Bulgaria — Aftershock

Moderate earthquake (aftershock) in Bulgaria

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EMSC Bulgaria Jul 14 12:52 PM 4.5 10.0

Moderate earthquake (aftershock) in Bulgaria
The earthquake will be probably harmless as based on our experience in Bulgaria the Magnitude has stayed just below damaging levels.
Todays aftershock proves that the fault area has not reached its stabilization.
Today’s epicenter gain in the immediate vicinity of Pernik. Pernik is one of the major Bulgarian cities and is located very close to Sofia, were people will have felt this aftershock very well

from:    http://earthquake-report.com/2012/07/13/major-earthquakes-list-july-14-2012/


Guerrero, Mexico Strong Aftershock

Very strong dangerous earthquake / aftershock in Guerrero, Mexico – severe shaking for 17,000 people

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Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 6.3
UTC Time : Monday, April 02, 2012 at 17:36:43 UTC
Local time at epicenter : Monday, April 02, 2012 at 12:36:43 PM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 12 km
Geo-location(s) :
27 km (17 miles) SSE (148°) from Ometepec, Guerrero, Mexico

Update 20:28 UTC :  The authorities in Puebla, one of the major Mexican cities and approx. 250 km from the epicenter,  have reported NO injures or damage. Good news which we expected at this distance.
Earthquake-report.com calls an area with a radius of about 35 km around the epicenter at high risk for additional damage (to the already damaged houses during the March 20 mainshock).

Update 19:44 UTC :  USGS has increased his intensity mapping prediction. The new estimate mention 17,000 people having felt a severe MMI VIII shaking (damaging environment), 180,000 people a VII MMI very strong shaking.
The new values are bad news and will make this aftershock almost certain a damaging one.
Until now we have No details yet on damage and injuries. As said earlier it will take another 2 to 6 hours to have see first serious assessments of the epicenter area

Update 19:42 UTC :  Intensity report in the most important cities in the greater epicenter area :
VII    Cuajinicuilapa    9,000 people
VII    San Juan Cacahuatepec    4,000  people
VII    Ometepec    18,000  people
VII    San Pedro Amuzgos    4,000  people
VI    San Pedro Jicayan    4,000  people
VI    Santiago Pinotepa Nacional    26,000  people
MMI VII : very strong shaking
MMI VI : strong shaking

Update 19:16 UTC :  Mexican authorities are reporting the strongest shaking in the Costa Chica region. Until now, we have no reports of damage, but we are almost sure that they will appear in 4 to 8 hours.

Update 18:38 UTC :  Helicopters were dispatched 5 MINUTES after the earthquake. The only damage seen was a billboard that fall causing NO injuries. (we are confirming the very swift reaction of the authorities in DF)

Update :  The Mexican seismological agency has increased his initial Magnitude to 6.0. Since the mainshock today, 2 aftershocks of resp. 4.6 and 4.7 have been listed (normal)

Update :  Read also the many felt reports at the bottom of this page

Update 18:29 UTC :  Last time, damage was only reported after several hours or even a couple of days in the epicenter area (one of the poorest areas in Mexico). Most houses are made from brick or in adobe in the greater epicenter area.

– Security secretary of Mexico City reports that there is NO damage.
– Communications are still working.
– Subway is still working.
Such reports are mostly based on the capital Mexico City or DF.

Update :  Intermediate report from Carlos Robles : Servicio Sismologico Nacional is upgrading the earthquake to 6.0. Saldo blanco (no deaths) is reported. There aren’t reports of damage.

Update 18:23 UTC :  There are NO Nuclear plants or Hydrodams in the greater epicenter area

Update :  EMSC (Seismology Europe) reports now a magnitude of 6.1 at a depth of 10 km

Update 18:18 UTC :  NO tsunami danger as the epicenter of the earthquake is below the Mexican mainland

Update :  Evacuation were held at Mexico city.It was felt strong in some parts of Mexico city.In Coyoacan there are only reports of scared people. (source : Carlos Robles)

I Have Felt It map courtesy USGS – blue lighter, yellow strong shaking

Update : USGS predicts a very strong shaking for 3,000 people in the epicentral area. 164,000 people will have experienced a strong MMI VI shaking and 289,000 people a moderate shaking. As this earthquake is also felt in DF,  the earthquake will have been noticed by millions of people.

Update : As this is an aftershock from the March 20 M 7.4 earthquake,  these aftershocks, even at the current magnitude are very normal !

Update : The president of DF is flying by helicopter over DF areas to overview the situation. He reports that so far no serious damage can be seen from the air

Update : The Mexican media including the local seismological agency are not reachable because of too many connections

for more information and updates, go to:    http://earthquake-report.com/2012/04/02/very-strong-dangerous-earthquake-aftershock-in-guerrero-mexico/

Van-Ercis, Turkey Aftershock

Earthquake Van – Ercis, Turkey – 604 Dead, Large Aftershock 5.6 hits Van

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Spending the night outside with some blankets and a campfire mainly because of the fear for aftershocks

Update 08/11 – 21:30 UTC A large aftershock has hit Van Province.
It has been given a magnitude 5.5 from KOERI at 4.3 km depth. (very close to Van)
A body wave magnitude 5.6 has been given from USGS at 9 km depth. (32km from Van).
This aftershock has been 14+ days after the mainshock of Mw7.2 and brings the total aftershocks in the M5-6 range up to 8.
This has a large chance of demolishing or further damaging existing homes. It is also potentially unsafe for those in moderately damaged buildings.
At last count:-
The current number of houses collapsed and damaged are as follows according to TRCS:- Collapsed – 2900 (in the order of 19000-26000 people)
Severely Damaged – 25,750 (Uninhabitable) (in the order of 190000-265000 people)
Moderately Damaged/Slightly Damaged – 40,800.
Undamaged – 33,422.

Update 07/11 – 04:43 UTC With the end of detailed analysis work from the CEDIM Forensic Earthquake Analysis Group in conjunction with us, we will now continue updating this page.
The current death toll is at 604, with 3 bodies having been found.
The injury toll was in the order of 4152.
The number of homeless as calculated through the CEDIM methodology for the current building losses is around 241,000 (up from around 183,000).

Currently 4,448 search and rescue, 1814 medical personnel, 20 search dogs, 668 construction equipment and vehicles including 179 ambulances, 146 generators, 79 projectors, 151 portable toilets, 53,949 tents (including 18,850 from overseas aid), 54 collective shelter tent, 109 general purpose tents, 60 prefabricated houses, 2,310 Mevlana houses, 283,551 blankets (including 93,980 from overseas aid), 1,386 quilts, 37 mobile kitchens, 3,051 kitchen sets, 8,701 catalytic stoves (684 from international aid), 5,792 sleeping bags, and 1 mobile kitchen are present.

The current number of houses collapsed and damaged are as follows according to TRCS:- Collapsed – 2779 (in the order of 18000-25000 people)
Severely Damaged – 21,674 (Uninhabitable) (in the order of 150000-225000 people)
Moderately Damaged/Slightly Damaged – 34,924.
Undamaged – 28,630.

for updates and more, go to: http://earthquake-report.com/2011/10/23/very-strong-dangerous-earthquake-in-eastern-turkey/




Turkey Aftershocks

New powerful and dangerous aftershock creates panic in Van and Ercis, Eastern Turkey

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Earthquake overview :  On 17:55 on October 25,2011 ,  a powerful 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck the already severely damaged Van – Ercis area.

Shaking map of the M 5.7 Van Ercis aftershock – image courtesy USGS

Update : At least one building collapsed because of this new aftershock

Update : The Search and rescue operations have been suspended for a while because of the safety of the SAR personnel

Update :   People in Van panicked seriously with this new jolt

Update :  Due to the constant aftershocks, people are trying to avoid being at the inside of houses and buildings. They know very well that very powerful aftershocks are part of a major earthquake.

Update : 70,000 people will have experienced a strong MMI VI shaking

Update : Data from the other seismological agencies :
EMSC :  5.5 @ 10 km
GFZ :  5.5 @ 10 km
AFAD : 5.5 @ 18.28 km
The impact of this aftershock maybe a little weaker because all the other agencies are measuring a 5.5 magnitude.

to read more, and for updates, go to:    http://earthquake-report.com/2011/10/25/new-powerful-and-dangerous-aftershock-creates-panic-in-van-and-ercis-eastern-turkey/