Of Wildfires and Weapons

Is This Conclusive Evidence Of A Directed Energy Weapon Being Used In California?

At the very least, it’s bizarre and interesting. According to researcher Dutchsinse, he witnessed a clear beam of directed energy in real-time on September 7th. We know these weapons exist, but is this the best evidence yet of their use?

Dutchsinse states:

Is This Conclusive Evidence Of A Directed Energy Weapon Being Used In California?

This is a real life example of something beaming from somewhere very strange (Malheur or above it in space) to another location hundreds of miles away in California, beaming directly into a fire…

High power microwave can show up on IR. So can high power IR lasers. Both could theoretically cause fires.

The first video is not enhanced, but this is followed by a color enhanced version.

Best view of the beam seen in full HD 1080p at 11:34 or so. another good view at 13:20 or so… In a very strange turn of events, upon the upload and premiere of this video on youtube.. almost all shots of the beam are hard to see only on youtube (you can see just fine on twitch for instance). You literally cannot see the beam in the half video here on youtube that was seen live by my audience just fine over on twitch.

Nonetheless you can view pretty well in 1080p HD using a laptop , maybe turn down the lights and look close. The live links are provided for you to see on your own instead of having to watch this video.

Also read: Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) Seem To Be Starting Fires In California And Oregon

Here is a brightened and color saturated version of the same beam event:

Dutchsinse offers the following additional research links to investigate for yourself: Weather.cod.edu

Close up beam going to fire in California – Weather.cod.edu

Close up beam going to Malheur Oregon – Weather.cod.edu

Near Infrared view – Weather.cod.edu

View the beam coming from / going to Malheur here – Weather.cod.edu

By ActivistPost.com

from:   https://humansarefree.com/2020/09/is-this-conclusive-evidence-of-a-directed-energy-weapon-being-used-in-california.html

More on Arizona Volcanic Plum

6/05/2015 — National Park Service (NPS) issues PRESS RELEASE regarding Arizona Volcano Plumes / Dutchsinse report

A strange plume was seen coming from Sunset Crater volcanic complex in Central Arizona (Northeast of Flagstaff, AZ).

These plumes were seen on Visible Satellite Imagery from the NOAA GOES “visible clouds” feed.


Now, the National Park Service, as well as the main stream media, have come out in full denial, even issuing a press release.

This reminds me of 2011 all over again, when the USGS issued a press release response to my videos on a volcanic plume in Southern California at Pisgah Craters.

It’s not too often that youtube video makers get public responses from Government agencies, and main stream media outlets.


Full press release from the NPS below:


NPS Response to Sunset Crater Eruption Claim

Date: June 4, 2015
Contact: Cecilia Shields, (928) xxxxxxx

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument Response to Claims of New Eruption

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA –The National Park Service has received numerous inquiries about the possibility of current volcanic activity at Sunset Crater Volcano. The internet source of the purported eruption is based upon a black and white satellite image. The report is not from an academic source or part a scientific agency, such as the United States Geological Survey. Furthermore, no activity has been observed on the ground by park rangers staffing the National Monument.
Sunset Crater Volcano, part of the San Francisco Volcanic Field, is an extinct cinder cone. Local cinder cones are created by a one-time eruption event and are not known to erupt more than once. Sunset Crater Volcano erupted over 900 years ago, making it the youngest cinder cone in a field of over 600 volcanoes. It is now extinct, and not anticipated to erupt again.
According to many geologists, the San Francisco Volcanic Field is still considered to be active, so it’s possible that an eruption could occur during the next 1,000 to 5,000 years somewhere east of Flagstaff, Arizona. Come visit Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument to see for yourself and learn more about your park.


The National Park Service , and the main stream media — just like in 2011, taking the time to address a video on youtube, or a website post just because it’s trending on social media?!

To add insult to ignorance, they’re trying to say that I think an ERUPTION is going to take place.  SMH.  Guess they didn’t read to the bottom of the post they’re slamming…. clearly it says I think the threat of a larger EARTHQUAKE is showing, not for an eruption.  LOL@ that screwup on their part.

Meanwhile, we’ve got the media saying that Geologists have been investigating out at Sunset Crater for the past several days.

What was that again?!

Investigating at Sunset Crater for the past ‘several days’?

Why would they be out in the craters ‘investigating’ for the past several days, when I just made my video a day ago?!

Why are they out there ‘investigating’ days before the plume appeared?

Somethings not right here!

sunset crater steaming plumes june 3 2015
Above: Screenshots of the plume seen on Visible Satellite feed, and the location of the plume seen via Google Earth

 from:    http://dutchsinse.com/

Methane Cloud Over Four Corners

NASA Puzzled By Massive Methane Cloud Above Miles of Fracking Wells

YouTuber only needs seconds to help solve methane mystery that has establishment scientists puzzled.By Dutchsinse

News broke early morning April 9, 2015 that a giant cloud of methane has been detected over Southern Colorado / Northern New Mexico near the Four Corners region where Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico meet.

NASA + NOAA , as well as several other organizations are puzzled about the source of the methane.. blaming natural causes, and coal operations?

Maybe they don’t have access to Google Earth, which might explain why they don’t know the “cause” of the giant methane cloud. Watch video below…

from:    http://www.activistpost.com/2015/04/nasa-puzzled-by-massive-methane-cloud.html

Strange Sounds Heard Round the World


Analysis by Benjamin Radford
Wed Feb 8, 2012 04:20 PM ET 


People around the world have reported hearing strange sounds from the skies over the past month. Sometimes they describe it as a hum or low rumble; other times it’s a whine, thump, or even a melody. Often the sounds have been recorded and posted online, fueling rumors and conspiracy theories.

One blogger wrote, “either the world is ending, aliens are landing or everyone is getting hoaxed. Or, possibly, there’s an actual scientific explanation for the mass amount of YouTube videos capturing bizarre sounds that are being heard around the globe. Are we witnessing the beginning of a full-scale alien invasion?”

So, what are people hearing (and recording)?

Natural Explanations

The explanations are almost as varied as the sounds themselves. There’s not a single blanket explanation for all the mysterious sounds, though many have been identified. For example there’s the recent “midnight roar”reported in Malaysia:


According to a Borneo Post report, the “Sky Roar” had been heard over Kota Samarahan from around 2am or 3am till dawn on both days. Terrified residents, the report added, described the noises as a “loud hushing” or “snoring” sound. The sounds were also recorded that night, and were later uploaded on YouTube. The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation has a very simple explanation – it was created by an oil palm factory testing their boiler pressure on Jan 11 and Jan 12.


In other cases the strange sound is still being researched; last week the Canadian government was asked to investigate a low-frequency hum that has intermittently plagued citizens in Windsor, Ontario for months. (If the conspiracy theorists are right, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper may soon get an unofficial visit from Men in Black-type agents warning him not to investigate.)

There are a few things to keep in mind about these strange, ambient sounds; for one thing, there is virtually no place on the planet where noise pollution is not a problem. We live in a constant sea of background noise, most of it unnoticed until we start paying attention to all the sounds and focusing on them.

Sources of indoor sounds are nearly endless, from faintly ticking clocks to air conditioning to bubbling aerators in fish tanks. Outside the problem is far worse, with noise generated by countless sources including traffic; airplanes (seen and unseen); radios; lawnmowers and snowblowers; trains; highways; and high-tension lines. Then there are the many industrial sources of noise and vibrations, including power plants and any factories with large machines such as auto assembly plants and printing presses.

Some complain that the promise of green energy offered by large wind turbines comes at a cost: a low, rumbling, rhythmic whoosh or groan that travels through the air and earth, sometimes for miles. Furthermore, the earth itself generates a natural, constant hum (though it’s typically far below the threshold of human hearing). Scientists believe the hum is created by ocean waves crashing over continental shelves, which creates vibrations that travel throughout the world.


In some cases, the “mysterious sound” videos have been revealed as hoaxes. For example, a college student in Edmonton, Canada, posted a video of mysterious sounds which got nearly 140,000 views on YouTube before she admitted it was fake. She told a local newspaper, “I made the video by taking out my iPhone and merely video recorded my balcony view while holding my laptop right behind it, while my laptop played the Conklin YouTube video in the background. Took less than a minute to do this…. I made the video to show my friends and family how easy it was (literally less than five minutes of my life to make the video and upload it) to make something like that, and how they shouldn’t believe everything they see online, and should especially not get fearful.”

Mysterious sounds are nothing new, of course. The most famous mystery sound in the world is probably the Taos Hum, a low-frequency rumble heard by some residents in Taos, New Mexico since the early 1990s. Not everyone hears it, but the earwitnesses who do variously describe it as sounding like a running refrigerator or a buzzing bee. Researchers have been unable to pinpoint the source of the sound — or even confirm that the hearers are indeed perceiving a specific, identifiable sound.

While the public may assume that locating a sound is easy, it’s not. Identifying the source of a sound is very difficult in urban areas where concrete, glass, and buildings can reflect, change, and amplify sound waves from ordinary sources. Of course it’s more fun to think that the mysterious sounds are part of an alien invasion or secret military experiment than machinery at a local sewage plant.



There are other explanations.  Check out the podcast on Lind Moulton Howe’s EARTHFILES:


And from DUTCHSINSE youtube channel, there is this:



New Zealand Earthquake and MORE

1/28/2012 — 6.2 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand — MASSIVE amount of 5.0M quakes this past week

Posted on January 28, 2012

watch the video update here:





January 28, 2012 — North of New Zealand a magnitude 6.2 earthquake occurred:




from:    http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/

More Unusual Tornadic Activity 1/23

1/23/2012 — FURTHER expansion of Tornado threat watch = AL, GA, SC, NC, VA, WV, MI

Posted on January 23, 2012

Watch the video alert here:


BE PREPARED if you live in any of these states!

currently 1230am CST — there have been several tornadic outbreaks with damaging winds / hail… in Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, Mississippi, Indiana, Louisiana, and Michigan…

Areas to watch out for next will most likely be Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Illinois and Michigan are getting hit with hail and damaging winds– also possible tornadoes detected:

By 6am EST 1/23/2012 — look in the area marked below for severe weather to develop:

Watch the east coast states (new england)… it is up for debate as to whether severe will hit these areas.. or will the cooler weather kill the storm when it arrives in the north east?

I would venture a guess that AT LEAST damaging winds will reach New York. Be prepared as always.

for the rest of the story and more information, go to:http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/

Worldwide Volcano Webcams – List

/1/2012 — All the Volcano Webcams of the world

Posted on January 2, 2012

(mirrored from big think) just in case their site ever goes down


Hawai’i (United States) 

Haleakala – info – webcam

Kilauea – info – webcams: Pu’u O’o | All HVO webcams | Halema`uma`u Crater from HVO | Halema`uma`u Crater overlook |

Mauna Kea – info – webcam

Mauna Loa – info – webcam

Mariana Islands (United States)

Anatahan – info – webcam

Western/Southern Pacific

Japan – The Japanese Meteorological Agency has a page of 40+ webcams, but the names are all in Japanese

Asama – info – webcams: one | two | three

Aso – info – webcams: one | two | three | four – multiple views | five

Bandai – info – one | two

Chokai – info – webcam

Daisetsu – info – webcam

Fuji – info – webcams: one | two | Shimiza port | Fujinomiya City | Lake Tanuki | Lake Saiko | Lake Kawaguchi | Mt. Mitsutoge | Fujiyoshida City | Oshino | Gotemba

Hiuchi – info – webcam

Iwate – info – webcams: one | two

Kirishima – info – webcams: one (sixth and seventh from bottom on right menu) | two |three

this list is quite extensive, and I have included just the few at the start.  To get to the source, the whole list compiled by Dutch Sinse, go to:    http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2012/01/02/112012-all-the-volcano-webcams-of-the-world/

6.1 Quake off New Zealand

1/19/2012 — 6.1 magnitude earthquake hits New Zealand

Posted on January 19, 2012

Today, January 19, 2012 — a magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck about 120 miles south of New Zealand.

The entire south/west pacific plate has been moving exponentially faster over the past few months — things are picking up — not letting off.

Look at the screenshot below — showing the last 48 hours of earthquakes around the Pacific ring of fire.


Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 6.1
Location 46.676°S, 165.724°E
Depth 18.1 km (11.2 miles)
Distances 204 km (126 miles) W of Invercargill, New Zealand
293 km (182 miles) SW of Queenstown, New Zealand
380 km (236 miles) WSW of Dunedin, New Zealand
940 km (584 miles) SW of WELLINGTON, New Zealand


from:    http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/