Let’s Tackle the Sun…



China fires up ‘artificial sun’ at 120 MILLION DEGREES Celsius in quest for nuclear fusion – media – Prepare For Change Chinese media have reported that researchers working on a nuclear fusion project have succeeded in holding plasma of 120 million degrees Celsius for close to two minutes. Chinese daily Global Times reports that the so-called artificial sun as the Chinese nuclear fusion project is known also succeeded in maintaining plasma at 160 million degrees Celsius for 20 seconds. = Lucretia 


Your Color VIbe for Frisday, 8/22

Friday, August 22:    Payne’s Grey

Well, as the pictures are showing, the energy in the yard is cranking up, even so you will feel the energy around you going into a higher gear. There is much that is happening right now, and you can feel yourself in the middle of it all, not knowing what to do, not knowing whether to go or to stay where you are, not sure whether you should try to grab one of those things whirling by or play it safe and keep you hands by your sides. Well, observation is actually the best option today. There is too much happening and too many thigns that can open up new trajectories that very possibly will spin out of control. If that were to happen, you would feel the effects but not for a few days. Let it all be. You might feel dizzy, confused, somewhat unsettled. Take time to go within, breathe, relax, center. You have all the resources you need to see things for what they are, but that takes time and quietude. So, again, take a few moments today and just be WHO you are. Things can make a little more seen from that vantage point.

A photo of a plasmic event in the yard here in New Mexico 8/21/14: