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Creating Authentic Power When Things Go Wrong – Gary Zukav

posted 13 June, 2012,
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Sarah Biermann on Being in the Outside World

COMING OUT OF THE PSYCHIC CLOSET; How to feel safe and joyful being your authentic self in the outside world

By Sarah Biermann

Have you been cocooning or hiding out in your safe little home? Has it been challenging to go into public places, especially where there are a lot of people? Or maybe you have had to “adjust” yourself in order to fit in with the Muggles (non-magical or unspiritual people). By adjust I mean shrink your energy field, watch what you say and try to appear “normal”. Or maybe being around other people, certain people or a lot of people makes you feel exhausted. Perhaps you’ve experienced the weird phenomenon of people not seeing you, in your car or in your body. They drive or walk in front of you as if you are not there.

In 2011 especially we have been doing a lot of inner work. We’ve needed time alone, away from the distractions and challenges of interacting with other people. I have talked to so many people who have told me they fear becoming agoraphobic! It’s like you have to gird your loins (which means preparing yourself for danger or war by putting on your armor) just to go to the grocery store or a shopping mall or a movie. We are expanding and increasing our psychic/intuitive abilities at an amazing rate.

With these increasing abilities it is easy to become overwhelmed. We’ve got to change the way we are living as expanded spiritual beings and how we interact with the people and energies in the world.

I’ve been feeling the push to be more public, to go out into the world more. And I’m not alone. I know a lot of you are feeling like it’s time to step up or step out of your “Psychic Closet”. For some of you this just means being willing to say what you want and be as big and cool and spiritual as you really are, no matter where you are. For others the push can be to go public (or more public) with your spiritual work. This is the year to let go of fear and enjoy freedom. 2012 is a 5 year (2+0+1=+2=5). This means there’s going to be change! 2011 was a 4 year. That was a year of building foundations, working and setting the stage for the changes inherent in a 5 year. The negative aspects of the 4 year are frustration, exhaustion and fear about security. In a 5 year there are so many potentials available that the negative aspects are distraction and overwhelm. So it is important that we are centered and grounded in the now moment and our own Authentic Energy to use the 5 energy of freedom and change is a positive way and not lose focus.

So I’ve been practicing for a while to learn or create techniques that allow me to be my Authentic Self in situations that have been challenging lately. How do I maintain my sense of self when surrounded by a lot of other people and low frequency emotions like fear, shame, hopelessness, etc.? I attended a very fun event at the beginning of December. I went with my sister and a couple of her friends to Sing Along to The Sound of Music at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. There were many opportunities to be distracted. First, it’s the city AND the Castro District. For those of you who don’t know about it, the Castro (as described by Wikipedia) “is one of the United States’ first and best-known gay neighborhoods, and it is currently its largest. Having transformed from a working-class neighborhood through the 1960s and 1970s, the Castro remains a symbol and source of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) activism and events.” The Castro Theatre was originally built in 1922 and is beautifully restored and absolutely gorgeous! It was a warm and sunny day and the sidewalks and streets were crowded (two separate men walked by us as we waited in line, both buck naked, whoohoo!). There was a protest against banks across the street, curious tourists and fun costumes. Basically, there was a lot going on. I kept my center, didn’t pick up anybody’s energy and had a really wonderful time.

I continued to develop the skills and decided to put it to the ultimate test. I went to the biggest shopping mall in the county on Christmas Eve! You can imagine what the energy was like in there. My daughter who is very empathic was blown away and begged me to get her out of there. I tried telling her how to stay sovereign but she couldn’t quite do it. Several times she pulled me to the side to let the “crazy people” walking behind us go past. I was aware of them, they were loud verbally and energetically but I was unaffected. A true victory!

Here’s a brief guide to the process I use:

The first step is to be present, in the here and now and in your body. Focus on your breathing. Use the ImagiCreation Breath (simultaneously contracting and expanding into you center chakra (joined 3rd and 4th chakras). This keeps you centered and feeling safe. If you are in this exact moment, you can’t worry about the future or regret the past. Scan your body and notice how different parts feel. Stress can knock us out of our bodies, leaving you feeling ungrounded and susceptible to being influenced by outside energies.

Connect with the Earth; physical connection, skin to earth is best, but at least connect energetically. You are part of a greater organism. Let the earth share her strength with you. This also helps you to feel safe.

Connect with your Greater Self. Breathe in your Authentic Energy and expand it out to fill your body and beyond. Expand this energy as far as it will go. You are much bigger than you think. Your body is surrounded by this unique field of your Authentic Energy. It’s like being in your own dimension. Note: Sometimes people in other dimensions can’t see you when you are in your Greater Self Dimension. Like most people can’t perceive fairies. An example was once when I was in a restaurant after teaching a class. I was really buzzing. The waiter literally walked by my table less than 12 inches away from me at least 5 times without noticing me or my friend. Finally, I shifted my energy and reached out to touch him as he walked by. The poor guy nearly jumped out of his skin and said, “Oh my god, I didn’t see you there!” This was not because the restaurant was bust. It was still early and there were only three other tables with diners at the time. So, it’s a good idea to create a “human costume” that can be seen by those who are unable to perceive your frequency, especially when driving your car.

What I discovered by frequently focusing on and being in the energy of my Greater Self is the true nature of unconditional love and self-love. It’s not the romantic longing of infatuation. It’s not something that comes from someone else being lovable, desirable or kind. Unconditional love is our natural state as Infinite Beings outside of the Earth Game. I would describe it as being peaceful, content, safe, non-judgmental and absolutely knowing that you are lovable, exactly as you are.

Once you are anchored in your Authentic Energy, in your body and in the present moment, you can’t be knocked about by other energies as long as you maintain that sovereignty.

How to keep your sovereignty when you are out there:

Don’t start reading other people. It’s a fun game when you are first learning to do it and many of us have used this technique to try to feel safe. I would always read my mother’s energy before I went in the house so I could be braced for any angry attacks. You can perceive if there is someone with whom you do not want to engage without “going in” and getting stuck with their stuff. Let your empathic system know to let you know if there is anything dangerous out there and trust that it will do just that. This does take practice.

Don’t send out love and/or light when you perceive others difficulties or hurts. This opens a path for their negative stuff to flow right into you. This has been a struggle for healers for a very long time. Instead, focus on this person’s Greater Self, knowing that they are having exactly the experience that they need for the path they have chosen.

Most people unconsciously match frequencies with others when they want to connect and communicate. Stay conscious of this tendency and focus on your own frequency. This also takes practice.

If you must engage with someone (a family member, cashier or co-worker for example), don’t focus on what you dislike about them. Find something that you can appreciate, like or even love about them and focus on that. It can be nice earrings or necktie, great hair color or eye color. This doesn’t mean that you forget that your co-worker loves to spread gossip and start telling your secrets! Trust what you know but don’t focus on the negative. Focusing on the negative lowers your frequency and gets you hooked in to their energy.

Be willing to be silly, wrong, look stupid or whatever. You know that you are loved and loveable. You do not have to be perfect. You can’t be perfect anyway.

If you find yourself feeling judgmental about someone, look at where you judge yourself. Once again, this doesn’t mean that you tell your secrets to the office gossip. It is discernment to know that this is how this person is. To choose to stay away from a poisonous snake doesn’t mean you are making the snake “bad” for its nature. It is following your knowing to steer clear (unless you are a professional snake handler) of a situation that would not be good for you.

These are the basic methods I have successfully used. You must stay conscious and practice to break old habits and trust yourself to be safe and secure.


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Sarah Biermann


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