USA Seismic Maps

– USA / seismic maps : Probabilistic seismic-hazard maps were prepared for the conterminous United States portraying peak horizontal acceleration and horizontal spectral response acceleration for 0.2- and 1.0-second periods with probabilities of exceedance of 10 percent in 50 years and 2 percent in 50 years.


July 30 New Moon

Site Last Updated July 30, 2011: So here we are the New Moon in child-like and risk taking Leo (exact @ 11:40 AM PDT or 2:40 PM EDT).
Barbara Hand Clow alerts us to the deeper activation that is happening with this lunation
as Night 5 of the Unity Wave is kicked off in spectacluar fashion.

Leo New Moon: July 30, 2011
The New Moon in Leo has arrived, and with it comes our moment to awaken courage in our hearts and stoke the fires of unconditional love. This New Moon is the top of a Yod  that activates and deepens the powers of the sextile between Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune/Chiron in Pisces. Yods are great directors of our energy, so this year’s Leo phase is full of fire and creativity. Venus in 3 Leo is moving toward the Sun, so the goddess inspires the flames of wisdom. Also, the New Moon conjuncts the lunar North Node in the USA’s founding chart (1776), so this heart opening reveals deep implications for Americans. Many now realize that time acceleration is a real influence; things are going so fast that most people can’t remember what happened last week. Well, this New Moon is the hot match that ignites the voracious field of constant change.
Day Five opens July 31, one day after this New Moon, when the new world we’re creating will be in its budding phase. Day Five of the National was 40-434 AD, when Roman Christianity was adopted in the West. Therefore, radical shifts in Christianity are very likely in August, such as the exposure of Josef Ratzinger’s lack of concern about child abuse in the Church. [See The Pope’s War by Matthew Fox.] Day Five is when the new creations become visible, so this Leo lunation may be the most influential one during the Universal Underworld. Let’s also note that Night Five opens August 18, a few days after the August 13 Full Moon in Aquarius, during this lunation cycle. Night Five is when we see the greatest destruction of the old systems that have to go, and the Aquarius Full Moon is equipped to do so. It forms a mutable grand square with Mars in 7 Cancer closely opposing Pluto in 5 Capricorn; and both are squared by Uranus in 4 Aries opposing the asteroid Juno in 5 Libra. (Saturn in 13 Libra is a partial influence in this grand square as well.) Events triggered by this potent configuration will force the world to see that the nuclear, financial, and Middle Eastern abuses are destroying our planet. Of course, famine and climate stress are also building. What do you expect when the planet is used for human disposal because supposedly God told our ancestors to use Earth for the chosen ones?