Towards Decentralization

Is This The Century of Secession?

By Jon Rappoport

Here is the political question of our time: Will it be one future for all, or many futures side by side? Read on.

—Any movement toward secession is a good thing, no matter how ill-conceived. It puts a different idea in minds: defect, decentralize, opt out, strive to become more self-sufficient. This idea can spawn many new strategies, over the long run.

For example, there is a lot of noise about California seceding from the Union.

One plan would split the state up into three parts. This is currently the strongest initiative, because those three parts wouldn’t actually secede; they would become new states.

However, Congress has to OK the formation of new states, and it will never do so.

All this interesting and fertile chaos obscures something else that is happening in California. The Mercury News reports (4/24/18):

“At least 14 Southern California cities and two counties have passed ordinances, and in some cases filed lawsuits, against the state’s controversial sanctuary laws that largely prohibit local and state authorities from cooperating with federal immigration officers [who want to deport illegal immigrants].”

“While the anti-sanctuary wave is rolling across some of California’s most Republican strongholds [Orange and San Diego counties], they aren’t an aftershock from the 2016 election: Democrat Hillary Clinton trounced Trump in Orange County by 8 percentage points and San Diego County by 20 percentage points [if you believe the legitimacy of the vote count].”

According to the Mercury News, here are the local entities that have rebelled against California sanctuary-immigration policy:

Orange County Board of Supervisors
San Diego County Board of Supervisors
Beaumont — Riverside County
Dana Point — Orange County
Ripon — San Joaquin County
Los Alamitos — Orange County
Laguna Niguel — Orange County
San Juan Capistrano — Orange County
Aliso Viejo — Orange County
Mission Viejo — Orange County
Yorba Linda — Orange County
Newport Beach — Orange County
Westminster — Orange County
Huntington Beach — Orange County
Orange — Orange, County
Fountain Valley — Orange County
Escondido –San Diego County

This is where the action is. This movement has legs. It could spread even further.

For example, suppose these rebelling communities get together? Suppose a few leaders have working imaginations? Who knows what they might come up with?

Suppose a few communities in CA decide they don’t like the state’s mandatory child-vaccine law, and they want to refuse its provisions?

One idea (even an unworkable one) gives birth to other ideas. A contagion begins. For example, people consider the original notion of limited government and a Constitutional Republic. Unconscionable government meddlers are seen as meddlers and criminals. A wave builds. People experience glimpses of freedom. They hunger for more. They feel something new stirring in their bones.

They contemplate the possibility that doom is not inevitable.

What would 1776 look like, and how might it play out, today, in a state (California) that once celebrated cutting-edge innovation, before an elite fungal infection rolled in?

The best estimate of the 13 colonies’ population in 1776 is 2.5 million. A federal Republic was designed for a small group, not 325 million people. Jefferson envisioned a ladder of independent Republics—from village to ward to county to state to federal—each emphasizing freedom of the individual, each hamstringing the power of government to the strictest degree possible.

He was not alone. The whole freedom movement of the time was conscious of the danger of unchecked government and corporate control.

It fell to state legislatures to limit corporations by chartering them to do business. If a corporation harmed the public good, the legislature could, without a trial, exile it from the state. This was in line with the prevailing concept (eventually overturned by corrupt judges and business monopolists) that a corporation was not a person, and did not have the rights of an individual.

Any effort in the direction of DECENTRALIZATION is a good thing. We are long overdue in that regard.

And as far Europe is concerned—the countries who birthed the idea of individual freedom after centuries of struggle—from whom the American Founders took their political innovations—the present European Union is a lurching monster—it is a direct contradiction to the profound concept of liberty. It should be repealed on every front and summarily dumped and left at the side of the road—a relic of fascism that once posed as a purveyor of the public good.

DECENTRALIZATION really becomes fascinating when you consider the formation of intentional communities based on political ideas of every stripe. The inhabitants themselves decide the principles that apply. Some version of share and care and equality for all? A Constitutional Republic? A monarchy? Experiments proliferate and stand and fall on their own. With the advance of technology, it’s possible to outfit a local community with its own power supply, its own digital platforms, etc., on behalf of increased self-sufficiency.

The octopoid reach of overweening central governments loses strength. New cultures evolve, side by side. Whatever shapes the political structures of communities take, the underlying effort is pro-independence.

That would be authentic secession.

The vector moves toward the individual and away from the collective.

On the education front, this is already happening, as parents, disgusted with the crime, drugs, social indoctrination, and political correctness in public brainwashing centers, are opting for home schooling.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the so-called Health Freedom movement has been expanding for many decades. It is based on the concept that every person has the right to manage his own health and seek out unconventional treatments. Despite government efforts to corral the population into Big Pharma medicine, citizens have broken out of that mold. In a big way.

Then there is “alternative news.” Untold numbers of decentralized outlets have bloomed across the world. Of course, they are labeled “fake news,” because the mainstream monopolists are terrified they are losing their grip on the minds of populations. In 2001, when I launched my site,, I was acutely aware of mainstream brainwashing in the arena of information. I defected from print journalism and went out on my own. Seventeen years later, I’m still here.

Decentralization on every front is occurring. It isn’t always pretty, and it isn’t always on target, but that’s what you get when you get freedom. Life pushes through worn ground and explores new possibilities.

It all comes back to the individual mind. Is that mind free and wide-ranging or is it programmed? When free minds cooperate, the choices are extensive, and success is possible in many directions.

DECENTRALIZATION IS ALL ABOUT IMAGINATION. That is the key. When individuals conceive the futures they want, by imagining and projecting them, doors and windows into the future open. Not one future for all—but many futures side by side.

One future for all is the totalitarian nightmare. The Globalist nightmare.

Cracking that monolith is the job of this century.

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The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.


Dannion Brinkley on NDE’s & the Future


Dannion Brinkley - Secrets of an NDE Survivor
Dannion Brinkley – Secrets of an NDE Survivor

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Russell Scott puts Dannion Brinkley on the spot with direct questions regarding the legitimacy of his (Dannion’s) claims.

Dannion responds to:

* The 2008 British TV documentary “Reverend Death” that claims he was only ‘dead’ for 5 minutes…not 28 minutes

* Why his doctor saw him shortly after the incident and claimed he was totally lucid making no mention of his NDE

Dannion sets the record straight on:

– His first near death experience
– Dr. Raymond Moody
– His military service
– The ‘morgue’ story

Dannion Brinkley also discusses his visions of the future for The United States.


Dolores Cannon, “Anne”, The Shift, Coming Changes

Dolores Cannon – In The Midst of Chaos

Dolores Cannon - In The Midst of Chaos AngelicView: Below is an excerpt from Dolores Cannon’s “Convoluted Universe”, Book Three, in which the QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) participant, dubbed “Anne”, describes the Human Evolution changes we are experiencing now. Keep in mind while reading this, that this book was published in 2008.

I couldn’t help but to highlight some parts that were especially meaningful to me.

Anne – “There are certain triggers that occur when she meets certain people and associates with others, that work like an unlocking, or opening up. And only when those triggers are set off, do some things become clear to her. It’s like she lives a secret life. And she knows this, not because she has secrets, because there are many things that she doesn’t share. She had to do things by herself for many, many years. But she has understandings that most people don’t, and she’s unable to relate. She knows that’s part of the challenge of this lifetime – to come like this and be alone in some ways, and internally have to keep to herself. It’s like being able to see ahead of time and not being able to say that. It’s very frustrating. Like an understanding of cause and effect from a very young age, and trying to relate to people on their level when she knows better. She knows it’s a constant struggle to pretend she doesn’t see when she does see. There are relationships, lessons to be learned in the process. But it’s also to help, to bring awareness.

Dolores then asks about relationships, as that was one of the questions of the client. The higher self says that there are more important matters to discuss and then says that once the important matters come to the forefront, these other matters take care of themselves.

Dolores then asks what are the important matters.

Anne – “The matters have to deal with the changes that are occurring at this time. And her role in the process, which requires courage, since it is a role of support and being there when the time is needed for her presence and other’s presence. People who are here for that reason.

There are then a few more questions and answers and Dolores asks this question.

Dexcerpt from Dolores Cannon’s “Convoluted Universe”, Book Three,olores – “I’ve been told a great deal of information, that everything is speeding up, and the vibrations and frequencies of our whole dimension are changing. Is this correct?”

Anne – “Turbulence, much turbulence coming very soon. And there is the need to be very grounded. Much turmoil. There will be need for your stability and all of those who are here, because people will be lost and confused and in much pain. Do you understand?”

Dolores – “By turbulence, do you mean more of the violent Earth changes that have been happening?”

Anne – “Situations caused by humans, and situations caused by the Earth changes. And the coming through of new energies and beings that humans are not accustomed to seeing. This will cause a great deal of chaos, that only those who are understanding what is transpiring, will keep calm and be a reassurance to those in confusion. Remember and just be prepared for that, because it’s very easy to theorize until the situation is in the physical. Then the physical body needs to be prepared to handle the shifts of energy, and the shock that comes with the process of change. One thing is to feel you can understand what is happening. Another is to be in the midst of chaos and keep yourself calm when it’s happening.”

Dolores – “That’s difficult for humans, isn’t it?”

Anne – “It is difficult. And that is a crucial and practical area to focus on at this time, because it is in the physical that you are helping. There are other levels that are helping, but you are in the physical as she is, and other beings are. So in the physical, they could transmit that calm that will be necessary during times of chaos. “

Dolores – “But will they listen to us?”

A-“It is not up to you to decide. It is up to you to make sure you have the tr tranquility and grounded energy for those who want to listen to you. That alone requires  much work in the physical to keep those energies in place, because that’s what you came to do. Anne is very trained, because of her life experiences have required her to maintain a level of calm in the midst of madness.”

A-“That has been a good training ground for her, so that when the time comes, it is not so difficult for her to maintain that calm in the physical. Do you understand? “

D-“Yes I do. I’ve been told that these changes are going to cause a separation into two Earths. The old Earth and the new Earth, as the vibrations and the frequencies increase. It that correct?”

A-“That is correct. There is a different world, if you will, which some souls will remain or choose to live in after the changes. “

D-“You mean to remain with the old Earth?”

A-“Yes, with the world that keeps that level vibration they wish to stay in, and that will be where they remain, or move into. But the new energies will only be livable for those who have worked their own energy up to that vibration.”

D-“But the turbulence you spoke of, will that be on the old Earth?”

A-“It is now as we go through these changes. This is the time of transformation in the next few years, and the outcome has been prophesied by many. I don’t have much to add to that, other than those who are here now need to remember the important role they are playing in the physical before the changes happen, or before the final changes happen. In the midst of the process, there’s a need for those who are here to give assistance. To line up, if you will, as if it were in the military. It’s time for them to show up and be aware that they are being called to be very present and ready. And maintain their ground, because there might be situations in which a soul might be in a crucial point where they could go either/or, vibrational wise. And you may be able to make a different at that time.”

excerpt from Dolores Cannon’s “Convoluted Universe”, Book Three,D-“What do you mean either/or?”

A-“Their spiritual growth may be in a grey area where they may qualify to step up to a higher vibration, if only they have the courage to jump. Or else, they may choose not to, and that is their choice. But your role, if you keep your energy, may be crucial for someone in that situation, because you may be the hand that extends for them to jump.”

D-“Make the jump into the higher vibration. (Yes) But the higher vibration , the new Earth, will not experience this turbulence? (No) It seems as though right now, we are in this part that is experiencing the turbulence.”

A-“It is just the beginning. It has begun, but the chaos has not begun. The chaos, the madness of people running around in confusion, because all their illusions have been shattered. That will be the time of the test of strength that needs to come forth for those of you who are here to help in the process. There will be a time when people are running in the streets confused and in fear, not unlike the hurricane in Louisiana. “

D-“That’s what I was thinking of, the tsunami and the hurricanes.”

A-“But that multiplied worldwide in most cities is a very different scenario.”

D-“Are there going to be similar disasters in many cities?”

A-“Some caused by natural, some caused by those in power who are making every effort to keep things the way they are. They are aware of the changes. They refuse to accept. It’s like a child who doesn’t want to hear the truth. And they refuse to admit they are no longer in charge. So they continue to cling to these ways and may cause more confusion. They feel they may able to slow down the process and maintain a low vibration by keeping fear on the surface. “

D-“They’re trying to install fear in the people.”

A-“Fear has always been in people, because that’s how most, if not all, the societies of this world have functioned for many years. Fear is the way they have maintained power, and almost everyone in this world is in fear. There are different levels of fear, but these changes and the technology that has allowed everyone to communicate freely, have caused a great deal of concern for those in power, because now the fear is vanishing. Many things that are occurring, even the catastrophes, act as a catalyst to bring fear out so it is dealt with. And so it is a cleansing in a way. But those in power don’t want this process to occur, and they prefer to keep a level of fear under the water, if you will. And like a desperate child, they try every tactic they can think of at this time to not let that fear dissipate, because that is what is happening. The fear is dissipating despite what the surface seems to show.”

D-“People are beginning to think for themselves.”

A-“They are. They are confronting their own demons, if you will, because life is taking them places where they have to see things that other times they haven’t had to deal with. Therefore, their fears, although they are very present, are at least coming to the surface, whereas before, they were not. Therefore, it is a cleansing that, as it continues, will only liberate more and more, which is a process that those in power are very aware of. They want to slow it down, thinking there might be a way to prevent it. So they will push and push to every extreme they can until things get very difficult. And many people will not be prepared for that edge they are pushing for. “

D-“Is the way one of the things?”

A-“The way, absolutely the wars, also their diseases that they scare people with.”

D-“These diseases are not really there, are they?”

A-“They can be if people choose to allow those energies to enter into their body. But for the most part, they are only in the energetic fields. And like anything else that is talked about, or thought about, it can become reality in the physical. “

D-“Yes, if enough people accept it as their reality.”

A-“But the diseases are extremely blown out of proportion, and they are not epidemics as they are portrayed to be. The media and the movies are showing you their desperation as they insist in presenting to the masses information that is completely negative and fear based. Subject matter such as murder, death and betrayal, attacks and such that keep the consciousness focused on these matters, as opposed to portraying in the media images of hope and inspiration. But nevertheless, there are enough of those positive messages being broadcast at this time, that like domino effect, they are no longer stoppable.”

D-“Another fear the government is trying to promote is terrorism.”

A-“Yes. It is just another tool, like the diseases, to find excuses to give people a reason to be afraid and not unify, but not trust that the Government will solve their problems. They are imaginary problems, and in the subconscious, many people are becoming aware of this. They are no longer believing, although many are in the masses. But on their subconscious level, they are beginning to awaken, and the power knows this. That is the reason they are resorting to ridiculous stories that only those who wish to believe, believe in them, because anybody with a logical and reasonable mind could not believe them.”

D-Yes, anybody who thinks for themselves.”

A-“So they are presenting the masses the opportunity to choose, because they are pushing for an edge. And in that way, they are serving a purpose by pushing the edge, so that everybody makes a choice, because this is a time of choice. This is no longer a time of middle round and neutrality. “

D-“You said earlier that we would be here whenever the chaos breaks out. Would this be caused by many of these disasters?”

A-“Disasters and the breakdown of the structures of Government. And the breakdown of the safety net that most people feel they are part of. Such as their Social Security, and their paychecks, and their jobs, and their religious beliefs. Especially if and when ships and/or other things like that begin to become part of the consciousness that many are not prepared for. Therefore, they may run around in shock and confusion, unsure as to what’s real and what’s not. The structure of Government is breaking, and will break even more to a point of chaos. Like a domino effect, like a crumbling. “

D-“If the ships arrive, what would be their purpose for coming?”

A-“They are always here. It is only a time for them to become visible as the permissions open up, because it is a time of, not only free will as there is now, but also a time for others to claim their place in the new world. Not just the humans, but others who also belong here, but are in a different vibration. So partly, it is not that they choose to become visible, it is partly that the energies make them visible.”

D-“I am aware they’ve been here. I’ve been working with them. I know they’re positive. I’ve had no problems with them.”

excerpt from Dolores Cannon’s “Convoluted Universe”, Book Three,A-“But by them becoming visible and part of the consciousness of the people, and the governments crumbling, and chaos, and natural disasters, you can see how the majority of people would be completely shocked. And their religions and their idea of a structured life would be brought down. So now, they would have nothing to cling to. This causes a great deal of fear for those who have not stepped out of their own house. That fear could lead to madness or schizophrenia or other types of reactions. And it is at that time, and that kind of reaction, that will leave people most vulnerable, where you can be of most service.”

D-“Then others like myself and Anne are some of the ones who are here to help?”

A-“The ones who are prepared to see these changes and not crumble in fear will be the pillars on which others will lean when nothing makes sense to them. It doesn’t mean you will provide the truth to them, it just means you are not falling down like they are.”

D-“Because, I was thinking, what can we do when everyone is in chaos?”

A-“When you are not losing your mind and you are calm, it doesn’t matter what you do. People will see that in you and seek that in you, because they don’t know what to make out of what they’re seeing. And you may not know what to make out of what you’re seeing, but you have been prepared. Therefore, you will know and have some sense of trust that things will be okay. You are not crazy.”

D-“Where the others won’t have any preparation at all.”


D-“You know what I’ve had many, many people come to me for the last two years who are either healers or they’re being told by you, the subconscious part, that they are to be healers. We keep wondering why the world would need so many healers?”

A-“Do you know the population of the planet?”

D-“Yes, it’s quite large.”

A-“That might be one reason why. Also, it is a time that’s very precious for many souls, because of the learning lessons available, as it is an unusual time that this planet has not experienced. Therefore, it is an opportunity to experience a very one of a kind soul journey. And it’s an opportunity to step up in the soul level, experience-wise, because of the challenges it presents. Therefore, many advanced souls are interested in the opportunity for themselves.”

D-“I was thinking if structures do break down, the medical profession would definitely be one of them. Maybe that would be one reason to have healers that can use energy and natural healing.”

A-“There is a time coming when the energy will be high enough that disease will not be as you know it today. And though the help of those healers is definitely needed, there will be a time when those diseases are not going to be anymore. Therefore, the healing is only temporary. The healers will heal when there is a need. If there are no hospitals because everybody has left the city, for example, or maybe it’s drowned, then there are healers available to help. But that is not the only reason they are here. They are here for their own learning purpose, as their own soul is interested in experiencing this shift. “

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