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10 Reasons to Develop Your Intuition

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Psychic development was taught in spiritual mystery schools from India and Tibet to Egypt, Persia, and beyond. They advocated meditation as a key to spiritual awakening, and taught energy practices to activate the third eye of initiates. This is important to learn as a first step in developing intuition and can be critical to learning to trust your intuition fully.

By developing and using their intuition, students could then see what they must heal to progress on their spiritual path. They could also validate their growth, because they could see how the ways of being and the techniques that they learned resulted in improved awareness. As these practitioners progressed, they were taught how to accelerate the third eye awakening process, and other forms of intuition channeled through the chakra system. Mystery schools were particular about who received this information. This is why, although a popular topic today, it isn’t always clearly understood—and the need is greater than ever before. More people are awakening due to the vibrational shift on our planet. The extreme polarization is putting everyone through enormous challenges. There is a critical need to make these helpful ancient techniques available to the masses. My book Intuition and Chakras was written with this in mind. While the book covers twenty-two forms of intuition, a core teaching is about the power of awakening your clairvoyance through the sixth chakra. This form of intuition was always taught first because it validates the spirit realm and helps gain seniority to physical distractions.

  1. Awakening the Third Eye Benefits All Spiritual Practices
    Developing intuition is more of an art, a spiritual art, not a science. Mastery comes with regular application. Whether your personal spiritual practice is astrology, tarot, runes, Wicca, magic, meditating, channeling, being in a trance, or following another spiritual system, opening your third eye will help you be successful at readings, healings, and manifestation. Looking deep within yourself is one of the initial steps to developing intuition. Your third eye is a place where your higher consciousness can sit within your body. You can look out through this window of perception and become clear and accurate in your endeavors. Your unique perspective and spiritual wisdom can be accessed and developed from here. Studying books and listening to teachers can point you in the correct direction, but there’s no substitute for personally knowing, which comes with your own direct inner experience. Your third eye puts you in charge and allows you to have certainty, and be your own authority in your chosen field.
  2. Your Third Eye Conveys the Innate Ability to See Auras And Spirit Guides
    Sometimes people expect to see spiritual things with their physical eyes. They are even taught exercises to do so, but this doesn’t work. Seeing physical entities is governed by your physical eyes, which are optimized to the frequency ranges of the material world. Their purpose it to help you interact with 3D reality. Non-physical phenomena are outside their normal scope of awareness. Your third eye conveys the capability to see as spirit. Situated in the center of your sixth chakra, in the physical location of the pineal gland, it is a component of your spiritual energy system, and is sensitive to the light of spirit. When you remember you are spirit, you can access this center and see the energy and light of spirit. Then, you will be able to see subtle energies, such as your aura, chakras, angels, guides, and past lives, as well as read the spiritual information and energy fields of your friends.
  3. Clairvoyance Gives You the Ability to See Clearly
    Do you look at life through rose-colored spectacles? Or perhaps you tend to have a more cynical view? Either way, you may not be seeing everything exactly as it is. Let’s face it: being human is tough. Our life expectations are not always met, which can cause us to take on a negative reality filter. Or we cover up our perceived faults and disappointments with a sheen of perfection to project an image of flawlessness. The third eye conveys a form of intuition called clairvoyance. When developed this is the innate intuitive ability to see clearly. It helps you acknowledge reality as it is. This is highly beneficial because unless you accept what is, you cannot change anything. You also get the opportunity to be completely authentic. When you operate from your third eye you have great clarity about yourself and others. You can see your life and other people as they are, right here, right now, uncolored by your prejudices or past experiences.
  4. It’s the Best Way to Be Neutral in a Psychic Reading
    One of the most important benefits of cultivating your third eye is that it allows you to be in a state of non-judgement. Initiating a practice of being in the center of your sixth chakra conveys complete neutrality. You can see and accept what is without categorizing it as good or bad. When centered in this seat of the soul, you have zero expectations about what you will see. Or how what you see could be improved. You are not tempted to compare it, or measure it against a perfect ideal, nor are you likely to critique or offer your opinion. This is invaluable if you are a psychic reader. Because you don’t express preferences, or let your personal biases color your reading, you will appear authentic, compassionate and in tune with your clients’ perspective. They will trust and be comfortable with you. You will be able to help them with their unique situation while not being overshadowed by your (or their) biases.
  5. The Third Eye Seats You Above the Emotions
    Your emotions and feelings are powerful. How you feel impacts the life you create. High vibration emotions feel good and result in a preferred reality. Low vibration emotions feel bad and lead to negative experiences. Of course, you prefer to be happy, not sad. You seek pleasure, not pain. So why do so many of us live on an emotional roller coaster ride? Or get caught in downward emotional cycles? The reason is that we identify solely with the body, and have lost our original truth that we are spirit. The body is our vehicle for experiencing the physical world. By allowing the body to dominate, its animal nature rules. The body is a fantastic vehicle. It has own innate consciousness, emotionality, and intelligence. It is geared to physical reality. Yet you are so much more than your body. Emotions are how your body communicates with you. They’re meant to be a feedback mechanism between body and spirit. Your third eye, located in the sixth chakra, lets you be neutral and above the strong pulls of the emotions so that you can be in charge of your reality, rather than being drowned by emotional signals. Then you can listen and respond to your emotions through your clairsentience, located in your second chakra, and not be overwhelmed by them.
  6. It Helps You Access Intuition Over Intellect
    One of the most common questions I get from students is, “How do I know that the information is coming from my intuition rather than my ego, mind, or intellect?” The intellect is the highest vibration of the human body. Most humans hold it in great regard. We are trained to focus our experience through it and praised when we do so. It is a fantastic tool for operating in 3-D reality. Nevertheless, the higher dimensions of reality are beyond the limits of the intellect. If you have a strong intellect, it will try to dominate your intuition and spiritual experiences. It will hold you back if you let it. As spirit you exist outside the bounds of time and space. Your spiritual senses are what allow you to operate and communicate in this multi-dimensional reality. The intellect is linear. It is like a computer, weighing up the pros and cons. It makes assumptions based on, “if this then that,” and loves to categorize things in neat little boxes so they can be understood. Your intuition is inclusive of all information. Your third eye allows you to access multi-dimensional information in a focused way and trust it, without being hijacked by the intellect, which can cause delays and doubt.
  7. It Brings You into Present-Time Reality
    As spirit we can be anytime, anyplace, anywhere. However, your body can only be here and now. Being in the present moment helps you focus your energy in physical reality. When you are focused here you are a more powerful presence and manifest more easily and powerfully. This is because your consciousness becomes a focal point in the time/space reality where your body is. Your third eye is where you as spirit are meant to sit within the body. You can manage your energy and be the conscious creator of your reality from this vantage point. Of course, you are manifesting constantly, regardless of how present you are. If you are not consciously with your body your energy is manifesting on auto-pilot and you are less likely to get what you really want. Instead, you will get whatever you have stored in your body reflected back at you. Being in your third eye helps you see what you placed there, let go of what you don’t like and replace it with what you prefer.
  8. Being in the Center of Your Head Keeps It Relevant
    When you are focused in the third eye, you are focused as spirit within the body. As the body is here and now, the information you retrieve from this vantage point is relevant to now. If you are focused outside the body, your information may not make sense. You might drift into other realities and dimensions. While real, they may not be helpful or relevant to your life here. You may operate from information that, while interesting, isn’t relevant to Earth-plane reality. Others may find you delusional or strange. Likewise, if you read someone’s energy from outside your body the information you retrieve may not be relevant to the physical reality experience that person is having in the now-moment.
  9. Being in Your Third Eye Helps You Own Your Space
    Surprisingly few humans are not fully present in their bodies. Most are not grounded in the here and now. Instead they are out of phase with their physical system. When students start practicing the techniques in Intuition and Chakras, it isn’t unusual for them to complain about aches and pains in their bodies. It’s not because the meditation techniques cause the pain; rather, they are discovering what they stored in their body. The pain was always there. The simple fact is that they were just disassociated from it. They were not owning their space. By learning to ground and seat your consciousness in the third eye, you begin to own your physical and energetic systems. This is a good thing because if you are not present, someone or something else might be.
  10. Developing Intuition Is a Part of Being an Awakened Human
    Mastering your third eye is an important step in your evolution to become an awakened human. If we were an evolved species, and we all operated from this perspective, there would be no lies, subterfuge, or manipulation. We would all see clearly, so there would be no point to those behaviors. As we could observe ourselves clearly, it would be easier to find consensus on what was the best plan of action to support all of humanity. We would take better care of our bodies and planet. We would give individuals the freedom to have their own creative expression, personal truth, and unique journey. If we all followed our intuition, we would make choices that lead to a more balanced, harmonious, co-created reality.

The Temple of Apollo at the Delphic Oracle in Ancient Greece was inscribed with the saying, “know thyself.” This is the core purpose of developing intuition. You must know yourself first before you can know and help another. Self-knowledge in mystery school teachings was acquired by developing the third eye. Activating this organ and developing your clairvoyance is a great place to start in psychic development because you gain clarity and neutrality. You can develop other intuitive senses once you can operate from your personal truth, and choose what is correct for you. You are an individuated spark of divine consciousness. The world needs your unique perspective to be whole. Developing your third eye is a path for bringing forth your inner wisdom, communicating with your higher guidance, and living a conscious authentic life.

Developing your intuition is on the pathway to spiritual mastery. It involves self-healing and mastering energy, as well as staying in balance, despite the ups and downs of life. Cultivating your third eye is a central component to this. Yet, while clairvoyance is a powerful supernatural gift, it isn’t the only form of intuition. Each of us has our own unique profile of intuitive abilities that support our life purpose. Intuition and Chakras helps you identify your personal psychic blueprint and understand how it relates to your chakras, your energy system, and what you came here to do this lifetime.


Exercises to Open The 3rd Eye

Open Your Third Eye And Awaken Your Pineal Gland With These Simple Exercises

Open Your Third Eye And Awaken Your Pineal Gland With These Simple Exercises

by Lapis Links, CureZone Blogs, 


Please read all of the following;

If you wish to perform this exercise, you need to understand what you will be doing. It is important to follow the instructions as this is somewhat advanced:

The Third Eye is directly related to the 6th chakra — the psychic chakra, located on the middle of the forehead above the brows. It is closely associated with the “pineal” gland. The pineal gland is dormant in most people, as is the true Third Eye.

French Philosopher Rene Descartes believed the pineal gland to be “the seat of the soul” where mind and body met.

In the average person, the pineal gland is atrophied, [calcified] and dormant. The following exercise will change that. Please read this thoroughly, as much of the exercises I write of are very advanced and can cause problems if one does not do them correctly.

The pineal gland is like a pea in size; like a shriveled raisin in most people where it remains dormant.

Opening the pineal gland/3rd eye:

This is done with a specific tone and chant. You only need to do this exercise for 3 days, afterwards, it is permanent.

The mantra to be used is “Thoh,” pronounced “TOE.”

It must be within the correct vibration.

Not deep, not high pitched, in between, like alto range.

You will feel it when you hit the correct tone. So play around and don’t second guess yourself. When you think you’ve got it, you probably do.

1. Sit with your back straight.

2. Breathe in through your nose and hold your breath as long as is comfortable.

Open your jaws so there is a small space between your top and bottom teeth.

Place the tip of your tongue between the space of your slightly parted teeth.

3. Put a very light pressure onto the tongue with your teeth.

This is like the same process of saying the “TH” part of the English word “the.”

Once your tongue is in position, release your breath slowly through your mouth, saying T-H-H-O-H-H in one long exhale.

Say the word one time per exhale. Your tongue will be vibrating between your teeth.

You should feel the air moving past your tongue and teeth.

If this technique is done properly, you will feel a pressure or sensation in your jaw and cheeks. The tone will also vibrate in your third eye.

It may take a few seconds to adjust this, don’t worry, just keep going.

4. Do the above 5 times in a row.

5. It is very important the above exercise be done for 3 consecutive days, 24 hours apart. Then it is a done deal.


1. One of the first experiences is a headache or pressure in the center of the forehead. This sensation may also feel like it is originating from within, usually an inch or more beneath the surface of the forehead. This is a positive indication the pineal gland is awakening and beginning to function in a healthy manner.

*Some people can experience a migraine lasting several hours, so to be safe it is recommended that you try this in the evening when you do not have work to do. The severity of the side effects will depend on how atrophied/calcified your pineal gland is to begin with.

2. After the occurrence of headache or pressure in the forehead, you may wake up one morning with a throbbing or tingling sensation in your forehead; it may feel like a goosebump.

The feeling may be very intense, like something is there. The sensation of pulsing or throbbing will continue throughout the day, and you may “hear” sounds coming from within your head, such as light popping or crackling sensations.

These are the final physiological events you may experience after opening up your third eye.
It indicates your pineal gland is awakened, functioning and alive.


You may experience any or all of these to varying degrees:

  • Faster, easier learning and retention
  • Marked increase in intuition
  • Increased creativity
  • Psychic gifts develop and become markedly stronger, along with more developed ability to see or sense human auras
  • Clairvoyance (psychic vision) opens up
  • Clairaudience (psychic hearing) opens up
  • Clairsentience (psychic feeling/touching) opens up

This is a very powerful exercise, and as with all powerful practices, your body may go through discomfort in order to adapt.


In order for this to work properly, you must have already performed the Awakening I exercise.

I included this above for those who are new.

It is very important to wait for 10-14 days following Awakening I, before you go onto Awakening II, otherwise the exercises won’t be effective. Your body needs time to adapt and get the energy flow going.

This exercise is completely euphoric and intensely pleasurable. Unlike Awakening I, this should be done once a week, and given the blissful effects that are lasting when done correctly, most people will enjoy doing so.

Breath in deeply and hold your breath for a count of five.

Repeat this three times.

This helps you to be relaxed and focused.

Now focus all of your attention upon your third eye.

You should begin to feel a sensation similar to the effects of the Awakening I exercise — a slight pressure or awareness of the spot of your third eye.

Now, take a deep breath as you did for the Awakening I exercise.

Hold it for as long as comfortable  — do not push this —  and release your breath, vibrating the word “MAY.” This is pronounced like the English language word for the month of May.

It should all come out at one time- M-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ay, gradually and slowly.

It is ok to adjust your pitch. The tone should be alto.

Breath in again, and repeat this five times.

You need to hit a certain pitch. You will know when you do, for you will feel this in your head. Do the best you can.


When vibrating the word “MAY,” feel the energy going into your head, first into your third eye area, then into the middle of your brain, and then to the top of your head where your crown chakra is located.

REMEMBER: Concentrate on your forehead (third eye area), then the middle of your brain, and finally the top of your head.

This is done for the duration of each chant.

1. Breath in.

2. Begin to exhale, vibrating “MAY.”

3. Concentrate on your third eye.

4. Concentrate on the middle of your brain.

5. Concentrate on the top of your head and finish exhaling the vibration.

Repeat four more times.

The effects of this exercise are extremely pleasurable.

A feeling of lightness can occur immediately following the exercise.

Some people may feel energy or tingling inside their heads, or completely covering their heads; a slight pressure in the crown area and intense euphoria is also common.

The blissful state can occur hours and even days later.

This will eventually become permanent and will greatly assist in void meditation, clairvoyance, and the development of other psychic and paranormal senses.


Symbols: The All Seeing Eye

The All-Seeing Eye: Sacred Origins of a Hijacked Symbol

Is the all-seeing eye a symbol of divine omniscience or sinister influence? Today it symbolises control and domination by a shadowy elite, but its original use was quite different. This article traces its use and meaning back to ancient times, when it was a symbol of divine providence, powerfully representing spiritual truth and awakening.

Humanity is Losing Its Precious Symbology

The all-seeing eye is a powerful esoteric symbol which is widely misunderstood and misused today; few know what it originally stood for. It was originally symbolic of a higher spiritual power or God, a watchful caretaker of humanity or an awakened spiritual part within. But these days it has quite different associations.

Today the all-seeing eye is more likely to be seen as an “Illuminati” symbol of control and surveillance by elites who to a large degree run the show on this planet at this time. This is because, over time, dark sinister forces have taken over esoteric symbols that for thousands of years were used to convey positive, helpful, uplifting spiritual messages and principles.  The all-seeing eye is a prime example of how spiritual symbols have been hijacked and inverted. There has not really been much push to understand the symbol’s original meaning or to reclaim it for the spiritual significance it first conveyed.

This is the first in a series of articles I am presenting that will take a closer look at individual symbols, and delve into their origins and history to uncover their deeper esoteric significance. I am writing these as part of an effort to reclaim these positive esoteric symbols and restore them to their previously esteemed state.

Universal Nature of Symbolism

Symbolism has long been used by humanity to communicate ideas which are best crystallised in a compact form. As the well-known saying goes, a picture tells a thousands words! Esoteric symbols are alive today as they were in the ancient past, but there is much confusion surrounding their usage, history, intent, and meaning.

In ordinary life we use symbols to show at a glance important information such as traffic and road signs amongst many other symbols which are widespread and common today. Some other examples are corporate logos and certification statuses.

Symbolism is also especially used in the communication of non-physical, spiritual ideas, phenomena, and processes.

The all-seeing eye is one of the most powerful and widely used  and misused  symbols of all. In this article I trace its use from the earliest of times through to the 18th century, and show what the symbol originally stood for. My next article will examine its use from 18th century freemasonry onwards, and show how it has since been hijacked and misused.

Use of the All-Seeing Eye in Ancient Cultures


Image: Shiva’s third eye

We perhaps find the precursor to what eventually became known as the all-seeing eye in the Rig Veda, a sanskrit text thought to have been written over 3,000 years ago and one of the oldest known texts. In it there are many references to the sun and to other deities as being an eye in heaven, as an eye which reveals creation, or an eye which never closes.

One can liken this to being symbolic of a high level of awakened consciousness that advanced spiritual beings have and which an ordinary person can potentially attain.

The Hindu god Shiva has three eyes. The third eye or brow chakra eye is known as the eye of Shiva, possessor of all knowledge, which when opened will destroy anything it sees. Thus it is a symbol of knowledge which destroys evil and ignorance.

This again can be likened to an awakened higher spiritual part of a person which sees the truth of things and can then eliminate within a person’s psyche that which is opposite to and blocks divine consciousness from manifesting more. In this way it is a “creative destruction” of evil to transform it into higher consciousness.

Even in modern times, the eye of Shiva is used in jewellery to give protection against evil to its wearer and to gain wisdom and understanding from the world, from life events and from the self, for positive transformation.



Image:Buddha’s all seeing eye

In Buddhism, Buddha is referred to as the Eye of the World. It is typical for temples in Nepal to display a graphic of the “Eyes of Buddha” as shown to the right – notice it includes a mark for the “third eye” as well. The eyes are also known as the eyes of wisdom and compassion.

Statues of Buddha typically show a dot in the mid-brow to represent the third eye.

Ancient Egypt

Eye of Osiris

It is interesting to find that the Egyptian hieroglyph for their god Osiris contains an eye as shown below. So as with  Hinduism and Buddhism we find a spiritual deity being represented in ancient times as an eye.


Eye of Horus

Image:Hieroglyph for “Osiris” contains an eye

In ancient Egypt, the all-seeing eye was known as the Eye of Horus or the Eye of Ra and also formed part of the symbology of Wad-jet. Through various myths they were symbols of protection, healing and restoration. The left eye of Horus was said to be the moon and his right eye the sun.


Horus was a falcon-headed sun god and it could be said the Eye of Horus was styled like an eye of a lanner falcon with its marking beneath the eye.

Image: Could the Eye of Horus represent parts of the brain used to manifest consciousness?

It is also very interesting to note that the drawing of the Eye of Horus very much matches the cross section of the mid brain where the thalamus, the pineal and pituitary glands are situated. The pineal gland is often said to be the “third eye” and a centre of spirituality and of spiritual insight, which can be developed in a person.

It’s as if the Eye of Horus could be a depiction of the thalamus as the eye ball with the corpus callosum the eye brow above and the medulla oblongata (brain stem) and the hypothalamus being the two markings below. If this is what they were drawing but calling it the Eye of Horus, does it suggest they considered the mid brain to be the seat of consciousness or even of divine consciousness or “Horus consciousness”? Horus being a sun god and symbolic of the universal Christ, a spiritual force which a suitably prepared person can merge with.

Middle East/Asia – Hamsa


Image left :A Jewish Hamsa

In the Middle East the all-seeing eye has been known in the form of a hand-eye symbol called either Hamsa, Khamsa or Hamesh.

It’s the symbol of an eye in the palm of a hand, usually the right hand. Again it is a symbol of protection against the evil eye (bad luck caused by jealousy from others) and danger in general and can been seen as a good luck charm in that way.

Image, right: Detail from “The Divine World” by Kahil Gibran

It is also known as the hand of Fatima in Islam and the hand of Miriam in Judaism. In India it is known as Humsa Hand. The Jains also have a form of the Hamsa in their symbolism with the word ahimsa (meaning non-violence) inside a wheel instead of where the eye would be. The Hamsa has been used for thousands of years and is still in use today as amulets, charms or wall hangings. It would seem to have its origins from ancient Mesopotamia with the hand of Ishtar being a symbol of divine protection although it did not contain the eye in the palm.

A more Christian-themed representation of the Hamsa is an art work called “The Divine World” by Kahlil Gibran, a Lebanese Maronite Catholic prominent in the early 20th century as a poet, painter, writer, philosopher, theologian.


Image, left:A Nazar / Image credit: Alborz Fallah

In Greece and Turkey they have something similar to the Hamsa which they call a “Nazar”. It is just an eye without the hand but it is used in the same way and has the same meaning as the Hamsa, that is, to ward off the evil eye, in the form of amulets or hanging ornaments usually made from blue glass.

Similarly in Buddhism there is the “eye of Buddha” amulet to ward off the evil eye.


The symbol of an eye in a hand also appears in Aztec and Mayan cultures and in Native American artworks although archaeologists are not sure what meaning it had for these cultures.

Image, right:The enigmatic rattlesnake disc

To the right is a Native American example referred to as “The Rattlesnake Disc” which was unearthed by a farmer in Moundville, Alabama in the 1800′s. Some archaeologists think its symbolism may have represented a portal to spiritual dimensions. It is the most elaborately decorated artwork found at Moundville giving rise to the belief it was of the most importance to its creators. Other artworks found there also contain the hand-eye symbol.

Ancient Ecuador

There is also the amazing discovery in 1984 in La Mana, central Ecuador, of an ancient artefact referred to as the Black Pyramid amongst 300 artefacts found there of unknown origin.

It is not known what culture they come from and the many objects found are baffling and seemingly out of place for this part of the world, such as an object designed as a hooded King Cobra of south east Asia. Cobras don’t exist in South America.

The so-called Black Pyramid is made from black stone with an eye at the apex. The stone has gold inlays forming 13 levels of “bricks” and an eye at the top. These inlays glow when under black light. Overall it looks like a representation of the great pyramid of Giza (7,470 miles away) and also amazingly just like the eye pyramid symbol used on the Great Seal of America and the US $1 bill.

It is also interesting to note the cobra artefact has another similarity with ancient Egypt where the raised cobra is associated with the Eye of Horus/Ra and Wad-jet in their protective aspects with it being worn on the foreheads of Pharaohs at the mid-brow right where the third eye is located.  This symbolises the raising of a person’s energies to a higher vibration which internally leads to the awakening of psychic faculties such as those latent in the third eye.


Image: via YouTube user Wellington Marin – Illuminati Pyramid from Ecuador

It is not known how old these objects are as dating them has not been possible but they are thought to pre-date the known ancient cultures of the region. There is also a pre-Sanskrit type language (making it very old) engraved on some of the objects including on the underside of the black pyramid where there are also markings which appear to map out the stars of the Orion constellation, which the pyramids at Giza also map. The 4 pre-Sanskrit markings are thought to translate as saying “the son of the creator comes”.

Given the care taken to create this object it would seem to have been an important symbol for its creators although it is not clear how they interpreted it.

Ancient Greek

In the Hymns of Orpheus, the hymn To The Sun describes it variously as thus;

as an “eternal eye with broad survey” ;

and compares it to being the “Father of ages” ;

and as “Immortal Jove, all searching, bearing light” ;

then later as the “Great eye of Nature and the starry skies” ;

followed by “Faithful defender, and the eye of right”

So here we see in an ancient text of the western world similar representation of the sun like that presented in the ancient text of the east, the Rig Veda, as being an eye of the creator and an all-seeing never closing eye watching over and protecting the good.


“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” (Jesus in Matthew 6:22)

“The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are open to their cry;” (Psalms 34:15)

“The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.” (Proverbs 15:3)


Image: Does the Talpiot tomb display an all seeing eye?

A possible first known use of the all-seeing eye symbol in Judeo-Christianity is the so-called “Jesus tomb” from 1st century AD discovered in 1980, which uses a similar symbol over the entrance to the tomb. Regardless of whose tomb it is, could this be a first known or early use of the eye-pyramid symbol in the Judeo-Christian tradition?

In Christianity, the all-seeing eye or “Eye of Providence” or “Eye of God” has been used as a symbol from at least the 16th century as seen in the following painting below which depicts a scene from Luke 24: 13-32 where after his resurrection, Jesus has supper with two disciples.


The eye is inside a triangle, and surrounded by rays of light, with the triangle representing the holy trinity and the whole symbol meaning God’s omnipresence and all-seeing eye watching over creation.

Some claim that the eye in triangle symbol was added to the painting soon after the Council of Trent 1545- 1563, to conform with its canons and decrees but even if that is so that would still place its use in the 16th century.

Image, right: 16th century Christian painting – dated 1525 by Italian artist Pontormo (student of Da Vinci), called Supper in Emmaus – depicts Luke 24: 13-32

In Alsace, France, the fresco painted above the altar of the Abbey Church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste (1763) shows a large example of the eye-in-pyramid symbol, with the rays of glory breaking through the clouds.

Another example is on the Aachen cathedral in Germany. It was originally built in the late 8th century under the Emperor Charlemagne and then enlarged in the middle ages with various other changes and updates along the way. It would seem the all-seeing eye symbol was placed on the cathedral in 1766 to mark the renovations done that year.

Note that these first two examples pre-date the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati (1776) although Freemasonry already existed in England and Europe by this time. Perhaps it was a masonic influence that saw these symbols used on these cathedrals yet it was not until about 1797 that masons are regarded as beginning to use the eye-in-pyramid symbol.

The eye-in-pyramid symbol also features prominently on the front facade of the Hartegbrugkerk Church in Leiden, the Netherlands, built in 1835-36. The Latin words “Hic Domus Dei est et Porta Coeli” translates to “This is the House of God and the Gateway to Heaven.”

St_Jean_Baptiste_All_Seeing_Eye Aachen_All_Seeing_Eye Hartebrugkerk_All_Seeing_Eye

These are just some Christian examples of many that appear in Europe.


As we have seen, throughout history there has been a strong tradition across time, continents and cultures of using eye symbolism to generally represent a benevolent creator force watching over, helping and protecting humanity and to represent a spiritual part within.