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Discover 7 free Natural News resources that empower you with lifesaving knowledge the medical cartels don’t want you to know

(NaturalNews) Natural News is widely recognized as one of the most highly-trafficked websites in the world, reaching millions of people every month with a message of personal empowerment and uncensored truth about the world around us.

The People rave about Natural News while the corporations and their media lackeys angrily seethe about our growing influence. Natural News remains one of the very few privately-held media giants in the world with no investors, no shareholders and no large corporate sponsorship. As a result, we only answer to YOU, not to some corporate or political agenda.

But many of the people who love Natural News so much have only barely begun to explore it. Did you know Natural News hosts seven additional free resources that you can use to research natural cures, herbal medicine, toxic chemicals and more?

Here are those 7 FREE resources that deliver a wealth of knowledge to all who seek it:

#1) – a world-class research tool hosting over 12 million peer-reviewed scientific studies

This remarkable research tool allows you to pinpoint relationships between herbs and diseases, toxic chemicals and diseases, food ingredients and much more.

Indexing over 12 million published studies from the National Library of Medicine, is the internet’s largest keyword-indexed research site for nutritional science, chemical science, heavy metals and more.

Click here to visit now and try searching for something like “turmeric and cancer.” You’ll find tremendous power in this tool for personal research, journalism research and even for citing in your own blogs, books or articles.

#2) – a world-class ICP-MC laboratory conducting pioneering breakthrough research

We built the Natural News Forensic Food Labs to conduct world-class, pioneering research on heavy metals in foods and water. Using the ICP-MS instrumentation in the lab, I was the first food researcher in the world to document tungsten contamination in rice protein products.

Visit to see some of the results we’ve published so far: Lead in pet treats, cadmium in cacao superfoods, lead in rice protein and much more. Some of these results were recently featured on the Doctor Oz show.

Using this lab, I was the first researcher in the world to scientifically document the ability of strawberries, peanut butter and chlorella to bind with dietary mercury (such as mercury in fish). I also documented alarming levels of toxic mercury found in influenza vaccines — a story the vaccine industry is desperately trying to conceal from the public.

#3) – an extremely popular blog site now reaching almost 1 million readers a month

We launched about a year ago, and in just one year it has exploded to now reaching almost one million unique readers each month just by itself.

Now featuring stories and blog posts from hundreds of independent writers, has been described as “the Huffington Post of natural health.”

Writers earn 50% of the ad space on their blog articles, generating revenue for writers and encouraging the creation of compelling content.

Click here to check out articles, or if you’re interested in joining blogs and posting your own articles, click here to sign up.

#4) – An uncensored video site featuring how-to videos on recipes, natural cures and more

Everybody knows Youtube is controlled by governments to censor videos they don’t want the public to see. (This was revealed by Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers.) is a video hosting site, much like Youtube, where videos are welcomed that reveal the truth about cancer cures, chelation therapies, medicinal herbs, holistic living and much more.

Thousands of users have uploaded videos to the site, and all videos are free to view.

Click here to check out

#5) – A collection of amazing quotes from authors of health books is an amazing research tool that compiles collections of quotes from authors of popular health and nutrition books.

There, you can find quotes about almost every nutrient, herb, disease, drug name, ingredient or dietary supplement you can think of.

The site is somewhat dated and not all the links work anymore, but until we get around to updating it, you can still use it as a powerful research tool. For example, click here to see the Naturalpedia page on Zinc.

#6) – A reference website revealing medicinal uses of common herbs

Ever wish you knew which herbs were most highly recommended for certain health conditions? is the result of an intense compilation of herbal recommendations from some of the best-known herbal reference books such as The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods by Michael Murray, ND and Joseph Pizzorno, ND.

Using this website, you can find answers to common questions about which herbs are the most useful for which things. Every page you see on this site is based on numerous cited resources.

The site needs some updating, much like NaturalPedia, but it’s still fully functional and a valuable research tool for self discovery.

Click here to visit

#7) The Natural News Email Newsletter

Beyond all these amazing resources for discovery and wellness, there’s also our free email newsletter which brings you the top news headlines each day, right to your email inbox.

Subscribing is free (just use the subscription box below), and we vigorously protect the privacy and security of our email subscription list.

As an email newsletter subscriber, you also receive exclusive discounts at the Natural News Store when we run product specials or early announcements.

Don’t forget – The world’s only heavy-metals-tested superfood retailer

This resource isn’t free, obviously, but the Natural News Store is the only storable foods and superfoods retailer in the world that tests every batch of products for heavy metals using ICP-MS laboratory verification.

As a result, the Natural News Store has earned a solid reputation for providing the cleanest superfoods in the world. Some customers refuse to buy from anyone else, knowing that other retailers like will gladly sell almost anything, including superfoods that are heavily contaminated with toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury.

The Natural News Store is most famous for selling the world’s cleanest sources of turmeric and chlorella. Recently we’ve also launched two breakthrough products for personal protection: Cesium Eliminator Formula 137, and Heavy Metals Defense. Both are laboratory validated and patent-pending.

Access the information that Big Pharma and the FDA don’t want you to know

As you can see, Natural News is much more than just a news and commentary site: it’s also a powerful research resource offering extremely valuable tools that help the public protect and enhance their health. This benefits the nation by reducing health care costs, increasing citizen health and happiness, and substantially improving quality of life for those millions who read Natural News.

What’s really fascinating about all this is that most of these tools offer precisely the kind of information that drug companies don’t want you to ever learn. The FDA also doesn’t want the public to have any knowledge of natural remedies or nutritional cures, which is why the agency systematically seeks to oppress and destroy such knowledge. (It is currently illegal in America to make a truthful statement about a nutritional supplement that you sell, such as claiming “Vitamin C prevents scurvy.” Making such a truthful, scientifically validated claim can land you in prison.)

One of the reasons the medical system is so frightened by Natural News is because we empower PEOPLE with knowledge, giving them answers that allow them to take charge of improving their own health. This strategy denies the drug companies billions in profits because they are relying on the spread of disease to shore up their revenues.

Every person that Natural News reaches with a message of disease prevention, nutritional cures and self-empowerment is a person who won’t be forking over hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit to hospitals, cancer clinics and drug companies.

This is also why the mainstream media — which is heavily funded by pharmaceutical interests — refuses to acknowledge any of the contributions to society that have been made by Natural News: the breakthroughs of the Forensic Food Lab, the whistleblower journalism we conduct into vaccine research fraud, and the lifesaving products we invent that can help save lives in nuclear disasters. The current policy of the mainstream media is, “If Natural News discovered it, then it never happened.”

Natural News, you see, is the world’s most important online resource that the corporate profiteers who run our world hope you never find. Fortunately for the people of the world, more and more people are finding us every day, and in the few cases where media outlets try to discredit Natural News, they only end up bringing us thousands of new subscribers who discover a whole new universe of truth that simply isn’t available through traditional media sources.

So enjoy all these transformational resources at Natural News! And thank you for your ongoing support as we go to battle every day to protect the health and lives of millions of people who deserve to know the honest truth about natural cures, nutritional therapies and the deadly dangers of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, pesticides, synthetic chemicals, artificial sweeteners, GMOs and chemotherapy.