8/24 Peru Quake Update

Massive earthquake at intermediate depth in Peru – 1 collapsed home, multiple buildings damaged.

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This article is also written by Carlos Robles and James Daniell.

Update 09:58 UTC: INDECI has updated damage and injury reports:
Ica Region:
-Two non-life threatening injuries.
Ayacucho Region
Lucanas Province:
-One collapsed home in Amoca.
-10 damaged homes in Sanco.
– 3 damaged schools (2 in Sancos and 1 in Chaviña).
– 1 damaged clinic in Sancos.
– 1 damaged temple in Chaviña.
Paranicochas Province:
– 4 damaged homes in Coracora.

-Two small landslides have been reported so far, one in the route Los Libertadores – Huancavelica and one in Panamericana Sur – Arequipa.

Update 03:57 UTC: INDECI has released initial values from the earthquake, with the Seismological Service of Peru having given a Ml6.6 earthquake at 106km depth. 1 house was destroyed in Amoca, Lucanas. 4 houses were damaged in Cora Cora. 1 temple and 1 school were also slightly damaged in Chavina.

Update 00:18 UTC: Very great news, USGS has just decreased the magnitude to 6.9 and changed the depth from 59km to 100km, a shallower quake has a lot more potential to create damage.

Update 00:01 UTC: Radio RPP is reporting damaged homes in Coracora.

Update 23:57 UTC: The quake was widely felt in a very big area and in a lot of big cities including Lima, the capital of Peru, this big cities should only have felt a slight shaking for a prolonged time and should only have minimal damage. Villages closer to the epicenter should have taken all the impact, but news from those areas will take time to travel.

Update 23:48 UTC : Very dangerous earthquake in a sparsely populated area of Peru

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 01.43.04 Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 01.45.40 Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 01.45.50

42km (26mi) ENE of Tambo, Peru
61km (38mi) E of Puquio, Peru
108km (67mi) S of Andahuaylas, Peru
131km (81mi) SW of Abancay, Peru
471km (293mi) SE of Lima, Peru

Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 6.8

Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2014-08-24 18:21:41

GMT/UTC Time : 2014-08-24 23:21:41

from:    http://earthquake-report.com/2014/08/24/very-strong-earthquake-coracora-peru-on-august-24-2014/

Peru Coast Earthquake

Very Strong earthquake near the coast of Ica, Peru

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Update 09.40 UTC:

The earthquake values were changed to M 6.2 in a depth of 25 km, according to IGP. Intensity V is expected in Ica and Pisco. This is still able to cause damage to weak constructions.

A very strong quake, Magnitude 6.0, hit south-central Peru. The epicenter is located near the coast of Ica, 250 km south of Lima. NO Tsunami was generated. We expect some damage in Ica caused by this earthquake.

Nearby Cities
21km (13mi) SSE of Paracas, Peru
39km (24mi) S of Pisco, Peru
40km (25mi) SSW of Villa Tupac Amaru, Peru
43km (27mi) S of San Clemente, Peru
239km (149mi) SSE of Lima, Peru
ShakeMap Peru

Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 6.2

Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2014-03-15 03:59:21

GMT/UTC Time : 2014-03-15 08:59:21

from:    http://earthquake-report.com/2014/03/15/very-strong-earthquake-near-coast-of-peru-on-march-15-2014/

Peru Coast Quake

Very Strong earthquake out of the Piura coast in Northern Peru

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Update 10:34 UTC : IGP Peru reports the following intensities, in line with other agencies :
MMI IV (light shaking) at Paita
MMI III-II (weak to very weak shaking) at Talara and Sullana

Update 10:25 UTC : based on the current (preliminary) data, earthquake-report.com expects this earthquake to be harmless but small damage like cracks in walls, fallen tiles etc are always possible.

The earthquake who occurred far enough out of the coast to be harmless for the coastal area has been reported with a (theoretical) max. light shaking on the coast. The very shallow hypocenter is normal as it is the beginning of the subduction plate  (Nazca plate who subducts the South American plate)

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 12.23.54

94km (58mi) WSW of Paita, Peru
102km (63mi) WSW of Salinera Colan, Peru
115km (71mi) SW of Talara, Peru
121km (75mi) W of Sechura, Peru
685km (426mi) SSW of Quito, Ecuador

Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 6.2

Local Time (conversion only below land) : Unknown

GMT/UTC Time : 2013-08-12 09:49:34

from:    http://earthquake-report.com/2013/08/12/very-strong-earthquake-near-coast-of-northern-peru-on-august-12-2013/

Southern Peru Earthquake 7/17

Sabancaya volcano area earthquake, Southern Peru – at least 3 injured and 20 collapsed houses

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Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 06.15.04

Update 04:09 UTC : USGS has even increased the Magnitude from 5.9 to 6 now. USGS is further expecting a MMI VII or very strong shaking directly near the volcano. Such a shaking will be very damaging and serious injuries and even fatalities cannot be excluded.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 06.06.53

Update 04:03 UTC : A strange situation as IGP Peru is not confirming the M6.0 (all 3 international agencies are reporting M5.9 !), but is reporting a Ml5.1 at a depth of 15 km. This means NO direct eruption related earthquake (15 km is too deep) but one of the similar earthquakes on the volcano so far.
A big eruption of the volcano would have certainly be heard in Arequipa, a big Peruvian city. The earthquake was however well felt in Arequipa.

Update 03:51 UTC : The earthquake was not even felt in Arequipa as we expected but we ara  still worried about the people close to the volcano. We will certainly get more information when daylight arrives.
Local press thinks to now that the earlier, weaker, earthquakes today were not related to the volcano, but confirm that the M 5.9 was one very close to the volcano. The 5 earlier today were close to Arequipa.

Update 03:48 UTC : Even without the volcano erupting, this earthquake will be damaging for the surrounding villages where weaker earthquakes did inflict damage earlier this year.

Another, this time very strong, earthquake near the Sabancaya volcano in Southern Peru.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 05.46.51

12km (7mi) W of Chivay, Peru
84km (52mi) NNW of Arequipa, Peru
148km (92mi) SW of Ayaviri, Peru
150km (93mi) NE of Camana, Peru
393km (244mi) WNW of La Paz, Bolivia

Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 6

Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2013-07-16 21:37:45

GMT/UTC Time : 2013-07-17 02:37:45

Update 10:23 UTC : Landslides are blocking various road in the area. People in Cabanaconde are using the Plaza de Armas as a safe retreat. We expect more news the following hours as we are getting in the morning hours in Peru (daylight)

Update 06:52 UTC : The Civil Defense services of the Caylloma province report that 20 houses collapsed, five in Huambo and 15 in Canabaconde. This news is coming out in the middle of the Peruvian night. Only at daylight the full damage impact will be visible.  We expect the damage to further increase the coming hours. Number of injured had increased from 2 to 3.

Update 05:45 UTC : El Commercio Peru reports at last 2 elderly people injured in Cabanaconde (Caylloma province). Currently we know about 15 destroyed houses and a number of collapsed walls.
The report also states that people at  Cabanaconde left their houses for a nearby local school.
We fear that the damage reports will increase further later today.
Ingemmet (Geológico Minero Metalúrgico) indicates that the increased activity in the area may be related to the Sabancaya volcano.

Update 04:45 UTC : Our Volcano specialist Rodger Wilson wrote this yesterday evening UTC : Larger magnitude earthquakes are now occurring within the current earthquake swarm at Sabancaya volcano (Peru) (station SAB). He was definitely right ! This was the seismogram from yesterday.


Update 04:32 UTC : We consider it very good news that somebody from Chivay was able to go on the internet and tell the world that the shaking was really bad. Able to use the internet is at least that he is OK and that telecommunications are still working.

Update 04:15 UTC : We have so far NO direct news from Chivay, Peru a tourist village very close to the volcano. As the hypocenter was very shallow (USGS reports 6.6 km) the main problems might be coming from an area as narrow as 25 km around the volcano.
Based an the recent seismogram from Sabancaya, we think it did NOT erupt. NO continuous tremor can e seen on the seismogram, only the series of earthquakes.

from:    http://earthquake-report.com/2013/07/17/very-strong-earthquake-southern-peru-on-july-17-2013/

Earthquake – Chile/Peru Border

Very strong deep earthquake at the Chile / Peru border – some damage and power cuts reported in both countries

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The earthquake took place in the border area of Southern Peru and Northern Chile.

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 6.2 preliminary – 5.9 USGS  EMSC 6.4 – USGS 6.2
UTC Time :   Monday, May 14, 2012 at 10:00:30 UTC
Local time at epicenter : Monday, May 14, 2012 at 06:00:30 AM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 22 to 80 km ?? — USGS 98 km – EMSC 60 km
Geo-location(s) :
66 km (41 miles) ENE (62°) from Tacna, Peru
110 km (68 miles) NE (38°) from Arica, Chile

Important Update 17:40 UTC :
CHILE side of the border
The Tarapaca governor reported earlier today that :
– Some walls have collapsed in the Arica port area
– Power was cut in 15% of Arica’s households (3000 families)
– some roads are / where  inaccessible (ie route 5)
The governor also said that local people had the feeling that the quakes intensity was stronger than VI which was reported by Chile’s ONEMI.
– Although the authorities never called a tsunami alert as the hypocenter was below land, a lot of people have auto-evacuated to higher grounds
– Luckily there are NO reports of injuries
All these data are for the Chile side of the border
Peru side of the border
– As could be expected, also TACNA had power cuts
– Walls and roofs fall in the area, a water pipe broke in Para sector and cracked windows in stores.
– TACNAschools like “Francisco Antonio de Zela” and “Coronel Bolognesi” showed fissures in walls.
– Landslides in the road of Ilabaya and cracks on irrigation canals of Candarave
– 5 people did jump from their houses causing them to be injured

Update 11:33 UTC :  IGP, Peru has also other earthquake data. Ml5.9 at a depth of 105 km. Epicenter : see below (Peru side of the border). IGP Peru has calculated that based on their earthquake data Tacna would have experienced a MMI IV light shaking and Arequipa a MMI III weak shaking.

Shaking map courtesy USGS

Update 11:03 UTC : ONEMI Chile, the outstanding emergency authority in Chile, is calling the earthquake “mediana intensidad” (moderate intensity).  The strongest Magnitude has been given to Arica (MMI VI or strong shaking). At Earthquake-Report.com we use MMI VII as a beginning of chances for serious damage. MMI VI can generate small effects like falling objects, cracks in walls etc.

Update 10:58 UTC : Theoretical calculations (based on USGS data) have reported that 295,000 people will have experienced a MMI V moderate shaking. 1.9 million people a light shaking and 2.24 million people a weak to very weak shaking.

Update 10:53 UTC : Universidad de Chile (to be trusted highly) reports a Magnitude of Ml6.4 at a hupocenter depth of 119.6 km (good but still serious earthquake numbers). Universidad de Chile Santiago, is putting the epicenter close to Tacna, Peru. Both EMSC and USGS have located the epicenter in Chile!

Update 10:52 UTC : Tacna has reported a moderate shaking (MMI V). The earthquake was felt as far as Arequipa in Peru and Arica in Chile. Deep earthquakes are felt in a far wider area than shallow earthquakes.

Update 10:49 UTC : Preliminary earthquake numbers can be very tricky during earthquakes. There is a night and day difference in between the depths of 20 or 90 km. The first can be highly damaging.  These depths are rarely noticed in the area but they occur, so there is no certainly of what really happened at the beginning.

Update 10:47 UTC : We have removed the text “very dangerous”  from the title because the depth value of USGS has changed from 22 km to 98 km.  The Magnitude however has been increased from 5.9 to Mw6.2. In general we can say that a 90+ km depth would only be capable to generate minor damage or injuries. Only a few exceptions can be more damaging.

Update 10:41 UTC : the earthquake occurred at 06:00 AM during the early morning hours when a lot of people are still asleep.  This is always a bad period for earthquakes. On the positive side is that daylight will have started. We have NO reactions from the area as of yet. We call upon our readers from the area to at least give us a few more details on the time that the strong shaking lasted.

Update 10:37 UTC : We have changed the title and have added “very dangerous” to the already existing text. Why ? Because EMSC has increased the Magnitude from 6.0 to 6.4 – Depth at EMSC has been reduced in few time from 80 to 40 km. Bad numbers !

Update 10:35 UTC :  12 minutes later, a M 4.0 aftershock struck the same area.

Update 10:33 UTC :  Initial reports from USGS and EMSC are locating the epicenter in different countries(EMSC in Peru and USGS in Chile). Also the depth is fundamentally different in this initial phase (22 km USGS = dangerous and 40 km EMSC = less dangerous)

for more information and updates, go to:    http://earthquake-report.com/2012/05/14/very-strong-earthquake-in-chile-close-to-peru-and-bolivia/