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Quantum Consciousness



The following is excerpted from The Struggle for Your Mind: Conscious Evolution and the Battle to Control How We Think, available from Inner Traditions. 
The human body is a constant flux of thousands of chemical/biological interreactions and processes connecting molecules, cells, organs, and fluids, throughout the brain, body, and nervous system. Up until recently it was thought that all these interactions operated in a linear sequence, passing on information much like a runner passing the baton to the next runner. However, the latest findings in quantum biology and biophysics have discovered that there is in fact a tremendous degree of coherence within all living systems.

Extensive scientific investigation has found that a form of quantum coherence operates within living biological systems through what is known as biological excitations and biophoton emission. What this means is that metabolic energy is stored as a form of electromechanical and electromagnetic excitations. These coherent excitations are considered responsible for generating and maintaining long-range order via the transformation of energy and very weak electromagnetic signals. After nearly twenty years of experimental research, Fritz-Albert Popp put forward the hypothesis that biophotons are e mitted from a coherent electrodynamic field within the living system.2

What this means is that each living cell is giving off, or resonating, a biophoton field of coherent energy. If each cell is emitting this field, then the whole living system is, in effect, a resonating field-a ubiquitous nonlocal field. And since biophotons are the entities through which the living system communicates, there is near-instantaneous intercommunication throughout. And this, claims Popp, is the basis for coherent biological organization — referred to as quantum coherence. This discovery led Popp to state that the capacity for evolution rests not on aggressive struggle and rivalry but on the capacity for communication and cooperation. In this sense the built-in capacity for species evolution is not based on the individual but rather living systems that are interlinked within a coherent whole: Living systems are thus neither the subjects alone, nor objects isolated, but both subjects and objects in a mutually communicating universe of meaning. . . . Just as the cells in an organism take on different tasks for the whole, different populations enfold information not only for themselves, but for all other organisms, expanding the consciousness of the whole, while at the same time becoming more and more aware of this collective consciousness.3

Biophysicist Mae-Wan Ho describes how the living organism, including the human body, is coordinated throughout and is “coherent beyond our wildest dreams.” It appears that every part of our body is “in communication with every other part through a dynamic, tuneable, responsive, liquid crystalline medium that pervades the whole body, from organs and tissues to the interior of every cell.”4

What this tells us is that the medium of our bodies is a form of liquid crystal, an ideal transmitter of communication, resonance, and coherence. These relatively new developments in biophysics have discovered that all biological organisms are constituted of a liquid crystalline medium. Further, DNA is a liquid-crystal, lattice-type structure (which some refer to as a liquid crystal gel), whereby body cells are involved in a holographic instantaneous communication via the emitting of biophotons (a source based on light). This implies that all living biological organisms continuously emit radiations of light that form a field of coherence and communication. Moreover, biophysics has discovered that living organisms are permeated by quantum wave forms. Ho informs us that

. . . the visible body just happens to be where the wave function of the organism is most dense. Invisible quantum waves are spreading out from each of us and permeating into all other organisms. At the same time, each of us has the waves of every other organism entangled within our own make-up. . . . We are participants in the creation drama that is constantly unfolding. We are constantly co-creating and re-creating ourselves and other organisms in the universe. . . .5

This incredible new information actually positions each living being within a nonlocal quantum field consisting of wave interferences (where bodies meet). The liquid crystalline structure within living systems is also responsible for the direct current (DC) electrodynamic field that permeates the entire body of all animals. It has also been noted that the DC field has a mode of semiconduction that is much faster than the nervous system.6 If biological living systems are operating within a nonlocal interwoven field of resonating energy, then perhaps it is possible to see this manifesting in physical behavior?

Mae-Wan Ho describes how coherent excitations in living systems operate in much the same way as a boat race, where the oars (people) must row in step so as to create a phase transition. This indicates that there is an inherent tendency in Nature and in living systems to resonate in sync as a way of maintaining order and coherency. This type of behavior serves to reinforce the relationship between the individual and the collective that before had been thought random. This discovery is important in that it lends validity to the emerging paradigm of the global brain and of the growth of a planetary empathy-the third revolution (as discussed in chapter 6). Each person is thus not only in an empathic relationship with others but also entangled. This view has recently been corroborated by neuroscience with its finding of mirror neurons.

A mirror neuron is a brain neuron that is activated (fires) when a living being (such as a human, other primates, or mammal) observes the action of another. In other words, if an individual watches another person eat an apple, then the exact same brain neurons will fire in the person observing the action as if he were performing the act. Such neuron behavior has been found in humans to operate in the premotor and inferior parietal cortex. This phenomenon of mirror neurons was first discovered by a research team in Italy in the 1990s when studying the neuronal activity of macaques. This discovery has led to many notable neuroscientists to declare that mirror neurons are important for learning processes (imitation) as well as language acquisition. In more modern general terms we might also say that this capacity is what ties a person in sympathy and empathy to another’s situation. It may also explain why people become so emotionally attached to events on television, and even cry in response to watching someone crying on the screen. In this way we are emotionally entangled through a mirroring of brain neuronal firing. When we also consider that our bodies are entangled through a quantum field of electrical bio-photon resonance, it explains how we are affected by and from others — via wave/field interference. This information is significant when considering a shift toward heightened empathy between people both near and at a distance (via digital communications) as well as the potential for catalyzing future abilities for telepathic communication between individuals.

Neuroscience, quantum biology, and quantum physics are all beginning to converge to reveal that our bodies are not only biochemical systems but also a sophisticated resonating quantum system. This helps us to understand how the body can be efficiently coherent, as well as explaining how we feel drawn to others, especially when we use terms such as good vibes, good energies, and we just seem to click. Our bodies, then, as well as our brains appear to function like receivers/decoders within a constantly in-flux information energy field. This explains how the human brain is able to store a lifetime of memories and experiences* as a wealth of data may well be stored within the informational field that encompasses the brain, and indeed the whole body. (Eminent mathematician John von Neumann calculated that during an average lifetime of seventy years we accumulate some 280 trillion bits of information.)

This new understanding of the quantum human informational field also gives credibility to the existence of extrasensory perceptions (ESP) and related abilities. Human consciousness is not only empathic, in a “wave-interference” relationship with other mind fields, but also is constantly transmitting and receiving information.  If this is indeed an inherent aspect of human functionality then we can see why the power hierarchies maintained by a minority have been active in suppressing its operation. As children we are told/conditioned from very young age to dismiss our fantasies-to grow out of and grow up from such illusions and get with the “real world” (whose world?). Early educational and social-peer conditioning serves to wire our brain neurons into a particular set: a fixed pattern of receiving and interpreting the world. Thus we are literally hardwired into a specific reality paradigm and social operating system. Within this paradigm any thought of extrasensory perceptions are sneered at as childish nonsense (manufactured social peer pressure). Many of our early expressions of intuition are thus suppressed and stifled and replaced with “normal” thoughts and perceptions. Imaginative insights and visions are usually left to the eccentric artists, mystics, and fringe creative innovators. Much of our modern minds have been denied their left-right brain full function and pulled into a tight left-brain rational functioning that operates as mechanical, linear, competitive, and narrow.

The Modernity Project has fashioned a mind-set that is a highly focused and logical narrow-band receiver. This arrangement has been further strengthened by modern social institutions in order to suppress visionary and creative insights and our intuitive capacities. The abstract right brain, with its magical world of creative visionary thinking, has been sidelined. Much of this right-brain activity was the source for indigenous wisdom, shamanic practices, and similar traditions that modern materialism has mercilessly eliminated over the years. We have been conditioned to think of such “magical practices” as primitive, barbaric, and worthy of little more than Western colonialism and imperial rule.

The social institutions in our modern materialistic age act to influence us to reject anything extrasensory as a load of nonsense, wishful thinking, or New Age delusion. Thus with our left-hemisphere-dominated brain we live in the everyday world of matter: of material objects and external attractions. We are shown to exist as separate forces, as islands in a chaotic sea of physical and natural impacts, and at the whim of random neutral influences. Yet we now know that this is not the case.

To recap, quantum biology has shown that the body displays an incredible degree of quantum coherence, and that a quantum consciousness field exists throughout the human DNA and thus the human nervous system. Our biochemical structure is composed of a confluence of energies in complete entanglement and that operate as a nonlocal field within and outside the human body. Further DNA is a liquid-crystal, lattice-type structure that emits biophotons, which are light based. What this leads to is a new understanding that human DNA operates also as a quantum field. In other words, we can begin referring to DNA as quantum DNA. Therefore the 97 percent of human DNA that is not involved in protein building is active within a quantum state. It may well be that a future manifestation of quantum consciousness will come from part activation of the 97 percent quantum DNA that so far has baffled our scientists with its function. This quantum DNA activation may likely be related to the state of human consciousness and has remained dormant in response to human consciousness not being sufficiently prepared, or made ready, for its manifestation. This field “life force” may be similar to the pervasive pranic energy that, as Gopi Krishna states, forms the impulse for evolutionary growth in the human nervous system:

. . . . An ever-present possibility, existing in all human beings by virtue of the evolutionary process still at work in the race, tending to create a condition of the brain and nervous system that can enable one to transcend the existing boundaries of the mind and acquire a state of consciousness far above that which is the normal heritage of mankind at present.7

This transcendental stage of consciousness that is depicted above as being a part of our natural evolutionary heritage is connected with the human brain and nervous system. We now know that we have a DNA quantum field activated within our bodies. Some biophysicists are already discussing whether quantum behavior may not be a common denominator for all living processes. As such a quantum informational field throughout the human body will determine the coherence of our light (biophoton) resonance as a vibratory rate. If human consciousness begins to shift its vibratory rate then there is every likelihood that DNA — as a quantum field — will likewise undergo a resonance shift, bringing into activation parts of its 97 percent hitherto “inactive” capacities. This may or may not be linked to the increase in electromagnetic frequencies now impacting our solar system from the galactic core. Is there a possibility that a phase step in the “engine of evolutionary energies” is under way?

The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev, who has studied human DNA with his research team in Moscow, found that the 97 percent “inactive” DNA actually has complex properties. Garjajev discovered that the DNA, which is not used for protein synthesis, is instead actually used for communication — more exactly for hypercommunication. In their terms, hypercommunication is a data exchange on a DNA level. Garjajev and his group analyzed the vibration response of the DNA and concluded that it can function much like networked intelligence, and that it allows for hypercommunication of information among all sentient beings.

For example, the Moscow research group proved that damaged chromosomes (such as those harmed by x-rays) can be repaired. Their method was to capture the information patterns of particular DNA and then transmit these patterns, using focused light frequencies, onto another genome as a way of reprogramming the cells. In this way they successfully transformed frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns. Garjajev’s research shows that certain frequency patterns can be “beamed” (such as with a laser) to transfer genetic information. This shows how DNA operates through resonance and vibratory frequencies. It also shows that human DNA can be modified — or altered — through the impact of external frequencies. This may also help to go some way toward validating the existence of such phenomena as remote acts of healing and other psychic attributes. It also suggests that DNA is a living, fluid, and dynamic “language” that as a quantum informational field is responsive not only to laser waves (as in the above experiment) but also EM waves and sound, given that the correct frequencies are applied.

The knowledge that human DNA can be influenced and modulated by frequencies (sound, light, language, and thought) is likely to have been known to various spiritual traditions, mystics, and teachers over the ages. This is perhaps why a variety of exercises have existed that utilize thought focus (prayer), sounds (music, chanting, singing), light (both natural light and produced light, such as in stained glass), and language (specific recitations such as a mantra and zikr). DNA appears to function not only as a protein builder (the minority function) but also as a medium for the storage, receiving, and communication of information.

Somewhat more controversially, Garjajev and his Russian colleagues also found examples where DNA could cause disturbing patterns in a vacuum, resulting in the production of what seemed to be magnetized wormholes. (For more information see the work of Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf.) These wormholes appeared to function as connections outside our normal fields of time and space (which hints at interdimensional communication). This phenomenon is indeed worthy of further analysis and experimentation. Yet it does seem probable that DNA is involved with various forms of hypercommunication of which, at present, we know very little about. However, there are examples of hypercommunication at work in Nature. For example, the organization of ant colonies appears to make use of this distributed form of communication. When a queen ant is separated from her colony, the worker ants continue to build and construct the colony as if following some form of blueprint. Yet if the queen ant is killed, then all work in the colony ceases, as if the blueprint had suddenly been taken offline. This suggests that the queen ant need not be in physical contact to continue to transmit the blueprint, yet upon her death the group consciousness ceases to operate within a hypercommunicative informational field. We can thus refer to these forms of hypercommunication as quantum-field consciousness, or simply as quantum consciousness (since quantum implies non-local field effect).

At-a-distance human phenomena such as remote healing, remote sensing, and telepathy may work along comparable lines. On a more basic level we could say that many of us experience this as the sense of intuition and moments of inspiration. We may even be receiving these forms of hypercommunication when we are asleep. There are countless examples of people, artists, and designers who gained inspiration for their work in their dreams. One example is the Italian composer Giuseppe Tartini who one night dreamt that a devil sat beside his bed playing the violin. The next morning Tartini wrote down the piece from memory and called it the Devil’s Trill sonata. Not only do these experiences seem to be increasing (or perhaps people are more open to speaking of them?), but also newer generations of children are manifesting a higher level of clairvoyance and other extrasensory capacities. In recent times they have been referred to as indigo children, or the “new children.” These developments may indicate that a higher form of group consciousness is emerging within humanity and that these abilities are now finding greater expression. This does not, however, deny the presence of negative influences against collective quantum consciousness since stress, fear, and similar impacts (see Armageddon meme) all serve to disrupt awareness and manifestation of quantum states. In this context we would do well to return to those practices recommended for centuries by spiritual traditions and teachers, that is, mediation, reflection, watchfulness, and mindfulness. Einstein was famous as a daydreamer throughout his life, and he often claimed that his greatest inspiration came to him when in such states. Enhanced connectivity between humanity may thus be served by each of us paying more attention to our inner states and striving for harmony and balance in our lives.

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