What Exactly Has Been Found in the Grand Canyon?

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Ancient Egyptians in the Grand Canyon — Another Smithsonian Cover-up

One of the most intriguing archaeological discoveries in America comes from the rocky cliffs of the Grand Canyon.

What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the Smithsonian itself covered it up and hid this mysterious discovery of an ancient civilization living below the canyon.

The World Explorers Club led an investigation regarding the authenticity of this discovery after they found an intricate story on the front page of the Phoenix Gazette from April 5, 1909.

It was an accurate description of an expedition led by Professor S.A. Jordan of the Smithsonian, surfacing with great archaeological finds from a remote cave in the Grand Canyon.

Maybe the most interesting is the attitude of the Smithsonian, claiming to have zero knowledge about this discovery and its discoverers.

When asked about the newspaper article regarding a Smithsonian excavation in the Grand Canyon where Egyptian artifacts had been found — and whether they could offer more information — a representative of the institution said:

“The first thing I can tell you before we go any further, is that no Egyptian artifact of any kind have ever been found in North or South America. Therefore, I can tell you that the Smithsonian Institute has never been involved in any such excavations.”

No one from the Smithsonian could offer any information about the discovery or either G.E. Kinkaid and Professor S.A. Jordan. It was like the entire article from the 1909, Phoenix newspaper was a shameless hoax.

But, considering the fact that it appeared on the front page, mentioned the famous Smithsonian Institution and some of its archaeologists, and it also contained a very detailed story written on numerous pages, many believe the newspaper was a legitimate source.

So, why are they covering this up? After all, we are talking about a monumental discovery that would completely change the current belief that there was no form of communication or travel over the oceans in pre-Colombian times.

Also, the belief that all American Indians were the followers of Ice Age adventurers who came across the Bering Strait would become questionable.

The idea of ancient Egyptians coming to Arizona in an ancient past is denied even though the Smithsonian Institution seems to have proof of it. Why won’t they reveal this information?

Is it because this astounding discovery would overwrite current academic teachings? Or maybe because of the interest to preserve their current status as keepers of forbidden knowledge.

The Tower of Ra

Following these events, in the pursuit of finding the truth, historian Carl Hart, editor of World Explorer, acquired a map of the Grand Canyon from a bookstore in Chicago.

Looking over the map, he was surprised to find that a considerable portion on the north side of the canyon has Egyptian names. The field around Ninety-four Mile Creek and Trinity Creek had areas named after Egyptian gods like Tower of Ra, Tower of Set, Osiris Temple, Horus Temple or Isis Temple.

Also, the Haunted Canyon area had some unfamiliar places on the map, such as the Cheops Pyramid, the Buddha Cloister, Buddha Temple, Shiva Temple and Manu Temple. Were any of these places related to the other Egyptian findings in the Grand Canyon?

The Isis Temple

The World Explorers Club then called a state archaeologist at the Grand Canyon. He said that the names were just a coincidence and that the early adventurers enjoyed Egyptian and Hindu names.

But one thing was certain – that area was restricted to hikers or other foreigners, because of dangerous caves and unsafe environment.

Could these hidden caverns contain the actual truth and, if so, for how long will it be sealed?

If we take a look at the bigger picture, there is a lot of leaked information which points us into a different direction than what we were taught by the public school system and television. We have a different notion of “truth” and we are also aware of all the odd jobs going on.

One thing is certain: history has a lot of gaps, and the existing evidence might be a paved road over an otherwise dusty foundation, representing the real history of humankind.

Reference: UFOholic.com

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Weekly Volcano Report

Smithsonian/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report 29 February – 6 March 2012 8 March 2012

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The latest Smithsonian Institution and United States Geological Survey Weekly Volcanic Activity Report has been published by the Global Volcanism Program, covering the week 29 February to 6 March 2012. The report is compiled by Sally Kuhn Sennert. Some of the highlights of the volcanic week:

  • Continuing activity at Etna including strombolian eruptions, lava fountaining and lava flows
  • Explosions at Fuego produced plumes that reached 0.6 km above the crater
  • Plumes rose to 1 km above Puyehue-Cordón Caulle as low-level eruptive activity continues

SI/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report 29 February - 6 March 2012

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