Dannion Brinkley on NDE’s & the Future


Dannion Brinkley - Secrets of an NDE Survivor
Dannion Brinkley – Secrets of an NDE Survivor

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Russell Scott puts Dannion Brinkley on the spot with direct questions regarding the legitimacy of his (Dannion’s) claims.

Dannion responds to:

* The 2008 British TV documentary “Reverend Death” that claims he was only ‘dead’ for 5 minutes…not 28 minutes

* Why his doctor saw him shortly after the incident and claimed he was totally lucid making no mention of his NDE

Dannion sets the record straight on:

– His first near death experience
– Dr. Raymond Moody
– His military service
– The ‘morgue’ story

Dannion Brinkley also discusses his visions of the future for The United States.

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