and redirected the beam into frog eggs. The frog eggs experienced a complete metamorphosis, and grew into healthy adult salamanders.

Is there intelligent human life throughout the galaxy?

Human life could be a galactic or even universal template — potentially appearing on every habitable, watery planet in the galaxy thanks to the quantum properties of DNA.

The majority of ancient cultures, worldwide, reported interactions with human-looking “gods” or “angels” that gave them powerful assistance — including agriculture, animal husbandry, spoken and written language, construction techniques, mathematics and science, as well as spiritual teachings of morality, ethics and becoming a more loving person.

Highly unusual human skulls have been found around the world, including a series discovered in Boskop, South Africa whose brain capacity is twice that of normal humans — with large heads and small, childlike faces. They were given highly honorable burials — as Discover Magazine revealed in 2009. Bizarre elongated skulls have also been discovered in Peru, Bolivia, Russia and elsewhere- – closely matching the appearance of early Egyptian pharaohs — and some of them are still on display in museums.

Is evolution being driven by waves of energy in the galaxy?

Drs. David Raup and James Sepkoski discovered a 26-million-year cycle in the evolution of life on Earth after creating the most exhaustive fossil catalog ever assembled. Fearing embarrassment, they worked harder to try to eliminate the pattern — but it only became stronger and clearer as they did more research.

Recently, Drs. Robert Muller and Robert Rohde discovered a 62-million-year cycle within the same data, going back to the dawn of complex fossil life on Earth. These cyclical events may be triggered by galactic energy waves.

Dr. William Tifft discovered concentric bands of microwave energies within galaxies that slowly expand away from their centers. Dr. Harold Aspden’s unique physics equations suggest these separate, distinct microwave regions may possess different properties on a quantum level.

Life appears to be a natural law — an “emergent phenomenon” within quantum mechanics that appears wherever and however it can, and is periodically reprogrammed by energetic forces that can be reproduced in a laboratory.

Are there vortex points and energy lines on earth?

In the early 1900s, Sir Alfred Watkins discovered that many different sacred sites in England, from the Stone Age right through to modern abbeys and cathedrals, were built upon straight paths he called “ley lines.”

Ivan T. Sanderson rigorously charted where all the ships and planes were disappearing on Earth, and found ten different “vortex points” – -including the Bermuda Triangle. Strangely, these points were equidistant — and by adding the north and south poles as well, Russian scientists then found the points assembled into a geometric pattern. NASA / NOAA scientists Drs. Hanshou Liu and Athelstan Spilhaus independently discovered this same geometric pattern in the structure of undersea volcanic ridges and mountain ranges worldwide.

Goncharov, Morozov and Makarov did a massive, worldwide survey of ancient sites – compiling some 3,300 different locations in total, including Watkins’ sites — and found that every single one of them was built on this Grid. But why?

Why were the pyramids built?

The Great Pyramid was originally covered with mirror-polished white limestone, causing it to look like a perfect, gleaming marble sculpture — and Col. Howard-Vyse discovered surviving casing stones in the 1800s. There are many unsolved mysteries regarding the extreme precision of the GP’s construction — which vastly exceeds the technical capabilities of today.

Pyramids appear all over the Earth – about 130 in Egypt, roughly 300 in Mesoamerica, over 100 in the Xian province of China, at least one strong contender in Bosnia, and 1776 cone-shaped pyramid mounds on the tiny island of Bohol in the Philippines — among others.

Russian scientist Dr. Alexander Golod began building pyramids out of PVC pipes and fiberglass sheets in 1990. Stunning experiments were conducted in them by mainstream Russian scientific institutions, showing profound healing effects on biological life as well as the earth’s climate — but they could not find any academic journal that would publish their results.

Can we dematerialize and teleport physical matter?

 Einstein proposed that as an object approaches light speed, it gets more and more massive – ultimately reaching infinite mass. Dr. Vladimir Ginzburg discovered that this same Einstein equation could be inverted — turned upside-down — causing an object to lose mass and dematerialize as it reaches the speed of light. No other laws of physics are violated by inverting this equation.

Protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms and clusters of atoms have all been observed to pop into a “wave” state, losing any solid identity as particles. This may be happening every time their internal quantum movement slightly exceeds the speed of light — which is not currently believed possible.

Russian scientist Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev discovered that by simply dropping a solid object on a hard floor, its weight decreased for about 20 minutes. Ancient stonemasons may have been able to energize stone so it can lift easily — and be soft enough to mold like moist clay.

Is time travel really possible?

The Wheeler-DeWitt equation reveals that quantum physics does not require time to be linear – in fact it cannot be linear in the absolute sense. Einstein proved that as we move through space,

we also move through time — meaning that by accelerating to near-light speed, we could move through hundreds of Earth years in just a few minutes. Physicist Dewey Larson was able to unify quantum mechanics and astrophysics by postulating a “Time Region”, or time-space — a parallel reality in which time as we know it becomes three-dimensional. By simply moving through space in this parallel reality, we actually travel in time.

When you speed up an atom so its internal movement is faster than the speed of light, it may be moving into time-space. If it then moves to a new location in the parallel reality before returning, it will not only have teleported — it will have traveled through time.

Is the pineal gland a working third eye- and psychic center?

 Human beings may be a Galactic design – and once we reach a certain level of evolution, we may be able to “walk between worlds” and exist in our own “local” reality as well as the parallel reality of time-space. This would make it possible to achieve feats such as teleportation and time travel without any technology.

The key to these fantastic abilities may be the pineal gland. Many ancient traditions incorporated pineal-gland-shaped symbols, and some mystery school teachings said this was the center of all psychic perception. Modern science reveals the pineal gland is lined with retina-like tissue on the inside that is then wired into the brain by a “phototransduction cascade” — just like the two conventional eyes in the body.

Floating crystals inside the pineal gland may be picking up and releasing photons from time-space, causing the person to see fleeting visions normally written off as daydreaming or imagination.

The looking glass- a reverse-engineering of the pineal gland?

Several different people who claim to have been employed by government defense contractors, and proved their bonafides, have independently stated that Project Looking Glass is essentially a reverse-engineered pineal gland, but on a much larger scale.

Three rings rotate around a barrel of water — shielding it off from conventional electromagnetic signals. Photons begin coming through the water, showing images from wherever the person operating the device is imagining themselves to be – not only in space but in time.

Such a device could give an incredible advantage in steering elections, financial markets and potential future events. Most interestingly, those who have used the Looking Glass device to allegedly see into the future have reported that nothing is visible at the end of the year 2012 — the images merge into white light. Anything viewed after this “time nexus” seems to be the product of the imagination of the viewer and little else.

Golden Age prophesies

According to prominent historians Santillana and von Dechend, dozens of different ancient mythologies, worldwide, were ‘encoded’ with information about a 25,920-year cycle in the Earth’s axis — likely by the ancient human ‘Gods’ who visited them. The analogy of a mill for grinding grain was often used, apparently to symbolize the Earth’s axis. In many myths the axis of the mill breaks, causing major earth changes — but a Golden Age results.

Western religious beliefs of an apocalypse can all be traced back to far more ancient texts that inspired them. Historians Boyce and Grenet argue that the purest surviving remnants of these texts are the Zoroastrian scriptures. These texts say Earth will not be destroyed as we move through this process.

Evil is gradually worn down and defeated by the efforts of the just, and time itself will change in a fundamental way — creating Fraso-Kererti, the dawning of the Golden Age.


 Symbols, paintings and written text, placed prominently on American currency and in the US Capitol, clearly predict that the ancient human ‘Gods’ return at the end of the 25,920-year cycle. Humanity itself goes through a profound transformation, becoming like the ‘Gods’ themselves. David Wilcock’s The Source Filed Investigations video features a detailed analysis of this data.

A whistle-blower using the pseudonym “Mr. X” publicly revealed, in a Project Camelot video interview, that he got a job sorting highly classified government documents — thanks to his security clearance. Some of these documents, dating all the way back to the 1950s, reported interactions with extraterrestrials who told the American government they could say and do whatever they wanted, and hide the truth, up until the end of the year 2012. After this time, humanity on Earth will be reunited with our cosmic relatives — as part of a natural evolutionary process we all experience together.

Ancient prophecies foretold a coming Golden Age in our very near future – and the U.S. government may well have encoded these predictions into a variety of mysterious symbols. Antigravity, teleportation, time travel, energetic DNA evolution and consciousness transformation could create a world few of us ever even dreamed of.

Space, time, matter, energy and biological life may be the result of a Source Filed that is conscious and alive in its own unique way – on a scale far too vast for the finite mind to fathom. Over 1000 different references, predominantly from mainstream scientists, make the case.

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