August 26-September 1

Overall Color for the Week:   Indigo

Blowing your cover, that is what this week is all about, so do not be surprised if people, all of a sudden begin to look at you differently, react to you differently, step back and out of your way.  The current energies have, as they say, outed you for WHO you truly are, and you have the option of accepting and going with it, or denying and falling back into hiding.  It is you choice.  There is no judgment.  Just be sure that what you choose is what you truly desire.  Along with that, again the senses are at the forefront.  This week is all about things that you hear. Some are there, some just are.  The echoes you hear when you walk into a room, the sound of voices, conversation, movement in rooms where you find nothing.  No, you are not going crazy; rather your personal senses are becoming more attuned to the energies as they move into their new positioning.  And the hearing happens on more than one level, so you may be aware of tunes, chords, harmonies you never heard before.  Perhaps that is the Faerie coming through, or other dimensions or the rhythm of the spheres.  It is all good.

On the larger scale, there will be challenges and more challenges.  A lot of stuff is coming down in the political arena, so be prepared for announcements of weird stuff around the candidates.  A lot of it will be taken as hyperbole, but if you scratch the surface, you will see the truth that is there below it all.  It is truly a rabbit hole as so many are involved with deals with unscrupulous companies and organizations that have no concern for any but their own profit.  There will be a lot of chatter on the major media covering up, shoving the blame elsewhere, and belittling the importance of these things.  It is critical that you see things for what they truly are and do not buy into the bling.  The Earth moves under your feet, oh yeah.  This week the climate stuff can no longer be hidden beneath the latest Hollywood stupidity.  It will come out, not because it is there, but because it has  to.  Gaia is the ultimate star of this Earth, and since so few choose to acknowledge and honor the fact and the gift it is to be here, then she must make us remember.  There is no one who will not be affected.  The foundations of those who thought they were completely invulnerable are beginning to shake up.  Grassroots organizations are coalescing.  There is great unrest due to the weather extremes throughout the country, and there are spokespersons who are gathering support.  This week is interesting, and everyone will feel the spark.  Fiat.  Let it be.  There is more to come.

Sunday, August 25:    Apricot

So, things are not turning out the way you expected.   How best to deal with them. You can change your expectations or you can take a look at what those expectations are and see what they truly mean in terms of what it is that you are wishing to accomplish or make real in your life.  It is time to know that which is yours and that which belongs to others.  Finding it out, making the realization can be hard a times, but oh, so rewarding.  It frees you up from the responsibility of being what others think of you and allows you to walk into WHO you are, and that WHO is quite powerful.  SO go for it, and be grateful for the chance to make the change.

Monday, August 26:    Grainy White

There are so many things that you have been wanting to get done.  And then, there are the schedules and the people to meet and everything that goes on on the outside.  You will be seeing all of this today, but from a somewhat protected place.  There is a sense that you are being taken care of that will sneak in as things get crazy, get to be too much.  You will have the feeling that someone is watching you.  And it feels good.  This is a time in which you need to know that you are never alone in anything you do, in anywhere you go.  This is a time to step into your power, not only because it is there waiting for you but also because there are those other powerful beings who have been waiting for you.  So serendipity, synchronicity, déjà vu, these are all part of the day’s energy.  You will learn much today.  And there is a time of joy somewhere in the midst of it all.

Tuesday, August 27:    Yellow

Yellow dawns the day, and you are wondering why you have to get up right then.  But, interestingly enough, once you are up, you find yourself filled with an uncharacteristic flow of energy, and you move into the activities of the day.  You can find yourself involved in what goes on around you while, at the same time, feeling yourself removed, the observer, the onlooker.  When you catch yourself doing that, be aware of the situations in which this is occurring.  It is time to be seeing things in new ways.  Your senses are all shifting, and vision is a big one.  You might notice a shimmer when you shift your focus.  It is not your imagination, rather you are seeing things n the periphery, things you missed before.  When things shift and change they carry with them a new meaning and an opening to other areas.  Be aware today of what you see, and then use your inner vision to open up the messages that are there.

Wednesday, August 28:    Cerulean Blue

There is definitely something in the air today, and you can smell it.  The energies are heating up, becoming almost electric and things are getting charged up.  This is a good time for stepping back from things, and allowing others to do be, say, rant, whatever they want to do without your involvement.  There is not a lot of clarity right now as the energetic waves are stirring up the usual frequencies.  It is a good day for holding to a routine, doing the usual, taking some time to rest. If you must get involved in stuff, do it as a disinterested observer.  Do not add your agendas to things.  Because of the general flux of the time, that will not work.  Take time to ground and center.  View tings with the eyes of the heart.  Find the stillness within.  This is a day for taking advantage of the energy about to recharge your own batteries.  You will be glad as time goes on.

Thursday, August 30:    Chinese White

There is clarity, there is subterfuge, and there is redirection.  Which one defines you today is a matter of what you are trying to manifest in your life.  This time it is not the local life that you are dealing with now in the 3D, rather it is the accumulations of lies and activities that has brought you to this point.  You have started on a path at this turn of the wheel, and the path is now bifurcating.  There have always been choices available to you.  Right now, it is time to make a choice.  There is neither right nor wrong in what it is that you choose, there is merely the choosing. Either way, there will be signposts and friends. However, only in one case will there be the choices and the challenges that you have readied yourself to handle right now.  There is no right.  There is no wrong.  In all that you do, be sure that you are guided by your inner knowing, and you will be okay.

Friday, August 31:    Copper

Blue Moon:    Connections, vibrations, conductivity, these are all part of what today is all about.  The guesswork is over in many cases.  The answers are there, but you must be ready to see them, take them for what they are, and act upon them.  There are those out there who do not want answers, and it is not your job to give answers to people who are not ready to deal with them.  This is a time for seeing what makes you tick and what assists you in moving forward along your path.  There are grids and lines between individuals, as well as within the earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy.  Today you will begin to feel the pull of the grids of which you are a part.  It is a good day for listening to your intuition, regardless of how far-fetched some of it counsel may be.  Things are falling into place.  It is all part of a pattern, like a hug jigsaw puzzle.  Sometimes you cannot see the total image because the pieces are too few, however as each piece finds its place, the totality comes to the fore.