Connection Sun-Moon-Earthquakes?

Earthquake Sun Moon connection

Dr A Rajagopal Kamath
Freelance researcher in Astronomy and Cosmology.
Popular Science author in Malayalam
For the last two decades I am closely monitoring the occurrence of Earthquakes and its connection with the position of astronomical bodies like Sun and moon.
The following interpretations were arrived at, based on the study.
The occurrence of earthquakes in the earthquake vulnerable areas is more during the full moon days. Mainly, areas in the Indian subcontinent, Indonesia, Andaman etc are most vulnerable for earthquake.The closeness of the moon during the lunar perigee phase ( perigee-closest to the earth ) trigger earthquakes near subduction zones. Subduction zones are areas where the tectonic plates slip under another plate thus creating a displacement. Java trench, where the boundary between Indo Australian plate and Eurasian plate is vulnerable for earthquakes. This resulted in the Sumatra earthquake.
The recent Japan earthquake occurred where the Pacific pate slips below north American plate.
Sun affects the earth in many ways. When there is full moon or lunar perigee, if a Solar flare occurs there is strong chance for an earthquake in earthquake vulnerable areas where strain is accumulated in the subduction zones where the tectonic plate boundary lies.
As I said earlier Solar flares trigger earthquakes. . A solar flare is a large explosion in theSun‘s atmosphere. Solar flares affect all layers of the solar atmosphere (photosphere,chromosphere, and corona), heating plasma to tens of millions of kelvins and acceleratingelectronsprotons, and heavier ions to near the speed of light. Sun is getting violent duc to the condition called the approach of Solar maxima which is from 2011-2013.
Please note that the 2004 Dec 26 earthquake was preceded by a prominent solar flare
Similarly the Japan earthquake of March 11 2011 was preceded by a solar flare.( report on solar flare attached. Link is given below.
The position of moon affects the formation of tides. The earth’s interior is in liquid form. That liquid is also vulnerable to the moon’s pull. This pull results in the displacement of tectonic plates, resulting in earthquakes. So if there is a full moon or new moon approaching and if a solar flare occurs then there is chance for an earthquake.
Dec 26 2004 was full moon day. Sumatra earthquake( magnitude 9.3) occurred on that day.
Sept 30 1993 the day before full moon day. Deadly earthquake in Latur( magnitude 6.2)
Oct 23 1991 two days before full moon. Deadly Uttar Kasi earthquake ( magnitude 6.6)
March 27 1964 Alaska earthquake ( magnitude 9.2) occurred before the full moon day.
Nov 21 1833 Sumatra earthquake( Magnitude 9.2) two days later was the full moon day.
Feb 27 2010 Chile earthquake(( Magnitude 8.8) next day was full moon day.
On Jan 19 2011 Pakistan earthquake occurred. It was fullmoon.
Feb 22 2011 Newzealand. Feb 18th was full moon
Now full moon is approaching and it is the time for the SUPER MOON. That is moon is closes to the earth on 19th . It will be less than around 358000 Kms from the earth.
This approach of the moon is the reason behind the occurance of March 11 Honshu earthquake and the fore shocks and after shocks.
There is a chance for a major earthquake especially in the plate boundaries in the Pacific and near Java trench ( Indonesia)during this period. Indian subcontinent is also vulnerable.