REturn on Investment

Why did Bill Gates Switch from Software to Vaccines?

The answer is given in the first 60 seconds of this documentary when Gates says the investment return on vaccines is 20 to 1. But the story does not end there. Beyond incredible profits there is the lure of power over the entire human race, even to using vaccines delivered by mosquitoes to reduce population. This is the madman who is shaping the future of humanity.
2020-12 – Source: Truth Comes to Light 



Short, But Meaningful, Commentary

I have always said that Obama was a loose cannon.  I was greatly disappointed by his actions in his first term.  However, I have confidence that in this next term, he will move beyond all the conditioning and the controls under which he was acting  and become the man he truly is.

The energetic thrust of this world at this time allows for no more pandering to a clique on controllers who have a cavalier attitude towards the people of the world, feeling that they are mere cattle to be led and used for whatever profit can be made.

The terms of profit have changed.  No longer will profit be read in the bottom line of a corporation.

Profit will become a word that means the betterment of all people.

Profit will imply the personal development and fulfillment of all persons.

Profit will call for the right use and consideration of the Planet in all her aspects.

Profit will be clean water and real food.

Profit will be the rise of corporations by, for, and of the people.

Profit will be the recognition of the sanctity of life in all its guises.

Profit will be gratitude for the beauty of the Earth.

Profit will be an acceptance of the existence of extra-terrestrial races.

Profit will be a considerate use of the resources of the planet, of people, of the Universe.

Profit will mean connectedness to All That Is.

Profit will be an acknowledgement of the angelic nature of all beings.

Profit will be a knowing that the dimensions are shifting.

Profit will be the road to ascension.

If profit is other than this, then this planet is in even graver trouble than before.