Julia Griffin on Moving Forward Now

The Bridge In Time

The Bridge In Time

Story by: Julia Griffin

For months, I’ve felt the bridge in time, the elusive strands of energy between the Piscean and Aquarian Age. The turning between ages is like a wheel; the spokes turn and open in the space between ages, offering a dispensation of light.  When we are between two ages, there is a great deal of light and less physical energy due to the oscillation between the two worlds.  A Precession of Ages likely doubles or triples this gift of light.

Many of us felt disappointment when the energy shifted around the solstice. While “heaven on earth” did not miraculously appear, many of us felt the impetus of a new energy.  No one could deny that the world is touched by change.

Personally, I perceived a significant increase in light and a substantial shift in the energy on the winter solstice. The earth is changing too. The fairytale beauty of blossoming pear and peach
trees lingers outdoors, in ridiculous cold, accompanied by flowers that shouldn’t bloom for months. Some days they are covered in ice but continue their blooming without a pause.

Perhaps, we’re a bit like the flowers. We move forward with self-expression and the sharing of light, then backwards with the return of winter and dormancy, like an intricate dance. Sometimes, the beautiful energy fills us with joy and spontaneous direction. Other times, it’s impossible to do anything besides rest. (I never thought my sofa would become so familiar.) It’s exhausting and exciting all at once.

Like my plants blossoming with their strange timing in the season, the energy seems to have an odd time warp quality. Some desires come into fruition by merely speaking them, and other desires take a tremendous amount of focus, arriving unexpectedly but months after the initial projection. A series of events can arrive full-blown in a single day, or it can take a long time for the beginning of movement with spaces between the necessary actions. Time appears to slow down and speed up in particular patterns during the day.

When talking with my gifted friends, we noted a few recent changes. Additional meditation, exercise and focus are needed to retain a calm nature. Our practices, which were natural and enjoyable, now come first with the change brought by the new energies. When it’s secondary, we find it more difficult when dealing with emotions or other people. Establishing a relationship with the universe can take more work.

We’ve also lost our ability of merging and remaining invisible in crowds. People look deeply in our eyes or bump into us with a clear desire to convey connection or hostility. Of course, becoming visible to others in everyday life is somewhat humorous. How did we expect to remain disguised, knowing that truth exposes everything during the time of the apocalypse?

Apocalypse means revelation of hidden truth, and it appears in governments, global finances, relationships, conversation and within the self.  The act of becoming more intuitive makes our inner dialog, agenda and subconscious patterns become obvious to ourselves and others. The term “subconscious patterns” refers the repetition of emotions and events that evoke a lower response in life or physical reality. (As we clear our inner patterns, we actually clear many negative patterns in the outer world.) As we see the truth within ourselves, the truth must appear in the outer world.

Light composes the substance that we seek, but light also illuminates the darkness, bringing shadows to the surface. For seekers who’ve experienced the outpouring of light, the opening of the heart, we already know how light stirs the substance of our lives. It can cause tiredness, re-evaluating relationships, and changing jobs or careers.

Certainly, experiences with light open the heart and move us toward love, but the shift can feel baffling and confusing. While in the midst of group conscious awakening, we’re watching the reconfiguration of the world.

There’s turmoil in the outer world. It’s easy to feel the fear of the population at large or see lovely landscapes when connected into the heart. At this time, the universe supports change, but those – who understand positive energy – must direct it.

When we sit in deep connection with the light and see a better world for ourselves and others, we are creating it. Most of us understand that our light is important. We know that we’re here on a quest to learn more about co-creation and bring love into the world, a world with less duality and negativity. Every day, we learn more.

Here are a few tips:

Stay with the light. Reflect on the heart often. (In individual practice, meditation is used to listen to the heart. We learn to associate a rhythm, feeling and sensation with ideas associated with the pulse of the heart. We also make an effort in listening and acting on repetitive intuition, which is information linking us to the soul.)

  1. Understand how you co-create. Direct the force during the meditation.
  2. Conscious co-creation connects you with other people. It also teaches you about the thoughts and feelings used in creating your current reality. Observe it.
  3. The veil is thin. Many emotional feelings come from others, not the self. Practice detaching from the sea of mass consciousness by connecting to the light or focusing on happiness.
  4. Ask for a vision of your higher reality. Asking questions directs the heart toward truth.
  5. Project calm and peace whenever possible.
  6. With the alteration taking place in only 3 or 4 months, our bodies are not accustomed to the changing energies so we may feel tired or lack energy periodically.  Rest when tired. Save projects for times of inspiration and power. (It slows down the process to push when tired.) Don’t use reserves of energy.
  7. If you have super-powers (and you know who you are), let go of the people who drain you. Use your gifts. The world needs you.
  8. Reflect on the beauty of this time and the inherent opportunity for mastery.
  9. Focus on the important practices, which give light and energy in abundance


from:    http://spiritofmaat.com/magazine/april-2013-the-firewalk-issue/the-bridge-in-time/

Neale Donald Walsch on Creation

For you fans of Neale Donald Walsch, here is a recent article:

You Do Not Create Alone

Neale Donald Walsch
a message from Neale Donald Walsch
Saturday, 15 September, 2012  (posted 12 February, 2013)

My dear friends…

Last week in this space I said that a message that for many years spiritual teachers have been sharing—that “you are creating your own reality”—can be a dangerous teaching if it is not fully explained. I also said that there are two things you must know about the “you create your own reality” teaching:

(1) First, it must be explained (as we have done several times here now) that you are not “creating” anything, but merely noticing or remembering its existence, then, by focusing on it, calling it forth as a “manifestation” from the Field of Infinite Possibilities that is the Always Now/Always Here of things. What you are creating is your Interior Reality of these manifestations. It is in this sense that the statement “You are creating your own Reality” is true.

(2) Second, you must understand that even what we call the act of “creating” the Exterior Events of our lives is not something that anyone is doing alone. No Exterior Event in Physicality is created by any single individual. Such a thing is impossible.

I went into depth on Point #1 last week. Today, let’ s move forward with this discussion.

Point Number 2:

Okay, so once more, for good measure: Everything in your exterior world is being “co-created.” That is, it is being manifested (or seen, noticed, and remembered) not only by you, but by the lot of us; by everyone.

This is true because There Is Only One Of Us. Or, as Conversations with God says, “All things are One Thing. There is Only One Thing, and all things are part of The One Thing There Is.”

It is this “One Thing” that is doing everything. Nothing that is occurring can occur without the participation and the concurrence of The One Thing. By definition, such an event would be impossible.

Life…exactly as it is happening here and everywhere in the Universe…is the expression of The One Thing That Is. In my vocabulary, The One Thing That Is called “God.” Everything that you, as an individual, appear to be doing is actually being done co-jointly, with the participation and the collaboration and the collusion of The One Thing.

I like this little metaphor: Imagine that you are your little finger. Now when you move, who is doing the moving? Is it you, as a finger, or is it your body, as that of which you, a finger, are a part?

Ah, you might say, it is your brain! Your brain sends a signal to your finger, via the pathway of your nerves, and your finger responds to the impulse; it plays out, in action, your brain’s prior thought. The time lapse between Thought and Action may be infinitesimal, but there is a time lapse. The thought comes first. Then comes the passage of the neural impulse through the network of nerves that serves your body. Then comes the movement of your finger.

So, your whole body is involved in the moving of your little finger. You couldn’t so much as lift a finger without your Body and your Mind.

Well, my friend, you and I are part of The Body Of God. We are like tiny little cells…like sub molecular particles…in The Body of God. Now if we are not careful, when we do something we’ll think we are doing it all by ourselves. Of course, such a thing is impossible. Our action is merely a manifestation of the Will of God.

We can do nothing—nothing—against God’s Will. The arrogance of imagining that we can is the greatest folly of the Human Mind.

We see, then, that all manifestations of our exterior reality—what we might call the physical world around us—are collaborative. They are the products of the joint creation of every human being, at some level or another, and of God.

I have come to understand that the amount of energy expended by any Individuation of the Divine on any physical manifestation is directly proportional to the degree to which that Individuation is impacted or affected by the manifestation Itself.

In other words, the more a person is impacted by a manifestation, the larger was that person’s collaborative role in co-creating it.

Thus, a person in Hong Kong likely had less to do, energetically, with the traffic jam in which you find yourself in Los Angeles than, say, another person in Los Angeles—to say nothing of the person seven cars ahead of you whose vehicle breakdown caused the traffic jam in the first place.

On the other hand, if the person in Hong Kong was anxiously waiting in her Executive Conference Room for a Skype call from you to exchange timed-to-the-minute details of a business transaction that her company and yours were on the verge of completing, and if she needed this information instantly in order for this deal to go through, and if she needed this deal to go through in order for her to get a long-sought-after promotion…AND…if she feels unworthy of receiving the promotion and being invited to join the company’s top brass, her Energy of Unworthiness might very well have played a role in causing the man seven cars ahead of you to have his car break down, thus snagging you in a traffic jam that makes it impossible for you to get to your Skype call and send that vitally needed data to China.

Thus do the dominoes in life fall. Thus is it true that at some level every living entity co-jointly creates every manifestation of physical life. Or as some contemporary physicists have put it, if a butterfly flaps its wings in Singapore, the current of the wind is affected in San Francisco.

Why bother going into this so deeply here, over and over again in this narrative? Because it is as I said last week: The idea that “you are creating your own reality” can be dangerous if not fully explained.

People who have been told this and have taken it to heart, without deeply understanding the teaching, could easily find themselves depressed, wondering why they would have “created” certain things for themselves or others. Their own molestation at age seven, for instance. Or their grandmother’s death in an auto accident. Or the end of their marriage. Or, on a larger scale, a revolt in Libya, an earthquake in Japan, or a global financial meltdown.

Why do I keep creating these things!?, they may ask themselves in frustration, taking full responsibility for all exterior manifestations. They may even make themselves so “wrong” for what is occurring or has occurred in their life—or in the life of the planet—that they develop deep self-doubt, self- blaming, or even self-loathing. Then, eventually, life-loathing.

So it is very, very important for spiritual teachers to emphasize the now-little-known details of what is meant by “you create your own reality.” It is imperative that everyone be told that all manifestations of our exterior reality—what we might call the physical world around us, as well as our own personal physical experiences—are collaborative, and we thus have only a proportionate degree of personal control over the Collective Consciousness that produced them. These are the products of the joint creation of every human being, and more broadly, they are the expressions of Life, and thus, of God.

Let me make this more clear with a rhetorical question: If God did not want something to happen, could it happen? No. Nothing happens outside the Will of God. Therefore if a thing is happening, you can be sure that it is happening because it is God’s will for it to happen. The question is not whether it is God’s Will…but why?

Why would it be God’s Will for hurricanes and tornadoes to occur? Why would it be God’s Will for anger and violence and pestilence and suffering and struggle and starvation to be part of the human condition? How could any of this be God’s Will?

I will respond to that question in the form of my answer in this week’s Mailbox inquiry. See the story below…



Hugs and love,


Why am I creating this?

Dear Neale…Some terrible things have happened and are happening on the earth—and some not very nice things have happened in my life. My question is this: Why am I creating this? If I am the creator of my own reality, producing the events of my own life, why am I doing this? This is important to me, so thanks for answering. Michael in North Carolina.

Neale Responds: Dear New Friend…The first thing I want to say to you, Michael, is that you did not create the Exterior Events of your life all by yourself. Everything that is happening in our Exterior Experience is a co-creation, put together by the lot of us. That is, by everyone.

This is true because There Is Only One Of Us. Or, as Conversations with God says, “All things are One Thing. There is Only One Thing, and all things are part of The One Thing There Is.”

We see, then, that all manifestations of our exterior reality—what we might call the physical world around us, as well as our own personal physical experiences—are collaborative. They are the products of the joint creation of every human being, at some level. More broadly, they are the expressions of Life, and thus, of God.

Now, Michael, yours is a fair question, a profound question, and an urgent question if we are to believe in a loving, caring, compassionate God; if we are to believe in a God That Makes Sense.

The answer to that question cannot be put into one paragraph, but let me try to bring it to you as succinctly as possible. God wants nothing for Itself, or for any of the Parts of Itself (that means you and me), that is not for the benefit of any Part, or of the Whole. We can assume, therefore, as a matter of faith, that whatever is occurring is offering benefit.

Very often in Life it is not easy, or even possible, for us to see what the benefit is, because it is always for the benefit of the Totality of You—the three-part being that we call Body, Mind, and Soul—and that sometimes can look like something that does not benefit one or two of those parts.

In such a situation those parts of you are being used as devices…almost as shock absorbers are used on a car to allow the whole vehicle to get where it’s going smoothly and easily, even though the road it is traveling is rough. So, something that does not look like it is so good for the Body, for instance, could very well be good for the Totality of You; for the Whole Being that you are is on a journey, and sometimes the road is rough.

These three aspects of your Holy Being are tools; nothing more than pieces of equipment used by the Totality of You to move you into the experiencing of an aspect or aspects of your Divinity. These aspects could include Wisdom, Clarity, Compassion, Understanding, Mastery, Wholeness, Perfection, Patience, Generosity, Creativity, Caring, Forgiveness, and Love—to name but a tiny few of the countless characteristics of Divinity.

If the Totality of You wished to experience, shall we say, that aspect of Divinity called Divine Patience, it would have to call to itself people, places, or conditions that might not seem so perfect to the Body or the Mind, but that would be understood by the Soul to be absolutely perfect for the Totality of You to express that Aspect of Divinity that It wishes to express—thus to define itself as that.

Remember, Conversations with God says, “every act is an act of self- definition.” All we are doing here is defining ourselves. We are deciding who we are, announcing that to ourselves and others, and then demonstrating that.

This is all that Buddha did. This is all that Moses did. This is all that Jesus did. This is all that Muhammad did. This is all that Mother Theresa did, all that Joan of Arc did, all that any person who has self-realized (and thus changed the world) has ever done. This is what Paramahansa Yogananda did, and then he went on to create the Self Realization Fellowship.

This is what I am doing and this is what you are doing. The path is not always easy for the Body and the Mind. There are sometimes shocks to absorb. Especially on what author M. Scott Peck described as The Road Less Traveled. And yours is that road, Michael.

The answer to your question, Michael, is no, you did not “create this” all by yourself. Yours is a co-creation, with God, with Life, and with all others in Life. Including me. I co-created this with you, so that I would have you to answer this question for, in order that many, many others may benefit from the knowing of this.

Your life, Michael, will be shown to you to be a gift to others when you see it from the vantage point of our Soul, which knows all, which understands all, and which blesses all—even that which the Body and the Mind do not enjoy or fathom.

This is what your Soul now wishes you to hear, to fully comprehend, and to gently embrace. For the embracing of your Soul’s wisdom and its vision will allow you to create a new Reality around what is now occurring in your life, whether or not the Exterior Events of your life change in any way.

To learn more about how to use your Mind and your Soul co-jointly to create a new Interior Reality about the Exterior Events in your life, I encourage you to read When Everything Changes, Change Everything and the latest book sharing the CWG messages, The Only Thing That Matters. The first book will tell you, quite specifically, how to use the Mechanics of the Mind to access the System of the Soul, thus to harness at last the creative power of the Totality of You. The second will make it very clear to you how you can focus the rest of your life in a way that brings you peace and joy.

I send you love,


from:    http://spiritlibrary.com/neale-donald-walsch/you-do-not-create-alone


Julia Griffin on Co-Creation

Walking Through Worlds

By Julia Griffin

I walk through this world, sometimes seeing. On those days, it makes sense to me. I understand the thinning of the veil, the strange urgency of the song of the nature. I accept it all – I’m fine in my trust of the unknown and laugh at the days when I cared.

Other times, my eyes are bound and I walk blindly into the shift of the worlds, feeling the planets turn around me as I stumble, grasping for footing. Time rushes around me, and nothing makes sense. I’m not sure where I am or where I’m going. Sometimes, I even feel afraid.

I’ve learned enough to know that the darkness takes the shapes of my fears and old memories. When I let go and focus on my heart, the world returns to its old familiar shape. I welcome the world that reminds me most of myself, and I wonder about the strange moments.

I’ve noticed a few consistencies: more light, greater intuition, acceleration of time, oscillation of energy and a constant rotation of reality. Every time I think I can relax and settle down, the energy changes again. Time alters too. I’ve lived through some of the longest days of my life this year. Other days have passed in seemingly minutes. The same master numbers show on the clock day after day when I glance to check the time.

Last year I prayed constantly as we passed through the partial planetary alignments. I’ve fought with bouts of frenetic energy and exhaustion all year. Some days, everything works the same – and other days it’s completely different. While I don’t have an expectation of settling back down in my old world, I continue to look for sure footing.

Nevertheless, I welcome the shift, the changing of the guard. Everyone’s waited for 2012, the number sitting like a reckoning or a prayer – a combination of hope and damnation, where mixed images of Armageddon and an odd Eden intermingle. The truth is: we’ll dance with the energies and create something marvelous — or not.

Once I read prophecies with bated breath. Now I just try to do today and tomorrow as best I can. I figure it’s time to rely on myself. No one else can take me through this time. So I traverse by listening to my heart.

It’s probably the most exciting time on earth, but I continue to follow the simple edicts of the philosophers which suit me. I meditate, send light out into the world and spend a lot of time observing, when I’m not trying to catch up on my work.

During the planetary retrogrades, I’ve spent a lot of time watching the dark fractals in my life, which glimmer and pass like fireflies. I send love to my flaws as I catch the memories that impact me like flashes of lightning. I like the new part of me that would like to live life differently because it leads me toward unconditional love.

No one ever said unconditional love was easy. It’s probably the hardest thing to understand how other people feel, even when you think they’re wrong or their energy goes in the opposite direction from yours. It’s also a challenge to relinquish old friends who like life as it is or don’t want to keep growing when focusing on higher frequency becomes a personal necessity. It’s also a challenge to truly love yourself, particularly if you listen within.

When I listen deeply, I know the truth. Complete surrender to the heart frightens everyone. It’s the biggest issue on our plates. It’s not about safety, the economy, the future, or spirituality. It’s about letting go of control and moving toward the soul.

Nothing is ever going to be the same. The familiarity lingers but disappears as we move toward evolution. In spirituality, you’re always losing who you think you are and finding a different perspective when guided by the heart.

I suspect it’s the next step in the big shift that leads to the change in the global and personal structures. That’s where I think we’re going – away from and back toward ourselves in the blink of an eye.

Shared Insights

In my spare moments, I’ve learned a few techniques for dealing with frequently changing energy. All of these practices require patience, time and flexibility. Modify the technique for the situation and don’t expect everything to work every time. Listen with the heart to find the right solution.

The Holographic Universe. Whenever you think about anyone or anything, you send energy to it. When you think about a person, place or situation, a holographic image is formed. The image is imbued with positive or negative energy, which colors the outcome.

Most people fail in understanding the relationship between consistent imagery in combination with emotion and co-creation. Constant thoughts about a particular place, person or image constitute active co-creation. The universe replicates the imagery of the mind and emotions.

In the past, group consciousness tended to dwell on negative imagery. Many lived in a perpetual pattern of angst and drama. Occasionally these situations recur. It’s helpful to ask the universe for a different perception of the situation or write an angel letter. Refuse to think about bothersome people or situations – the connection is lessened when focusing on something else.

When free from the issue, send light to the situation and the other person. See a different, more positive reality and imagine the “feeling” of a wonderful outcome. It’s hard not to blame other people or life for negative outcomes but it’s important for spiritual growth. Let go and move on.

NOTE: When not feeling one’s best, there’s a tendency to project “lower” holograms of others and receive lower energy holograms in return. For example we may receive information from people who do not fully love us or project negative feelings. When we are in a higher frequency, we tend to receive supportive holograms from others. Learn to note the difference and express boundaries neutrally on the more positive days.

Increased Electrical Energy and Fluctuating Magnetism. Detach periodically from electrical devices. Turn off whatever you can, such as the internet browser and phone. A great deal of electrical energy flows through the internet and may represent an open portal for psychic energies, particularly through email or social media. Large amounts of electrical (also spiritual) energy can make you feel tired and imbalanced.

Spend as much time in nature as possible. This year, we’ve had the weirdest weather ever and the garden’s growing incredibly. The birds are hatching their second set of fledglings and wildlife is everywhere. The earth may have already made her shift. Regardless, the earth helps to ground and protect from manmade energies, and natural beauty is good for the soul.

Oscillations in Energy. The overall energy oscillates, moving up and down, in no particular pattern. One day it’s easy to feel inspired about life. The next day it’s hard to function, or there’s too much to do. It’s the new normal.

When an individual grows spiritually, the oscillation or reception of waves of a new, heightened frequency is normal. When many people grow toward the higher self at one time, then planetary oscillation occurs. These oscillations appear to impact groups in specific places, moving to various geographical locations within in a day or two.

The oscillations don’t last long but can bring extreme tiredness or doubt about one’s spiritual quest and abilities. The wavering darkness teaches about the tendency to misread life through beliefs that distort the perception of the senses. After all, life is construed through the senses; it’s our method of reading energy and light as physical shapes in a human form.

Pay attention to the body’s messages. Visualize sleep and a consistent energy level. Work to maintain a higher frequency. It’s easy to let it slip when you’re busy or life goes well, but the point is to live at a higher level of spirituality. Stay strong and have courage. It will pass.

Increased Akashic Energy. Our access to the Akaskic (or quantum) field expands when many people work with their intuitive gifts. We feel other people and receive more of their thoughts through The Field’s quality of interconnectedness. It’s possible to co-create on a high level through this connection or descend into lower consciousness.

Tapping into the Akasha means asking for more information on a spiritual level, but it takes time to learn how to access, process and read it through the heart chakra. The information can come as a downpour on many levels because the Akasha encompasses everything – the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental realms.

We tend to attract people and information that resonates with our positive and negative beliefs, so identification of the lower energies is important. It’s helpful to spend a few minutes in meditation to separate ourselves from other people, including their thoughts and feelings; this process is known as calcination in alchemy.

Co-Creation. There is a shift in the definition of co-creation as people realize it’s about creating the best possible outcome for the world, others, and the self. It’s not about manipulation or getting what we want in the material world. (That’s the ego.) Positive manifestations do occur in the material world, but they accompany changes in the overall persona while seeking the light and maintaining faith.

Manifestation means tapping in, listening to the voice of the soul and learning to project a higher vision for the self and everyone involved. The process works at the elimination of lower emotions, projections and lifelong problems to bring freedom through meditative work and self-reflection.

There’s a subtle shift of the heart when a vision is accurate, accompanied by a feeling of expansion and happiness. Listening for the inner voice and taking small actions bring it into being, while guiding toward gestalt realizations about frequency and love. It’s a learning process, a practice of substituting positive feelings and images encountered on levels of deeper spirituality into the mundane of daily life.

Co-creation accompanies spiritual awakening for it is a desire for the replication of the happiness and perfection glimpsed in the esoteric world of light. It brings change, a response that accelerates the evolution of physical matter into a higher form of life.

from:    http://www.spiritofmaat.com/jul12/walking_through_worlds.html