August 26-September 1

Overall Color for the Week:   Indigo

Blowing your cover, that is what this week is all about, so do not be surprised if people, all of a sudden begin to look at you differently, react to you differently, step back and out of your way.  The current energies have, as they say, outed you for WHO you truly are, and you have the option of accepting and going with it, or denying and falling back into hiding.  It is you choice.  There is no judgment.  Just be sure that what you choose is what you truly desire.  Along with that, again the senses are at the forefront.  This week is all about things that you hear. Some are there, some just are.  The echoes you hear when you walk into a room, the sound of voices, conversation, movement in rooms where you find nothing.  No, you are not going crazy; rather your personal senses are becoming more attuned to the energies as they move into their new positioning.  And the hearing happens on more than one level, so you may be aware of tunes, chords, harmonies you never heard before.  Perhaps that is the Faerie coming through, or other dimensions or the rhythm of the spheres.  It is all good. Continue reading