Texas Earthquake 10/20

Moderate extremely shallow earthquake in Atascosa County, Texas, United States

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Shaking map, Texas October 20 2011 earthquake – courtesy USGS

Update 18:07 UTC :  The region southeast of San Antonio has experienced earthquakes before. There was a 4.3 magnitude earthquake in 1993 near the same location, and there have been smaller quakes recorded back to the 1970s.

Update :  It looks that we are lucky that the epicenter is located in a rural area without many houses and buildings.

Update :  Intensity in relation to villages / cities:
Light shaking: Karnes City, Poth, Kenedy, Floresville, Pleasanton, Three Rivers
Weak shaking: Corpus Christi (277,000), San Antonio (1,257,000), New Braunfels    (46,000), Victoria (62,000) and San Marcos (47,000)

Update :  According to USGS, 77 people will have felt a MMI VII very strong shaking. Damages are not excluded at this intensity. 166 people a strong shaking and 3,000 people a moderate shaking.  639,000 a light shaking and finally 2,490,000 people a weak to very weak shaking.

Update :  We received I Have Felt It reports from Austin to Corpus Christi.

Update :  The uncertainty of the epicenter location is horizontally  +/- 19.3 km (12.0 miles) and vertically (depth) +/- 3.1 km (1.9 miles). In other words the epicenter can be located below another village than mentioned.

Other locations in the epicenter area : KenedyFalls CityChristinePleasanton and Jourdanton.
Preliminary data show that the earthquake has been felt as far as Austin, Texas

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